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    Point blank, no codes are "top secret", nor are they that hard to decipher. Eventually, they will come out in full(hence how TTMG had a code list)....Most people on here have a general idea of what the codes are and what numerical sequence is for what borough, local or express. Stop making it sound like they are top secret government codes or something. And stop tagging us in almost every single post you make.
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    I'm sayin though.... If you have something & want to share it to the public, have at it.... If you don't want to publicly share whatever it is you have, don't publicly post that you have it.... Simple concept, really.... This is that whole, beg me for what I have, on some attention seeking crap..... If you're going to dangle something over my head like that, then you can keep it....
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    Stop the exaggeration....they're not top secret.
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    I'm sure the Destination Codes are right up there with president's nuclear codes in terms of secrecy LOL
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    Has no business running past 165th bus terminal AFAIC... Serving Addisleigh Park via 174th makes more sense if you're descending from Liberty..... Speaking of which, the folks more proximate to that end of the neighborhood would have to put up with that god-awful QT68 route..... But yeah, having buses turn off Merrick to serve 174th, to end up swinging back on Merrick (at Linden) to terminate, doesn't do that neighborhood much justice.... Having buses go Merrick → 111th av → Sayres would have sufficed, if you're going to serve the neighborhood from the Merrick side.... As for what you've brought up at the end there, it does make me wonder how a Q60 to Addisleigh Park would've performed usage-wise.
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    How could a derailing train knock out power to half of Midtown? Something a bit more realistic: A garbage train on the Bay Ridge Branch derails and spews toxic garbage onto the platform at Avenue H . This causes the closure of the station and all tracks except the NB express track (you can use that track) A slow moving NJT train in sunnyside Yard collides with an overspeeding Amtrak train, and they both knock into the support structures of the . As a precaution, The line is closed Hunters Point Av to QB Plaza. A severe windstorm on the East River causes whirlpools between 50 St and 57 St. Because of this, the 53 St Tunnels are closed. A track fire inside the Bowling Green loop causes all trains in the area to not be able to pass. This affects the . REROUTE AWAY!
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    Noisiest thing about those trains was me and my homeboy talking on them with an American ex-pat we met that lived on the UWS. He didn’t tell us Londoners are like the Japanese regarding talking on trains. Next trip I’ll take video of the trains so you can hear how quiet they are vs our Bombardiers.
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    Although for a period of time the sub-surface stock did use the year in addition to a letter, starting with the A60/62, then the C69/77 and finally the D78, before it was dropped again for the S Stock, which should have been the S10 Stock if the old numbering scheme had been continued.
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    What would be the S7/S8? (Nicest looking mass transit vehicles I’ve ever seen - S7/S8.)
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    What if NYC named their rolling stock like London where it's by year? Here's what the names would be, from 1964 to now using the year they went into production. R32: 1964 Stock R38: 1966 Stock R40: 1967 Stock R42: 1969 Stock R44: 1971 Stock R46: 1975 Stock R62: 1983 Stock R62A: 1984 Stock R68: 1986 Stock R68A: 1988 Stock R142/A: 1999 Stock R143: 2001 Stock R160A/B: 2005 Stock R188: 2011 Stock R179: 2016 Stock R211: 2020 Stock
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    Is Jones Beach still a thing, or nah? Short of that bus coming close to carrying air, you're only going to get so much space to yourself on a public bus anyway....
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    The beaches on Long Island will be open, but not NYC.
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    None of this would be an issue if the MTA still had the old scroll signs. The DOT franchise lines had them until roughly 2000. The best ones were for NYBS "Manhattan Express" and for Command's "Manhattan All Stops". No codes for that. /s/
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    Nobody said you were...if I want it, I'll PM you
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    You should unsend that/delete it. Those are secret, right @Cait Sith? Also, there is one top secret code that I know that I am not saying on here, but I will PM it to you if you want it.
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    They haven't been top secret since 1998!
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    From all that I knew, they were!
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    Leaving the city and state should count as cheating lol... M60 might be the longest in NYC itself.
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    Lol at the double meaning.... The S89 doesn't beat the M60 by an (idiomatic) mile, it beats it by a (literal) mile Regardless, yeah, this answers MHV's question... No other (local) route in the system has the difference between two stops on the same route as the S89 between Walker & 34th st HBLR.....
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    Yep, we're both addressing that gap along Francis Lewis, north of 20th av.... Only difference is that your QT64 alteration would use more of Utopia (north of Northern), whereas my twist on it, would have QT64's use more of Francis Lewis & not using Utopia (north of Northern) at all.... A QT51x of sorts would have the same routing as the proposed QT51.... What I should have mentioned, was that I would make the QT51 a full time local route (as in, making local stops on Northern as well)... So if we were to have the QT51 be a full time route in our little scenario, the QT51x would act as the (MTA proposed) QT51....
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    S89 beats the M60 by a mile which means the S89 makes about 4 miles total (Bayonne Bridge)
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    The B40/B78 were pretty good before the merger despite having to transfer for Ralph Av service. The B40 was down the block from ENY so runtime was smooth never waited long it seemed. Now the B78 not so much you would be lucky to catch it from a connecting line very erratic run wise but also smooth line.
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    The B3 crawls enough on Av. U as is it is.... While you can argue it doesn't do much for Bath Beach residents, running it all the way to VA Hospital would mar the route..... Don't really see such an extension being all that worth it, in terms of patronage..... Also, I find it funny that you think there should be two local routes in Bath Beach running between 14th av & 25th av - yet you say the B74 should be discontinued because its supplementary to the B36..... The B74 along its respective routing garners far more riders than the B64 between that aforementioned stretch (14th-25th av's).... The B74 remedies a longstanding problem with the B36 for CI riders - and that's reliability.... I'd also argue current B36 service levels aren't enough to facilitate the demand to get to/from the Stillwell - CI subway from areas east of Stillwell...... Nevermind the fact you also believe the B36 should (unnecessarily) run up to the Junction.... Regardless, the existence of the B74 is warranted.... Coney Island is more dense than people like to give it credit for.... The B4 routing in that part of Sheepshead Bay exists to provide service/coverage on the south side of the Belt..... If anything, I'd terminate buses along Shore Pkwy b/w Bragg & Coyle (instead of over there by the 7-eleven).... Running B4's up to Xaverian won't remedy much of anything - and for damn sure it won't have people xferring to the express buses.... Straightening the B6 to where it would bypass the Junction would f**k over too large a percentage of people utilizing the eastern half of the route.... The connection to the is the main draw.... You say you have experience & knowledge of these routes you're commenting on, yet you're suggesting something so largely detrimental to this route? The issues with the B6 (and the B8) have less to do with the amount of turns they make & more to do with how long the two routes are.... Honestly, much of nobody really cares about the amount of turning the B11 does in that area.... What is it with you & eliminating turns that provide direct access to subway stations? What you so-call "babysitting" can mean the difference in wanting to utilize a bus route or not, for some folks..... The problematic portion of the route is along narrow 49th/50th streets, not the turns buses are making between 4th av & the Brooklyn Army Terminal area.... The B16 does not have similar issues you're proclaiming the B11 has... The problem people have with the B16 aren't the amount of turns it makes, it's that it turns off Ft. Hamilton Pkwy to serve 13th/14th avenues.... While I agree the thing should run along Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. to "babysit" that demand, it's not due to the indirect nature of the current routing..... What makes a bus route "deserving" of being extended somewhere? The B31 is fine right where it is... Suits Gerritsen Beach riders just fine & AFAIK, there is no great demand to get from other areas of Brooklyn to Gerritsen Beach.... You can claim that there needs to be more B35 service running past McDonald av, but short turning buses have much of nothing to do with being supplementary... You're making it sound like every trip ran to Sunset Park prior & the MTA ended up adding/piling on short turns on top of it, to somehow stick it to Sunset Park riders or something (which would be a fallacy).... Budget cuts are the reason today's B61 takes on the current routing/structure/form that it does.... Short of reverting the B77 (and having it extended to 20th st, where the current B61 terminates at) & cutting back the B61 to IKEA, the current B61 suffices.... Whatever the DOT does with the roads in Red Hook, is whatever.... So just eenie-meenie-miney-mo & eliminate service along Vanderbilt? Yeah, nice logic there.... There should be at least one route panning north-south between Flatbush av & Classon av.... Network coverage. You can't have every B41 trip running to Kings Plaza (especially now with how the terminal layout is); there's no space for it.... Zero need to have the B100 backtrack from Fillmore up to Av. N, so it can take over the Bergen Beach branch of the B41, to go on to cover the rest of the B100 route in Mill Basin.... So much for this apparent crusade in wanting to eliminate unnecessary turns Having the B103 run up Flatbush av, to Church av., to Coney Island av. would have it getting stuck in more traffic, what the hell are you talking about?????
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    I've been quite busy speaking with the media this year. Will be speaking with another Transit reporter tomorrow over the phone.
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    Those drivers were put on notice...
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    Hey everyone, I started a fundraiser for MTA workers who have been affected by COVID-19. Many of us are dealing with losses and are even out of work with no pay. If you can take the time to share this and send some love, it would be greatly appreciated! It's a tough time for us, as well. Everyone stay safe out there! Link: GoFundMe Page SB: This post has been approved by Harry.
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    Recent stuff. Enjoy 8/24/2019 8/25/2019 8/26/2019 8/30/2019 8/31/2019 9/3/2019 Forever Photography
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    This past weekend, the MTA's New York Transit Museum, held their 5th annual Parade Of Trains over on the BMT Brighton Line at the Brighton Beach station. This year's attendees were the BRT Brooklyn Union Elevated Cars, BRT / BMT Standards, IND R1/9s, and the new consist coupled sets of R-33 / R-38, which were built by the St. Louis Car Company. Please enjoy this blast from the past experience.
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    Despite their age, the Arnines really showed off at the Parade of Trains, reaching ~45 MPH on the express run from Kings Highway to Brighton Beach. Enjoy!
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    Enjoy this short jaunt on the R33 World's Fair from the Parade of Trains! More photos and videos to follow soon!
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    Just a little something that I've been sitting on since June. Enjoy!
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    Here are my photos taken today while at the newly renovated 39th Avenue-Dutch Kills and Broadway stations on the and lines in Queens: R68A 5080 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R68A 5018 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R142A 7540 approaching Queensboro Plaza by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 9473 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 8653 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 9448 approaching 39th Avenue-Dutch Kills by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 8687 leaving Broadway (N) by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 8662 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 9262 leaving 39th Avenue-Dutch Kills by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160A 9472 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8782 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 9103 approaching Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8738 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8803 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8837 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8788 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 9208 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8917 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 9098 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 9038 entering Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8943 entering 39th Avenue-Dutch Kills by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 9047 leaving 39th Avenue-Dutch Kills by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8988 leaving Broadway by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr R160B 8908 leaving 39th Avenue-Dutch Kills by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more! 🙂
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