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    They’re gonna be OUT for awhile... now I’m second guessing how the hell these cars passed their revenue service testing....
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    You still out here on the island? I spent last pick on the 52 and thought you dipped already. People don't pay, they know there's no consequences. Just like the bail reform. They act like the driver don't exist, they don't know how to open their mouths, no common sense, none of that. But when you tell them about themselves, they either look at you stupid or get mad that you got mad. There should be zero excuse why you walking on the bus after shopping at Gucci at the mall and walking right past the farebox. ZERO Was on the 46, stopped at a red light, two cars between me and the crosswalk where the bus stop was. Bell wasn't rung up to this point. (So the stop is already a done deal) Bell goes off, so I hit the back door. Kid comes from the back of the bus, past the door, to the front, so maybe he wanted the next stop. He hovers over the front, not one word till I roll thru the intersection. "oh wait, I'm getting off here." Long story short, I said my piece, he had that dumb look on his face and he was the only one walking back to his stop.
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    Why would anyone pull the brake in that situation? You’d just leave yourself stuck in the situation since the one way out (getting off at the next stop) would now be delayed... How stupidly some people act when panicked...
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    Hi everyone! After learning how to make animated signs on Piskelapp, I now know how to make rollsigns on Sketch.io. You can request: R32 Rollsings R42 Rollsigns R68/A Rollsigns R62/A Rollsigns You can request any bullet that has been used in NYC Subway History. I can’t do any bullets that have never been used. Hope you enjoy the signs I make, and request away! Thanks @Jova42R
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    Here you go! And the link is: https://flic.kr/p/2ieek7L Thanks @Jova42R
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    Oh how nice, but they couldn’t do that for express buses.
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    If they operated open door, the times would be listed.... That part of the inquiry boils down to whether those trips are operating closed door along the respective portion of the route where there's no timepoints listed, or operating non-stop (no pickups or dropoffs).... What I ultimately want to know though is a] why is it those 2 particular trips in question & b] why they operate the way they do (regardless of how they do it).....
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    Let's wait and see. These cars are being inspected and any cars that pass the inspection will most likely go back in service, but those that don't, will have to be repaired before going back to service. I wouldn't be surprised, in the best case scenario, if a few r179's go back to service some time this week. Fingers crossed!!
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    The R179 are restarting its monthly testing process. Currently at Mytrle Av-Bway: the R179 opened the opposite doors at the end platforms.
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    A lot of Flatbush’s 2018 XD40’s have the “+selectbusservice” label removed in the front and back of the bus. They’re also receiving the standard fare decal on the front window and having the SBS one removed. My theory is that those buses will be in the aqua paint for quite a while but still be used on local buses. In the short term, all they really have to do is remove the “+selectbusservice” words and SBS fare sticker from the windows.
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    Well, it is an emergency... (Yes, I'm aware it was a false alarm.) Panic typically overrides rational thought. It's a flaw of human nature.
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    Really, what should've happened when they built the IND in Brooklyn was that they should've replaced the Jamaica El with the four track IND and then Broadway el service continued over the eastern half of the Fulton el. Woodhaven and Ozone Park don't really need four IND tracks, but Jamaica does.
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    5586-5589 and 5602-5605 at Pitkin currently running on the
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    The effect is much less pronounced in tunnels -- there generally is registered a good bit of travel time between stations. Regardless, given the somewhat constant direction of the error, if you know how to weed it out of your calculations (using arrival-arrival or departure-departure metrics) you can circumvent issue.
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    So after my investigation in regards to if the SBS buses are Pre-wrap or painted this is what I was able to come up with. IMG_5901 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_E5894 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5902 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5903 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5904 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5905 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5906 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5907 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5909 by Duece Drives, on Flickr Looks like some are painted and some are wrap.
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    They're building a new Jamaica Depot so it's not outside the realm of possibility.
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    Keep dreaming. The Gov and the MTA go hand and hand. That Yonkers property is prolly going to stay. The MTA clearly doesn’t have intention to build new depots at this point, and if they do decide to build let’s give it the next 2 decades.
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    It's enough that riders have to be told to stand clear of the closing doors - Now we have to be told to stand clear of closed doors also?! Anyway, after having been in a (packed) elevator where someone was leaning on the door that ended up becoming ajar, I don't lean on any doors of any kind anymore (nor do I bother getting on packed elevators)... Instead of trying to get first dibs on exiting the train, I now try to get that quick step around the person that's trying to get first dibs on exiting the train.... It's been more effective than I thought it would be....
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    It's probably also so the B/Os get used to opening the back doors for all-door boarding. The main issue I have with opening the back door is when they automatically open and so we're sitting there waiting for them to close or they have to be pulled closed. On the other hand, it's annoying when someone has to yell for the back door to be opened and they're shoving the door when they know it's not unlocked until the light is on.
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    Ridiculous how the dispatchers keep holding express trains station after station. held at Manhattan Bridge junction to let a go first. Connected with an at Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center and then waited for a second ! At 36 Street, it held again to connect with that first . Meanwhile, the second that was a healthy distance away caught up to the and was right behind in the tunnel. If the trains are quick, the MTA holds them back. If the trains are slow, they lean back in their seats and congratulate themselves for a job well done.
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    This is one of the things I take issue with. Why some ops create opportunities to enable fare evasion is beyond me.
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    Why did the driver unlock his back doors too? I mean still no excuse but simple steps could've prevented rampant farebeating.
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    The whole practice of skip-stop isn't even all that efficient since the same trackage is still shared. Those tight ass turns aren't helping matters either...
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/NYCTBus/status/1213501906787688454 Look closely when you guys see this!
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    I'll concede that I do not know what the 'ultimate plan' is, and I'd be happy to be proven wrong. My underlying concern is how under the guise of 'technology' and 'improving things', we might get to a situation where ordinary citizens receive a summons for a non-working smartphone (things happen). Right now, if one's phone doesn't work, they can pay a cash fare with a nominal penalty of less than $10.00. Will an alternate option be available? Or, will be all become more involved with something similar to an EAGLE team, and perhaps be subjected to a $100.00 fine? Also, why only the LIRR and not MNRR? Still kind of fishy...... As for paying for transit, I tend to be a contrarian with how things work. I written about how I'm against the SBS and the EAGLE team concept. I've always been a supporter of paying at the point of entry on buses and subways, and I've always supported having an easier way to pay for train fares (heck, I didn't like when the TVM's came about.....it's not better....I'd rather hand the conductor money and say "One Way to Penn, Please"). Keep in mind, this system worked for roughly 100 years. People were employed to handle cash. Why is it a problem, now? So...we're basically going to fork over funds to a contractor (aka - a friend of the politicians) to get something that has a cool name (OMNY! yay!) and lights up, as opposed to paying MTA employees to work. Yeah, my tone may sound a bit hyperbolic, but I think we should be skeptical at anything the MTA may offer up. Besides, will OMNY even take effect when the cash payment option on LIRR ceases (kind of like how the coins can't be used on EXP buses anymore)? Sorry, I can't say I'm with you here - yet -in regards to the new payment system(s) and how it ties in with cutting out legal tender beforehand. My faith in the MTA higher ups is quite limited.
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    The c/r's that'll be left standing (as in, employed) when the dust settles, better prepare themselves for a] less brief & b] more hostile interactions with passengers when they eradicate cash fare payments..... As a result, this will also end up delaying service even more (something else I don't miss about taking the LIRR, was the holding of trains at Jamaica to wait for the proper authorities to intervene and/or apprehend a "problem" commuter.... Always seemed to happen in the few occasions I would need to head directly to Manhattan (Penn) after work, too).... I mean, the LIRR isn't exactly the gold standard when it comes to OTP as it is My concern is that of being too (or ultimately, completely) dependent on technology with things that perhaps should not be - and not for the crackpot reasoning & hubbaloo that entails the government controlling me, either....
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    Gotta say, I'm not too thrilled with where the LIRR (or for that matter the MTA as a whole) is heading with this. 1- What will happen in cases of step-up fares (from off-peak to peak)? How will someone pay for this....debit or credit? Will this coincide with OMNY being released on the trains? 2- If I currently rush to get a train and decide its better to pay the penalty of lets say $7.00 as opposed to wait an hour for another train, how can one pay for this fare? 3- What if the TVM(s) is (are) out of order, how does one pay the fare (even with a penalty)? In all three cases, I get a feeling that the LIRR and MTA is looking to move toward the EAGLE patrol mentality. This passive-aggressive form of fare collection from a passive-aggressive governor will have the EAGLEs giving out a summons rather than simply collect the fare. If anything, I'd rather they raise the cash penalty to cover the overhead than head in a slippery slope toward a system where payment via a smart-phone linked account becomes virtually compulsory, and any malfunction of the system turns ordinary citizens into criminals. Beware, folks.
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    I just can't get over how normalized sacrificing service for track access has become. Why isn't anyone crying out about productivity or flagging or GO format? Again, literally nowhere else in the world has such a maintenance problem as us -- the question here should be "how do we streamline maintenance practices to achieve more with less?" not "how much time can we spend doing maintenance before we have no ridership?"
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    (Jamaica Center to Marcy Av) Taking inspiration from the line maps, I decided to include the indicators for the J and Z.
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    Map with new terminus at Essex St (Metropolitan Av to Myrtle Av) Check out the blue LED lights for the stops.
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    Im convinced he just posts ANYTHING. When I saw that I'm like oh nahh people say and post ANYTHING.
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