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    Now it makes sense why the attached "Delays" are posted on the MTA website...I love what they say as well - "...while our employees take important precautions against COVID-19."
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    There's nothing stopping it but stubborn New York "exceptionalism". I've heard excuses about platform height or tunnel width, but they make no sense. There is always a way to design any style of door to meet any tunnel width or platform height. The outer shape of the car and/or door might change slightly, but it can be done. The other advantage of those newer, better door types is that overall wall thickness can be reduced, providing more space inside the car. It's a no-brainer of you ask me, just like open gangways. Which means maybe the MTA might wise up in another half-century, if we're lucky.
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    Starting Monday, local routes and SBS will be at a fare of $0. Only the rear doors are opened but front is only when there's a customer with a wheelchair (Artic: middle/rear).
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    The only pretending going on here is this concern you're exuding.... Are NYC residents on here supposed to be impressed by someone with an upstate NY bias telling us that you was in NYC this past Monday - as if you're some beacon of information, apprising those of us well "below I-287" what we already know? Honestly now. Funny how two days ago, we were experiencing a manufactured crisis - but now you're not making anything up & we have to stop pretending that this isn't real, because a few people on a forum is checking you about this whole MTA shutting down bit.... It's one thing to have the mindset that there'll be service decreases due to ridership decreases & front line workers suffering from whatever ailment they're suffering from - it's another to sit on here on some, oh, the MTA's gonna pull the plug shit.... ...and throwing Byford's name into the mix in your little slippery slope argument, isn't helping your case for an MTA shutdown or some cancellation...
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    None of your proposals address the current deficiencies in the subway system. Most of your ideas are fantasy-based and have no hope of taking shape in anyone's lifetime that is alive today. Please stop posting a set of stations that can be connected with a continuous line on Google Maps.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if those were the ONLY two sets in service on the today. I rode the on two separate occasions today and only seen 46s & 179s on the (C). Wow if the R32 go out like this.. they might retire before the Corona Virus is under control and most fanners might not get a final ride since it's suggested people stay home. Would be interesting if the fanners who go out anyway and ride the remaining 32s practice social distancing at the RFW meaning one person can be in that area at an time.
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    It's sad how the transformation plan frames the choice between reform and the status quo one between a poorly thought out RIF and not doing that. The root of ~70% of the MTA's problems lie in process: fix those, and you'll realize huge efficiencies, and will be able to do RIF (which is needed) without affecting vital operations. This will be interesting to watch, both in the near term w/ Corona, and also thinking long run, because a ton of out-year budgets are predicated on these Transformation savings...
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    So as a “mainstream Democrat” who has worked campaigns in the past, and is the brother of a “mainstream Democrat” who’s been campaign manager of campaigns and is now a pundit for one of the networks, it’s not the DNC that wants Biden, it’s the Democrat voters that want Biden. That’s what these elections are saying. And the irony here, as an almost two-decade insurance industry veteran, is that if Corona Virus leads to a full-on public health crisis here in the US as it did in Italy and is doing in Spain, all those field hospitals and related deficiencies in providing care is going to make it more likely that M4A will be seen as a weak compromise to establishing a proper National Health Service that covers everyone. Trump’s negligence to take this seriously months ago may be the catalyst for getting this proper health reform the nation’s been sidestepping since 1969 done finally.
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    Just a gentle reminder that even if you are done with the Democrats, if you don't want Trump you should still vote blue. Not voting is not really a rejection of the system, it's a tacit endorsement of whatever happens.
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    This is a perfect example of getting what you pay for. Sometimes it's worth the extra money for a quality product.
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    https://metro.co.uk/2017/12/29/guy-gets-penis-stuck-jumping-tube-station-barriers-7191042/ They might not look like much but the swing gates do substantially better against jumpers.
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    Looks like this is a demo of our new turnstiles, starting with the wide ADA accessible ones for wheelchairs, strollers and luggage. Looks almost identical to the turnstiles in London except for the screen which has been changed from a dot matrix to LCD.
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    I never said service was going to get cut by order. I have absolutely no one in my ear. I literally admitted that in the first reply. My concern was the dynamic. Given Byford's departure, the Coronavirus pandemic, the MTA and Cuomo's denial in what led to his departure, a series of unfortunate events will occur by which the MTA will be cancelled. If it doesn't occur by order, it will by actuality. What I meant by debt vultures are those who hold MTA bonds. The moment any of them waver, those pensions will go the way of St. Clares, but one hundred times worse.
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    What are you suggesting is going to happen? MTA service, if it were to be curtailed, would be curtailed because of a decree from Cuomo, not because of anybody economically tied to the MTA's debt payments. It probably will get reduced, but even in Italy the trains are still running. It will not be shut down entirely.
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    The can make significant progress in installing CBTC, which would reduce the amount of weekend/late night reroutes.
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    Honestly I don’t know. It’s unclear whether this issue is a function of the way NYCT zone controllers/interlockings interact with CBTC, whether this is some AWS overlay bug or something else entirely (perhaps related to our conservative design assumptions?).
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    If you're going to include passing sidings, you might as well just make it 4 tracks the entire length and save the gymnastics that would be required of your dispatcher to keep some semblance of a schedule intact. One little thing and all of a sudden you've got 's and 's missing their scheduled meets at the siding and all hell breaks loose.
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    @RR503 The original service pattern planned for Archer Avenue was bizarre. There is not much known about it, but this is what I know. The plan was created about 1985-no signage with the was put up. If any of you know anything about this, let me know. I am trying to get the Archer Avenue lines wikipedia article to become a good article, and would really appreciate a source better than what one person said on NYCTF and subchat. Thanks and enjoy. Presumed service pattern to 179th Street to Jamaica Center Weekdays, 57th Street or Forest Hills other times to Forest Hills Weekdays to Jamaica Center Evenings and Weekends shuttle from Van Wyck Blvd to Jamaica Center, Queens Plaza to Smith/9th Streets late nights Operations trains would have relayed using the Jamaica Yard leads. This would have complicated operations in the AM rush. Signage At Union Turnpike - Under tape on Northbound local track, one place tape removed (Seen 1986) At Forest Hills At Grand Avenue- Under tape on platform sign on Northbound track reading "Late nights for Parsons/Archer take local to Van Wyck Blvd for (G)"." At Briarwood - G sticker covered 2007-If accurate, this would likely still be there. Might have been for the old to 179th Street service pattern during late nights, which can be seen under a sign at Continental. At 67th Avenue At 75th Avenue Rollsigns Sources: https://www.nyctransitforums.com/topic/21852-archer-avenue/ http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1263688 http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1339776 http://www.subchat.com/read.asp?Id=718514 http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1339776&p=2 http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1152828&p=2 http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1152828&p=2
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    5506-5509 and 5574-5577: 3rd train. Also, affirmative till there's positive news.
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    I'll be voting blue no matter what, but it already feels like a disappointment. Once again, the head honchos are sticking with the safest bet in Biden. I'm not even sure how much of the progressive agenda would be implemented with him. If Sanders somehow manages to win everything, at least I can expect his proposals to be watered down but that would still be more than Biden, who insists on keeping a lot of stuff the same. If Sanders was leading, would everyone be so quick to say vote blue no matter who?
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    Well what the hell else would you expect from a NYC based transit forum.... You can keep your little funky suspicions & the fervor you're conveying it with... Your posts have always had this tired ass upstate NY vs. NYC tinge to it....
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    While some of that is true, until you've actually experienced the Q24, some of that simply cannot be said. This is a clear cut matter of experiencing the line for yourself, and some of the folks on here have experienced the same things as myself. I personally haven't seen much of a change in homeless people(one to two homeless folks in a car, not per car) on the , but the trains have been significantly emptier. Normally, I'd catch the at 14th or West 4th from Uptown if I wanted a seat(or take the to the )...now, if I'm in Midtown, I can go to 34th Street or 42nd Street and catch a significantly empty with tons of seats available. I took this pic last night while waiting for the E to go to Manhattan, this was around 7PM.
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    Nah, I expect more hustlers to be out & about; scared money don't make no money & a sucker is born every minute... Or, being PC about it, "you don't know until you try".... Folks aren't going to give a shit about social distancing when they're trying to get what you've got, or are otherwise in need of help.... I read an article earlier this morning that stated that there were so many UI claims being made on the NYS website, that the site crashed.... People are getting laid off left & right... Last time I even took the subway before the mass hysteria in the US surrounding this elmhurstvirus mess, was about what, 2 or 3 weeks ago, out to CI.... Is it true that there's more homeless people infesting the subways, now that they're emptier? As for the Q24, why am I not surprised...
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    Unfortunately, the DNC is too busy stacking the deck against Sanders (for the second time in a row, no less). They want Biden, who just said that if elected he'd veto Medicare for All if it ever reached his desk. Now whether Medicare for All is good or bad is an issue worthy of discussion, but coming out as firmly against an initiative to increase people's access to healthcare amidst a public health crisis is just bad PR, to say the least. I never liked the Republicans, but at this point I am done with the mainstream Democrats. Both completely out of touch with reality at this point.
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    Now, for some fun. I finally made maps of my various deinterlining ideas. Today's service https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HHNa2XqlrDKPIKUzpTJcyQbSndtbs1cM What I'd do without spending any capital $$$ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yZcwJfjcO1tfYuttqW2lUuatAFvIaxuz What I'd do with capital $$$ https://drive.google.com/open?id=15z4fvc1cfxxtY_ZhUbFex3jxgT0dt3lm The general principles here are to minimize merges/maximize capacity while trying to preserve a maximum of important connectivity (so we deinterline CPW, but not Essex or Bergen), and on the no-$$$ map to try to jump for deinterlinings that can largely be achieved through low-effort swaps, ie , , . Nothing on here will be all that unfamiliar to those of you who've been reading my ramblings for a while, but I thought it'd be nice to see it all on one map.
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    Trump, Cuomo and DeBlasio are the last people I'd want leading things in a crisis. Their egos will not do us any good.
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    They COULD run on the A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-N-Q-R or W. The bottom line is NYCT will make the decision when the time comes.
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    nobody knows where the cars would be assigned but the are the priority to get em for 8th ave CBTC. CI might still get some but no one knows.
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    They had the lowest bid, which is the way a lot of orders go nowadays.
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    First weekday I know of: No (Zero) R-32s were operated on Friday, March 13.
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    Thank you for the comments. Yes, if 2 Ave takes over one side of the Manhattan Bridge, I believe it is necessary to not de-interline in Brooklyn. Many of the proposals of deinterlining that have all Brighton trains to Broadway and all 4 Ave expresses to 6th Ave (or vice versa) only work because the Broadway trains and the 6th Ave trains run only one block apart through most of Midtown. As 2 Ave is far from the Broadway line in Midtown, it would be better to live with a littile interlining in Brooklyn, and limiting some train flow, to provide the better world of connections. Presumably, a T line would run from the Bronx along 2 Ave to the Bridge and continue as the Brighton express. A V line would run along 125th Street, down 2nd Ave to the Bridge and continue as the West End line. N along the Sea Beach and Q along the Brighton local as today. The 8th Ave express, E and F trains, would serve Spring Street. New switches would be needed between Spring and W4 so the 8th Ave express can run on the local tracks south of W4 with no trains normally running on the express tracks. South of Canal, E and F would follow the path of the current C train to stop at Chambers and continue to Fulton Street. The WTC station would not be served, people in that area will walk to Chambers or Fulton for 8th Ave service. I don't have a set plan for the Manhattan stations of the J. Anyone in the Lower East Side, including those coming in from the Rutgers tunnel or the Willy Br would continue to W4 or Broadway-Laffayette to transfer to a Downtown service. I envision a new transfer to the Broadway local (Prince) and the existing transfer to the Lex local at B-L and the existing transfer to the 8th Ave express at W4. As the tracks under Nassau Street are available, if a better plan does not service, one possibility would be a track connection to the 6 train, so that 6 trains can service Fulton and Broad. This would help with some of the 4/5 congestion in Lower Manhattan. I guess, even if you do that, you could run some shuttle between Chambers and Delancey/Essex, but I don't see that much demand for that. Another possiblity is sending one of the 2nd Ave services down the Nassau tracks to terminate at Broad Street. So the Man Br N is only half served. Not ideal, but it may meet the demand better. There may not be a need for two service desingations along the Broadway local, assuming they all go to Bay Ridge. But if one of the 2nd Ave services goes downtown, then we will need two separate designations along the Broadway local, one to service Bay Ridge and the other to service Brighton locals. Brighton expresses and Sea Beach trains will use the bridge to Broadway express and West End trains will use the bridge to 2nd Ave. This does unfoturnatelly make a mess of Brooklyn, but IMO it is far better to deinterline Manhattan than to leave merging in Manhattan. I do linke the idea of allowing PATH to utilize some of the 6th Ave subway to reach 57/6. I think it can be done and it would be a great improvement for PATH customers to reach the new heart of Midtown, as there are more modern skyscrapers in the 40s and 50s than in the 30s. While I may not need two designations for the Broadway local, I absolutely need two designations for the other trains. I still envision some interlining at 145th Street in Upper Manhattan. This will provide an express and a local for both W Hts and Concourse branches but very importantly eliminate the merging at Columbus Circle: A 168th St Washington Heights- 8th Ave local - Rutgers B Inwood - CPW express- 6th Ave - Willy Bridge and then to Jamaica C Concourse local - 8th Ave local - Rutgers D Concourse express - CPW express - 6th Ave - Willy Bridge to Metropolitan E Forest Hills - QBL local - 53 - 8th Ave express- Fulton express to Lefferts and the Rockaways F Forest Hills - QBL local - 53 - 8th Ave express - Fulton local to Euclid Notice that I reinstate the original naming scheme of the IND by having norther terminals of AB in Manhattan, CD in Bronx, and EF in Queens. I suppose we can add in an H designation to differentiate between Lefferts adn Rockaway E trains. Also, if we need more capacity to service these trains, we can turn some trains at Quees Plaza (so that H trains don't make it all the way to Forest Hills).
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    Hello 2nd Ave. Subway Discussion Forum. I'm delighted that Cornell University Press just released my new book, titled "Last Subway: The Long Wait for the Next Train in New York City." Last Subway reveals the dramatic story behind the Second Avenue subway and explains why the city’s subway system, once the best in the world, is now too often unreliable, overcrowded, and uncomfortable. You can learn more about it at www.plotch.com, Cornell Press, or Amazon. If you get a chance to read it, I'd really like to hear what you think. My email is pplotch@saintpeters.edu The book's launch event is free and sponsored by Open House New York and the Transit Center. See TransitCenter for more info. Unfortunately, all the tickets were taken minutes after they were made available online. However, you can watch it online. Phil Plotch
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    I think the third scenario is doable without the QBL bypass. Referring to a plan that’s come up in the Proposals thread, if the is removed from the Queens Blvd line and rerouted to Astoria, it would then be possible for the V to take its place. I’ve suggested running the to Astoria and the to Forest Hills. The , in a sense, would be a “placeholder” service until Phase 3 is built. Then, the V would replace the as the primary QB local train (the would remain unchanged throughout all this). Today’s MTA would definitely be overwhelmed trying to build even an expansion plan a quarter as ambitious as the 1968 Program for Action. Hell, even the MTA of 1968-75 would have probably been overwhelmed with all those projects, plus an existing subway system that was showing its age, even if the City didn’t have a fiscal crisis in 1975. But the idea that the MTA can begin doing studies for either the next phase of an existing project (like SAS) or the next project before the current one is finished is something that is a realistic goal. If the MTA are unable to do that, then that’s just plain incompetence on MTA management’s part. And those incompetent managers need to dismissed and replaced with much more professional and competent people.
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    I if I was in charge of NYCT, this is how the R143/160/211 are going to be assigned to each B division line (assuming the R32/R46 already retired). R179/R211 some R211(the line would still maintain its R68/a fleet) R179/R211 someR211 (the line would still maintain its R68/a fleet) R160 R160/211 R211 R160a / R179 R143/R160 R143/R160 R160 R160/R179 R160/ R211 (Franklin) R211 (Rockaway Parkway) R211 R160 R160/ R179 *also the R211 would replace some R68/a.
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