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    I love this so much. This is a community speaking LOUD AND CLEAR that they will not let the steamroll them and take advantage. They had petitions circulated accordingly and were very organized.
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    Please. I had a meeting with the which also included BusTime issues back in February. To get anything done, you first need the bigwigs to admit there is a problem. I had Craig Cipriano sitting right in front of me claiming that they knew there was a problem with the antennas and that they were addressing the issue with Verizon. That meeting was on February 20th. We are now over four months removed from that meeting and the situation is worsening by the day. They have to have the vendor come on-site to fix the GPS. Ok fine, then set up a system to pull buses and get them fixed with an actual timeline! Are we supposed to wait an entire year or more for them to fix the tracking on their buses? BusTime has been out now for over eight years and the amount of buses (local and express) that appear and disappear at random is absurd. To top it off they try to blame the disappearing buses on people using non apps. Please...
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    So that this discussion does not get out of hand, the bus involved was 8359. The bus has lot of damage to the right side. However, there is no reason to scrap this bus. Transit will easily be able to procure the replacement parts from Nova. The only way a bus gets scrapped is if there's frame damage and certainly this was a low speed collision. The guys in the shops are quite skilled. I saw a video of the accident scene somewhere yesterday. However I forget where. Therefore I will not be able to show the video.
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    The simple answer is no. Since I can't touch you, which is assault, a person who doesn't want to be moved can't be moved except by law enforcement people. NYPD, in my experience, are hesitant about using physical methods to remove people unless it's absolutely necessary. The homeless add a health component to the problem. I will admit to using extreme measures back in the day , I was taught by Transit Police, but I wouldn't risk my health and livelihood today. AIDS was the deterrent back then. Today we have the gangbangers and the mentally ill to consider. Completely different ballgame. All you need is one person to upset the whole appiecart.
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    Latest updates: -Just finished our latest conference call -Discussed express bus corridors and the need for consideration of TSP for express buses. It appears as if no plans were in the works for such a thing, but I have been told that they will have a look at it, as well as the discussion of HOV lanes with DOT. -Discussed possible reinstatement of monthly express bus. This one would have to be approved by the Board, and thus we will likely have to start a petition to get the board to consider a vote in favor of it. -Concerns about changes to the Bronx express buses. We will send those over for review as well.
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    Your last sentence summed up the whole problem in a nutshell. The sentence preceding it should provide an answer to those theorists who claim to know what it takes to speed up terminal operations. One person can't fumigate a train quickly. Two T/Os can move the train but if there's a sick person or an unruly passenger(s) onboard all bets are off. NYPD officers aren't assigned to help fumigate and relay trains. No one is going to risk his/her life to speed up a relay. I've personally had problems doing single end relays at Utica Avenue. Weapons displayed, female, and male , anatomy exposed, panhandlers, what have you. When I had an officer respond to the young dude with the weapon we found the weapon was fake, a replica, but I didn't know that at the time. Back then relay people didn't have personal radios to call for help so in that case if the young man had personally threatened me something bad would have happened to one of us. BTW if I or any of my fellow retirees felt like it we could screw up Bowling Green or Utica just for laughs and nothing would be done to us old, slow moving folks. 😁
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    Vargas again confirmed today there will be an August class. She said she thinks the date is the 19th. And they're not calling anyone more for medicals today--and still at 1067. I asked her if I have a chance at the Aug class with my list number and she said she wasn't sure because she doesn't know how many spots will be open and deferrals and whatnot. But I kinda feel she was just giving me a pr answer and knows this info. But I digress. They're under 50 spots away from my list no and if they need 60+ for August--as I've seen here--then Im good for August likely--along with other 1100s.
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    I tried to post something similar about fumigation of trains at terminals and that seemed to go over many posters heads. Sometimes I wish they would stop fanning or swallowing the agency's press releases and come spend 8+ hours in the real world. Carry on.
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    Actually your veteran M/M, Trainmaster 5, didn't forget the ending but I'm using a tablet right now and things are going haywire. One post just disappeared, a long reply I wrote, and the option to restore it appeared for a moment and vanished. Better charge the laptop tonight. Carry on. 😁
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    I'm not forgetting the bulletins, I've seen my share, thought up by someone who has either never been there or forgotten where they came from. Whom do I blame when there's a hazardous or unhealthy situation on my train when it's not located in the first or conductor's position ? The ridership? Some of them won't say anything until they reach their stop. People have had heart attacks and have died on the train and they weren't noticed by RTO/PD for hours because no one noticed. Hey, the train left the terminal on time. A delay enroute shows up as a passenger delay anyway.
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    They take out a couple seats on the buses too IIRC. Of course that doesn’t matter for some routes but some of the SI ones........
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    If you want to know why there aren’t bathrooms on express buses, look to the ones on the LIRR...
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    Did my second p/e today. Got on the line outside around 0630. We were allowed in the building around 0700 and I was out by 1030. List number 15**
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    ....I go on vacation for a few days, and I come back with you wanting to open a West Indies Depot and having celebrity money??? Whatever you are smoking, pass that around! 😂
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    firstly, I'm an employee that honestly appreciate cuomo at least addressing the assaults on employees, regardless of union, title or seniority. personally, i taken the stance (as I've previously stated in other topics) over the past (now) 10 years that i will never address anyone regarding the non payment of the fare. i press F5 and keep it pushing. with that said, there's personnel in place to address fare beating. whether or not they (the powers that be) choose to utilize said personnel is management's issue/problem. whether or not said personnel is utilized effectively is a tactical problem... again, not my problem, so to speak. that's not what I'm qualified or paid to do. i can make suggestions like anyone else or offer opinions. unless they deploy officers, be it MTA police, NYPD, NY staties, MTA B&T, eagle team (MTA security) whatever... on every run on every bus line or at/in every station, there will never be an end to fare evasion. i understand that may not be the goal (an absolute end to fare beating) and if certain measures can be taken to significantly reduce the amount of fare evasion while preventing employee assaults, I'm all for it. to be honest, anything that can be done to reduce the amount of negative interactions between the knuckleheads and transit employees needs to happen. will it be effective? possibly. but doing nothing or tying things up due to rhetoric and expecting things to magically change is insanity. my issue regarding the subway system is the NYPD's efficiency. for example, NYPD officers being deployed at Euclid Avenue to deter fare beating is all well & good. however, people (criminals/fare beaters) aren't stupid. one stop away, grant avenue, there's rampant fare beating... has been for years. i can't remember the last officer I've seen there. the cops have to be willing to deploy/investigate trends. if incidents of fare beating drop at a station where it once was an issue, logic would dictate that it's migrated elsewhere... usually extremely closeby. do the homework, and be a constant deterrent.
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    The response I got was that the improvement would only be incremental. I told my contact that for $13.50 a day, we expect additional improvements, especially with us living in transportation deserts with no subways. I said if this is a Bus Action Plan”, then it should include ALL bus riders, no? lol
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    According to my copy of the Tracks of the NYC Subway book, its three yellows to D7 or D8 (the two relay tracks in the middle) if they are partially occupied. Other wise it's just a yellow onto D7 or D8 and its a green to continue on D6 to Jamaica Yard. I'll defer to anyone from RTO if I'm misinformed.
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    The would run express south of 50th so it's not going to crowd out the . As for the rest of your response, its been addressed numerous times and you clearly won't listen so you can look thorough past posts.
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    I don’t think you’d see any adverse effects...between terminal downtime and the potential to put a hold or two in, it _should_ be fine. Question would likely be what it is today: how would changed frequencies propagate in scheduling across the system?
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    This isn’t theory. This is what nearly every other transit system in the world does at their terminals, and indeed what we once did. I completely understand that there are good reasons for which we operate terminals as we do today, but to accept said reasons without any examination of potential changes is bad form/policy, and is emblematic of the mentality that got us into this operational mess in the first place. I want to be absolutely clear about what I’m proposing, too. I’m proposing that crews and terminal dispatchers simply follow the bulletinS that have been issued about operations at relay terminals. Said bulletins state that relays should be double ended and not fumigated (eliminating the real risks you and other point out) if they are returning into service promptly. This should hopefully answer all questions as to a) whether NYCT is capable of operational change (yes, they already made the damn change) and whether crews/platform crews need to interact with customers outside of some otherwise attention-needing sick/unruly passenger scenario (no, no need to clear trains out). I, too, think that for the sake of expediency in clearing out layups and dealing with times when no switch crew/outbound crew is available, NYPD and maybe a platform CR should be on hand, but once again, those situations are largely outside the purview of this discussion as most relay terminals are not dealing with all that many (if any) moves of those types when turning peak service. Once these changes are complied with, I would imagine that (signals/geometry permitting) full capacity is possible at all relays.
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    What part of this are you not getting? The would become 8th Av Express, removing the problematic merge at Canal Street. The would move to 63rd Street with the . The would take the place of the on QBL, on 53rd and on 8th Av. The B division is nowhere near capacity when we remove silly merges that go on today.
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    Something like that now happens at Forest Hills.
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    https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-06/qm020cur.pdf https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-06/qm001cur.pdf https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-06/qm004cur.pdf EDIT: NYCT LOCAL Schedules are up
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    What a coincidence! I was just going to report the same unit! I was on 7279 a few minutes ago on the B57; Only half of the screen was on and the other half was black.
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    4134 to ENY, it's on the B82 right now! Still has FLA stickers though
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    So 6445 seems to be once again with QV? That said MV 6651 was scrapped, brought back to NV, then scrapped again without seeing service. So I’m just putting this out there for anyone who cares but it probably won’t see service again despite being with QV (for now).
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    The QM20 schedule change consists of increases in runtime by 1-2 minutes during the AM rush, so nothing major.
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    There's been a lot going on in the last little bit. -As service continues to worsen, some of us are serious considering staging a protest of the 's service, starting with Staten Island. One express bus rider has stated he is working on drafting something. -In the meantime, I have begun reaching out to elected officials for more sit-downs with the to demand answers on what continues to be abysmal service with TONS of missing trips and buses with NO AC across the system.
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    K. If that's the case, can you please do us a favor and post in this thread from now on? As per the guidelines, one of the things we ask our members to do is to "post in the relevant forum," since it doesn't make sense to make multiple threads for the same topic. Plus, as a result of this incident taking place, you're not the only one who's waiting to get hired off of the 4600 list, respectively. Thanks!
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    A lot. The lower level is completely bare-bones with only a minimalistic set of platforms and one access point via the in-service upper level platform. Unlike Bergen St, in which the lower level actually did see active service for some time before being abandoned, City Hall was never actually placed into service as the plans changed during construction. Only the tracks are well maintained to facilitate post-rush hour layups. In order to get the station completely passenger-ready, those platforms would have to be completely rebuilt and new exits would have to be installed for better passenger flow. All of this would have to be ADA-compliant as this would fall under a major renovation. It would be much more likely that the lower level would just be used to relay trains terminating at Canal St, but that would just replicate the problems of Forest Hills, where through-running service gets trapped behind terminating trains, so that's ill-advised in my opinion. That was intentional. The MTA corporate scheme of the late '60s onwards was implemented on the buses and trains to illustrate the unification of the various transit systems under the MTA umbrella. The purpose of the extended M is to provide alternate service during the partial Canarsie closure, not to provide additional 6th Avenue service. If the L is running its normal route, under these circumstances, there's no reason for the M to run to midtown.
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    Sometimes people ask questions that have quite obvious answers. It's not rocket science.
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    How many trains can the WillyB handle per hour? I’ve been looking at a lot of these proposals to have split express/local service between Marcy and Broadway Junction, but upon further examination, I realize that you can’t really do that unless you want to give Jamaica Av riders only slightly better service. Now to talk about skip stop service. I seriously doubt that a good portion of people are taking the from Jamaica to lower Manhattan; those people are either a) taking the and transferring in Manhattan or b) taking the to Broadway Junction for the to Jay for the . Skip stop to me is more or less an excuse by the MTA to run fewer trains since the runs for such short periods. The ’s poor ridership is a result of its poor frequencies which combined with the frequency of other lines leave everyone ditching it for the . Killing skip stop would actually decrease travel times for riders as you could run double the trains which would be great for enticing more riders to use the to the vs Q52/53 to .
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    August September okay sounds good to me, more time to solidify all the defs, signals and indications 🤓
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    Have you sent this to via Email to MTA/NYCT so they can make the appropriate changes on the GTFS Data? It is quite common to have no communication between departments.
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    Man, that's my dream in the future when I make big buck, you can't see it yet. Smoking ??? You don't even believe in crazy dreams 😂😂
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    Speaking of that, I also have a dream to open up a bus depot(with my celebrity money). And my dream depot would be made to hold 650-700 buses and will be strictly electric New Flyers(mainly Xcelsiors, if it's production of those didn't stop), plus a CMF . And I would name it, maybe...."West Indies Depot"(mascot of West indies with an Xcelsior in the middle, "Clement Depot"(with my uncle's face to honor his future retirement or death in later years), or "Paul Walker Depot"(mascot of Paul Walker's face). That depot will be between Brooklyn and Queens(somewhere in the border).
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    I'm noticing a lot of irresponsible, unsourced claims that just float into opinion statements that get quoted in news articles and therefore are easily misconstrued as fact. This is one such example, the TWU cannot issue this directive to its member's as that would be a (potentially) illegal work slow down. People make a lot of claims that just don't stand up to rational scrutiny, he compares a stop signal violation to a speeding ticket. I'm sure if there was a speed camera in his neighborhood that went off at the posted limit the vast majority of people would do under the speed limit. It's a completely rational reaction from anyone with baseline intelligence to hold the job, it doesn't require any conspiracy. As far as MNRR/LIRR speed restrictions, a lot of the places where speed restrictions are in place are the result of Federal technicalities and ASC overlays in anticipation of PTC. The fact this person think this can be done in months is very interesting and indicates a lack of familiarity with the processes involved.
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    This is devastating information to hear, hopefully this plan will be more of a pesky rumor. And much less reality, since the museum is really iconic of the modern MTA
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    There's a great SubChat post here (http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1516664) with some old images of R46s during their delivery and early stages of their career Some of my personal favorites: "At Ditmas Ave. on the line. (July 1979)" "Not a reroute, but a "dead head" move to Coney Island yard. Location is Avenue H on the Brighton Line. (July 1979)" "Ready for their journey to Coney Island yard, up pops a put-in of R-32's on the . Stored on the lower level 9th Ave for the PM rush hour. (July 1978)" "Delivery by LIRR Bay Ridge Br, Parkville Jct and McDonald Ave to Coney Island. I passed by on the yesterday and it seems an apartment building is going up on or near Parkville Jct. Is that a red Plymouth Valiant or Dodge Dart ? (April 23, 1975)"
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    I love acting like a train at home but my mother says to me that "if you want to act like a train, go to Grand Central Station".
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    If you mean in aggregate, technically yes that is correct. But say we have 3 Work trains, an engine and 5 cars each, putting them together induces a number of other problems. The brake pipe on a 15 car train reacts much more slowly which requires more conservative train handling. Other complications include spotting the train becomes more difficult, trains spend more times in curves (automatic speed reduction per rule) and often work sites require certain cars in order, or multiple work sites within an out of service area. So a longer train would require switching on the main line, yikes! As far as train handling, small segments of grades can be challenging but doable if you are set up, the persistent and prolonged grade especially if you have to enter the grade with brake on because of another speed restriction or worse...a timer is where you get killed. Hitting hills like that at 14mph vs 17mph can be all the difference in making it. Other segments do not prove much in limiting operations which is why I specifically used the term ruling gradient.
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    MTA is out patting itself on the back for swapping out Staten Island local buses, and adding the 50 Express buses. They also continue to brag about their successes of the SI Express Redesign, notably: So all you Staten Island Express Bus complainers better get your minds right on this! You like what happened, and everything's much better than what it used to be! Nice, too, that they admit they're planning the same treatment for SI Local customers. ("The lessons learned from [the Express Bus] redesign will be used for ... the SI local bus network ...") And don't miss this gem from your Congressman as well: Komrades.
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    Bus stops and bus shelters remain a HIGH priority for the Express Bus Advocacy Group. Happy to see this sign up: We look forward to further improvements for express bus riders, be it safety or shelter from the elements. We have a conference call next week to discuss our monthly express bus pass being restored, the status of bus stop and bus shelter requests among other things.
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    Thanks to @SevenEleven for confirming that Bus will also be receiving 257 new express buses in addition to the 50 for Staten Island. Glad that this is proceeding accordingly!!
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    In that case, the newer R188 had to be compatible with the older ones so yeah they had to be nearly identical.
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    Yeah no, that's basically having the run from Middle Village to Rockaway Parkway.
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