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    2022: "Terminal B and hov lane. Transfer to M60 Plus and Q50-L-T-D."
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    Just look at all that northbound service
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    You are new person on this board, correct? Or you could be a person who used to be here and left, either by your own volition or could have been terminated by a moderator and you are making a comeback under another "name". I'm not accusing or making any conclusions, just giving the genesis on how we get new posters.. I say all this because you have a small number of posts. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a retired NYCT train operator and I did that for 33+ years with my first 14 months as a conductor. I have been retired for almost 6 1/2 years. I remain friends with many in transit and speak with them often so I know what's going on in their area. Because of this, I know how the company structure works from experience. Now for everybody else here who may need this tutorial: Working for transit is akin for working in the military, except you go home every night. There is a rule book that applies to every employee in transit. For Rapid Transit Operations there are General Orders, there are Bulletins; there are Notices; there are Mandatory Compliance Directives. Each department has these (except General Orders), and there are many departments in transit. Is that military enough? When the Bulletin or Notice came out in regards to the R179's being taken out of service it was very simple. THE CARS ARE OUT OF SERVICE TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Period. No questions asked. Now you guys can ask questions as to when they're coming back, speculate all you want, hope all you want, but as far as transit is concerned, there is a different department involved and when they return, the cars go to Car Equipment Dept. who in turn gives them back to Rapid Transit Operations. That is when the cars will be back on the road. Nobody in transit knows when the cars will be back. There are a lot of executive discussions and consultants involved here. The MILITARY EQUIVALENT OF ALL THE 4 STAR GENERALS IN DISCUSSION BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. When the OK comes from them to run the cars again the various OK's come down the pipeline from department to department thru the "Captains" and "Lieutenants" of the various departments. Don't forget, MTA AND NYCT are involved here. That OK could come down tomorrow, it could come down July 1; or 15; or 30, or any day in between. Same for August, September...... Nobody knows because the cars are OUT OF SERICE TILL FURTHER NOTICE. I hope I accurately explained what further notice means.
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    wtf u going on about. Out of service until FURTHER NOTICE
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    The union did not want them running. Period. Since the R32's are supposed to be running Wed. July 1 as per newspaper reports, I suppose the union lost their "appeal". If they went to an arbitrator IDK. Maybe the union just expressed their concerns and transit is blocking off the front of the cabs to the satisfaction of the union, IDK. But management has a lot of power. For example if the union does not like a new work program ( jobs/schedules the workers pick) they can complain all they want, but management has the final say. The union has given up a lot in RTO for recent contracts. "If you give this and that up you get your raise" . RTO gives it up and the fruits go to every TWU represented worker in the company. Train Operators and Conductors always vote "NO" on contracts. There's a lot of politics involved with unions anyway. But no matter how much the workers are disenfranchised with their union (any union) "A lousy union is better than no union". You young ones will realize this someday. My advice: never work for a company that has a lot of workers with no union. I did before transit. A bank, and the company treated us like sh**, worse than TWU would ever do. That's the problem with Amazon. All the company needs to hear or see some guy is trying to organize one, he'll get fired with some trumped up BS charges. But I'm getting too far off topic......
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    ...because NYC isn't a world class city without 24/7 subway service. Apparently he doesn't "love NY" enough. Sure, just remember that when you have trips going unfilled.... Happened to a few people on this forum alone. An expanded overnight bus network isn't an alternative if it ends up being the sole option to get around by public transportation... Let's not get too hasty with the *subway isn't necessary during the overnight hours* rhetoric.....
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    Fitting that I took the only wrapped Q70 early yesterday morning then; maybe I should play the lotto... Speaking of lotteries, I suppose you're jubilant that the Q70's now articulated - it goes right up your alley with one day having it combined with the Q53.....
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    Perhaps if we had an intelligent National response from Day 1 this discussion wouldn’t be needed. Unfortunately we have an uncoordinated hodgepodge of actions statewide and locally. Look at New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore for example. Masks, distance restrictions and even lockdowns were effective means of combating the virus. Some people in this country seemed to put the economy over human life . Simply put if your population is worried about their own health and that of their loved ones the economy will never fully recover because we will be doing things in fits and starts. I understand both sides of the argument but when it comes down to the nitty gritty I’m gonna listen to the medical experts before any economists , especially the political hacks on television. If a medical professional warned me about riding mass transit because of typhoid or leprosy I’d take the advice to heart. It’s all about how much risk one is willing to take. Feeding your family is one thing but riding for the heck of it is something that I wouldn’t do. Just my opinion. YMMV. Carry on.
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    you know that we are in phase 2 going into phase 3 right. lots of people are outside and going to work and etc. While i do agree with the crowding at the front but you can't tell people to stay home. we have stayed in for 3 whole months, That whole essential worker stuff is out the window since non essential jobs are back open. It's the summer and its 80+ degrees outside. no one is staying in. as long as people wear a mask and socially distance themselves, It should be fine. Railfans are gonna fan, as long as they do right by wearing a mask and socially distance themselves from others, It should be fine. Plus Beaches are opening for swimming on the 1st so you gonna have crowds regardless.
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    So, you (or your "parents") chose to reply to your own posts too? You're full of crap.
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    Multiple Impacts There are delays and multiple impacts in service while we remove fallen tree branches from the tracks at Beverley Rd and Avenue H. Northbound trains are stopping along the line from Coney Island - Stillwell Av to DeKalb Av. trains are running express between Prospect Park and Kings Hwy in both directions. For service to/from bypassed stations, use southbound trains. Continue to expect delays in and train service in both directions. Posted: 6/29/20 8:26 PM
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    That's basically talking so much and saying nothing. It's a classical cop-out answer, because all Cuomo has to do is state that it's necessary to keep cleaning for [insert reason here] reason after the pandemic subsidies.
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    Best I can recommend is clicking the link button (see arrow in the image) and pasting it. The site automatically embeds it (if you don't have that function turned off).
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    1300 was at Zerega, but now it's back in New Jersey. That was a rather short visit. I suppose that it's going back for more adjustments.
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    For one, the Q70 is a thing, and it was just shifted to artic operations. For two, LIC is great if you don't live in Queens. If you do, you run into a worse take on AirTrain JFK's Jamaica Branch (thanks to odd funding rules, it literally can't be used by anyone between the terminus and the airport, even if the people at intermediate points would be looking to reach the airport). The best way to connect LIC to LaGuardia by train is to extend Astoria (/) there.
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    The solution to a bus lane getting screwed up by double parking is to, I don't know, actually enforce and tow double parkers. People will stop double parking real fast if they have to get their car from the impound lot.
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    i can understand your current mentality with the situation at hand but the pandemic isn't as severe here like it was back in march. if you said this back in march or april even i would definitely agree considering how traumatic the spread of the virus was back then. but now things are a lot safer than before and while we do have to wear face coverings the city is basically almost back to normal. and just because the virus is spreading in other parts of the country doesn't mean we cannot take protective measures to prevent it from coming back here again as we already know how the virus can get widely transmitted. convincing new yorkers to hide indoors for the entire summer is definitely not happening. while the city was basically nothing but empty during march, now, more people are starting to go outside again and enjoy themselves because they are tired of being miserable and staying indoors. being indoors can induce a severe mental toll on the body, like anxiety, depression, or being miserable in general. no one wants to value logic over their own emotions during this time especially since they've been carrying an emotional and psychological burden for more than three months now. and given that the city is now slowly easing the lockdown restrictions, unlike in florida, texas, or arizona where they opened everything too early or quickly, this will only further motivate and justify the need for people to be outside now. and as for the railfanning part, as long as you wear a mask or face shield, avoid touching poles as much as you can, and fan alone, you should be fine when riding and/or fanning the subway. i recently started railfanning again in early june when i got word of the R160s being moved to the , wore proper face coverings, and it went just fine given that i was fanning alone. while you are correct that railfanning isn't essential, and i do agree with that, the best way to fan is to simply be more spread out and socially distant than usual. but in the end, its all your choice as for whether you want to go out or not. i'm just saying that because the effects of the pandemic have gradually lessened here, it partly justifies the need for more people to start going outside again.
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    Further proof that GH/KB does not maintain their buses.
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    Think about it, when a car is standing on the road with this design, how are other cars going to go around it? They will go into the bus lane to drive around the double parked car, so the buses still have to deal with cars merging in front of them. Doesn't really seem like an incredible improvement. Not to mention, the design requires left-turning cars to cross the bus lane to get to the left turn bay, which is a mess from the standpoint of merging. What happens when the left turn bay fills up? The line will back up into the bus lane, meaning the buses will have to merge into the general purpose lane to get around them. Let's go over the most obvious ones, then. - As stated earlier, buses are going to get cut off whenever someone is double parked, or wants to get into the left turn lane. - If someone is on the sidewalk and sees a bus at the bus stop, they may be encouraged to run to the bus stop against the light, since they only have one lane to cross. This is quite unsafe. Compare to this to a more standard setup, where someone would have to be significantly more invested to run across a 6-lane road against the light. - What happens when a bus breaks down in a bus stop? Any further buses will have to awkwardly merge into the general purpose lane and block it, and when those buses make a stop, passengers would need to go all the way back to the crosswalk, and then walk the entire length of the bus in the roadway just to get to the bus. Then, surprise, you now have horrible bus bunching and congestion. - This lane is planned to be 24/7, which is frankly unnecessary at low traffic times such as overnights (when the bus is running once an hour). You're forgetting the most important part, which is an actual reason for the bus lane to exist. I have been on 164th Street on both weekdays and weekends, and it never appears to be particularly congested (on the wide part, anyway). If this is how 164th Street generally is, there is no point in having a bus lane, since most cars move faster than the bus, therefore the bus is not getting held up by them. What did "motorists" do to deserve such a fate? Road design should be equitable, rather than throwing one group in the pit to satisfy the other. There are many situations where driving is more practical than taking transit (hint: most of these trips don't involve an endpoint in Manhattan). Not everyone wants to be in the transit system 1.5 to 2 hours each way. If electric cars are going to be the norm in decades, the climate crisis argument falls flat. Don't ruin the roads if the cars aren't going to be causing a crisis in the future? This is idiotic. The vast majority of drivers do not think like this, and it would take much more than a few minutes' increase to get people to even consider changing modes for that reason, especially considering that switching to transit has the potential to add 30-90 minutes to a commute. This also seems to contradict your earlier climate crisis argument. If a non-EV car is running for longer, it will burn more fuel and contribute more to the issue. It's almost as if having a more efficient road network is actually better. It comes off as condescending for you to say that people who disagree with your very specific views on things, are not getting "the point", as if your views are only to be accepted and not questioned. May I just point out that I have never said that this road should not receive a bus lane? I simply think that the design presented by NYCDOT is poorly thought out, and a sub-optimal way to utilize the road space.
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    When NYDN says this: ...but you know the Island Line on the Isle of Wight is using British Rail Class 483 trains that were first built as the London Underground's 1938 Stock...
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    COVID19 cases are going up around the country. You should not be out unless YOU HAVE TO BE OUT. Cases will go up in New York soon. Yes you can. Do you want more people killed? It is not a great sacrifice to stay home for longer to make sure vulnerable do not die.
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    As much as I love R32s, and would do almost anything to ride them again, I am not railfanning due to the pandemic. I do not recommend that you guys go out fanning, for the safety of essential workers and train crews. Crowding at the front is not safe for anyone, and makes trains unnecessarily crowded. There is no way to railfan things like this and be socially distant. STAY HOME. STAY SAFE.
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    The Brightliner R32s will be making a comeback on the first day of July. Only on the Jamaica lines as 90% of the line is outdoors.
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    Well, that was a cool little 39 minute ride (2:29am - 3:08am) on the new B99.... #4605 between Church av. & W. 34th st/8th av. Had wanted to ride the full route from the Junction, but as I was walking & got up to New York av, I saw a bus signed "Subway Shuttle" a block away.... Said screw it & took the thing.... Wasn't expecting many people on it, but the bus pulled up empty.... Me & some other dude boarded the thing, which made us the only 2 passengers.... B/o informed us that "This is not the B44"... The tag-along (some female employee) the b/o had on the bus also muttered something, but I honestly couldn't hear her.... Oh well. Anyway, we were the only 2 pax. on the bus, until we hit Canal/B'way (some looney got on).... Two more dudes got on at 14th (it was originally 3, but 1 of them thought it was the bus back to Brooklyn)... We hit 23rd, and a couple cross-dressers (putting it nicely) "across" the street, apparently was waiting for *something*... As we were waiting at a red light, one of them walked up the b/o & asked him *something* (I couldn't tell you what the... person, had asked - b/c at that point, I had my headphones on & was listening to ESPN radio.... Lol).... Dude that got on with me at Church got off at 23rd..... Started thinking about the return trip, so I just got off at 34th.... Along the way, I saw 3 buses in the opposite direction signed up as "Subway Shuttle" (at Franklin, at 7th av B/Q station, and at 6th/Canal (where apparently, where we caught up to another B99... both b/o's chatted it up for a couple seconds, then we pulled ahead & eventually made the turn onto 6th, first)..... All 3 of those buses had at least 10 people on them.... On the NB trip I was on though, at most, it was about 6 or 7 people.... ======================================== I also rode some other routes for the hell of it.... Forgive any typos, b/c I'm dead tired right now. I won't do a full trip report on the other routes (quite sure nobody cares at this point anyway, as the B99 is the star of the show right now... LOL), but after getting off the B99, I did the Q32 → Q70 → M60 → M2 (to 14th).... Then took the to Church (it was after 6am when I got over to Union Sq... trains were running by then) for the B35... * Side note on the M2... I had to walk down to 122nd to catch it; apparently SB buses aren't stopping at 125th/Powell... I didn't read the whole notice at the bus stop, but it mentioned something about catching the bus at either 122nd or 138th... Obvious choice to make there from 125th... ...and there you have it, y'all.
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    When the Post did the story on this, the vast majority of LGA customers were using anything BUT public transportation -- and stated that even if there was this new option, they would continue using their cars. The PA is already on its way to encourage people to use their own vehicles to JFK with their idea of raising Air Train fares. Yet another distraction, when attention should be focused on improving current transit woes that have made people want to use anything BUT public transportation for getting around ... practically everywhere in NYC. Once again, the commutes of a few somehow outweigh millions of others in the city.
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    Lol..... When has morals & integrity ever amounted to much of anything to a politician? That is exactly how I took his response to that.... You see, bloviation is the name of the game... I believe nary a word that is said, until whatever promises are made have been acted upon and/or implemented.
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    6274 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr This is the only one wrapped. Apparently the MTA wants some flexibility with 6275-6286.
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    Dont remember the cause, I dont think it got stuck like the true diesel work trains do because it moved to the yard under its own power
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    I got you...….sorry...……..brain fart.
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    It's not even about bashing.... Rail service is a necessity. Here's the thing about that penultimate statement though.... How long is "temporary" set out to be? What he's getting at, is that it's physically impossible to have anything running along Livonia from New Lots to E. 98th... Livonia is cut off at Junius from the west & cut off at Van Sinderen from the east.... The station entrance for Livonia av. is along Van Sinderen, right in front of where Livonia av. (the street) ends....
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    Another normal day of the week!
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    Not sure where exactly this belongs but it does have to do with the frequency of the Port Washington branch. https://www.amny.com/transit/laguardia-airtrain-1.32624886 The MTA isn’t ready to handle additional riders expected to take the LaGuardia air train coming in 2022, according to City Comptroller Scott Stringer. Citing infrequent Long Island Rail Road service to the new airport link and shrinking funds for critical station upgrades, Stringer penned a letter to the Port Authority and MTA dated Monday June, 17, asking for more rail service to handle larger crowds. “Improving access to LaGuardia is a critical component of our transit planning, I do want to make sure that any new transit doesn’t strain or draw resources away from the lines we already have,” Stringer said. The Port Authority has budgeted $1.5 billion to build the AirTrain — a key priority of Gov. Andrew Cuomo — on a nearly 2-mile right of way connecting to the LIRR Port Washington branch and the 7 line at Mets-Willets Point. But funding for 7 train and LIRR station upgrades to accommodate new commuters and an AirTrain hub has shrunk, according to Stringer. The MTA had originally allotted $75 million for an LIRR station upgrade to handle more riders, but that allocation has since shrunk to $10 million. Another $50 million was sent to the subway station for upgrades, but that project has yet to commence, Stringer found. While the city’s airports are notoriously defect to access by transit, the LGA AirTrain has been criticized from the start for its poor planning and being a route crafted around the desire to avoid private property. Planning experts have said an extension of the N line, or a comparable AirTrain to Woodside or Jamaica, would be more meaningful in terms of travel time and ridership draw. The Port Authority has touted a 33-minute trip from midtown to LGA, but Port Washington trains only run every half-hour out of Penn Station between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. and regularly skip lower-ridership stations during rush hour. Stringer in his letter called for more service and the option of including more local stops. “This infrequent service, if kept as is, will not be sufficient to handle increased demand from LaGuardia passengers,” Stringer wrote. The MTA declined to publicly address Stringer’s questions. “We intend to respond directly to the Comptroller regarding his letter,” said Aaron Donovan, an MTA spokesman, “but we are working collaboratively with the Port Authority to ensure that LIRR service will meet capacity needs associated with [the AirTrain].” A representative from the Port Authority affirmed the organization's committment to the existing plan. “This critical rail link will provide 6-10 million passengers every year with reliable travel times below 30 minutes between midtown Manhattan and the airport — getting airport travelers off congested roads, benefiting all motorists and the community, and reducing pollution," said Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton in a statement. "We look forward to a period of extensive public input and comment as the FAA proceeds with the environmental review.”
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    Last number appointed was 1228
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    Imagine if they did an entire night bus network mirroring subway services with timed transfers...
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    Cuomo is an already hardheaded gavone on this, and I hope this project gets more expensive so they have to backout
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    That's a very interesting yet mundane qualification for becoming a "favorite city."
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    4990- B99 COLUMBUS CIR via 8 AV 4991- B99 MIDWOOD NOSTRAND AV-AV H
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    Yeah but at some point I need to make income, I stayed in long enough with no unemployment. each phase I went to see how the system was before i make judgement on when I can return to making deliveries. So far trains have been somewhat packed . we only had 5 deaths today, While I understand how you feel, Nobody is gonna want to stay in. I do agree with fans crowding the front, That part they shouldn't do. But you can't force people to stay home after staying in for almost 4 months. we have had protests from the start of this month and after the 18th, No new cases were recorded to the point people had had to be hospitalized in ICU. That was the whole point of doing PAUSE. Yeah I knew this was gonna happen I don't see nothing wrong with riding, As long as they social distance it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Apparently, it’s not over yet for the R32s. The Daily News reports that they are going back into service on the and on Wednesday. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-l-train-normal-service-covid-19-20200628-lntxyjbwdbhizky4sw5i6dbjgq-story.html
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    in all honesty, renaming both of these stations is bound to cause more confusion. they seriously aren't fine by simply renaming Franklin and keeping it at that? i know that the decision lies in the hands of those pesky lawmakers...but still...
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    I thought the same thing for a good minute lmaooooo
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    Sorry for bringing this back up, but why not have this so called AirTrain run from LIC to LGA via the Amtrak right of way and making a sharp right to the north side of the Grand Central Parkway (GCP) all the way to LGA? You can build it over existing railway infrastructure, connecting it with the trains at Queensboro and Queens Plaza. Also, since there's supposed to be a planned Sunnyside Station for the LIRR, that would provide LIRR riders with easy access (and to encourage LIRR riders to use the AirTrain, LIRR can implement a 'LGA Airport' station into their system, and charge accordingly to avoid paying a separate fare for the Airtrain). There can be ticket scanners that scan your paper tickets and collect them, and another that allows you to scan your E-Tix for entry. The same can be implemented at JFK where the LIRR creates a 'JFK Airport' station and you can book your trip via the LIRR app and be charged according to zone and distance to avoid paying with two different payment systems. The AirTrain would run parallel to the LIRR tracks along Skillman and Barnett Aves, then it will fly over the LIRR tracks and run parallel to the eastern-side of the Amtrak R.O.W to the GCP, where it can make a sharp right and run on the North side parallel to the GCP all the way to LGA. It would have a terminal stop at LIC/Sunnyside, and then stops at Marine Air Terminal, Terminal B, and another stop in between Terminal C/D...and if needed...can run to 'Willets Point'. Thoughts?
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    I'm buggin... When I saw this post last night, I'm like why did this guy choose this for a forum sig' Anyway, yeah, I believe it.... While I felt some type of way when they cut service to the WP Transcenter, service to Wall st. was much too much for the thing.... I mean, the BxMC4 went from this (pre 2010) to this (current service)... I understand trimming waste, but damn.... I'm honestly surprised it's lasted this long, with as few people that use the thing now. It could've been as popular as I-Bus or the TZx regional services, but the combination of the infamous [BL-20 → ] & [poor overall advertisement (although I will admit, when Empire City Casino opened, they did advertise it - but too little, too late)] stunted it....
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    Not bad for a line they launched with pretty much no promotion or notice.
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    Not going into the politics of it, just for the sake of transit operations, it is not a good move. Legislature requires it, so it has to be done. But we can still criticize this legislation as being unnecessary for many reasons. But if you're doing it, it makes no sense whatsoever to do it to two stations. As far as I'm aware no other college has two stations based on the map. Even if there is a good reason to apply the name to Franklin, I can't justify doing it to President as well. It's further from the campus and it only meets two of the four lines that already go to Franklin and Franklin is an express station and even has a transfer to S. City College is closer to 135th on and then the 137th-City College station on . Perhaps it isn't named on the IND because it is across a park from the campus, but this would be a good choice. While the main/older buildings of NYU are closest to 8th street, there are some parts of campus that are closer to W4th, yet NYU is only applied to 8th street. The law school, the Kimmel student center, and the library are all closer to W4th street. NYU and City College are far bigger and also have good reason to have two stations (on two totally separate lines [and systems]). Not saying that they should go through the expense now, but it would be more sensible to give NYU and City College two stations over Medgar Evars College.
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    The real problem is that way too many people here in NYC don't respect the social distancing rule. Unless you have a dedicated policing squad at every station to enforce it, there's close to nothing the can do. You can run full service with all the equipment the agency owns and it still won't be enough. There will always be careless passengers who consciously chose not to wear masks. They will always ruin it for those who do the right thing. Period. My case still stands.
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    You should probably peep the previous page for your answer.
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    Delivered in the old classic livery from the 1970s (with the updated MTA New York City Bus titles added in the 1990s), this was the last new local bus to arrive in this livery. However, 5439 already had Wi-Fi and USB ports installed as the blue and yellow buses had. Early 2017, assigned to Kingsbridge: 5439 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr After being sent back to Nova, it was re-delivered in the Select Bus Service livery, as the entire batch of 5439-5602 was assigned to Select Bus Service. Originally intended as 77 to Quill and 15 to Gun Hill on the original 92-bus batch, with the next 72-bus batch being split evenly 36 apiece, 11 examples eventually were transferred to Flatbush to push out third generation LFS buses off of SBS duty. Thus, here is 5439 in fall 2019, working the B44 Select. 5439 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr Earlier this year, 5439 was sent back to Kingsbridge for local service. This is 5439, now in local bus blue-yellow livery, on the Bx1 earlier today. 5439 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr
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