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    Some new 179's just delivered
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    "Why should the MTA make service better?" Lmao. Some people these days...
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    Recent photos with the occasional hot weather. Enjoy. 8/3/2019 8/4/2019 8/5/2019 8/16/2019 8/17/2019 8/19/2019 aniel's World
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    You mentioned this twice within the last 1/2 hour apart.
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    I sincerely doubt if Adrew Cuomo will take responsibility for anything. After all, it is his people that were in charge and signed the contracts. He therefore was involved one way or another since he was elected in 2010 If Andrew took responsbility for something then how about his failure to help NYCHA when he was HUD Secretary under Clinton. That was the time to do it as if he (and his partner, the mayor), would have done something for the tenants at that time, the developments would not be in the bad shape that they are in now. The political establishment will do whatever it wants as they know that the likeliehood of being voted out of office are slim and none.
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    It will deduct $4.00 if you used the subway (or bus) beforehand within two hours from catching the express bus.
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    I guess it’s better to have a suburban bus cover a trip than to leave it missing and have passengers overcrowd the next bus. A few of their artics were in accidents not too long ago. I remember someone mentioning it here. It also happens in reverse. Yesterday evening, I caught 6392 on the 107X heading home.
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    I’ve agreed with this suggestion (but with the to Utica as now and the to New Lots with the replacing it overnight) only to get flamed for it. I don’t really see how you’d be able to keep the current and setups after Franklin without tearing up Eastern Parkway to put in a junction similar to Columbus Circle or 36th Street . Even those junctions experience merging delays, especially 36th when the ran there. I fail to see how a rebuilt Rogers Junction would be any different.
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    5430 is currently on the 13. It’s very interesting to see a suburban NABI working local routes. I believe I saw 5409 doing the 39 yesterday. I know those aren’t moves as the routes and units do run out of Hilton, but I wanted to point that out.
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    There is a boarded up signal next to the existing one on the n/b QBL express at Woodhaven. I wonder if that is how some of the timer mods/fixes will be done or that particular signal just needs replacing. Hard to tell from the opposite direction.
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    Thanks for not answering my questions. Yes, headlights on cars are required and most of the time they are on at night. But many cyclists do not have required headlights or reflectors and are dumb enough to wear dark clothing at night. Funny you mention street lamps. A friend of mine was cautiously crossing an intersection in his car at about ten mph about ten years ago after stopping at a stop sign. Two cyclists were traveling across the intersection without headlights and wearing dark clothing. The second cyclist was not looking ahead or for traffic. He had his head down concentrating on pedaling faster to catch up to his friend. My friend failed to see him coming partially due to a street lamp that was out of order. He pedaled right into my friends car. As a passenger I saw the bike at the last second but thought saying something to my friend might cause him to panic and make a decision that would make things worse. Luckily at the last second the cyclist noticed the car and served to grab onto the side of the car. He fell off the bike but wasn't hurt. But that didn't stop him from suing my friend. The case was dropped after three years when the cyclist couldn't produce any medical bills. Yes, drivers violate traffic rules, but by far cyclists violate more rules than drivers. You say drivers have greater responsibility implying little responsibility for cyclists. I say everyone needs to be responsible. Cyclists killed two pedestrians this year. Were those the fault of the pedestrian? Until you drive a car at night you won't understand how under certain conditions, how difficult it can be to see cyclists and even pedestrians. Just the other day there was a cyclist in the middle of the street operating his bicycle as if it were a unicycle. Stunt driving has no place on the city streets just like driving a car at sixty or ninety mph on a city street that resulted in two recent tragedies. And everyone needs to be attentive.
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    The conductor never turned off the announcements, there is a glitch in the system and has to be reset at 59st.
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    Also looking foro updates if any on September class. Has anyone else been called for medical?
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    This was probably mentioned but I strongly feel the SAS should extend to the Hub at E 149th St and 3rd Ave with a stop at E 138th St before swinging west through Harlem. The DOT could make 125th St a busway or run the lanes down the center greatly improving bus service. It's a short stretch. Buses coming over from the Bronx have to deal with the bridges and limited approaches. The existing subways coming from the Bronx are very crowded. It's also more likely people would transfer to the SAS further upstream. And the redevelopment potential in Mott Haven/Melrose is greater than it is in Central Harlem, with more robust zoning and potential for upzoning.
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    If the bus lanes lead to increased traffic than perhaps the drivers should try taking the bus or subway? There's also the Henry Hudson Parkway Bridge. For the buses to improve in NYC, trips are going to have to get worse for drivers in private vehicles. There is just not enough space for both. Prioritize the buses.
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    If your goal is to reduce costs from these service changes as another poster pointed out you now have to add extra midnight jobs (extra crews) to run that 24/7 service, and the money from that ‘savings’ from the fleet now has to be used to maintain the lines fleet which uses the oldest equipment in its respective division. As far as making things easier from a customers standpoint the riders are generally accustomed to the service patterns that are currently ran. What you’re suggesting would literally do the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked the doing a run that drops out at Utica I’ll make a manual announcement leaving Barclays S/B about the train going to UA not Flatbush, then another when we get to Franklin only to have people come up to me after we get to Utica do they get to Beverly Road.
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    Personally, I think the simplest compromise would be to add crossovers west of Nostrand Ave, let the run to New Lots and Utica Ave respectively and the Run to Flatbush. Never have to cross streams so a sick customer on Lex doesn't ripple to the West side (Southbound) , there appears to space on the Upper Level (uncertain about the lower level).
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    Some one posted that a tss said he was teachings class in September anymore update on it
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    As it was said earlier, we need to stop advocating or proposing service cuts. We already deal with horrendous service levels on some lines, so why do some posters here feel the need to reduce service as a means of fixing it? The system is far from perfect, however it can and should be improved without eliminating lines as a first choice. Just because someone might think the part time services such as the are “useless”, it doesn’t mean they should be drastically altered, have their service levels reduced, or just discontinued altogether. The lines mentioned above do play important roles.
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    Not that logic is of much importance in this conversation or anything, but discharging trains in the path of s is sure to be a mess. Also, if you have sharing north of 42, gets forced to a 12 min headway, reducing Brooklyn cap under IRT Broadway GO to 7.5tph of + a measly 5tph of (today it’s 5 each of and 7.5 of ). What could _possibly_ go wrong?
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    There's an antenna near the circle on the R188 set: 7491-7495 with 7356-7360 (C car included)
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    Yeah they've been cutting it because of a general order that physically prevents the from operating. That's the difference. If you've been paying attention to this thread for the last few months, you'd see why this is a terrible idea.
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    Cutting the from Brooklyn on the weekends is a terrible idea... Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should...
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    Last month I have seen a neoplan being used on the 1 like 2 or 3 times. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to drive that bus along that route but, it does seem possible. And since Hilton be using nabi's on the 39 often, they could make use of the neoplans and using those on the 1 and 25 during afternoon rush hours would help with the overcrowding.
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    The issue of yard access is overblown- the only reason why the stopped going to Astoria was because they didn’t want trains being layed up in relays and getting bombed out.
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    LFS Order is near completion. Queens Village has all but 4 buses, 8504-8507. Kingsbridge has their entire allotment. Gun Hill has all but 8747, 8749, 8750 and 8754. Yukon has their entire allotment. Castleton, from out of nowhere, has their entire allotment. Current 4700-series XD60s at CS 4723, 4726, 4728, 4739, 4740. I think they're getting around 15-20 buses.
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    4950-4964, the XE60 fleet is officially in the system. Now, it's a matter of when they'll show up. 8 buses remain in the LFS order, 8504-8507, 8747, 8749, 8750 and 8754.
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    20190726_175619 by Matty Tang, on Flickr Nice catch
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    Look for artics to start on the B38 on Sunday Sept. 1. Because of the new pick, sheets shown in the depot will denote premium artic pay in effect . New picks always start on a Sunday on NYCT bus and subway & MTA Bus. Monday Sept. 2 is a holiday (Sunday schedule) on Labor Day.
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    Part of this is Cuomo, yes. But a lot of the issue here is the peculiarly American inattention towards operating built systems. Whether it’s highways, waterways or railroads, we as a country are much more interested in building than maintaining — a fact which alone explains the piss poor quality of much American infrastructure. This is most certainly carried through to NYC: the advocates and electeds (Cuomo included) all try to fund the MTA’s capital budget — it is that one which produces the ribbon cuttings, after all — and don’t pay more than lip service to the agency’s operating needs, let alone attempt to improve agency operations so that it can do more with less. We need trains to run on all these shiny new tracks and signals our capital money is buying — and as it so happens, it’s a lot cheaper to fund a year of increased train service than it is to build new lines. But alas, “we funded a service increase from 15 to 20tph” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “we installed modern signals” or “we opened a new subway line.” I think the “reducing agency cost base” point bears (a lot of) emphasis: it’s a broad generalization, I know, but if NYCT ran its subways at Chicago operating costs, the system would turn a sizable operating profit. I don’t expect NYCT to achieve those levels of efficiency at any point in the future, but even doing simple things like getting a handle on debt service could do wonders for maintaining service levels. A touchy, nuanced subject, but if any of you all are interested in advocacy, it’s one that should be on your radar. As for these cuts, I’m guessing it’ll just be more baselining supplements. 10 million isn’t all that much money.
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    And then less people will ride the subways, and then they will cut more service, and then less people will ride the subways, and then they will cut more service... I hope Cuomo is remembered as an idiot
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    Let me ask you one question. Have you ever driven a car at night and encountered cyclists? Well, I have, and they are very easy to hit when they show up unexpectedly like at night without headlights or reflectors and cycling between the double yellow line or traveling in the wrong direction. What about cyclists who have a protected bike lanes and instead choose to use a traffic lane instead because they consider the bike lane too slow for them? I have seen that too. I have also seen cyclists at night who were only visible because of reflective strips on their sneakers. So quit blaming drivers for every crash with a cyclist, giving them free reign to do whatever they like, like 90 percent if them going through red lights. The more we encourage cycling, the more traffic fatalities there will be regardless if the rate of fatalities decline. It is not the solution to improving travel for the single reason that it is not an all-weather solution. The answer is improved mass transit with better service levels, not continuing to reduce the frequency of service as we are doing.
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    Another endless whine. Please stick to buses, where the rhetoric is only tired, as opposed to bikes, where the rhetoric is dangerous: "Last week, the Queens Chronicle reported a traffic fatality at 91st Avenue and a bike rider injured at 1 a.m., both on Woodhaven Boulevard, when motorists do not expect to see cyclists on the road" What the hell sort of lazy excuse-making is that? Drivers only have to pay attention at certain hours, and if a cyclist is out at night, they shouldn't have surprised the driver? "so why should we believe the DOT that more protected lanes and further encouragement of cycling will make cycling safer?" It is widely understood by every transit planning official in the world that cycling safety increases as a critical mass of cyclists develops, and that separating cyclist traffic from car traffic is part of that safety. Consider nearly any northern European city where this experiment has been taken seriously, or even places like London which have improved their infrastructure in similar ways. It is a good thing you're not making planning decisions when you demonstrate this kind of resistance to statistical reality or accepted evidence. I have my many qualms with the DOT too, but this is not something they've made up themselves.
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    You do realize it's supposed to be buses and deliveries only 3rd-9th yeah?
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    People need to realize, NYC is a public transit city. If you own a car and insist of driving around in it, you'll going to be in some traffic. I'll rather please the people that are saving the environment by being in a bus that people that want to drive alone.
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    Has anyone here from list number 110X and beyond, received a rule 4.7.1 (c) letter (1in 3 rule) in the mail? Took my PE May 24th...told to wait for medical.... received letter yesterday August 22nd....Has an X marked by #2....which states "you were considered and not selected for appointment in accordance with rule 4.7.1 (c), of the Rules and Regulations of New York City personnel director".... it further states that if an X is marked by the #2....it is only at the agency's request that I can be recertified to the agency again. I cant understand why this decision could not be made during or before the PE stage...I have plead guilty to numerous tickets as they advised this position has NOTHING to do with drivers license but that they still required me to have nothing pending...so like most would to invest in this opportunity I plead guilty, paid over 800 dollars in total to abide by their policy...only to be told I'm not selected....now I cant get a driving job if my life depended on it which was my profession all of my life....its absurd and very upsetting. It feels very wrongful. I've invested DEEPLY to pursue this position, for this level of disregard. They've seriously interrupted my life and ability to feed my family behind that. ridiculous.
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    removed from service with farebox as well
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