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    It's not really that visible from the platform so here's the best I've got.
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    The way you went about this was not productive at all. There was supposed to be a meaningful discussion and then it had to be cancelled because your opinion that there should be accessibility across the board while I think that should be the case trumped what the MTA head wanted to have, to have a discussion regarding ways to improve things across the board. As @Union Tpke indicated earlier, what you have done created more harm than help.
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    The person who updates the previous post does not post on these boards anymore.
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    The Q58 is not going artic at this time. No announcement as to when it will happen..
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    6208 delivered to Hale. 6153, 6155 from Quill to Hale.
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    At least they are getting more from MCH.
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    i wouldn't be surprised. if/when the demand for worth street grows, it'd be kinda convenient to have the M2 there as well, as opposed to only locals serving worth
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    You really think JG/WF/CP/SC are decommissioning their CNG stations?? I highly doubt it’s the end for CNG. You might see the end of straight diesel(Outside of Express for now) & Hybrids though.
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    Really? stop posting about this,i think everyone here knows how much you like the R42.just stop because you're trolling at this point.
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    Average Weekday Ridership: http://web.mta.info/nyct/facts/ridership/ridership_sub.htm Average Weekend (Saturday + Sunday) Ridership: http://web.mta.info/nyct/facts/ridership/ridership_sub_weekend.htm Annual Ridership: http://web.mta.info/nyct/facts/ridership/ridership_sub_annual.htm
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    Actually NY is the biggest boaster when it comes to renewable Energy, they wouldn't give 2 shits about what happens to them CNG Stations...
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    A good chunk in the Brooklyn Division have them. (Matter of fact all of Brooklyn Division have them). Saw 436 on the 63 and that is correct on that assessment. Also, MQ/MV/MCH still have the oat milk ads.
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    "The local buses come more frequently"...try telling that to people on the South Shore, especially along the S55/56
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    Yeah that point is valid. I’ve seen videos and photos of some of the conditions in transit crew rooms. One recent example is a video of the 207th st crew room having urinals right near the fridge which is f**king nasty. I do feel racism plays a large role; NYCT is mostly black and Spanish and they deal with such conditions that LIRR and MNRR workers (who I believe are largely white) don’t or seldom do. That aspect has to change.
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    The double-time pay is an anachronism and it's good that it's going away. There's also nothing wrong with contracting IMO, because not having this ability assumes that the MTA is the best at running literally everything possible in its domain, which is patently false.
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    Noticed that also I've been on the road since last Tuesday and some boards are off and you have to point diagonally and all doors are abreast of the station. Some of these stations were just never fixed and the boards were put up when trains only had single cabs and not transverse.
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    Just for wishful thinking a M15 local terminal restoration at City Hall. I don’t know if the demand is there again to resurrect that terminal. A perfect interline with the M103.
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    Well, there goes another 12XX down the drain, 1201 is on fire currently at Kingsbridge and Grand Concourse, hopefully there’s no casualties, or injuries.
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    agreed... and that'll take place years from now, so the CNG stations will be safe throughout the duration of the C40LF's useful lifespan, as will any other model bus. all they're saying is that from here on out, their goal is not to purchase anything but electric units
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    I don't know if I showed them here but we created QM5 and QM7 fliers for riders in our group and they spread the word WELL before the did to let people know about that 5:10 trip. Here is the flier:
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    While going to meet a friend at Jamaica, I saw an M9 just as I got to the station! Enjoy!
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    My question for you is why would you have a route running from Vernon Blvd/ Jackson Ave or Roosevelt Island to LGA when there is already the or to Jackson Heights Roosevelt Ave and then the Q70. It could be slightly faster than those mentioned trains to the Q70 but I don’t think there is a strong enough demand for it.
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    This thread is for putting in good railfanning locations near NYC, and any other info. Preferably use something like this format: Location Name How far from NYC? What town/county/borough Accessible by public transport? Which railroad(s)? Which line(s)? Especially good times of day to see trains (Optional) I'll start! Manitou Station 1-1.5 hrs Manitou, Putnam County, NY MNRR Hudson Line on weekends only MNRR, CSX, AMTK Hudson Line All day
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    Or maybe scrap transfers in favor of a time-based pass. Just dip/swipe/tap once and get your run of the whole "base" system for a set amount of time.
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    If he considers being written up for lateness and not having what is required of you “petty,” I have to wonder what type of job he held before? Not a lot of jobs tolerate lateness to begin with. You think transit is the only one like that? Besides if you can prove the lateness was bc of your train being late they cut you slack as I’ve heard. and I’ve spoken to three train operators who admitted they hit signals on probation and are still here. Others on this forum already in transit have made mistakes and are still working. So “any little mistake she you’re gone” is fear mongering bs. But you have to be on your toes and know what you’re doing as most any other jobs will demand. Don’t believe all the hype.
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    Dude, enough with the R42. We all know East New York has them, we know what they look like, we all know Transit utilizes them WHENEVER NECESSARY. Please Stop Trolling.
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    Yeah, thanks. You screwed up my attendance of the event for nothing. They were going to engage in a thoughtful and thorough of the discussion. How often do you hear the Chairman of the MTA attending and speaking at an event? While I believe that every station should be accessible, and while I agree with the work that groups advocating for accessibility have done, I think what you did here was idiotic and counterproductive.
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    “ Limousine liberals “ or what ever term you use to describe the board overlooks the obvious problem. Most of the people have no expertise in rail or bus operators, period. Doesn’t matter which politicians appointed them. This is why over the years many proposals are voted on and accepted by the board solely on the recommendation of some staff who accepted some ideas from outside folks with a financial interest in these plans. The same think tanks, the same bidders, the same suppliers, and variations of the same ideas offered to transit systems in North America and, frequently, worldwide . Let’s just retrofit it or graft it on an existing system. If it doesn’t work initially then increase the contract length and keep the money train flowing until it’s figured out. Perhaps one day theory and real world will come together. Just my observations. Carry on.
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    They’re also modifying the interior cab window handles that us C/R’s have complained about for damn near 2 years.
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    I say this proves you don't know what you're talking about...
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    More service changes for the month of August: No service between E 180 St and 3 Av-149th st. Trains split in two sections: August 31-Sep 1 Between 241 st and E 180 st Between 3 Av-149th st and Flatbush Av No service between 149th st-Grand Concourse and E 180 St. Trains split in two sections: August 31-Sep 1 Between 149th st-Grand Concourse and Bowling Green every 20 minutes Between E 180 st and Dyre Av trains reduced every 20 minutes in Manhattan: August 31-Sep 1 Manhattan Bound trains run express from Pelham Bay Park to Parkchester: August 31-Sep 2 trains reduced every 16 minutes between 3 Av-138th St and Pelham Bay Park: August 31-Sep 2 trains run local in both directions between 168th st and 59th st Columbus Circle: August 30-Sep 3 All Uptown trains express from Canal st to 42nd st Port Authority: August 31-Sep 2 Euclid Av bound trains run express from Broadway Junction to Euclid Av: August 24-25 No trains between 145th st and 168th st: August 31-Sep 2 trains run local in both directions between 145th st and 59th st Columbus Circle: August 30-Sep 3 No service between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center: August 24-25 No service between Chambers st and Broad st: Aug 30-Sep 2 All Brooklyn Bound trains express from 34th st Herald sq to Canal st: August 31-Sep 2 Manhattan Bound trains run express from Roosevelt Av to Queens Plaza: August 24-25, 31-Sep 2 trains run via the in both directions between DeKalb Av and Canal St: August 31-Sep 2
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    Let me just say, if you are working for Local 6 HTC, you will be shocked at how the MTA runs. The Union here is almost non-existent, no presence, and always on the manger's side. They literally work side by side. When you work with Local 6 HTC, you get good pay, you have delegates, employee meal, guaranteed breaks, access to bathrooms. The moment you start going to School Car for Conductor, you will most likely be written up for pettiness. In my conductor's class, multiple people got G2's (MTA's Write Up Form), which was either for lateness, not having your books, the list goes on. You cannot come in late, you cannot call out, and the whole school car experience has been a disorganized nightmare. People already quitting and we are not even halfway done in school car. Trust me, if you are working in hospitality and you have Local 6, STAY where you are. You will regret coming here, I know I did. Yes MTA has a good pension, but any little mistake and you're gone, bye bye to that pension. Local 6 may not be perfect, but the quality of work is much healthier and better. MTA break rooms and bathrooms are disgusting. Its shocking that the MTA Union allows these dirty facilities to be available to their employees. If you wanna come try the MTA, take a LOA from your job, because trust me, you will be going right back once you get a taste of reality. Oh, and the pay here for conductor is very poor. And MTA is cutting back on overtime since the heavy scrutiny took place a few months ago. So if your intention is to make loads of overtime to make up for the low wage, trust me, we were already informed that MTA is making an entire overhaul on the availability of overtime offers. They've cut it completely unless deemed necessary. At least with Local 6 HTC, if someone calls out, overtime will be offered by seniority. here, whenever they decide its necessary to offer overtime, they do not offer it based on seniority, the managers can choose who to offer it to. Think twice about this agency my HTC brothers.
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    Here is another batch of proposals: Make woodhaven blvd on QBL an express stop Create a crosstown on 59 St Create a LGA running from Astoria-Ditmars , through Laguardia Airport, to Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Av Create an opeating as follows: Kingsbridge Rd (build a passageway to Fordham Plaza Belmont - Arthur Av Bronx Zoo (Southern Blvd/Bronx Pk S) W Farms Sq 174 St/Bronx River Av Elder Av Morrison Av/Story Av Soundview Av/Randall Av Laguardia Airport
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    There should ABSOLUTLEY be a Livionia-Junius to transfer
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    No, I mean railfanning thst you can get to easily from the city, whether it be by bus, subway, MNR, LIRR, NJT, PATH, whatever.
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    Out of NYC, maybe? I was wondering if I could see MNR AND freight trains
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    Does anybody know any EASILY ACCESSIBLE places to railfan within 1.5 hours of NYC that have RELATIVELY FREQUENT service? MNR, LIRR, Amtrak, freight, I'm fine with all!
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    Does anybody know any EASILY ACCESSIBLE places to railfan within 1.5 hours of NYC that have RELATIVELY FREQUENT service? MNR, LIRR, Amtrak, freight, I'm fine with all!
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    I’m a conductor that plans on applying for the exam too, and every ATD, TD, TSS I’ve spoken too all tell me the same thing. Study the rule book and bulletins. You can try joining some RTO groups on fb for more detailed information.
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    So it is legal for the ? is the legal at city hall
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    Is it still legal to take the through the City Hall loop and the (on weekends and nights) through the South Ferry loop? Also, is there a way to go through the OLD south ferry station on the ?
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    My shots of the fireworks and & trains from Smith-9 Sts on 7/4/19, hope ya'll enjoy...
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    Greetings. Here's what you see in half ---- -- I And an extra
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    Today I was waiting for the M5 at 72 St/West End, had just ran to make the transfer from the M57, and the driver saw me running, I was waving the bus down, and he just breezed by the stop. We then had to wait *16 min* for the next M5. Bus #4233 M5 Northbound 72 St/West End Av
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