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    2012-2013 XD60 updates. Units currently assigned at Casey Stengel: 4723-4732, 4735-4737, 4740. Units currently assigned at Grand Avenue: 4710-4713, 4715, 4718-4722, 4754-4759, 4761, 4763, 4765-4774.
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    There are some on the Bx35 already. I took a picture earlier but forgot to post it! Sunday I believe they go full attic
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    That time is upon us guys!!!!! Just recieved my invitation into phase 1, medical tomorrow morning...... I'm so very relieved I can't even put it into words......phase one beginning 9/19....
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    This issue has been explained once too many times.
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    It will almost certainly be Babylon, the trailers at Ronkonkoma have been sacrificed for the new Yard Facility, so I don't think there is a place to instruct out there.
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    Sorry, meant the TRACK connections to the . Typo. My bad. I know the all connect to the .
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    On mobile, all I had to do was scroll down.
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    yeah but its gonna temporarily terminate at metlife stadium lot G till its complete
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    Next Gens from Quill ➡️ East New York, I’m guessing.
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    Got the call also. Medical set for next Thursday. Phase 1 will begin 9/18. She did mention the instructors pick the location for Saturday and that Wednesday is at Hillside facility. But I recall one instructor saying that they do both days at either Ronkonkoma or Babylon. I truly hope that it’s the latter as Hillside might pose a problem with work on Wednesday’s.
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    Awesome hope they call some more people Good luck
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    Thanks alot @drenyce311, hoping to work with you in the near future God willing. Question though, I was told that phase 1 starts on the 19th, but when I checked my calendar that's a Thursday. Could they have made a mistake? I was under the impression that it's on Wednesday and Saturdays. Does anyone know the address for the medical building in mineola by any chance? I didn't receive an email with it.
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    I only take two trains. express from Grand Central to 3rd Avenue-149th Street and then the to Simpson Street. I wouldn't call my observation complaining. I just stated what I observed. I choose that route because to me it makes more sense. I can see, however, how one may choose to take the to Hunts Point, and then walking north to Simpson Street, just not what I do.
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    9538 is still up and running. Spotted it working the 39. I believe this was one of the artics that was in an accident.
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    right , f**k around and the doors randomly open while the train is packed and moving
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    To make sure that the train is working properly before entering service. It is a safety hazard to put a brand new train in service without being tested first.
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    Why is that a bad answer? The MTA was clearly only interested in doing the bare minimum, and a platform on the western (southbound) tracks would require an overpass to connect to the racetrack. The truth sucking and being shitty doesn't make it a lie.
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    4727, 4734: Kingsbridge to Casey Stengel for Q12 Articulation
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    The projected delivery month for the demo(if there are no delays) was said to be in September/October. Fun fact, 4950's GPS is actually on, but not live.
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    -Latest news: ATTENTION X27 and X37 riders: The private express bus service being considered that MAY serve 3rd Avenue now has the proposed stops finalized. Service is STILL PENDING. We need 300 signatures!! Petition will be coming VERY SOON... Please note the following: -Proposed fare would be $5.00 (bills or coins ONLY for now) and $3.00 for seniors -Commuter books would be available ($40.00 for adults, $35.00 for seniors - available on the buses) More to come.... Any questions, let me know. Bay Ridge Proposed bus stops now
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    @Wallyhorse no longer has to dream... 2005-2010 Alstom R160A-1 8380 on the at 86th Street-Central Park West by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 2005-2010 Alstom R160A-1 8380 on the at 145th Street by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr Enjoy!
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    The trick is that they didn't Dan Doctoroff, the deputy mayor who spearheaded Hudson Yards, is basically just a huge developer shill. Choice quotes: And this wonderful gem: The Bloomberg administration did lasting damage to the long term planning in this city; all this because they needed someone to stroke their egos after they couldn't drag the Jets to the Javits Center.
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    apparently 7187 has been scrapped. 2009 MCI D4500CL.
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    Smart thing would be a new express route with a stop in Union City to the Mall just like the current 111 route to Jersey Gardens Mall
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