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    I don’t think so. Just now, they have the buses and drivers to do it, so why not. Also, you can do more social distancing on artic buses
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    They've been training for the past couple of weeks down in Coney Island with the 4700s. I always see them passing my job saying Training Bus.
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    I've been quite busy speaking with the media this year. Will be speaking with another Transit reporter tomorrow over the phone.
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    Yes there were trainees sitting in the seats, all with PPE. NYC is likely on track to resume normal operations in early June.
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    1961-1999 were part of the 2012ish linking, but otherwise yeah, something like that. And as Calvin posted some of the most recent 19xx cars may actually just be coupled in order, not linked yet – have to check the couplers to confirm. I'm also in favor of keeping some singles, but there's definitely an argument to simplify and reduce part with linked sets. At least that's been their wisdom since the 80s.
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    Now that’s a first right there. An artic on the B2. Looks like Flatbush is making a case to become all artic in the near future.
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    Yes and Yes. Two reasons. #1 so that all trains still on the road can be cleaned in terminals without interference of those who refuse to leave the train preventing the cleaners access to the entire train, which leads to #2 which is to have legal standing to get the homeless out of the system (since NYPD didn't want to enforce the "subway service is for essential employees only getting to and from work) they can now enforce the "the system is closed and you are now trespassing" without any ACLU's crying that they're targetting the homeless specifically).
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    A: Its a train that transports signals around the system thats based out of 207. The “Signal Supply Car” itself a specialty car (contract R74) that carries signals based off of information from www.nycsubway.org. It has the H2C couplers, so it gets hauled around by SMEE equipment. Whats unusual is that the dollies have third rail shoes, from which can be inferred that the dolly has motors, which is unlike any specialty work car. Link to nycsubway page on Signal Dolly
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    Those drivers were put on notice...
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    Yes, all the way into the 80s they had searchlight type signals among the catenary.
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    Finally, I've had no issue getting the exp bus to stop for me for two consecutive days! Sad that it took so much to get this fixed, but I'll take it.
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    I'd say it'd be akin to a larger version of Rockland's bus network.... Only exception being, Nassau would keep the inter-county routes. No, have this guy tell it, the resources being used to run a "premium"-like service through Queens to/from the subway, should instead be better distributed by having two separate bus routes running between LIRR Bellmore & Levittown (one via North Bellmore & the other via East Meadow).... Now just wtf is there on Salisbury Park dr. between the Wantagh state & Newbridge? And good luck ending the other route smack in the middle of residential Levittown.... Right from the horse's mouth: "Cutting those back to the city line would free up a significant amount of resources that could be dedicated towards increasing frequency on LI routes or expanding bus service to people who have no options now." It's a problem when existing routes are carrying a dozen riders per bus on only hourly service - but apparently, that problem would evaporate by having MORE buses running throughout the county with even LESS riders on them? I'm not sure if the rest of his fellow detractors have picked up on it, but his arguments are actually centered around quantity of service, not quality..... In other words, he's selling quantity under the guise of quality - which is an attempt to urbanize Nassau county's bus system in an insular fashion.... But yet, LI's current transit network is segregated? Man, GTFOH..... I've had enough of the wacky adventures here in bizarro world & I'm not being featured in the next exciting episode....
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    The thing about NICE is, once you get a car, it's not appealing, unless you're commuting by subway because parking and traffic sucks. Other than that... I used to give the benefit of the doubt for discretionary trips, leave my car home and walk to the NICE bus stop. What happened numerous times? FLAGGED! No thanks. Not to mention that since NICE buses are closed door and are much faster than Queens buses, they really do zoom past all the Queens routes, especially on Hillside Ave. It's almost like a premium service in that sense, you see the people on the Queens routes dreadfully watching the NICE buses zipping by as their bus pokes along. (That is not something a Queens Redesign is going to help with if the B/O themselves are going +/-20MPH). 20MPH is like motorized bike speed, but that's another story. Another example is the inter-county ridership. Many people use the Springfield Blvd stop on the N6, so instead of an additional 2-3 min ride on the bus, you want them to transfer and wait up to 10 mins or more for a Q2/Q110 or (QT38)?
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    Hello all, I’ve been reading this forum for a while now and I finally decided to make an account and join in. As it turns out, I’d already signed up all the way back in 2014 and totally forgotten about it, so here I am! I live in London and I’ve only been to New York once (in 2008) but I hope to visit again soon. Best wishes, Elshad
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    lol i swear before God & man that this was going to be my next sentence, but decided against it in the interest of not having my post be too long. it was in those days that i was growing into the belief that transit/DOB/Brooklyn Division depots absolutely prioritized certain lines over others. East NY in those days was overcrowded & stretched thin (B8, B78, splitting the 20 & 82, B60, etc.) and got by by the skin of their teeth... found a way & made a way. not to say the 14's & 25's of the world saw outstanding service in those times, but FB never loved the 7 & 78... going back to the mid-70's (from tales i was told) and the B8 was that for UP. one thing i can say for a fact is that the reason why we all notice how bad the Grand Avenue B47 is, is because some of us remember the brief moment when Flatbush had the 47 after the merger, and due to the use of the Rutland Rd short-sign (outside of just school-trippers & rush hours) service was fantastic south of east 98 street. to this day, no one can explain why when GA took over, they ended the Rutland shorties (and the am Mill Avenue/Avenue U shorts) it had to be a run pay scenario, but I've never been proven correct or incorrect.
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    I agree that 4-5 car sets are a problem in that regard, but on the other hand, single units are too much of a hassle (parts, weight, maintenance). Kawasaki and Bombardier did not have an easy time building the R62/As as single units; the shitty A/C on the R62As, for example, is the result of a weight and/or cost-saving measure. I'm of the mind that 2-car married pairs offer a reasonable middle ground; MBTA, SEPTA, CTA, LA Metro, and many other operators have ordered married pairs long after NY stopped doing so- if it works for them, it should work for us.
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    The Myrtle was all about the Benjamins. The structure south of Broadway wasn't built to handle the modern steel equipment. That's why the BMT Standards were only used north of the Broadway-Myrtle .station . The Culver shuttle only used one of the three tracks between Ditmas and Ninth Avenue. The stations were in extremely poor shape when I was a RR Porter in the late sixties and I guess the structure was too. Once the IND connection was made at Ditmas it's fate was sealed. Remember that back then el demolishing was in vogue. The TA always promised alternative solutions for the demolition but, in my lifetime, those two as well as the Fulton and Lexington in Brooklyn, the eastern Jamaica, the Polo Grounds shuttle and the Third Avenue el in Manhattan and the Bronx are gone. The IND Fulton did replace it's BMT counterpart but the passenger's opposition was papered over with unkept promises for the most part and they ended up losing what little they had. That's my recollection and that's why I believe very little of the stats and promises coming from the . Carry on.
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    TRAVEL ALERT: BxM9 riders, we pushed for and got an earlier bus to address overcrowding on the 6:15am bus. Happy to announce that there WILL be a BxM9 starting from Throggs Neck tomorrow at 5:45am. Please note that it will NOT be trackable on BusTime or MYmta.
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    Props to you for escalating my complaints! This morning, the dispatcher was parked at my stop, and when he saw me he introduced himself, apologized for the games the BOs playes, said they yelled at the BOs I complained about, and he was there to make sure the buses stopped to pick me up and the BOs know not to play any more games. One of the BOs that had hassled me last week of course stopped for me and was clearly pissed when he saw the dispatcher talking to me lol The dispatcher explained that he normally was sitting at.Main Steet, and if a bus was empty he didn't make them go into the city, but that led some guys to play these games.
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    Honestly after over 100 of my fellow co workers dead from this virus.. I could give a rats rear end what any homeless person or any other person who might be "inconvenienced" thinks... Seriously...
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    Huh? Part Suspended Posted: 05/11/2020 11:32PM There are delays and multiple impacts in and train service after someone was struck by a train near 149 St - Grand Concourse. train service is temporarily suspended in both directions between 149 St - Grand Concourse and 125 St. train service is suspended in both directions between Chambers St and Atlantic Av - Barclays Ctr. For service along Lexington Av line, take a train. For service between Manhattan and Brooklyn use an or train.
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