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    Alert! New route coming soon at night between the hours of Midnight to 5am similar to the B99. Introducing the M99! The M99 will go through the borough of Manhattan 42nd Street to Brooklyn New lots. The route is currently under test by managements and union officials at the respective depot that will provide the service. The Bx99 will be another nightly route to be released after the M99 Stay tune for more information.
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    May not have been due to these circumstances, but, well.... looks like those of you that wanted a separate overnight network are going to get it.
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    Bx99 I hear will go from Houston Street to Woodlawn.
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    M99? What the actual... And what is this obsession with using 99 for these routes?
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    It would be safe to assume that it'll use the 3 train as a blueprint tho Could be an interesting route as it runs through Eastern Parkway (B71 memories??)
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    So one of my freinds spotted #1300 the new prevost on yonkers Ave heading towards the bronx section.
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    Neither here nor there, but part of misses the days when we had an interesting fleet with all these new lines running through the city. B99 comes into Manhattan using what, new XD40s or O7 NGs, same as the Quill fleet. But to imagine an FB RTS running that route? Or O7 CNGs running a Bx99? Kinda reminds me of the Hurricane Sandy shuttles, which were something like this. That was a ride...
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    If you live in Brooklyn and you're in the A Division YOU'RE GOING TO THE BRONX! what you have to understand is when you get in, the first 20 people or whatever number they have it at, will get to choose what division they want to be in, then the rest is going to what ever division need that man power! when your seniority goes up and you can pick jobs out of Flatbush and Livionia yard, you wont have to travel! Length of routes mean nothing! Its your Schedule! and some of those only routes ONLY HAVE 2 round Trippers. You will get you rest time IF YOUR ON TIME LoL.... Or you get a drop!.. but its unpredictable and you have to live it to understand it
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    For a hot second i thought you were telling us about the B99 again LMAO. Source? And i thought Bronx was fine with all the interborough service, what gives? If anything, Queens needs more interborough service. Im guessing 99 is just gonna be their trial numbers.
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    That's the to 96th Put in, Goes back down as a to CI then Lays ups and its a PM put in
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    3545 was basically dead for about a year or so.
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    LoL!!!! You either Pick for Money, Or you Pick Time Off! Bottom Line
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    If this were to happen, deinterlining should be considered (e.g. sending s to 2 Av). currently make all local stops north of 34 simply due to ridership patterns. I believe we've discussed rerouting the about 10 billion times in this forum...
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    There was a rumor that there is or was an R32 with an R16 truck. No idea of what numbered 32s they might have been nor if it's one of the units that got reefed.. I heard the museum R10 the one that's operational one of the trucks of from an retired R32. IDK if those R36s still in work service count but those still have the legit SMEE braking system, the other cars that went through GOH got an more modern variation of that braking system. So my guess would be those R36WF assigned to work service has the oldest mechanical gear.. I think the R36s have controllers from retired R30 cars as well.
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    I just rode 7448 about 4 hours ago, It is unwrapped and it has its luggage rack. It was on the Q33. All of the XD40s are unwrapped from Q70 SBS service.
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    It was briefly at Yonkers Depot, it's now back in New Jersey.
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    With this particular fleet swap, I'm assuming maybe it has something to do with the lose of (R142 6346-6350) from the March 27 fire incident and to make up for it they acquired 7121-7125 from the .
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    The current problem is that the MTA stations were never designed to be closed, unlike Philly or DC which have regular night closures anyways. Installing gates and the like is a capital expenditure which we also don't have money for, and staffing police at stations to prevent trespass costs more money than keeping stations open.
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    It’s not adequate service when the whole Broadway line basically operates under capacity due to this pattern. If anything, you could send the to 96th Street and have the replace service to Ditmars Blvd. service to 49th Street would be discontinued under this move. Move the to 63rd Street, swap the and north of 59th Street, and make the 8th Avenue express all the way, and add a new train to fill in the gaps left by the , , and and that is adequate and more frequent service for all riders (all the lines would operate at 12 trains per hour). At this point, some cars from the could be transferred over to the other lines since the and would now operate shorter routes.
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    LoL! Your Opinions are Funny but you are......... Opinions! when you get inside and face the FACTS!, all that stuff you mention you dont even think about!! My Main lines are the and and PICK then all the time. and the is not bad from a T/O perspective. The could be the WORSE line because of the unpredictablity of that line! We call that the bottom yellow! its nothing but help therefore, It can go ANYWHERE at any given time! and it has some of the Weirdest scheduling! Depending on your Seniority< you and end up you 2 trips in 8 hours or 3 trips in 10 hours or 5 trips in 8 hours... I hate the , I get annoyed on the . i Tolerate The . Just get annoyed the the R62s at time. and as much time as i got in, I never did the and i probably wont! when you get in, YOU HAVE NO SAY ON WHERE YOURE GOING BECAUSE YOUR GOING EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! You'll Learn that if you ever get in! Pick according to what fits your personal life.
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    I would argue that sending trains up second avenue isnt necessary and is quite pointless. The provides adequate service and the should focus on serving Ditmars and that trip should either go to Forest Hills or be outright cancelled.
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    This used to often be an R46 before the swap.
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    7451 and 7452. 7448 and 7456 still has its wrap attached.
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    7446, 7447 and 7445 LGA link wrap removed.
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    I believe it. They are out there now.
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    I've seen MTA police often at 96th street on the 1/2/3, both on the mezzanine and riding the trains from the station
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    Is this the same with West Farms with their XD-40s? The number is in 6 as a result from the Bx6/Bx35 artic conversion.
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    Its mostly just for the visuals. Its designed to show how severe this upcoming budget shortfall will be. Remember in 2010, those custs only saved roughly 400-500 million. I think subways will come out fine in the end, with further frequency reductions. Service was running during the weekend on most route every 6-8 minutes. That was cut to every 10 minutes in 2010. it probably go to every 15 min, if things really go south. Some express will probably go local and some locals will be discontinued outside of peak periods. Buses however will be slaughtered. Express bus will probably be cut significantly. Probably included is major frequency and span reductions.
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    It definitely would because during the AM rush the Queens Blvd line platforms are like sardine cans. What deters a lot of folks including myself from making that transfer at Court Square is that long walk. I feel most people that get off the and are not going to the but the and the same can be said for folks getting off the . They aren’t transferring in droves for the and but the train. The subway system definitely has its fair share of annoying transfer like at Times Square between the and and the rest of the trains that serve Times Square, the connection at 14th street between the and the and the to the 6 Ave lines at 5th Ave/Bryant Park.
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    Those went to Jamaica (via Pitkin ) on June 6. The only R-160s left at Coney Island after that were 8913-17, 9008-12 and 9023-9102. If for some reason JYD can't keep its inspection requirements they can send overflow to Coney Island Inspection Facility upon request. IF that happens they might wind up getting used on Coney Island routes (until someone finds out and sends them/calls them back home). Through July 4, 365 various Jamaica-based R-160s (now including two Siemens/Alstom mixes) had been used on since June 6. FYI, the July 4 R-32 report has 82 at East New York (10 trains max); 16 more were OK at 207 for possible use @ ENY (up to 98 Total). Stay tuned for coming weeks if the R-32 fleet will rise or fall.
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    Because the cars were sitting in storage. Cars not needed. When trains go to a yard, for storage or not, signage is not changed till the train is readied for its' next assignment. Add "if" since we're talking about R42's here. If 4790/91 will not longer be used, the cars will eventually go to scrap with the signs as is, particularly with that big A in the front,
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    Folks Opinions who never moved a train down regarding these lines here honestly to me are irrelevant... Which was my point from the beginning my opinion as well nothing more.... If some folks cant deal with me being real oh well...
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    Once you have enough seniority to pick a job (no more being assigned a daily job by the crew office) you pick jobs as close to home as possible and with days off that work for you. The difficulty of the job is secondary so you can avoid excess travel to/from work. You guys look at this from a rail fans' perspective, the employee not so much.
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    Most of us prob wont answer anyway to someone who do not work down here.. Just my two cents let em take the test get hired and find out like everybody else.
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    As an employee i can answer easily to the OP.. Take the test go through the process.. Get in Schoolcar PASS schoolcar.. Become extra extra then find out for yourself.. Hope that helps...
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    Sorry everybody I’m an idiot. The letter was from the MTA but it was my easy pay metrocard. I spoke to someone on the phone a few days ago and they said the offices were closed and I wouldn’t be receiving it anytime soon, so I assumed it wasn’t that. But it clearly says easy pay in the top left corner. Sorry guys I saw an MTA letter and got all excited. I’m just tired of my current situation and want in the MTA bad lol.
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