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    I doubt the R62s and R68s will still be in service in 2039. Yes, the R32s and R42s are still in service after 50 (R42s) and 55 (R32s) years, but that’s because the MTA had no choice but to keep them in service. But don’t forget, it’s only a small portion of both fleets that are still in service. Most of them were sent to their watery graves well before they hit 50. Had the R44s not developed major structural problems and the State didn’t implement funding cuts to the MTA in 2010, they’d still be in service and all of the 32s and 42s would have been retired. Also worth noting is that the 62s and 68s are of the same technology as the 32s and 42s. And in this day and age, that technology is getting more difficult to maintain by the day. You mentioned signals in your last post. Signals would probably be a major factor in Transit withdrawing the 62s and 68s sooner rather than later. They already decided it was more cost-effective to retrofit the newer R142As with CBTC technology and move them to the (as the R188s) vs retrofitting the old-school tech R62s and keeping them on the .
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    I am not on the Hillside Avenue Line too often, but since I was on it today, I was at the front of the train to look out the front. There were newspapers covering 99% of the window, so I had to go on my tippy-toes to look over. The T/O, noticing what I was doing, at a station, pulled them off. Kind gestures like that really make my day. To get on topic, I saw that the train was going 40 approaching Union Tpke and stayed at that speed right until the first car entered the station. I see trains going fast into the station, but didn't realized they went that fast. I went up to the cab window, and raised my hand to thank the T/O, who raised their hand back.
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    Transit also wants all SBS routes using buses with USB ports and WiFi which the 7000s and most 2015-16 LFS do not have, so it makes no sense sending them to Yukon. Albeit slowly, Yukon is receiving all 77 of their LFS. As I said before, just because Castleton has a few, it doesn’t mean they will stay.
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    It’s not every day, or even every year, I find myself agreeing with a New York Post editorial, but here it is... https://nypost.com/2019/07/01/the-2b-lunacy-of-the-la-guardia-airtrain/ And it really is lunacy. I mean pretty much everything about this project just doesn’t make sense from the price to the politics, and of course, the route itself. And now, Prince Andrew apparently wants the MTA to contribute to building it. Just consider this more proof that this guy’s got to have everything his way or no way. And one more reason not to like him as Governor. http://www.subchat.com/read.asp?Id=1517305 Well at this point, you’ve got to wonder if it would be cheaper to just buy out the property owners on 31st Street. Or might today’s property owners be a bit more open to a concrete el as opposed to an old-fashioned steel el? Maybe not, but perhaps the PA and possibly the should actually try reaching out to the community to see if the attitude towards an (or de-interlined or ) extension to LGA has changed over the past two decades. You never know...
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    Have they researched giving Aqueduct racetrack a second platform?
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    I think it likely has to due with funding. Remember that NYCT and MTA Bus are two different divisions and funded differently.
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    The doesn't directly connect to the W20 bus and it is a longer trip for those coming from the Bx10, Bx16, Bx34, and W20 to get to the than the . Also the is also more frequent than the (which now runs 12 minutes on some weekends because of trackwork).
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    Good to hear on all counts. Fast station entrances is one of the more unsung improvements that seems to be in the works these days. A great (and common) way to gum up a corridor is to put a TO who spends 5-10 seconds longer than peers entering stations through at rush hour. Those delays build fast, and do so at the places that limit capacity (stations). Important, of course, to keep in mind that many such delays are caused by crappy equipment, but also that many aren't, and are just functions of RTO fear culture.
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    That I can't speak on (before my time) but right now, they can't do moves that way since MTA Bus' batches are paid for with fed money.
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    Welcome! As of now it’s kind of unclear how many Castleton Depot is receiving. From what I’ve been hearing, the Orions are not leaving the depot and whatever amount of 2019 LFS are going to Castleton will head over to Yukon Depot by the end of the summer.
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    Good riddance to those pieces of shit.
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    6537 (LaGuardia Unit) is going to be scrapped. Mechanical issues.
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    Are these buses listed as SCRAP ??? 6439, 6449, 6450, 6454, 6462, 6465, 647, 6474, 6483
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    Not from MTA Bus to NYCT, unless the bus originally came from NYCT
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    you really don't have to like me just because I have a different opinion than u do, Not here to be liked my friend ,I love this sight and the info here and have lived here on Staten island for along time and don't have a problem with being wrong my friend, so please relax with your comments
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    ENY's case was entirely different. They had lost RTSs to West Farms and other depots, and got those buses as a placeholder. I honestly wish those buses stayed at ENY, but it is what it is.
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    Ah, OK. Then given the MTA it could be completed anytime in the next fifteen years.
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    4249 is in fact at Manhattanville. 8704 is in the system assigned at Yukon, but is at Castleton.
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    No it doesn't. Long Island, particularly the North Shore, is mostly residential, so everyone has to drive significant distances to get anywhere, whether it's for shopping, for work, for leisure, etc. If everyone has to drive everywhere (and quite long distances at that) you end up with a lot of vehicle miles traveled, which is what determines congestion, not population. The North Shore doesn't really have much in the way of large arterials. Especially not north-south. And the Port Washington Branch stations are not located on 25A, but near it down narrower roads that can only really handle local traffic. This is true for every single station east of Broadway LIRR, and if you decided to Lyft or Uber or driver or whatever to Broadway LIRR you may as well just drive the short distance onwards to LGA. And this is before we consider that driving is far more convenient than transferring multiple times on public transit, especially if you have luggage or are traveling in a group.
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    Not to distract from the get the bums out chants (there isn't really a *bad* time to be agitating for that in Albany), but this is the dumbest part of the entire reorganization. I can maybe buy that one unified legal department makes sense, but we want to give more responsibilities to the agency consistently f**king up construction costs and timelines? East Side Access will be the tip of the iceberg at this rate.
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    And if you think Hylan Blvd is any better for buses I have a bridge to sell you...
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    Start spreading the word on this, guys. Curiously, the "seniors" of the forum/moderators, etc. (not naming names) have been absent in this discussion -- yet they should have been some of the key voices heard from. None of this is really a surprise, as Byford has been one of the best hires -- yet he must not be kissing the right asses. See how there was truth about the "rift" between Byford and "the Kingdom" (Cuomo/DuhBlahhzio), even though it was blown off? I'm more than happy to lend a hand from my little Midwestern outpost for y'all, but I think you guys should follow what @Via Garibaldi 8 did through social media/networking/talking to people that's led to some of the successes on the Express Bus side. Get creative, talk to fellow "sardines" on the buses and subways you encounter. Enough's been talked about in the media/publicly about some of the successes Byford has brought about. Maybe not enough to everybody's liking, but it's been something better than the nothings the MTA had been putting forward before he came on board. Lots of work to be done to right the MTA, but if you can't see the writing on the wall already, if Cuomo gets a stranglehold, you're all going to be beyond f**ked.
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    It’s kinda what’s supposed to happen when your system has rampant breakdowns. Save the Lex, B-way in the Bx, and Rockaway, EVERY NYC Subway line has a nearby or parallel line that can pickup the passengers that’d be displaced with a total shutdown. Sure, running on 8th instead of 6th will slow commutes down because of switching at West 4th and at B-way/Lafayette, but it can be done. Likewise, wanna shut down Eastern Parkway? Run shuttles to Fulton St and have start at BG. But our ironically named authority is too scared to use its authority to dictate changes to improve service beyond fare increases. I get that they wanna minimize inconvenience, but what’s worse - rampantly delayed trains trying to crawl through repair zones for months or years - to only do it again a few years later for something else, or “No weekend service from 161st to Woodlawn. Take to BPB for bus shuttles to Woodlawn”? The thing I thought was so cool way back in my 20s was how The Weekender showed you this. Folks adapted. The noise made by the few upset about inconvenience should be drowned out by the boots of folks switching to because shutdown and the lack of comment after it’s back up (had the other idiot from Queens not hijacked it).
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    I take a week away to try jumpstarting my real estate career so I can get out of insurance altogether, and now this. Okay, who started the letter writing campaign, the petition, and the “show up to the hearing and Albany to the Capitol” plan? Because I need dates and times so I can get out there and bang my gums about getting board representation to be local pols, and kvetch about how this plan is the appearance of change when it still keeps buses and trains operating separately when they should be better coordinated so they compliment each other.
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    How would they feel? I don’t really know. But that’s why we really need to take another look at a extension. With community outreach, like they did with the 2nd Avenue subway. And believe me, there was plenty of disruption there too - far more businesses and residents there than on 31st Street. There certainly were people who were opposed to building SAS and they threatened lawsuits against the MTA, City and State. Should we have gave in and canceled SAS entirely? Of course not, and now we’re all griping about how it doesn’t have enough service and how the should join the on 2nd Avenue. I too live in Northeast Queens, specifically Whitestone. I’m not within walking distance of the LIRR. I like how you mention extending the subway to Bayside or doing light rail via the Whitestone Expressway and Cross Island Parkway. I would gladly welcome both with open arms! In fact, given how wide Northern Blvd is, I think a concrete el structure like the rebuilt Market-Frankford El in Philadelphia would be the perfect model for Northern. Have a median that holds the concrete pillars. Maybe it would calm the heavy car traffic down somewhat. Much of Northern is commercial, though the section between Utopia Parkway and the LIRR Broadway Station is predominantly residential, and there’s also midrise apartment houses west of Crocheron Avenue. But I still think it’s possible. Getting a bit closer to home, I’d certainly be happy with a light rail or subway line that replicates most of the path of the long-gone LIRR Whitestone Branch.
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    This abhorrently disgusting, we all need to stand up to this. Cuomo's bullshit has to end ASAP. Splitting Buses and Subways would create a logistical hell, this plan is nothing but a disgrace to New York. These actions behind closed doors are nothing but an embarassment, a disgust, we have to all come together as people in this forum and stand up to this. This can affect employees from the very top executive, down to the cleaners, this is something we have to root for, we cannot waste any time on this and we have to show that we are against this political shit-show, lets get on contacting our Borough President, Council Members, our Mayor (even though its unlikely he'll do squat as he is pandering in running for president), Community Boards, State Legislature's, and even bring this to the courts if necessary. This is something that can pose us the riders at risk from the positive changes that a talented man has done to modernize NYCT. We have to fight as people, we need to make sure that these elected officials see that us as their constituents are highly concerned, and against the big problems that this could bring to us. Andy Byford is ours to lead, the Governor needs to learn how to stop being a baby, and coming from a man who speaks about Trump being immature, and disgusting, I'd also forward that back to Cuomo, because he has held on to power for long, has not given a shit about the Until 2016 came around and saw things were plummeting to hell, same ass-hole who diverted funds from the to upstate ski resorts that had a bad winter. This man disgusts me, we need to stand up to this, we have to make sure that this does not go through, and seek every avenue of legal protections to make sure Cuomo does not circumvent his nasty and dirty ol' political grooves through the board. Please treat this as an immediate case, we have 29 days to act upon this and every day should count! This cannot continue any longer, and I wish that this state had term limits to make sure something like this would be avoided from a public servant. For now we have to work from the basics, make an alliance, get together and fight this as one team. @Via Garibaldi 8 Already has an Express Bus Advocacy Group, now we have to get together and make an Advocacy Group for this matter, get together, circulate letters to communities, and let our riding public aware of the real situation here.
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    All it would take is Federal funding to get chopped, and if the MTA would be on the hook for almost all of the costs, the program would be modified. Australia had the same government "incentives" as us for people to get electric vehicles, then they pulled the program. Result? Electric vehicle sales dropped like a rock. Besides, NYC electric rates will surely be going up, because outstate communities are fighting tooth and nail against solar/wind farms (none being built currently), and some type of generating capacity is going to be needed pronto once the nuclear plant is closed (and that's happening in the next few months).
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    Kawasaki was already pretty much guaranteed to be out from the jump because of the size of the R211 order. Bombardier was only banned from the R211 order in particular and in theory could be in the running for the R262 but that would be unlikely. Siemens right now is in the same position Alstom was prior to the R160 order: they had only supplied propulsion for the R142 at that point (some R160Bs have Siemens propulsion) Alstom, CRRC and Hitachi are other manufacturers that would theoretically available.
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    At least for me the answer is transfers. At Canal Street you have the and and at Essex Street you have the and . If they ever were to create more out of system transfers with OMNY or even build a physical transfer passageway to Grand Street (which isn't that far from Bowery), you would also have the and . Also having a second service on Nassau Street on the weekends would provide additional service to the Lower East Side, which is a popular destination.
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    The work on the street level grates and tunnel roof is pretty much completed, however they've opened a huge pit in 59th Street for the elevator installation and I have no idea when they're closing that back up.
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    I'm noticing a lot of irresponsible, unsourced claims that just float into opinion statements that get quoted in news articles and therefore are easily misconstrued as fact. This is one such example, the TWU cannot issue this directive to its member's as that would be a (potentially) illegal work slow down. People make a lot of claims that just don't stand up to rational scrutiny, he compares a stop signal violation to a speeding ticket. I'm sure if there was a speed camera in his neighborhood that went off at the posted limit the vast majority of people would do under the speed limit. It's a completely rational reaction from anyone with baseline intelligence to hold the job, it doesn't require any conspiracy. As far as MNRR/LIRR speed restrictions, a lot of the places where speed restrictions are in place are the result of Federal technicalities and ASC overlays in anticipation of PTC. The fact this person think this can be done in months is very interesting and indicates a lack of familiarity with the processes involved.
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    No 19183 or 19184. I forgot that the 2019 order was only 182 coaches. September 2019 will begin the process of building the 2020 coaches, which will begin with 20001. All 183 of the 2020 buses will be D4500CT's and will have the Cummins X12 engine. See you in September, as they say.
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    The only scenario where you'd see 262s on the is if a New Jersey extension actually goes through which is highly unlikely
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    If so, hopefully Westchester Yard forces will treat their shiny new toys nicely this time. They didn’t seem to do that when they had the R142As.
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    And you guys will be paying $5.00 on your OMNY cards, double your current home electric rates, and Sanitation trucks will be tooling around running diesel still. (Most of Europe is currently paying double their electric rates -- plus peak/off-peak pricing schemes -- and they went all-in on "renewable" energy which was promised to lower their rates.) No new generation facilities (power plants) are on the horizon, and then there's that "movement" that wants to shut down/decommission the nuclear plant that feeds NYC their juice. Plus the whole CNG pipeline hoo-hah going on currently. Utopia never comes, but go ahead and keep hoping. Pretty certain we'll be doing fine on our diesel and/or "hybrid" buses in my neck-o-the-woods.
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