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    3976 & 3978 were at Fresh Pond, now back at Flatbush. 3977 never left. 3976 & 3978 briefly entered service out of Fresh Pond. Clearing this up because there appears to be a whole lot of WTF going on in this thread right now over these NGs...... 6240, 6242 & 6245 at JFK from LaGuardia. 6266 & 6284 at LaGuardia.
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    Please. They're getting 52.5 BILLION for their capital plan, plus BILLIONS from congestion pricing, plus $50 million that's earmarked for improving transit in transit deserts.
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    You can’t just blindly give the MTA money because they will just squander it. Either use it to plug the deficit or give raises to middle management. It has to be earmarked for specific purposes like new or greatly changed bus routes with added service. One way they can definitely improve efficiency is through better scheduling so that buses don’t operate halfway across the borough not in revenue service. Their idea of improving efficiency is to cut service spans where there is light ridership, but many nighttime riders depend on that service to get to work. They mistakenly believe operating buses not in service is more efficient than when carrying passengers because it costs less. Totally lost sight that their mission is to transport riders.
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    Hmmm Interesting........ I remember before 7650 was sent out on local service it was parked inside the body paint bay and I remember seeing the select teal blue was hanging off the side of the bus like they were starting to peel it off. Some of the sbs buses at my depot has been hit, or scuff marks and sometimes you can see like a slight black marks on the Teal blue part. The back of 7649 Yellow is two different yellow tone. The bottom of the back of 7649 yellow looks fresh and the top yellow where the destination sign is a little darker from the bottom yellow at the back of the bus. This weekend I will be working at the yard, so I'll ask the yard foreman or Superintendent for "Maints" if these buses are wrap or painted. Here's an old video when the SBS first started
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    No...they DO have SBS paint. Here I'll show you and Future ENY OP. Video below for reference : Skip to 0:49 seconds. And then 2:02 seconds.
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    7442 is back in service at LGA * Not sure if it was there a while ago
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    Telling me that too many routes duplicate each other in Jamaica, doesn't remotely compare with redrawing the entire network (which was my point).... You're not countering that argument at all.... Anyway, all I think was needed in Jamaica was some restructuring of some routes.... I would argue that they're complicating the network in Jamaica, but that's neither here nor there....
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    6264 is still at the vendor. 6266 has only been in service for two days, which is probably it was still listed as new.
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    Queens' bus network didn't have to be blown up & redrawn, that's the thing.... No matter what you do to the bus system, the fact still remains that too significant a portion of the entire borough lacks rail coverage.... And on top of it, you're suggesting inadequate (IMO) service levels for a lot of these routes that you are proposing.... You're practically nerfing express bus service.... The whole thing's a f***in slap in the face.... My thing is, individual routes should haven been addressed & not the entire network..... Instead, it's easier to start a new network from scratch than it is to try to hone the current network by fixing whatever service gaps there are, integrating whatever new concepts you want to implement (like this rapid service bit) within it, addressing latent demand to/from new points of interest, things like that.... There's long been a failure by the MTA to get that grasp & that attempt to adequately meet the transit needs of people within each community (generally speaking of course).... This new network to me is indicative of one big "f*** it - let's throw shit & snack packs on the wall & see how much of it sticks".
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    The new pick starts on the 5th. However, for MTA Bus (the QM4/44 goes back to CP). MTA NYC Bus starts the week of the 19th. The day before Martin Luther King Jr.
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    Believe it or not I was told some variation of this almost 20 years ago. The tactic was called “blind ‘em with BS” and although it primarily concerned the subway it extended to the Surface department too. Based on a reduction in headcount with the gradual elimination of runs mainly through attrition because of payroll and pension increases. Less bodies equals money saved today ( payroll) and in the future as a pension cost. That’s one of the reasons many of us were against the widespread introduction of SBS and articulated buses in the first place. That and the desire for part timers. It’s like the introduction of OPTO in the subway where the could pay a T/O $1.00 more an hour while eliminating the C/R pay completely. Increase the running time of some subway runs and you can run less trains and reduce payroll while the general public and the press don’t realize what happened. Eliminate the jobs in Surface and RTO that pay in excess of 9+ hours and the oldtimers will retire and that means money saved for the agency with little or no service increases. You, BrooklynBus, and a few others can see through the game but the general public doesn’t have a clue. That’s my take. Carry on.
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    No, they're not correctly performing these network redesigns, because the premise/foundation they're basing them on, are faulty.... The aim & end goal isn't to actually improve the customer/commuter experience, it's to trim a budget... Anyone else can say what they will, but AFAIC, that whole frequency vs. coverage BS (as if the MTA is running that dam thin on equipment & bus operators) is a convenient facade for them to justify scaling back on resources.....
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    All buses in the new scheme are wrapped local and SBS. Some buses have white paint underneath that wrap, some buses blue and some buses teal.
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    Still not sure what you mean, but Jamaica had 99 4-car links of R46s before the swap. Now they have 87. That would be doubled to create 43½ 8-car trains. Of course they'd only really use 43 if so. Coney Island had 570 R160s before the swap or 114 5-car links. Now they have 106. That would be doubled to create 53 10-car trains. Coney Island keeps enough equipment to create up to 99 full-length trains. In actual the schedule is not like that in reality if mainly because of the 2-car trains used on the Franklin Shuttle by 2916-24, and the 13 4-car trains (single 75-foot link) used on the "Crosstown" (). Does that make sense?
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    4 car sets linked for R46s. 5 car sets linked for R160s. The R46s are not consecutive (even cabs each ends), the R160s are consecutive.
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    The R46 cars are 75 feet long in comparison to the R143, R160 and R179’s that are 60 feet long per car. Therefore R46 cars are in 4 car sets which together make 8 cars which makes a full length train.
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    I was not able to track or find the bus ever since it was announced that it returned. Also TTMG didn't have it on the list in the December update but that doesn't mean it wasn't/isn't in service.
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    Yes, it’s heading to Jamaica Yard as we speak. 9122-9128* Um, I bet that's 9122-9118 back axed.
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    Yes, it’s heading to Jamaica Yard as we speak. 9122-9118*
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    The inconvenient truth the TA will never admit is that the Concourse Line should simply have been built as 4 tracks, out of sheer convenience for future capacity. The current 3-track incarnation has always been a pain in the neck service wise. Not expecting it will ever be rebuilt in this lifetime, though- about as hopelessly idealistic as having the moved over to University Avenue to better serve Highbridge and Morris Heights...
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    The Pelham Line would like to have a word with you on that matter.
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    Both the R38s and R40s were in bad shape towards the end. Extensive roofline corrosion, leaking during rainstorms; the frames under the bonnets didn't look too great at that point either- General Electric and Sumitomo just didn't do as solid a job as Morrison-Knudsen with rebuilding. If more SMEEs had been kept, likely would've been more Phase I R32s and MK-rebuild R42s. Everything else (or so I was told back then) was already dead or dying at that point.
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    Don't stress...it's a pretty dumb swap tbh anyway, because just watch them put the R160s back in CI after only 3 years in (as we already saw with the ex- and car swap numerous times) and it'll cost them money too (what else is new with the ). I didn't bother railfanning on the either just to get a pic of those lousy ass 75 footers so you're not alone...the R46s in particular...which alot of buffs bitch and cry about them being slow and shit and all, especially on the and , yet when they finally on the those 3 other Broadway lines I mention, now everyone is all up and arms to foam or get pics and all...please... Good looking. I've always wondered that myself till now.
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    This is what was proposed.... http://www.mta.info/press-release/mta-headquarters/mta-releases-proposed-2020-2024-capital-plan-directing-historic-level Things like new buses, train cars, etc. for starters. In any event, they'll have an ongoing revenue source via congestion pricing in addition to other revenue sources, not to mention they'll be asking for another fare hike next year since they are mandated still by law to increase the fare every two years. With the amount of cash coming in at this point, it's time for them to start making due with what they have. Their capital costs are out of control, as is their operational budget.
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    The non-stop portions of the new routes make them more attractive, this is why some riders try to use the N4, N6, N20G, N22, N24 and hop off at major boarding stops.
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    I kinda have to partially counter that argument a bit because in Jamaica TOO MANY ROUTES duplicate each other. Not saying the entire network needed an overhaul but there are some routes that could operate as non-stop along certain sections. I'm just curious as to how they gonna cut the already not Sunday operated BM routes and the X27/28/37/38 because we all already know that's gonna be cut in some shape or form given the wonderful results with the SIMs and QMs.
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    Greetings! The FIRST PAGE has been updated! Submitted for your approval! Enjoy! ***NOTE: I did NOT include the "loaners" if you will between Ironbound and Hilton...unless those are permanent.***
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    7171 & 7174 are back at UP, 7171 last seen on the B3 & 7174 on the B1
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    20801 (the first New Flyer XD60 artic) is now running in revenue out of Hilton garage.
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    Welp #3976,3977 and #3978 made it to FP for the night then made it back to FB for today it's on the B41 and B46 rn. Also #3973 and #3974 is still at FB.
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    The one set of R62s that run one the rotates from the Livonia yard. It’s never the same set.
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    5482-5533, 5538-5545, 5550-5581, 5586-5589, 5594-5653, 5658-5673, 5682-5685, 5690-5733, 5738-5745, 5750-5813, 5818-5841, 5846-5877: Jamaica for now Currently, 5534-7, 5546-5549, 5582-5585, 5590-5593, 5654-5657, 5674-5681, 5686-5689, 5734-7, 5746-5749, 5814-5817 and 5842-5845 at C.I Yd
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    I thought they all had a blue paint base with a yellow paint rear and the stripes being stickers.
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    Yep, you're right that's a wrap. You can also tell by the reflectiveness. Paint would be much glossier than that, more of a mirror effect. If I remember right the XD40s at Quill are wrapped like that, which I always thought was a little weird. Where were those buses going to go into SBS service? Flatbush? Or maybe it's just a wrap over a blank base.
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    There’s two sets of R42’s at Fresh Pond Yard. One is signed up as and the other is signed up as
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    All of those stations that you mentioned are busy enough to warrant fare gates IMO
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    The R68 propulsion discussion is fantastic to see happening. However, ideally I would like to see an analysis of the signal control lines and spacing from before trains’ brakes were modified in the early 90s, which is what eventually led to the Williamsburg crash. If it’s not considered “safe” to revert the trains’ performance to 1940s-90s design levels, maybe the brakes need to be reverted back to design specs as well (inshot valves, etc). The system ran fine that way for 50 years...
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    They're not rusting, they're stained up due to that sealant paint collecting all that steel dust and dirt. Their roofs are stainless steel.
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    Conductors validating tickets is much slower than an electronic tap in the order of under 2s; in POP that's why ticket inspectors are rare and random. 4 is not enough for any station The rail experience of just waiting on the platform is stupid Just because Rome wasn't built in a day doesn't mean it wasn't worth building. It can be like bus lane tickets, which were phased in with warnings and then actual enforcement.
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    No. The huge array of pantograph gates that were installed in the 70s fixed that problem. The R38 through R44 had carbon steel frames and roofs and were really falling apart towards the end. I remember seeing many cars with huge lengths of duct tape down the whole side of the roof. The R32s survived because they are entirely Budd shot-welded stainless steel, and the MK R42s because they were the least awful hybrid steel cars structurally and mechanically.
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    I can’t stand them on the . I’ve never seen them kick anyone in the face in almost 20 years but I still don’t trust them at all. They also seek out people that don’t look interested to try and get a fist bump. So patronizing, lol. And if you manage to dodge them and not get kicked in the head by 125 St, you still have to deal with the mariachi bands between 168 and 175. It can be a real zoo
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    The fact is that the 4 was not built to meet today's standards. An entire rebuilding of the line would need to be made, an while it's not completely feasible, I do agree with the fact that the 4 commute from the northernmost stops is ridiculous and some sort of express service should be put into play.
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    I would say there is another year left for this exam because it'll take them a while to establish 0186. You never know lol
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    This was what an NY1 Reporter said:
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    Last year at my Depot “Flatbush” the first week of the new pick they had 2 buses for route training purpose and the depot both union chair and vice took all pick-in operators In groups out on the road on a Sunday doing not in service tour on the routes. But the depot you’re going to are suppose to give you a few days to go learn the route and get paid for hours. The crew dispatcher will give you a slip for you to fill out and whoever is the operator you decided to ride with has to fill it out their section. “You have to dip your Pass into the fare-box”.
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