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    Or it could be that OMNY is being implemented and we need wider doors for boarding on. Which was gonna increase fare evasion with or without wide doors.
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    Stay on the C until the r211's and then to go the G. Right now there aren't enough 10 car or 600ft trains to make the C 100% full length.
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    They should have never ordered as many 8 car R179’s. All the cars that touched 8th Ave/ Fulton Street should have been 10 car sets. They certainly were not thinking about the future with this one.
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    I'm not quite convinced that's a wide rear door. It is a render of the bus, after all.... After all, look at New Flyer's original render of the XD60. It showed the MTA spec-style roof, but it came with the entire roof flaring!
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    Speaking of the LFS HEV, I have drew that bus back in May(5 days before my birthday), and I am assuming that picture does make a miracle to the incoming LFS to arrive by the time my birthday comes. Pic drew: May 10, 2019
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    There's three left. 6042, 6120 & 6124.
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    The new 2020-2021 Prevost X3-45s Fleet Numbers: 1300-1606 (307) 1300-1556 (257) (MTA Bus) 1557-1606 (50) (NYCT, SI Division) Sources: https://www.ttmg.org/insidersguide/new-york-mta-bus-roster/ https://www.prevostcar.com/news-and-media/media-center/news/prevost-celebrates-major-announcement-largest-contract-company @Around the Horn can you post the renderings in here, because that Prevost looks GOOD!
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    you don't know that, there's 100-88 More R46's to be sent to CI so some will pop up on the if they need a train
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    Probably more useless spams.
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    Agreed. I did see Dan Rivoli’s report from the R42 train on New York 1 yesterday about the MTA gearing up to do it again in the Spring with the R32s. Not sure where he got it from, but if he is indeed right about that, then the MTA truly never seem to learn from their mistakes. Personally, I wouldn’t retire any R32s, until there’s a significant amount of R211s in service, so that we don’t wind up with yet another shortage of cars on the B-Division. And retiring the R32s entirely could preclude any kind of service improvement or expansion involving the Eastern Division lines. For example, a year ago, a group of Bay Ridge area pols proposed splitting the perennially unreliable train into two services. A number of posters on here, including myself, suggested the possibility of running the between Forest Hills and Whitehall and implementing a Nassau St service (with a different letter) to replace the in Brooklyn (I also suggested extending the on its same weekday hours to supplement the Nassau service). But if the R32s are completely retired this Spring, then there probably wouldn’t be enough cars for such service.
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    Yeah but that was obviously a different time for technology. Manufacturers and builders should know better NOW especially with new technology and resources. There’s no excuse in The years of 2017-2020 that a train has Defects and endless malfunctions AFTER testing. It’s like making the SAME mistakes more than twice. This is unacceptable and The R179’s have been nothing but a headache.
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    Wow Coney Island is already starting to show some of the R46’s. There was a set on the not too long ago that really shined. So it looks like some R46’s are finally getting a bath.
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    yes they should have but if they did they would have had the same type of bugs as the rest of the 179 fleet. not to mention the fact that bombardier was already years late with getting the order delivered.
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    This is not an excuse (and maybe even amounts to a chicken & egg scenario), but too many people are content with walking along 34th street (compared to 14th st) during the day in general.... That, and the M14's (A&D) have a stronger ridership generator than the M34/a does with LES..... Regarding Hudson Yards in particular, to be quite honest, I envision it as being somewhat akin to BPC when it comes to public buses - some of them maybe/will take it if the bus is right then & there, but otherwise, they're going to be quick to hop in someone's cab.... This is one of the main reasons why I wouldn't really go too crazy increasing bus service to/from there, including extending/rerouting current services there..... 34th st service though, man, I just can't.... I'm one of those people that don't even consider the M34/a, partly because of exactly what you've just pointed out.... It's like buses disappear out of thin air or something.... I'm not even trying to be funny, I don't remember the last time I've SEEN an M34/a in service the last couple times I was around Herald Sq. this calendar year alone..... I know someone personally that's always got something to say about the M23 & I always tell her, just be glad you don't have to put up with the M34.... She says she always catches a cab whenever she heads "uptown" - Yeah, point proven (she lives in Peter Cooper btw).... I could never live in Manhattan.... IDK what the solution is myself, but service along 34th st has been the pits for literally decades....
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    yes. they were on the on Friday for the PM Rush
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    My point was centered around taking service away from PABT to have all 34th st. service run to the Javits Ctr.... Currently, there's 6 BPH (peak) running there... Taking another 6 BPH away from PABT to send to Javits Ctr. would have it at 12 BPH.... 4 min peak service to the Javits Ctr. is 15 BPH.... That is 9 additional buses (peak) to the Javits Ctr.... Whenever Hudson Yards gets fully built up, I can agree to the current 6 BPH not sufficing, but 9 more buses to address that growth? Nah.... That's where I was coming from..... Your point I don't have a problem with then; I'm not defending current M34 service levels in the slightest....
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    I think the between Broadway Junction and Grand or Lorimer was an afterthought to the BRT/BMT back then. It was an industrial area for the most part with a few residential pockets. Factories and breweries and the workers needed transportation. The BMT Eastern setup was focused on the Downtown Brooklyn, lower Manhattan areas because of the commercial district in Brooklyn and the Financial District in Lower Manhattan. That third track towards Jamaica seems to be a no brainer to me, too. The four track idea to Marcy might have been a problem because of the cost and the width of Broadway itself. The line originally went to the ferry at the waterfront. The BRT/BMT had four lines to their main concerns. The Fulton St, the Lexington Avenue, the Myrtle Avenue, and the Fifth Avenue lines to Downtown Brooklyn and Park Row was their moneymaker. The Canarsie was only a branch of the Broadway Brooklyn Jamaica line originally. I agree with your last line but I think the BRT was probably running out of money by then. My take on the history back then. Carry on.
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    the R46's are a older train vs. an R160. the whole point was to have the R46's on the along with the with some on the with the having most of the R68's
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    What I want to know is when, if ever, will the R46s hit the ? I have my doubts on this happening since Concourse Yard usually only holds/maintains R68/As. I wonder what the future holds in this area?
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    I spent 12 years of my life working under Pataki's so called "Commissioner" and to say the least, i was one of those who felt that three terms were more than enough, let alone two terms.m He was succeded by Eliot Spitzer and he appointed the best commissiner that I worked under during my entire tenure in the department. In one year, the department processes were bought up to date and our complaints were heard and resolved.The difference in the department was like night and day as he was a hands on administrator. It is quite likely that if Andy Byford would have held the position under Spitzer not Cuomo, things would have been different,
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    I'm still trying to wrap my head around how "cracking down on fare evasion" is a priority, meanwhile a faulty indicator light can lead to a complete meltdown of the L. Bizarro-land.
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    You should see the sharp turns in the Toronto Metro and it’s artriculated trains on Line 1 (The Toronto Rocket if I’m not mistaken). People can quickly lose their balance if the right handlebars are not installed, especially the speed at which the trains take those turns. even more important now that we’re increasing speed limits to keep trains moving and upgrading signals
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    Um... CULVER LINE SIGNAL MODERNIZATION Learn more about this project Beginning March 20 through October 2020 Weekends* from Fri 9:45 PM to Mon 5 AM Service between Church Av and Stillwell Av in Brooklyn is replaced by free shuttle buses trains run between 179 St and Church Av. SB Buses run between Church Av and Stillwell Av*, stopping at Ditmas Av, 18 Av, Avenue I, Bay Pkwy, Avenue N, Avenue P, Kings Hwy, Avenue U, Avenue X, Neptune Av and W 8 St. Transfer between trains and SB buses at Church Av. For direct service between Coney Island and Manhattan/Downtown Brooklyn, take the instead. In Manhattan, transfer between the and at 34 St-Herald Sq. In Brooklyn, transfer between the and SB at Stillwell Av or West 8 St. Show Shuttle Bus Stops *Except Apr 10 - 13 & Jul 3 - 6 Note: From 8 AM to 10 PM Saturday and Sunday, some buses will only run between Church Av and Kings Hwy.
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    Andy Byford would have not taken the position at the MTA if Pataki was governor as if anyone thinks Cuomo is bad, Pataki was far worse You could not say anything without the approval of either Al D'Amato ro better yet Zenia Mucha and who cannot forget the picture of Al D'Amato taking ole George by the hand after George was nominated in 1994, It was either the Post or the News that had it on the front page. Everything had to be screened before it was issued and nothing went out without permission. The Albany Times- Union finally was able to get an audience with the Commisisoner of Correctioanal Services and he could not say a word without looking first at the Pataki person as to what to say and therefore speak.(I have the complete citation somewhere and I remember it was from 2000). Politicians like to control the flow of information to the public and even though there are laws that""protect" employees from management taking it out on them for making the information avaiable after going through the chain of command to have the problem resolved,the laws very seldom if ever work..(New York State Civil Service Law 75 (b)(2) is the prime example). I feel for Mr. Byford as he had the courage for speaking out and I know how he felt the wrath of a Cuomo (or a Pataki) who would do everything through their subordinates to get someone removed for speaking the truth. My opinion of Mr. Byford is of a person who is an honest individual and he will do quite well where he willbe offered and accepts a position
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    There is no need to run the because you already have the running on weekends along 6th av to provide service for the project and besides the doesn't run on weekends and it would be more easier to just reroute the since it's already there on weekends. I am not sure if the train can terminate at lexington av-53rd st. It probably can, but then it would probably have to run on a single track and that would mean reduced service meaning every 20 minutes probably. That wouldn't go well for passengers along QBL. There is no need to run shuttle buses in Manhattan because you have alternative subway lines that you can use while the 8th av line is out. So I am guessing the spring st subway station would be closed as well during this weekend outage. And why bother running shuttle buses between Court sq and Queens Plaza, it's only 1 stop. People can use just the to connect to/from the at 74th st/roosevelt av and I know this would be backtracking but take the to times sq 42nd st and transfer to the there for those who need service to Jamaica Center from court sq 23rd st. You can walk also to Queens Plaza from Court Sq, it's only about a 5 to 6 minute walk between stations. I know if it's cold outside it's a different story, but if it's nice outside then it won't be no problem.
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    Hey mods can we have a post purge here to clean up the spamming on the thread? Thank you. @Deucey @Lance
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    Sure, they may not be, but the same can't be said for those who control the purse strings.
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    They will never have an idea of the system at that time in the 80's...Foamers today would be scared of the system back then...I mean SCARED...
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    Damn man, we got a punk ass society. New York had to deal with the 70s and 80s with graffiti, filthyness and neglect. Now in 2020, we got brothers raising hell over some LCD signs. You don't have to like the R46. But trust me people had Real complaints back in the day. Not nitpicking every malfunctioning LCD sign.
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    If you mean the "door problem" tweet, I read all the comments and exactly zero of them contained a complaint specifically about the R46s. The average commuter simply doesn't care about the type of car; they simply want to get to their destination. You really need to grow up and stop spamming the forum with the same nonsensical complaint. If the R46s piss you off that much, fine, nobody's forcing you to deal with them. It should be no problem for you to make the leisurely 7 minute walk to the Q102 bus, which will transport you to any of the or lines, which all use (mostly) R160s.
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    There is no point in arguing with him, because he is just your angry foamer that is upset that his favorite trains are being moved off his lines. His reasons don't make sense either. Back before the R160's came to the N,Q and W lines, all the trains that use to operate on those lines were R40s, R42s and R68s. The R46's in 2020 still have a much higher MDBF than the R40s and R42s did before they got replaced over 10 years ago but of course the R46s are so problematic and they cause delays. They are older now than the R40s and R42s that got retired about 10-14 years ago and the R46s still are doing alright. Then he shows that tweet about a train being taken out of service due to mechanical problems but I was on a R160 (M) very recently that had to be taken out of service because of an issue with the doors. Issues like that occur all the time on lines with NTT's so I don't really know what he is trying to prove. With some people you just can't argue with them, you just have to let them look foolish.
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    Why did the MTA remove the rollsigns on the R46? The Smees kept them before and after the R44s/R46s. Rollsigns don't glitch and the old ones were fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I wonder if they could use some rollsigns from the R42 and put some on the and sets. Either Way, atleast they didn't put them on the front.
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    So what exactly was the issue with the R46’s being on the ? At this point I have no hope in the . They as an organization should have enough power to say that they need the R32s to maintain a spare factor until at least the end of 2021. But of course they are probably looking at this in terms of “oh we have an opportunity to save money, let’s do it”. I mean yeah there there are enough R179s to replace the all R42’s and R32s combined but why put yourselves in the same predicament as before. Hopefully something can change last minute, the can’t afford anymore cuts. Make use of the cars for crying out loud. They have enough R32’s to make the full length, what’s the problem?
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    I'd like to see the R32s on the since they haven't been on that line since GOH. The would be fun too.
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    Y'all know that high pitched whrrrrr that the A/C units make? My heart sank when I realized I'd likely never hear that again. My father found that funny as he'd seen many cars die and knows the feeling.
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    Let’s continue this discussion here:
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    Sure wish they made them look like that again (including the larger door windows and the center ceiling light strip and air valve sound). The GOH cars retiring now have nothing to do with the original cars aside from the shells. Inside, they and the 32's are almost the same.
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    Comments like this is exactly why I stay away from the subway side of the forums now.
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    Great, another dumb f*cking argument. It's like the 3rd one this week.
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    I'm glad the final runs are on the line. Would be nice to ride the 42s on the once last time.
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    Wandering back into a thread after a month, aside from the fact your post was kinda rude to him when he had a legit question, doesn’t not really make you look good. Smart thing to do is nothing.
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    I can’t believe they have the nerve to want to scrap those R32s and R42 now. They better hold on to them if they know what’s good. I saw an R179 train having problems this morning at 59th street with the doors closing. These cars are rigged with issues.
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    It's going to be a sad, sad day when the last RFW is gone from NYCTA service.
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    That’s why it always bothered me about the NYCTA. There seemed to me a lack of coordination between Surface and Subways most of my life. I really noticed it during my employment periods. Even within divisions like RTO everything appears to be individual fiefdoms. I always under the impression that it was supposed to be a coordinated network. Buses and subways working together. I guess I was naive. My take. Carry on.
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    I saw that too and I had to laugh. I used to stop on the express track in emergency situations. I had a TSS who would ride with me every day and he told me that it wasn’t authorized. He was always so afraid of things that I had to reassure him that I had his back. It helped to have people in authority who would back us up, active or retired. Our General Superintendent told him and the Deputy Line Superintendents that it was okay after my C/R and I took him to the station and showed him how the conductor’s board on the regular downtown local track aligned with the non-existent board on the express. Why force southbound passengers to backtrack to Dyre when those situations occur ? It never made sense to me. By rule my conductor and I weren’t supposed to do that but we had authorization from a higher authority who made the call. It’s a shame that it took this much time for this to be made official. Common sense, right? Just my take. Carry on.
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    I feel it's worth mentioning the remaining active 2005s in case any retirements haven't been reported yet East New York Depot (50 Total): 6490-6500, 6502-6506, 6508-6510, 6564, 6569-6570, 6581, 6589, 6596, 6602, 6607-6630 Fresh Pond Depot (52 Total): 6521-6531, 6554-6563, 6565-6568, 6571-6580, 6582-6588, 6590-6595, 6597-6599, 6603 Manhattanville Depot (19 Total): 6606, 6633, 6640, 6643-6645, 6650, 6652-6653, 6655, 6665, 6668, 6675, 6679-6680, 6683-6684, 6686, 6689 JFK/Far Rockaway Depots (21 Total): 6511-6520, 6532-6533, 6543-6545, 6547, 6550-6553, 6601 LaGuardia Depot (13 Total): 6534-6535, 6538-6542, 6548-6549, 6600, 6657, 6660, 6670
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