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    Galaxy brain solution: Get rid of the door
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    Haven't had to do a multi-page purge in a while. Yay me. While the average member age leans younger, a certain degree of maturity is expected from everyone here on this forum. If that cannot be done, posting privileges can and will be restricted without warning. Civil discourse is very much welcome here; immature name-calling and other related nonsense is not tolerated.
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    It’s not the scheduling - it’s the relays in Queens and 49th St that’s causing the problem. In any change that doesn’t modify ’s route, the second service on 4th Av would have to become the Primary service - if only to make sure train station show up close to on-time and at the scheduled frequency. Just like it is overnight when and share Montague. It also means would have to be the primary local on QBL - which affects on 6th Av and on QBL, and and possibly on 8th Av, for starters. @RR503 wasn’t kidding about how every part of the B division would have some modification if 4th Av’s fix isn’t simple.
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    A lot of the IND in general could use some repairs... Norwood is hell, Lafayette is a prison, Culver after 4th-9th is rotting, 103rd has more plywood than concrete, and the upper Manhattan stations (168th and north) stink like shit.
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    Exactly what came to mind upon seeing the termination of this proposed Bx30 at Pelham Pkwy. .... So few people will consider taking the Bx30 out of Co-op with such a service change, it isn't even funny...... The Boston rd. folks will still gravitate (more) towards the 60/61, simply because it'd actually take them to actual PTI's (points of interest)..... There's something to be said when the QBx1 b/w PBP & Co-Op garnered more riders than the very Bx23 (that was carved from the QBx1) currently garners b/w the same exact two points..... They never really tried to make the Bx23 more attractive (IMO, it was more or less a "here, take it because it exists.... oh, and you're welcome" sort of deal).... As a compromise to having split the QBx1, the Q50 runs up to (co-op) - but along the edge of the community, en route to the isolated section 5.... So it more or less became a "do you want the LTD with less immediate coverage, or the sporadic local that maintains said coverage" sort of ordeal..... Now they want to take the quote-unquote LTD away & forcefeed a bunch of quote-unquote local service to/from the onto people.... TL:DR - The Bx23 runs like shit. The shape of the network in the core of the Bronx – that is, the South Bronx – seems reasonable. I have just one major complaint: the Bx3 and Bx13 keep running on University Avenue and Ogden Avenue respectively and do not interline, but rather divert west along Washington Bridge to Washington Heights. For all of the strong communal ties between University Heights and Washington Heights, this service can be handled with a high-frequency transfer at the foot of the bridge, which has other east-west buses interlining on it. The subway transfer offered at the Washington Heights end is low-quality, consisting of just the 1 train at the GWB bus station; a University-Ogden route could instead offer people in University Heights a transfer to faster subway lines at Yankee Stadium. The ignorance being spewed in this one paragraph alone is astounding.... Pretty much sums up what I think about the guy overall; an intellectualizer of bullshit..... A high frequency transfer for a low quality at GWB.... Novel concept... SMH.. (nevermind the fact that the connection to the 1 at St. Nicholas av. isn't even the main reason the majority of Bronxites take buses over the bridge to/from Washington Heights) What do some of you see in this guy anyway.....
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    Lest we forget 21 Van Alast .
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    That moment I'm on the M101 @ 125th & Lex, driver wisely doesn't open the center/rear doors (since no one was exiting) a whole line of people waiting to jump in thru those doors, one SOB even had the nerve to knock like I was s'posed to open it for them.
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    Looks like an argument for more frequency before adding artics
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    There are pretty much only 3 changes one can make to 4th without causing a massive cascade across the B division. - Extend to Bay Ridge - Extend some service from Nassau to Bay Ridge - Deinterline 34th St, so all s run to 96. Beyond that, you're in the woods, though I'd argue that's a good thing.
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    I've seen plenty of rotting seat cushions on the CP express buses and the occasional floppy/busted overhead console. But at least I haven't noticed too much in the way of litter. Or roach bait.
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    This is not apart of the pre-trip inspection (PTI) process at NYCT. There is absolutely no room in the SI Division depots, for examples, to cycle a wheelchair lift for a coach bus. We do not check off on working items. Items that are discovered as defective during a PTI are brought to the attention of the yard dispatcher and written up for repairs. Defects discovered on the road or post trip are either called in as a road call depending on severity as dictated by procedures or are simply written up for repair upon pull in. We have 8-10 minutes to pull a bus out of the depot.
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    Kinda trying to figure out where you were in the room lmao
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    There’s no set timeframe. I’ve met people who were able to pick jobs while they were still on probation, for me I’ve been out for 11 months now and I’m still xx. I *might* be able to pick later this year depending on how many people retire/promote/quit, etc... @NewbieCR @Schecter look on the bright side, atleast you’ll get to see me!
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    So this is what the MTA has to say about tonight's express bus commute. I guess everyone should just give up and take the 7 or Queens Blvd line home... Express bus customers: In order to keep you moving, dispatchers may make real-time decisions to send buses on other streets based on traffic conditions. If possible, consider taking the subway to bus stops outside of midtown Manhattan to catch your bus on its regular route.
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    Vargas said today the highest called for meds is 937.
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    Yup, got sworn in for July class today.
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    Nice, Im from the Bronx too, Ill be picking A also.
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    My bad i read that wrong yea they arent up to you yet either disregard previous post
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    Congrats to those starting today! How’s it been so far?
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    OK, so you've supposedly got those "amenities" now -- what exactly are they and how are they soooo much more "superior" to Local service? --Sitting up higher above traffic: Don't know how that trade-off really impacts significantly. --High-floor bus with steps: More opportunities for tripping, slows access for customers with mobility problems on/off the bus, and of course the lift which slows the bus when picking-up/dropping-off ADA customers significantly over a kneeling/ramp access of a low-floor. --Reading lamps, WiFi, USB ports: With all of the complaints/pictures of dirty and disabled/broken reading lamps, that's really a non-starter. Same with WiFi and USB, as those are being incorporated on the local bus fleet. --Cushioned, reclining seats: Given how filthy and busted these "amenities" are, no real benefit there either. --Ride quality: OK, possibly something to crow about. But if you're sitting in a filthy environment, let alone an uncomfortable one if the HVAC isn't working right, do you really care that a few of the street imperfections aren't as perceivable as on a local bus? --Push-button stop request: Yeah, no ugly "stop cord" to obscure your "tour bus" trip, but all those extra buttons to fail, and if the reading lamps are already falling out/busted, not really a great "amenity". --"Faster" on the expressways: Sure, possibly, but that's all dependent on the other vehicles on the same roadways. Does this factor make a difference to the customers aboard when the Service Status for the "X27-X68" gets the all-too-familiar "Delays" due to gridlock traffic, or the same on the SIM routes going over the Verrazano? This doesn't also mean a hill of beans when crawling through Manhattan or on local streets of the boroughs. Naah, "snootiness" sure doesn't apply. *rolls eyes*
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    The only reason to cut frequency when putting artics in should be based on not enough asses in seats per trip, not the standard "reasoning" of 1 artic = 1.5 40-fters. DDOT inserts artics on the busiest routes (only 10 to go around right now) weekdays -- throughout the day, not just at Peak -- while keeping the same headways. It does make sense: You might not have a complete load with standees on every trip, but you're helping even-out the loads so that all of the 40-fters don't become sardine cans. Now I know that MTA doesn't follow that idea, but has to (idiotically) do an "all or nothing" approach in using artics. But any SBS route that doesn't use artics must not really completely qualify for SBS service (*ahem* B82). On SI, even if you had artics inserted on the S79, you wouldn't need to wrap them, so that they could be rotated onto other Peak routes to relieve overcrowding. Contrary to the MTA's belief, customers do NOT pay attention to the wonderful livery difference between an SBS and a local bus. (I see it every day when a SMART limited-stop "FAST"-branded/wrapped bus bypasses a local stop and people there do the "WTF" look and hands in the air gesture.)
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    That is a possibility, BUT -- Lifts are supposed to be cycled as part of the pre-trip checklist. Operators are supposed to sign-off that "Yes, the lift is operational" along with all the other safety points. Now, I agree that it takes much more time to do an actual lift cycle (fully deployed to fully stored) versus cycling a low-floor ramp, but with how litigious NYC is (like the guy doing ADA shakedown lawsuits until he was photographed by the Post as being "able") and how the MTA is in hot water over subway ADA access, you'd think they'd cover their asses on such an easy item like bus lifts. Maybe they would be if the entire fleet was equipped with cameras, and someone went after them with an ADA lawsuit and actually used bus video against them of a customer being left at a stop and a pre-trip operator inspection not being done. Think a smart lawyer wouldn't subpoena all the maintenance records for the bus(es) involved in denial-of-service like that (or that hasn't happened already)? If they wanted to avoid operators being delayed by cycling the lift, shift it over to the porters to do it after check-in, and have it signed-off on at that time. That would ensure at least a daily cycle AND be part of the paper-trail. In any event, that picture of the broken lift (and any others like it) should be forwarded tout suite to Alex Elegudin, the MTA's "big boss" of accessibility. Since he is a mobility-device dependent person, I'm sure he would NOT be pleased in the least.
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    I'll have to take and send you some pics of the reading lamps with dead bugs inside. So nasty!
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    Certainly odd to say the least. Reminds me of how subway cars were vandalized with graffiti on a daily basis back in the 80's.
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    .... and this is why The Bronx don’t appreciate new equipment and they want to send those 47xx buses to Brooklyn. Gun Hill could keep those buses on the Bx5, Bx22, Bx28 and whatever artic lines they have.
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    The QM8 one looks like it. The older MCIs (D4500; green sign) have those types of armrests. The D4500CLs usually have a more thinner looking one, although when they break, they sometimes replace the rest with that from one of the D4500s.
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    I’d like to see how they pull this off. I’d probably be retired long after it’s finished
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    7845 to Ulmer Park and 6183 to Quill. Where are the mid-6150s to 6182 though?
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    Some stuff from this week. 2017 Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40 0019 on the Q58 at Main Street & Sanford Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2017 Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40 0019 on the Q58 at 67 Avenue & Fresh Pond Road by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2017 Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40 0018 on the Q58 LIMITED at Fresh Pond Road & Metropolitan Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2017 Proterra Catalyst E2 BE40 0016 on the Q58 at Corona Avenue & 51 Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr
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    Which seems odd, since for a long time, Jamaica Depot had the oldest equipment, especially in the late 1990s. Now, their oldest bus is 8090, a grand total of about 4 years old.
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    For Anyone Looking : 3019- 3010 set R179 to Lefferts approaching Euclid Ave 3243 R179 to Inwood heading to Hoyt St
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    If so, hopefully Westchester Yard forces will treat their shiny new toys nicely this time. They didn’t seem to do that when they had the R142As.
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    The aggressiveness, immaturity and ignorance of some people on this forum is astounding...
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    BOTH are jackass ideas, Jackass. - One involves the use of a circulator, who's usage would be 100% reliant on anyone coming off the subway & ALL of the buses that would be bastardized to have them truncated to terminate at Barclays... Dumping thousands upon thousands of people that are coming off of a myriad of bus routes throughout all of Brooklyn at Barclays is NOT "good", nor sustainable for the short OR any long term...... - The other idea involves the use of a 100% redundant circulator that much of no one would use, with the current bus routes still intact..... ....and f*** your punk ass link. He actually believes that induced turnover amounts to direct access .... Much like his existence, I needed a good laugh.
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    While waiting at Elmhurst Avenue, this R68 showed up, which is quite rare to see on the Queens Blvd Line. Enjoy!
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    I don’t think it’s a snootiness factor. There should be better amenities for a premium service.
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    A very interesting night...BxM2 was late by about an half hour, BxM3 left on time, and BEAT, yes, BEAT, the BxM2 to my area. Sad days man..sad days.
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    Wait, they extended the platform? Finally.
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    We've been asking express bus riders to take photos of their unsafe and FILTHY buses... Some of the most egregious examples are below: QM3 express bus in service QM8 express bus in service SIM31 in service Rotting seat cushions on BxM6 in service Roach bait on BM2 in service Overhead light area dangling - BM4 in service Broken wheelchair lift X28 in service
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