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    With the current events putting people in precarious situations, it's hard to imagine anyone being concerned about anything but their own socioeconomic well-being. People become much less charitable as they wonder about their own employment prospects or the cutting of social safety nets. It certainly sounds great to talk about helping the homeless, but given that neighborhoods citywide object to the erection of any homeless facilities, it’s obvious where the real priorities lie. Nobody wants to walk the walk, but everybody wants to talk the talk. “Got a dollar to spare?” “F*** no. Gonna need these dollars to stretch into 2021 with this diminishing economy.”
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    Here's some videos of what would turn out to be the very final R32 run as many of us know a memo was sent out mentioning that the R32 car class has been retired as of April 27. This R32 was put into service around 9 AM on March 23, 2020 to / from Far Rockaway then ran to / from Lefferts for the rest of the day. This set was put into service on the line to help out as the line was suspended that morning due to someone in the crew room having covid-19. Here's a few videos of that R32 including Interior Footage, and it leaving Jay Street after being taken out of service due to an "unsanitary condition". Enjoy! Bonus:
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    For the first time since mid March, I rode the subway today. Not to railfan, but to go the park. It was surreal, ridership is LOW. Took the to the and both trains no more than 5 ppl in the entire car the entire trip. This time of day usually a whole bunch of people get off at Broadway Junction, today, only a handful of people. Broadway Junction N/B A/C platform, ghost town, usually fairly busy this time of day. 14th/8th Ave stop was practically empty, it was so quiet in the station I could hear my sneakers pressing against the floor, that station is usually a madhouse this time of day. Nice to see ppl are following the MTA orders of staying off the system unless you're an essential worker. I kinda felt guilty for riding today but the weather is so nice today and I couldn't resist the urge to enjoy it.
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    I don't know about generating sympathy for the homeless on the subways, but this crisis is definitely shining a strong light on the homeless issue in general. I also believe that there will be a demand to address it in some manner because I don't see how people will be able to resume 'normal' activities with fears of infected homeless people wandering the streets. I only hope that it is done compassionately and that citizens hold our leaders and institutions accountable to look for real solutions and not just get the homeless out of sight.
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    I think one reason the Jamaica/Coney Island swap happened so much faster than the swap is the fact that it is a much simpler route and can be done while trains are in service. An R46 could just run down to CI in the morning rush, go out of service, and come back into service as an . The same was true for R160's going to Jamaica. They could put Coney Island based R160's into service as trains, which would go to Jamaica Yard after completing their runs. As was also mentioned, they swapped some cars by running them on extra trains. With the swap, R62A's had to do a very complex set of moves to get from the Flushing Line to Westchester Yard. Corona Yard-Hunterspoint Ave Hunterspoint Ave-39th Ave 39th Ave-Atlantic Barclays Atlantic Barclays-Concourse Yard Concourse Yard to 86th Street 86th Street-Westchester Yard For moves between divisions, how does it work with the train crews? My understanding is that normal train crews aren't qualified to work on the other division, so they would either have to change crews, or use work train crews who I believe are qualified on both divisions.
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    Exactly this - it is also about restoring a sense of order to the system and instilling confidence in riders who will need to use it, as well as for the safety, health and well-being of employees. The images of homeless encampments on trains became a national news story and no doubt would have depressed ridership even more had it not been addressed. The city and state do need to seriously address the health and shelter issues which have driven those poor people into the subways as part of the overall drive to end the spread of the virus.
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    Wanted to post this in its own thread. The system will now be entirely shut from 1am-5am to allow for covid-related cleaning and fumigation. Shuttle buses and some combination of other services will be provided. This is the first time in the history of the subway that 24/7 service has been halted by anything besides a strike, power outage, or natural disaster. ABC Story: https://abc7ny.com/health/new-subway-bus-cleaning-plan-involves-overnight-shutdown/6139969/ Big change for the city.
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    I think the MTA had the right idea in the 4-color scheme for Queens. The purple routes feed into major hubs (and that is generally the closest/most direct hub on the route. For example, the QT40 (old Q4) logically goes to Jamaica (it doesn't go to Flushing or Rego Park). If a route connects two or more major hubs it is likely an orange grid route (e.g. QT16). And then green routes are generally the less frequent gap-filler routes. I'm not too wild about the idea of the blue routes. I don't think the QT1 should exist (just run more service on the QT69 and have people transfer to the to Brooklyn, and have something that replaces the Q103 on the northern portion of Vernon Blvd). The whole Sunnyside area needs to be redone, including the QT2. The QT3 either needs more stops, or just remove a few stops on the QT4 and call it a day. The QT4 I like the concept of but you could add a couple of local stops on 69th Street and shift the QT78 to 65th Place. The QT5 I can actually understand since the QT24/56 are nearby, the QT6 I actually like, and the QT7 should definitely have more stops on Linden Blvd (and should be either a green or orange route) So the only blue routes I'd support keeping are the QT4/5/6, and at that point is it worth having a separate color for those 3? I suppose it would still help them stand out....
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    I have to disagree with you on these points. The street grid is something i think the MTA does right. I am not a fan of NICE’s new map since they both removed the street grid aside from some major roads and removed the labels for the LIRR stations The Queens bus map is a BUS map. The subway isn’t the priority on it. The Queens bus map has probably never been Manhattan oriented, at least not since the 1980s, so why change it now I disagree with the line width denoting frequency. Systems like SEPTA have lines that are either red, green, or gray for 15, 30, or 60 minutes or less weekday frequency. Under the new redesign, Queens would have a lot of routes in the 2nd category and it would look empty in large sections of the borough like Middle Village or Eastern Queens outside of major corridors. As for the bullets, i think they should be more. For daily service use the square, for weekdays/and Saturdays only use the pentagon. For part time use the square with the split line like the Q5 branch to Rosedale LIRR, and for weekday rush hours only use both the pentagon and the part time line, like Nassau used to do under MTA LI Bus for routes like the N22A and N26. Nassau routes should be just as big as Queens and Brooklyn routes since they operate in Queens too. Plus some areas under the redesign would be NICE only but still in Queens, like Northern Blvd east of Marathon Pkwy (N20G), Hempstead Ave between Jamaica Ave and Springfield Blvd (N1/N6), Seagirt Blvd east of B. 19 St (N33, weekdays only). I would also say that as the LIRR is the only rail transit in much of the eastern half of the borough, it should be much more visible on the map, similar to the subway I would prefer express buses to receive a separate map since the back should be reserved for frequency tables for local routes. Rockaway being on the back would mean the pdf online would have part of Queens not covered since the back is a separate pdf My main problems with a map like this are: LIC would be way too crowded between the subway lines Why would you cut of the subway stops in Brooklyn if Queens bus routes enter Brooklyn, with some like the Q24 that go pretty far. It also makes the look almost useless I know this is just an example, but how would a rider on the Q64 know that the Q64 turns down Parsons Blvd and 71 Ave heading east. This is similar to the draft map that the MTA released for Queens. The biggest problem i have with that map is that every route is reduced to straight lines. I would want to know the specific streets the bus go on, not the general area. Like with the Q65 on your map, one could get the impression that the bus goes on 164 St, 45 Ave, Bowne St, Sanford Ave to get to Kissena. What about the fact that the route also serves Pidgeon Meadow Rd and 162 St. You can’t tell with this style. Sorry about the rant/long post
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    Some preliminary doodling on what that might look like. At the very least, removal of the street grid that buses don't run on opens up a lot more space for bigger text.
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    That sounds nice & benevolent & all, but the city's homeless overall is going to end up increasing... That quote-unquote stimulus will only last but for so long for a lot of folks.... The sense of normalcy has evaporated anyway & people will be on the defensive, regardless.... To be frank, I'm not wasting time wishing or hoping that a] citizens start demanding action from the self-serving leaders of this city/state to do *something* about the homeless problem & b] much of anything to actually materialize from it..... This city has been slowly going to the dogs for quite some time now; it's a wonder as to why folks are GTFOH... This crisis will expedite it. SMH.... I seldom ever believe in coincidences & the choice of locations to have this press conference is no exception..... He's making a complete mockery of this shit by doing that....
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    Supposedly, there will be a number posted. I posted what info I received in my group. As SevenEleven said, they should have more details next week. The good news is that the express buses will continue to run as they have. We have been monitoring the cleanliness of the express buses. If there any issues, do let me know.
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    IMO, other than color coding here are the things that I would do to make the map better: completely remove the street grid, which is such an unnecessary level of detail reorient the map towards "Manhattan north" and make the subway lines more apparent; most people unfamiliar with Queens, and heck a fair amount of people in Queens itself probably, are probably more familiar with a Manhattan-north oriented map Line width and route bullets reflect frequency. Some route bullets also have further details (peak only, weekday only, etc.) Nassau routes get deemphasized with thinner lines, similar to the railroads Express bus goes on the backside of the map Rockaways inset also gets punted to the back to increase space
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    I think when considering adding an alternate train peak direction express, several factors need to be looked at. Is there high enough frequency or can more service be added? Local stations will lose half their service compared to having all trains run local. It's one thing to go from a 2 to a 4 minute interval. Going from 6 to 12 minutes is a different story. Sometimes, short turns can be used to offset this. How well are the stations configured? Some lines have well placed express stations while other have poorly placed ones, too few, or none at all. A lack of well placed express stations makes express service less valuable, since it benefits fewer riders. What is the ridership balance between local and express stations? On some lines, the express configured stations have much higher ridership, but it's not the case everywhere. How much faster is express service compared to local service? The more time that's saved, the more it makes sense to have express service. That being said, I think that given the current service pattern and schedule, the areas where peak direction express service makes sense already have it. In some areas, like Jerome Ave, it would make sense if the stations were configured better. If Yankee Stadium and Fordham Road were both express stations, then I'm sure the line would have express service. Locals would terminate at Fordham Road while express trains would run as locals north of there. In other areas, express service makes sense given the station configuration and time saved, but there isn't enough service. Culver should have much more express service than 2 trains per day, but doesn't have enough service to make that possible.
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    I'm sure everyone involved is hashing out the details. Try back next week and see what's up.
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    Express track that is functional or any express track? The Sea Beach Line, before the abandonment of the southbound express track, had very rare usage of the southbound express track. I was on it a few times and speeds were abysmal. I suppose the poor condition of the track precluded frequent usage. Nowadays, trains can’t use it at all.
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    I can answer #2 on the Spring Valley and Suffern part---you can trace much of the ROW, but would need some condemnation within Ramapo.
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    You're wrong on Astoria. The Middle tracks has been used a bunch of times especially on a normal weekday when they would send a late and/or Train Express for being late. It's also used for Overnights/Weekend layups.
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    Disclaimer: I was a wee lad when that happened and I didn't run in these circles yet. You do see some people in the subway proposals who want to run a brown for the sake of a brown existing, but these are also the same folks who'd like to see an or a or a . But I think on balance people were actually pretty happy to gain direct access to Midtown, and the only people hurt by the changes were the probably minimal ridership at LES-2nd Av.
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    Buses currently OOS since March up to April 15th in Manhattan in no particular order.(OH will be added later, I gotta go to work.) MHV: 4092, 6716, 6696, 6726, 3867, 6692, 4340, 6710, 4041, 4396, 4263, 4275, 3873, 4401, 4346, 4364, 3961, 4057, 3869, 4084, 4000, 4361, 3874, 4264, 4075, 4010, 4694, 6707, 6699, 4277, 4353, 3971, 4003, 4270, 3950, 3864, 4267, 6705, 6715, 4088, 4273, 3875, 4343, 4095, 3967, 4009, 6702, 4254, 6709, 4019, 6725, 6693, 3861 Hale: 6198, 6151(Vendor, I think that's an accident bus), 6125, 6762, 6782, 6093, 6213, 6199, 6091, 6212, 6208, 3892, 6757, 6783, 6156, 6776, 6772, 6766, 6755, 4276, 6784, 6788, 6768, 6763, 6160. MQ: 3907(OOS since February, not sure what happened), 4951(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4953, 4954(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4956, 4957(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4958, 4959(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4960(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4962(vendor, assigned at Quill), 12, 6729-6754, 4119, 3823, 5490, 5586, 5592, 3917, 6166, 6188, 5508, 4137, 4125, 5496, 5494, 6108, 3942, 3801, 6100, 5492, 5594, 6099, 5493, 6106, 5523, 5515, 3913, 3818, 3914, 4115, 3800, 3804, 3916, 3915, 3822, 3910, 5495, 5571, 5491, 6098(vendor), 5596, 5507, 5489, 5598.
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    to my knowledge, what it is with some of the older (OG/NG hybrid) buses (some RTS's/D60HF's suffered from the same affliction when the older they got) is that the PUSH-TAPE OVERRIDE isn't working. the push-tape override is a switch which allows the B/O to automatically control the rear door identical to the front. it may be the electrical wiring that operates the doors has given out... which wouldn't be a surprise to me, to be honest. the OG's & NG's electrical wiring are known to short out (headlights, running/clearance lights, run boxes, taillights)
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    Unless Transdev decides to sell NICE altogether(which they won't) or the county decides to kick them out of the island.....no, LIRR is not taking over.
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    To add to what @SevenEleven said, the zones are distance based & every route has a certain (total) amount of zones it serves along its route... Until you familiarize yourself where a particular zone begins/ends, you can go online & check the individual timetables for each route... The map section of the timetable shows you where each zone begins & ends... It also tells you the amount of zones the route serves, along with the corresponding fare you have to pay.... Route #10: https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/T0010.pdf Route #80: https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/T0080.pdf Route #119: https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/T0119.pdf ------------------ Route #119 is an interstate route btw (the fare zone chart [or, price] for intrastate travel & interstate travel are different, but you won't have to worry about the latter, since you're not taking it to/from NY).... But again, if you look on the timetable, it shows you all that information... The entire route #80 encompasses 1 fare zone - so no matter where you get on, the fare will always be that $1.60 (the fare to travel within 1 zone) Route #10 encompasses 2 fare zones - which means it only has one boundary.... Again, refer to the map on the timetable of where that boundary along the route is.... If you're on one side of the boundary & wish to cross it, you have to pay for 2 fare zones (which is that $2.55).... If you don't, then you pay the $1.60, as you're traveling within 1 zone..... Hope any/all of this helps, bro.....
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    Yeah, I don't see any problem with the scattering of colors about the map either... Right now it's only what - red, orange, purple, blue, skyblue, light green, and dark green for the expresses.... Now if they started adding sea green, pank (hot pink), dark brown, yellow, burgundy, macaroni, and a bunch of other goofy colors for the routes, at that point it'd be like yeah, ease up on the crayola shit.... I'm simply not seeing the need to correlate the color coding behind the subway lines & wanting to color code a bunch of bus routes that (as you've plainly stated) go all over the place.... With the subways, the color of the subway bullets are shown all throughout the subway system (platform signage, upon entry/exit of each station, on the trains themselves (well not so much on the newer fleets)), so it's far more relevant.... That, and there's only but so many Manhattan trunk lines & other lines like the , , , that are lone wolves (so to speak... lol)..... Coloring the Q24 line (for example) on the map as the same color as all the other routes that serve Jamaica, OTOH won't mean much of anything once you stop looking at the bus map.... On the current Queens map, I think it's skyblue IIRC... Now where on any bus operating as the Q24 do you see any inkling of a skyblue Q24 emblem? (Although I will admit, I would like to see more color{s} on the destination signs themselves than just the lime green or orange - which, while petty enough, is one of the few things I liked about the introduction of SBS).....
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    This is less about actually scrubbing the cars clean and more so about keeping out the homeless, who are seen as mass viral vectors since they don;t wear masks, don;t follow hygiene protocol, are all at high risk of infection due to medical issues, and quite frankly, scare the hell out of everyone now. Maybe one positive out of all of this horror is that the city will finally get real on helping the "subway homeless" through court mandated treatment, supportive housing, etc.
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    Huh, silly me. Here I was, thinking that Governor Andrew Cuomo had no control of the MTA whatsover.
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    IIRC, the flagging position is still required even if there are no trains to flag.
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    For class 3-16-2020 We are honored that, however we had already qualified as drivers. We have been sent home for the last month as well with pay. Not everyone gets sworn in only the NYCTA does as its civil service so that is a good point. Honestly I do not think so because your not on payroll yet or are you???. Just my opinion though. Hopefully New York DMV opens up soon so that we can continue with our new careers!
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    They are spoiled. IMO the ones to be complaining are those who were stuck riding the . They had to put up with the R46s for 35 years. If they keep complaining, the should make trains of R32s on the provide all service (sounds evil hehe) for two full weeks so that they can learn that the world does not revolve around them.
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