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    It reminds me of how the contractors screwed up Montague with the clearance issue, and the MTA never even tried to fix the problem; people will continue making the argument "oh well the R32s and R42s are on their way out anyway", but that doesn't make it right. Something was botched, and is being left as-is without being corrected. It's a slippery slope; in a sense, that type of thinking is what brought about the transit system's hell years. The corner-cutting and deferred maintenance of the '60s became the graffiti and derailments of the '70s. We can't afford to go back there, but the Authority's managerial complacency could certainly end up pushing things in that direction.
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    Off-topic: i skimmed the posts and almost misread that as “I hit the wrong pop up and deleted @Wallyhorse.” “We’d lost such an iconic member of the community,” I thought to myself before rereading the post.
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    Yeah right...... They've been doing construction on the Manhattan bridge since the day of the flood. You don't half-ass piecemeal major work that needs to be done & expect the quality of said work to be on par with that of dedicating a specified time frame for uninterrupted work to be done....
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    Because it hardly did. The full closure was planned to address multiple issues at once, but Cuomo decided he knew better, hence the anticipation of a more disruptive closure in the future. (Really, the "solution" is the rough equivalent of slapping a small bandage on a deep, infected wound.)
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    Ever since the R42 final run fanners have been obsessed with this R32 final run. I like the 32s and rode the final 42 run and I don't really see the appeal. The train will rush hour like crowds full of railfans, is that really enjoyable? That's not a knock against railfans, riding a crushloaded train period isn't really enjoyable. It would only be worth it me if the final run was on a southern BMT line like the or Plus half of y'all will make posts complaining about "foamers" and railfans misbehaving on the train. The R38, R40M, R44 didn't get official final runs and nobody lost sleep over it back then. I just don't understand why railfans are so obsessed with car classes having an special final run all of a sudden. Random, but when I rode the R42 final run, if I had a drink Everytime some buff said the word foamer I'd die of alcohol poisoning.
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    Read up on the difference between the two, not just what the Cuomo press release says. You're missing the "all" part on the announced objectives. This project was probably between 40-60% of the scope of the original project. It's quite literally designed to allow for its own deterioration – that's why the LIDAR is there. When you strip away all the major work from a project, of course you complete it more quickly and cheaply. But we'll all be paying for it down the line.
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    It was the whole optics of the situation, back when it was announced. That was really the beginning of the end for Andy Byford, because it signalled that Cuomo was willing to interfere very strongly. Now if this reconstruction actually works without a hitch, I would be willing (grudingly) to give him credit.
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    Now the cat is out of the bag, I can share a bit. That was the initial plan for the April pick, and was initially set for last December. This is the deinterlining plan I have hinted at. I didn't think it was still going on.
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    I’m not sure if the general population even understands the scenario unfolding in this environment. I happen to agree with Dr. Fauci and the governors who stressed testing increases now. The potential vaccine hasn’t even been developed yet. We’re talking about a Spring /Summer 2021 optimistic rollout to start widespread vaccinations . That’s a best case scenario if what I’ve been reading is true. Although it’s not the same thing I remember the rollout of the Salk polio vaccine and the Sabin followup in the mid fifties. I was an elementary school kid, aka a captive recipient, and that took time. Now figure out how much time is going to be needed to vaccinate the general population at large. That’s not including any increase in infection as some of the restrictions are lifted. I think it all boils down to “ how much do you value your health and that of your family ?” Of course there’s always the Clorox cocktail method 😀. After reading about the partygoers in Chicago this weekend I’m not sure if we’re all working toward the same goal. Just my opinion. YMMV. Carry on.
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    It's amazing to me how many in this thread haven't considered the longer-term psychological and sociological effects of this virus. There WILL be a decrease in transit ridership (some estimate a 30% reduction) for the first few years. And mind you, that's provided we don't eff up and not prepare over the summer for BOTH the flu and SARS-2 in the fall and winter. No matter which, there will be a significant chunk of riders who stick to other means for the foreseeable future. For once, the MTA might be absolutely correct in their assumptions.
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    Because in life, the quality of a project typically comes down to the following three options, and there’s no way to truly know if taking option 3 won’t bite us in the ass after Cuomo’s gone.
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    He should have never interfered with the original plan in the first place; was always skeptical of the revisions he imposed on that project....
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    People who fret about long-term psyche impacts to the city seem to forget that more so than most, New Yorkers are gruff and generally immune to bouts of long-term hysteria. New Yorkers are capable of moving on with their lives; things like, for example, the NYC mosque debates, were mostly driven by people who don't actually live here.
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    they'll go to pitkin for service vs. 207th. i think the only reason why they're talking about this is the fact the only has 13 NTT's and the R46's MDBF is dropping. So putting 10 more tech trains on the would have the be 50/50 and the R46's would dominate the .
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    Seems to me like most everybody who has talked about service needs has talked about this. Anyway, the best I can say to that is a firm maybe. As I said before, for 12-24 months, a ridership reduction of varying levels, for sure. Even after this slows down over the summer, I'm sure ridership will be extremely low. I know I'll be biking as much as possible, even after cases have slowed. But for "the first few years"? If there's a vaccine by the spring-summer as discussed, I sure as hell hope it's not for years afterwards. That wouldn't really add up. Two other points. 1) This is what everybody said after 9/11, didn't pan out. City boomed, people went about their lives. 2) Leaving aside railfans, people don't ride the subway for fun. They don't take it for pleasure, they take it because it's either their only option or their fastest option. Most of NY doesn't own a car. People aren't just going to opt out of the subway unless they have a darn good reason. I agree with you that a lot may change in New York, but the subway will remain a necessity for the vast majority of people.
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    In all honesty, they should rethink bus routing first - transit hubs are “nice” but imagine if they decluttered Ridgewood, Borough Hall/Fulton Street, Marcy, or Flushing/Main St by rerouting buses to serve/terminate at intermediate stations instead of at express and terminal stations so it encouraged: 1) distancing 2) reduces crush-loading on express trains by encouraging local train ridership 3) smarter neighborhood development; and 4) better capacity splits that enable less onerous closures and reroutes for maintenance (This would be like how other transit systems create integrated bus and train systems with and without the bus-bus/train-bus/bus-train-bus transfer schemes.)
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    The last trip I went on, the primary thought in mind was 'somebody needs to shower'.
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    The R42s were pulled from retirement after they "officially" made their last run. The same is always possible with the 32s in the future if needed although not likely (much less due to the politicians and those in management who wanted them gone by "Q1 2020"). This is unless the individuals who are in control of what happens to them change. It's just going to be a wait and see game as things progress over the next few months. There seems to be way much more speculation as to what could happen meanwhile we haven't had a pandemic scenario like this in our lifetimes so the outcome of how this will effect transit is something we'll just have to observe. Although is it thought provoking to imagine what the possible outcomes of all this might be it doesn't solve anything to become heated over. 2020 has been a very different year to us. Maybe they'll be smart and keep more than a few pairs of R32s as a movie / charter train. As of now a total of 0 R32s (and R42s) are going anywhere off property until there's any word about a scrap contract - of which both that and the R211 production are obviously on hold and delayed at this point. Don't forget an R32 garbage train still runs almost every day somewhere in the system. It's not the same as riding one in service but at least it's a sight... Personally I'm a little more alarmed that some still believe that a vaccine will "eliminate" and be a fix-all for the virus and that Bill Gates surely has our best interests in mind. But that's something to look into for another discussion in another place. P.S.: although this is considerably random, I'm hoping to make an R32 tribute pin for anyone who wants (similar to the R42 retirement pin but much more detailed). Long live those 32s, and The Budd Company for really building things to last ! 🇺🇲
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    Life will be totally upside-down for the period until there's a vaccine, absolutely. Summer ridership will be minimal, and much of 2021 will be down significantly. But there are suggestions here that years from now, even with a vaccine in widespread use, that we'd still see collapsed subway ridership. LTA's post was about the "psychological" effects of the virus, which he was suggesting would carry on for years after a vaccine, further depressing ridership. That's the sort of rhetoric that went around about 9/11, which is why I made the comparison. It didn't pan out then, and I have doubts about it panning out now. I see ridership down from a general recession and from telecommuting, not from the abstract psychological fear of the subway even with a vaccine in place.
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    They are spoiled. IMO the ones to be complaining are those who were stuck riding the . They had to put up with the R46s for 35 years. If they keep complaining, the should make trains of R32s on the provide all service (sounds evil hehe) for two full weeks so that they can learn that the world does not revolve around them.
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    These were posted on Facebook a few days ago: In other news, Kawasaki is reportedly restarting production tomorrow.
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    Quick questions for everyone. Is the Empire State Building observation deck open or closed ? I promised my youngest nephews that I’d take them on a LIRR trip to visit there and Macy’s Herald Square this summer. I made the promise Christmas Day. I think the 12 year old might understand but the 10 year old is a tough customer. He’s actually angry that his school is closed. He misses his classmates.
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    Just had this conversation with some of my friends and coworkers and we figured on a 12-18 month timeframe to get some of the businesses up and running again. The telecommuting folks probably have no reason to be on buses or rails five days a week anymore. The Theater District isn’t going to be up and active again any time soon. Radio City, MSG, Barclays, the whole nightlife scene isn’t coming back any time soon as far as we can see. The whole social distancing idea pretty much precludes any imminent reopening. Not to mention the small businesses that will never reopen. Our primary focus was on the school situation in the metropolitan area. We have no idea what will happen with the upcoming school year ,especially transportation wise.. BTW, it’s our belief that the phase 2 of the SAS is a goner because the money won’t be there. The state, city, and the are/ will be broke when this is over. If anything ESA and the LIRR Third Track project are probably the final expenditures for the . That’s our opinion in these dire times. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Carry on.
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    Why would the F return to 53rd Street? The whole point of the current service pattern is to give 53rd Street both local and express service to Queens. Besides, what's gained here anyhow? Those switches will still be in use regardless, just to a different endpoint. Currently, F trains go between 63rd Street <> Queens Blvd express using the switches near 36 Street. If the F and M were to switch, it'd be almost the exact same thing, with the exception of the M going to the local tracks instead of the express ones. Also, what serves 63rd Street on the off-hours when the M doesn't run? Sure, the F can run up there in its place, but then you have that situation where trains are running to via different lines depending on the day of the week, which is something the MTA likes to avoid unless otherwise impossible (see current weekend M service). So, you're calling for another reduction in service on top of an already reduced service plan? Somehow, that doesn't make a lick of sense.
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    The issue (not trivial at all) WILL NOT be fixed as it will cause service disruptions and expense. As noted on this site many times, there is a bulletin that no equipment form R1/9 to R42 is allowed in the Montague. This is because of a clearance issue with the lighting and the conduits. Somebody or some bunch of so called engineers messed up and did not take into account the roof lines of the older equipment. There is no reason at this point to repair it based on the active roster.
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    I’m pretty sure that as long as the South or flyover country doesn’t do something stupid in November, the winter uptick combined with all the hospital bills to patients is gonna lead Congress to turn Medicaid Share of Cost into a universal emergency or catastrophic coverage program. If they do vote for the UV Light and disinfectant injection proponent, watch medical bankruptcies go even higher than this wave of COVID will cause.
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    Hahahahahahahahahaha. 😂😂 Oh lord. Let me not even try you, son. One thing I can tell you is that there will always be people that will still do whatever they want regardless of the virus. It’s happen many times before. Especially since during this quarantine, we have a handful of people still going out doing diddly squat just because, when really the only people who should be out are for essential-related purposes. Like I said, everything will start reopening in smaller phases for the time being unless anything changes. And once again, nobody here is acting like we need the R32s now, but once all is said and done, it’s a possibility. You can check the previous posts in the previous page. We’re aware the subway won’t just suddenly jump to normal by summer (where the hell you came from with that anyway btw? As if it wasn’t already obvious like...) .
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    The GE cars were oddballs, but they were definitely interesting with their 115 hp motors, original bulkheads, and small numberplates. The interior lighting sucked, though- very dim backlit ads just like the R62/As and rebuilt R38s.
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    I feel like the needs to update the Line Review because a lot has changed with the Line between 2013 and the present day. If anything, we can all agree on the following: - Trains need to be lengthened to at least 480'. Preferably, it should use 8 car R-160's or R-179's for the upcoming CBTC upgrades, and for compatibility with Queens Blvd CBTC just in case an Train needs to be rerouted. - Build a Hewes Street/Broadway Transfer should be a serious consideration given its success during the Project. (A Union Avenue station along the and to consolidate Hewes Street and Loimer Street would be more preferable though I'm not trying to get ahead of myself).
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    As I tried to stress earlier, the relevant math is not about the overall A/B-division fleet. The 32s are a drop in the bucket of the total fleet, yes, but the 32/42 combination comprised a very significant portion of the available 8-car rolling stock. There is no car availability for the C and J/M/Z besides the dedicated R143, R160, and R179 pool. You can run mixed consist lengths on the , but that brings the R46 spare factor down to risky levels. There is car availability to maintain <80% peak guidelines without the 32/42s pre-211, but not 100%. Now, will ridership be at 100% any time soon? Absolutely not. But if it even reaches 75-80% before the 211s arrive, you cut things close. Likewise, if it rises to say, 60%, and there's governmental pressure to maintain social distancing, loading guidelines may have to be altered to reduce standee numbers, which would require higher frequencies than a 60% guideline and necessitate greater car availability. The point of all this is, mothballing the 32s present some very specific constrictions for the 8-car consist availability. And? The point is that social/psychological reactions, which you are referring to, were expected to completely decimate daily routines in NYC. There was talk that no skyscrapers would be built again. That people wouldn't come here and wouldn't use transit. That didn't quite pan out.
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    They claim they will lose too much money. See this: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/G_LineReview_7_10_13.pdf
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    Has a page been created yet for the R32 final run?
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    Couple that with “fear” from contagions spreading faster in a very dense environment and you have a potential depopulation scenario.
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    Fat chance; *it's going to back to normal at some point anyway* (is the likely mindset).... I'm not expecting the same entity that decided to do away with updating paper schedules (under "normal" circumstances) at bus stops, to apprise the public of temporary bus scheduling..... I get why it was done, it's just that I've never been on a bus where that sort of thing occurred around 11:00 at night.... Speaking of the B43, outside of the termini themselves, what stops are the timepoints on that route?
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    Bruh foamers be like "OMG R32 Q TRAIN IS IN SERVICE!!!!"
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    Well.. for those waiting for a call.. look on the bright side! A lot of are turned off and they are talking about Retiring as soon as hey can, and its a lot of old timers talking about leaving! They would leave now if they could but NYCers is closed so they have to deal with it, but when everything is back, there will be a lot of people leaving at the same time!
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    Building off a bunch of the talk in this thread around improving northeastern Queens service, cleaning up DeKalb, getting only 10-car trains on QBL and redoing the Jamaica line I put together a proposal that should achieve most of those things (while also providing four-track service along the 3 Av corridor in the Bronx and crosstown service along Gun Hill Rd, and building out part of the South 4 St subway). The proposal is as follows: Becomes QBL local from Jamaica Center to Chambers St. via Williamsburg/Franklin Av/Brighton Local extended to Bay Plaza extended to Springfield Blvd. Becomes Culver express between Church Av and Bergen St all times except nights; becomes QBL express 179 St-21 St/Queensbridge, rush hours runs express from Kings Highway to Bergen St. : Restored Culver local/QBL express. Operates from 179 St to Church Av, express Union Turnpike-21 St/Queensbridge, local otherwise, extended rush hours to Kings Highway to allow peak-direction express service. becomes 10 Av/Jamaica local between 72 St and 233 St/Merrick Blvd 10 Av/Myrtle Av/Horace Harding Expwy local between 72 St and Francis Lewis Blvd Astoria/2 Av local, Broadway/Brighton express, runs between LGA and Brighton Beach (P): 3 Av/2 Av/Jamaica express, Bay Plaza to 233 St/Merrick Blvd. : 3 Av/2 Av/Fulton St local, Norwood-205 St to Euclid Av. (U): Astoria Blvd/2 Av/ Utica Av local, Bell Blvd to Kings Plaza. (Y): Astoria Blvd/2 Av/Utica Av express, Bell Blvd to Kings Plaza. The idea behind this proposal was to get express service to Jamaica on a way that wasn't QBL, since QBL is essentially full. Since there's already a line via Williamsburg (and Williamsburg/Bushwick were exploding in population before COVID), converting that line into a four-track trunk should take some pressure off QBL (since if you live in Jamaica and work below 34 St or on the East Side the new trunk would be quicker and more convenient) and off the as well, as Williamsburg/Bushwick goes from getting 36-38tph peak (20 + 10-12 + 6 ) to 65 (20 +15 +15 (P) + 15 ) east of Myrtle and a whopping 95 (20 +15 +15 + 15 (P) + 15 (U) +15 (Y)) east of Myrtle Av. Furthermore, by providing service along Merrick Blvd this should allow for at least some rearrangement of the bus service into Jamaica. The northern Queens and Bronx service was intended to do two things; the Bronx service was intended to provide subway service to the Webster/3rd Ave corridor, which needs it badly, and to Gun Hill Road as a crosstown. The expected goal of being able to provide up to 30tph through the Bronx core should be a decent size ridership reduction on the , as people who need the East Side and currently live between Southern and the Concourse can just hop the and have a straight shot to basically all the hospitals on the East Side of Manhattan except Mt Sinai, plus all the workplaces on 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Aves. People living in the north Bronx now have an IND option for both sides of the island (the (P)) for the east side and the for the west side, which should take a hefty load off of Dyre and WPR. The Queens changes (the four-track trunk along Astoria Blvd and the LGA spur served by the ) accomplish three main things; they get a train to LGA that doesn't backtrack to Flushing, they take a decent-sized load off the , and they make it more feasible to cut down on some of the bus traffic into Flushing by arranging for some of the Eastern Queens lines to terminate at Bell Blvd or 162/Crocheron. This setup would also connect northern Queens directly to the West Side by connecting to the at 75 St (for local trains) or 31 St (for express trains), and allow one-seat rides to the East Side from Flushing. In theory the could be extended to College Point from LGA, and the yard for all this could be placed on the old Flushing Airport site; I just wasn't sure whether it was the best idea. The extension and QBL rearrangement leaves the as the QBL locals and the as the QBL expresses; now the only merges you have are the with the just west of QP, and the with the just east of Union Turnpike, which should let you run 55tph on QBL (15 each of , 10 of because of service to Astoria), and all trains are 600'. The Utica Av line is essentially set up to be the South 4th St subway as originally planned, just with only four tracks because 30tph should be enough to serve Utica Av just fine, and the local/express split is mostly to improve travel time for South Brooklyn riders rather than being super necessary; that could instead be run as a two-track local line with the extra 15 express tph continuing on to Jamaica to provide 75tph between Jamaica and Manhattan rather than the 60 that my current proposal would call for; I'm not sure what the tradeoff there looks like. The rearrangement was based on some of the commentary about the value of a lower Manhattan crosstown line, and the desire to get the off QBL to make room for a as a way to increase Culver and QBL service in one fell swoop. The gets an extension via Eliot Av/HHP out to Francis Lewis Blvd, with a connection to QBL at Woodhaven Blvd (which would become an express stop on QBL); that would likely increase QBL loading (which is why the changes on the Jamaica line become so important; they pull a whole bunch of people off QBL down there to free up room for people coming from Fresh Meadows). The continuation as the Myrtle Av line through Montague separates the from the trunk and lets it do its own thing (which in this case entails hitting an area that only has the ), while providing a direct link between lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. The shared stretch from Canal St to 72 St was an idea for providing meaningful crosstown service across lower Manhattan, while also connecting Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea into the subway network properly; it's an idea I've seen proposed for the before, but in this case it made more sense to set the up that way. The need for a new Canal St platform also lets us relocate the transit museum to Canal St so we don't lose it when we reactivate Court St IND. Finally, the rearrangement eliminates one of the merges at DeKalb, and replaces the Franklin Av shuttle with something that people are likely to actually use. The map is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zhIa6KPRstAdc6lm_hlyskX0SVHM7NPh&usp=sharing, the gory details in text are below: : Rerouted after Broadway-Lafayette onto the fifth and sixth tracks of the 2 Av/Williamsburg trunk, stops at Pitt St (local, six tracks), Kent St (express, six tracks), Driggs Av(local, six tracks), Marcy Av(express, tracks swing south). Below Marcy Av the merges with the and stops at Flushing Av, Myrtle-Willoughby Avs (connect to ), and Bedford-Nostrand Avs. Past this point, the B swings onto Franklin Av, stopping at Fulton St (connect to ), Park Pl, Eastern Parkway (connect to (3)), and Prospect Park on the local tracks (connect with ) before continuing to Coney Island as the Brighton local. : Extended via Gun Hill Rd from Norwood-205 St to Bay Plaza, with stops at White Plains Rd (transfer to (5)), Bronxwood Av, Seymour Av (transfer to (5)), Bartow Av, Edson Av, and Bay Plaza. (E): Becomes QBL local from Jamaica Center to Chambers St. (F): Becomes Culver express between Church Av and Bergen St all times except nights; becomes QBL express 179 St-21 St/Queensbridge, rush hours runs express from Kings Highway to Bergen St. (J) 10 Av/Jamaica local: Starts at 72 St/Columbus Av (connect to (1)(2)(3)), 64-65 Sts, 57 St, 50 St, 42 St, 34 St, 14 St, Christopher/Greenwich Sts, Houston St, Canal/Varick Sts (connect to (1)(A)(C)(E)), Lafayette St(connect to (N)(Q)(R)(W)(6), (M) branches off), Delancey/Essex (six tracks, merge with (B)(P)(U)(Y)), Pitt St (local, six tracks), Kent St (express), Driggs Av(local), Marcy Av(express, (B) tracks swing south), Union Av (local, connect to (G)), Flushing Av (local), Myrtle Av (express,connect to (M)), Kosciuzko St(local), Gates Av(local), Halsey St(local), Chauncey St(local), Broadway Junction (connect to (A)(C)(L)(T)). From there the Jamaica trunk swings onto Jamaica Av, and the J continues at Arlington Av (local), Elton St(local), Logan St(local), Cypress Hills (express), 75 St(local), 85 St(local), Woodhaven Blvd (express), 104 St (local), 111 St(local), 121 St(local), Sutphin-Archer(express, connect to (E)), Jamaica Center(express, connect to (E)). Past Jamaica Center swing onto Merrick Blvd with stops at Liberty Av (local), Brinkerhoff Av (local), Linden Blvd (express), Foch Blvd (local), Baisley Blvd (local), Farmers Blvd (local), Springfield Blvd (express), 223 St (local), and 233 St (express). (M) 10 Av/Myrtle Av/Horace Harding Expwy local: The only remaining segment of the old (M) is from Marcy Av to Metropolitan Av; the new (M) starts at 72 St on the same track pair as the (J), sharing the stops at 72 St/Columbus Av (connect to (1)(2)(3)), 64-65 Sts, 57 St, 50 St, 42 St, 34 St, 14 St, Christopher/Greenwich Sts, Houston St, Canal/Varick Sts (connect to (1)(A)(C)(E)), and Lafayette St(connect to (N)(Q)(R)(W)(6)) before branching off onto the old Nassau St line, serving Chambers St(connect to to (4)(5)(6)), Fulton St(connect to (2)(3)(4)(5)(A)(C)), Broad St, and Court St/Borough Hall (connect to (2)(3)(4)(5)(R)). Past this point the (M) runs along Myrtle Av, with stops at Jay St (connect to(A)(C)(F)(R)), Ashland Pl, Vanderbilt Av, Classon Av, Union Av(connect to (B)(G)), Throop Av, Broadway(connect to (J)(P)(U)(Y)), Central Av, Knickerbocker Av, Myrtle/Wyckoff Avs(connect with (L)), Seneca Av, Forest Av, Fresh Pond Rd, and Metropolitan Av. Past Metropolitan Av the (M) runs briefly alongside the NY&A with stops at Juniper Blvd and Eliot Av, before running along Eliot Av with stops at Eliot Av/80 St, Eliot Av/85 St, and then running along Horace Harding with stops at Woodhaven Blvd (connect with (E)(F)(V)(R)), Junction Blvd, 99th St 108 St, College Pt Blvd, Main St, Kissena Blvd, 164 St, Utopia Pkwy, 188 St, 194 St, and Francis Lewis Blvd. (P): 3 Av/2 Av/Jamaica express, Bay Plaza to 233 St/Merrick Blvd. Stops at Bay Plaza, Edson Av, Bartow Av, Seymour Av (transfer to (5)), Bronxwood Av, White Plains Rd (transfer to (2)(5)), Norwood-205 St (transfer to (D)(T), (D) branches off here to go down the Concourse), Fordham Plaza, E Tremont Av, 163 St, 149 St-3 Av (connect to (2)(5)), 138 St-3 Av(connect to (6)<6>), 125 St, 86 St(connection to (Q)(U)(Y) ), 59 St (connect to (4)(5)(6)(N)(R)(W)), 42 St, 14 St(connect to (L)), Houston St(connect to (B)(F)(V), (T) branches off), Delancey/Essex( (J) merges onto the main local track) Kent Av, Marcy Av( (B) branches off), Myrtle Av(connect to (M)), Broadway Junction (connect to (A)(C)(L)(T)), Cypress Hills, Woodhaven Blvd, Sutphin-Archer(connect with (E)), Jamaica Center(connect with (E)), Linden Blvd, Springfield Blvd, and 233 St/Merrick Blvd. (Q) Astoria/2 Av local, Broadway/Brighton express: The (Q) starts at Terminal D of LGA, stopping at Terminal B, 92 St, and 82 St before merging onto the local tracks of the four-track trunk line from Astoria Blvd. It then makes local stops at 75 St (connect with (U)), Hazen St, Steinway St, 31 St(connect with (N)(W)(Y)), 21 St(local), Shore Pl (local), 86 St (express, connect with (P)(T)(U)(Y)), 79 St (local), 72 St (local), and then all current (Q) stops to Prospect Park. At Prospect Park the (Q) stays on the Brighton express tracks and runs to Brighton Beach. (T): 3 Av/2 Av/Fulton St local, Norwood-205 St to Euclid Av. Stops at Norwood-205 St(express, connect to (D)), Bedford Bk Blvd (local), Fordham Plaza (express), 183 St (local), 180 St (local), E Tremont Av (express), Claremont Pkwy (local), 168-169 Sts (local), 163 St (express), 149 St-3 Av (express, connect to (2)(5)), 144 St (local), 138 St-3 Av(connect to (6)<6>), 125 St (express), 116 St (local), 106 St (local), 96 St(local), 86 St(express, six tracks), 79 St (local, infill station, six tracks), 72 St (local, six tracks), 59 St (connect to (4)(5)(6)(N)(R)(W)), 52 St (local, connect to (E)), 42 St (express), 33 St(local), 23 St(local), 14 St (express, transfer to (L)), St. Mark's Pl (local), Houston St (express, connect to (B)(F)(V)), Grand St(connection to (D)), Chatham Sq, Seaport, Hanover Sq, Court St, Hoyt-Schermerhorn, and then all (C) stops to Euclid Av) (U): Astoria Blvd/2 Av/ Utica Av local, Bell Blvd to Kings Plaza. Stops at Bell Blvd (express), Francis Lewis Blvd(local), Utopia Pkwy(local), 162 St/Crocheron Av (express), 156 St(local), 150 St(local), Main St/Flushing(express, connect to (7)<7>), Shea Stadium (express), 114 St (local), 108 St(local), 100 St(local), 94 St(express), 88 St(local), 82 St(express), 75 St(local, connect to (Q)), Hazen St (local), Steinway St(local), 31 St(express, connect to (N)(W)), 21 St (local), Shore Pl(local), 86 St(express, connection to 2 Av trunk, six tracks), 79 St (local, infill station, six tracks), 72 St (local, six tracks), 59 St (express, transfer passage to 59/Lex), 52 St (local, connect to (E)), 42 St (express), 33 St(local), 23 St(local), 14 St (express, transfer to (L)), St. Mark's Pl (local), Houston St (express, connect to (B)(F)(V), (B) joins trunk on separate track pair), Delancey/Essex (six tracks, merge with (J)), Pitt St (local, six tracks), Kent St (express), Driggs Av(local), Marcy Av(express, (B) tracks swing south), Union Av (local, connect to (G)), Flushing Av (local), Myrtle Av (express,connect to (M)), Halsey St(local), Gates Av(local), Fulton St (connect to (A)(C)(T)), St Marks Av (local), Eastern Pkwy (express, connect to (3)(4)), Empire Blvd (local), Winthrop St(local), Church Av (express), Av D(local), Av H(local, Kings Highway(express), Flatlands Av(local), Av N(local), Flatbush Av(express), and Kings Plaza(express). (V): Restored Culver local/QBL express. Operates from 179 St to Church Av, express Union Turnpike-21 St/Queensbridge, local otherwise, extended rush hours to Kings Highway to allow peak-direction <F> express service. (Y): Astoria Blvd/2 Av/Utica Av express, Bell Blvd to Kings Plaza. Stops at Bell Blvd, 162 St/Crocheron Av, Main St/Flushing(connect to (7)<7>), Shea Stadium, 94 St/Astoria Bl, 82 St/Astoria Bl, 31 St( connect to (N)(W), transfer to (Q)), 86 St (merge with main 2 Av trunk, connect to (P)(T)), 59 St (transfer passage to 59/Lex), 42 St, 14 St(connect to (L)), Houston St, Marcy Av, Myrtle Av(connect to (M)), Fulton St (connect to (A)(C)(T)), Eastern Pkwy (connect to (3)(4)), Church Av, Kings Highway, Flatbush Av and Kings Plaza. Most of the new trackage is four tracks; the exceptions are the three-track line from Norwood-205 St to Bay Plaza, the new (M) line and the (J) north of Delancey-Essex are two tracks (with three tracks along the combined stretch from Canal-Lafayette to 72 St), the (B) reroute is two tracks, and there are two brief spots on the 2 Av trunk (72 St to 86 St in Manhattan and Houston St to Marcy Av) that are six tracks to allow all individual services to run 15+ tph without any bad bottlenecks.
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    Before the C was suspended due to the pandemic, there was one day when the line had a mixture of R46's and R179's. No R32's at all. Other days there was only 1 or 2 trains of R32's running. So the line does not have a complete dependency on 88 R179's.
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    It really wasn't a rumor from January. At an MTA Board meeting (well before this pandemic, they said that the R32's would be retired by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Lots of folks in the railfan community did not believe it. Well here we are.
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    Not happening. Murphy's law at NYCT tells us just when the R32 is at the point of no return something bad happens on the bridge and all service would have to go via the Montague, and now they have a big problem.
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    That's what happens when traffic dies down...
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    If any to's on here can confirm or deny is there a pick coming soon and supposedly they posting on Facebook group that they will swap the back to 53rd and the supposedly to relieve the stress of the interlocking at 36th street
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    But can we finally get a tunnel from SI to anywhere - especially a St George to Bay Ridge, Red Hook or Manhattan one? Rona’s made me realize how much ferries are crap compromises to building useful things - even more so than they were before Rona hit this city.
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    I remember it like it was yesterday. There's those videos on you tube
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    Some of the more recent posts led me to think of a new idea: 1) Realign the Manhattan Bridge tracks so that the 2 Manhattan bound tracks are on the north side of the bridge and the 2 Brooklyn bound tracks are on the south side 2) Redirect the 4 tracks to a new Canal station under Walker Street. Cross platform transfers in each direction. The inner tracks will connect to the Broadway express, and the outer tracks will continue west and connect to the 8th Ave express. The station will still provide transfers to and the new service along Centre St/Nassau St (see #6) 3) Realign the 8th Ave service. 8th Ave express: QBL express - 53rd Street - 8th Ave express - 4th Ave express - West End/Sea Beach. 8th Ave local: Washington Heights/Bronx - CPW local - 8th Ave local-Fulton Street Brooklyn-Euclid/Lefferts/Far Rockaway 4) Realign the Broadway service. Express: 2 Ave-Broadway express-Brighton exp and local. Local: Astoria-Broadway local-4 Ave local. Half of the locals will terminate at Whitehall and half will terminate at Bay Ridge. 5) Realign the 6th Ave service. Express: Inwood/Bronx-CPW express-6th Ave express-Williamsburg Bridge-Myrtle or Jamaica. Local: QBL local- 63rd street-6th Ave local-Culver line 6) With the remaining capacity along the 4th Ave local, a train line from Delancey/Essex to Bay Ridge via Nassau Street. Grand street station on the 6th Ave line will close, but service to the area will be accomplished with a stop at Bowery on this line. Long term, with the extension of SAS, a few changes to the above will be made: a) SAS service along 2 Ave will run to 2 Ave/Houston and then connect to the Nassau line from Bowery to Broad Street. Half of SAS will terminate at Broad, and the other half will continue to Bay Ridge. There will no longer be an in-service connection between Bowery and Delancey/Essex. b) To make room for the expanded SAS, the Broadway express will go along 63rd street to QBL local instead of upper 2nd Ave. The 6th Ave local will run with reduced service and will not run north of 57St/6Ave The main idea is that by running the Manhattan Bridge to both 8th Ave and Broadway, and putting in a cross-platform station in Manhattan, we can much more easily remove the DeKalb bottleneck. Cross-platform Transfers at the new Canal will allow for express service to either Union Square (and Lex services) or W4th (and 6th Ave services). In turn, this will also allow for more leeway to de-interline the rest of the B division as well. Canal will also be a connecting point to the future SAS and continue to service and . Thoughts?
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    the only people who give a shit about "duplicative" letters are railfans.
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    A primary contributor to the spread of Covid-19? Temporary closure of the system for at least a week? Partnering with taxi services in the meantime? Shutting the system down from 12am to 5am for further deep cleaning (after a said temporary full closure of the system)? Man, get this shit out of here.... This is a passive & lazy attempt to try to use Covid-19 to push a pro-car narrative.... I especially don't want to hear anything from Ulrich; this is the same guy that feigned like he cared so much about bus riders along Woodhaven, in his true support of motorists during the whole SBS conversion of the Q52/53.... These guys say one thing & do another at the drop of a hat.... At least the MTA clapped back to this latest plea from these charlatans... Source: https://www.pix11.com/news/coronavirus/nyc-council-members-ask-cuomo-to-close-the-subways
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    Quite frankly, it will be interesting to see what's left of the economy after all this over. Our economic model up until now has been based around the concept of constant cashflow, where debt looks great as long as you have "guaranteed" income to cover the interest. We don't have a plan B for this type of recession, which hasn't happened in modern history.
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    Get bus lanes in Get the SBS in and Artics and actually crack down on dollar vans Boom problem solved
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