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    I believe it's called "Covid-19 caused people to stay home and/or lose their jobs"
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    We have a random thoughts thread for a reason.
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    Technically the bus is fine at 11. Not ideal, but you should be able to sit about every other seat without a problem. They are trying keep the express buses at 22-25 tops. Anything over that, the driver should be radioing in for another bus. I had a BxM9 passenger in my group that asked if we could get an earlier bus for them because the first bus is now at 6:15 instead of the usual 4:45am, so we got the to start a 5:45am bus despite me being told that the 6:15 wasn't all that crowded. They actually had standees on that first bus one day and they were doubled up other days, so better safe than sorry. As for the Eagle Team, at least some of them are retired cops, and they are paid well. Don't expect them to do anything more than they are being paid to do, which isn't much to begin with. They spend more time at the Waffles & Dinges cart than they do anything else. lol
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    Here’s something to consider: Phase 3 and 4 will most likely not be complete for at least 30 years given MTA problems. Personally, rather than waste time thinking about all these alignments, people should focus on making the first two SAS phases as useful as possible- that means sending both the up SAS, extending the 125th street line to 8th, and thinking about the merits of Bronx extensions such as one up 3rd or Webster. I’d much rather see SAS phase 3-4 $ be used to bring service to the central Bronx (where construction can be much cheaper and cut and cover due to less dense construction) than spend a huge period of time building an astronomically expensive subway.
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    When stuff like this happens, consistency is already thrown out the window. No matter how hard you try to get trains to keep a even spacing, it's just not possible. You sometimes just have to squeeze trains in wherever possible in order to not delay other trains behind you. Under what I posted, there wouldn't be any trains on 6th Avenue. You still need trains to run in Queens as well, hence why some are terminating at Court Square and heading back. Also, having all and trains terminating at Court Square together can cause congestion issues. If there's a scenario where an from the north and a from the south are both a stop away from Court Square (and there's already another train on the other track), it's best to send the down Crosstown since it'll cause less delays, especially since the isn't anywhere close to the incident location. This is why some trains are also going down Broadway. There are times where trains are laid up at the lower level of Canal on the weekend, and this is assuming that it isn't possible (and the middle track is unusable). As for the vs. scenario, it's more or less damage control. You can't have the carrying everything and running all local into upper Manhattan and Brooklyn with no , and you can't just leave 2nd Avenue without anything (and have everyone go to Lexington Ave). You could potentially have trains running approximately every 12 minutes just to reduce the tph in that segment and potential conflicts, but they'll still exist.
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    Madison Avenue from 57 St to 23 St would leave the East Side from 57 to 23 St Empty, when there could've been a train there. I also don't know how the can end at Prospect Park and turn back Weekends/Late Nights. the QBL looks the same, but now it's overcrowded, because there's a (?) Local train, along with and trains. You face the same issue with Pre-2010 routes. I'm also confused on where the is, but I'm assuming that the and are on South 4th St? and the still run on Jamaica. The current Phase 3 and 4 isn't useless, and the issue that people have with it is the lack of transfers. It being not apart of Midtown isn't the problem, there's a bunch of trains in Midtown and that area is covered. But the East Side from Lex/Park Av South to FDR Drive is lacking in trains. So adding a service to Third or Second Avenue fixes that. If anything, Madison Avenue having a subway is a big waste when you can fill the gap on the East Side of Manhattan.
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    The MTA is not responsible for providing shelter for the homeless.... Therefore, no reason to have to reach out to a third party.
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    hmmm. Since we're on the topic of Second Avenue, this method (from an operational standpoint) would maximize everything. Someone brought up having a tunnel diverge from 3rd Avenue onto 72nd Street, this is what I envision: - Harlem-125th Street (with Bronx Provisions), to Brooklyn via 3rd and 2nd Avenues: Harlem-125th Street (with Bronx Provisions) MNRR, M60+ Lexington Avenue-63rd Street [Eliminates the need of a Lex 59-63rd Transfer IMO 53rd Street (Transfer to the and , maybe a line if we do something about Queens) 42nd Street LIRR, MNRR [Swing to 2nd Avenue at 37th Street] 23rd Street 14th Street M14A/D+ Houston Street Grand Street [Takes over the and in south Brooklyn. These 2 routes are rerouted to WIlliamsburg] , or - Flushing-Main Street to Broad Street. Flushing-Main Street LIRR 108th Street Junction Blvd 80th Street 71st Street Broadway (Transfer to the and ) 48th Street [Swings under 36th Avenue] Steinway Street 31st Street [ Transfer to the or at 36th Street] 21st Street [Maybe] Roosevelt Island Bridge 2nd Avenue ( transfer at 72nd Street) (Same Stops as the between 63rd Street and Grand Street] Cantham Square [Swings under Park Row afterwards] Fulton Center [Replaces the line] Broad Street [possible Brooklyn Extension] I'll make an expansion map later conveying my ideas.
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    It could be done since the 2 Avenue tunnels are at a higher elevation than the 63 Street tunnels. The 60 Street tunnels are also deep enough to allow for another tunnel above it. Starting from the stub ends at East 65 Street, the 2 Avenue mainline could curve diagonally to East 62 Street and 3 Avenue and have a station span East 60 Street through East 62 Street (10 blocks away from East 72 Street in Manhattan distance). The next station down at East 53 Street would be 7 blocks away (not a bad thing for midtown stations). And the next one down at East 42 Street would be 8 blocks away.
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    Nice level of detail there with the turnaround. Free advertising. PART SUSPENDED Posted: 05/21/2020 8:12PM Q12 bus service is suspended in both directions between Alameda Ave and Glenwood St because of road work on Northern Blvd. Q12 buses are terminating and departing from Northern Blvd at Alameda Ave in front of East Hills Chevrolet of Douglaston.
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    The best place to turn is probably where there are least amount of buildings above the diagonal tunnel path. As I noted: The block bounded by East 36 Street, East 37 Street, 1 Avenue, and 3 Avenue has vacant ground (currently used for parking) and going under it would disturb as little private property as possible. Heck, it could even cut diagonally all the way to 1 Avenue and East 35 Street and go down that avenue before curving back to Chrystie Street at East 1 Street under First Park and Sara D. Roosevelt Park.
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    What part of that bus looks freshly repainted lol?
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    It’s currently budgeted but this is the we’re talking about . The plan was supposed to be started after the Grand Central ESA opening, IIRC. Of course I seem to remember people saying that Phase 2 of the SAS is/was funded, too. I’ve been around the block for 70+ years, never been to Missouri, but “ show me “ and only then will I believe these plans will come to fruition. The present day dead end at Parsons-Archer comes to mind. Just my opinion. Carry on.
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    Who knows how much all of this will end up costing in the future & how long the fare recovery ratio will be as low as whatever its dwindled to..... Ignoring that rear door boarding has been "legal" since the inception of Select Bus Service for a second, given the circumstances behind it all, it's rather immaterial to me at this point.... I don't see it as this bonanza of free service as a lot of people might either, because I do believe in the law of averages.....
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    R32 are already retired but I don’t think this is for the right thread
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    What a day of MTA incompetence...first, this morning I get on the QM5 which has 7 other people. As you know, since about 1/3 of the seats in the front are roped off, and all the other seats are fairly close together, there isn't that much room for social distancing. We get to Main Street, and a QM6 pulls up. The B/O's make a deal that the 3 passengers on the QM6 transfer to our bus so that the B/O can get paid to take a nice little nap somewhere. So, now we are up to 11 people, which makes it impossible to keep social distance. It is utterly ridiculous that 2 B/Os are getting paid but all passengers need to squeeze onto one bus and put everyone at higher risk for no reason at all! Then, it gets even better. When I get back to Queens, I get off at Main Street to go into that Key Food on the corner of Union and Main. In the parking lot, there is a woman (who had an MTA vest on her dashboard) literally punching and choking her child, with two other kids screaming for dear life in the back seat. I have never seen something so disturbing in my life. Anyway, I of course pull out my phone to call 911, but then I see an Eagle Team van parked at the corner. I rush over to them, point out what is happening, and the lazy a** says "We aren't PD, you have to call PD." I respond with "are you kidding me?? You have a badge and a uniform, you can at least try to intervene until the real cops get here, you look like a cop and a kid's life may be in real danger." He just ignored me, and instead I had to wait for NYPD to arrive, but by then the mom already left the parking lot; the cops tried to find her, but I highly doubt they did. I know these Eagle Team guys are glorified security guards, but they do have badges and can write tickets, so they have some sort of power. So disappointing to see this.
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