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    If you think it's just "playing politics", you have no idea how bad it is. People forget, the MTA (much like the nation at large) was already on its way to where it is now. All COVID did was speed up the process. This agency came into existence with no money (the system had been losing money since December 1941 iirc and as of 1966, was well on its way towards bringing the City to ruin) and under false pretenses (to preserve the 20 cent fare even though it's impossible to have high quality service with artificially low fares and terrible subsidy) so it should not be a shocker that it is where it is now. And to those who are aware of the situation, it should not be a shock when I say to start putting together exit strategies. Just in case. Imagine what you think is the worst outcome of this pandemic (financially), then multiply it by 10. That is very real. Whether or not the Feds step up. Because whatever "help" they provide will be a "loan". And not only would it be a "loan", but the money for that "loan" will literally come from nowhere. And while it's good short-term, it's disastrous long-term. I really feel like this community does nowhere near the amount of reading it probably should. To truly understand the MTAs issue, you have to also study how money works in this country. I'm dead serious. If you did, you'd be as worried as I am. Because in truth? There really are no good options.
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    In a rather interesting twist, 7585 is at Hale(both physically and in the system). I shot it on the M1.
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    5493 was a loan. It’s back at MJQ and currently running on the M34A SBS.
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    Currently back at Quill at the moment.
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    august list is out. Rest of Manhattan Rest of the Queens Blvd IND L train to Bedford Ave. Officially add: Woodhaven Blvd Grand Ave Elmhurst Ave 65th street Northern 46th street still no movement on Brooklyn Museum
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    Because you gotta make sure it's an R179 that way you can be able to yell Bombardier sucks cry all night and make sure to grab your lawyer to sue a company that will transfer it's rail division to someone else. /s
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    Speaking of old trains perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the incident on the line years ago where the T/O pulled into Utica Avenue heading northbound ? Where the doors failed to open after he stopped. Because the rear four cars of the R46 consist, including the C/R, had uncoupled and were left back at Rockaway Avenue on the express tracks. That train was in passenger service which I know because my mom was on the section left behind. The investigation included a person who knew about a train that uncoupled at 145th and Lenox. That train was not in passenger service . It was a yard move and I know firsthand because I was on the end that got left behind. Be careful when you make these statements that sound definitive to others because some of us know better. Carry on.
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    One time when I went down to 180 Livingston Street, I wore black jeans with a yellow polo collared shirt and either sneakers or boots and nobody said anything to me. By the time they send you to Zerega, you will be given instructions on what to wear as a 'temporary' uniform, so you won't have to worry about "dressing well" when the time comes.
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    When you go to Zerega and your union meeting make sure that you dress well , they don’t play there .
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    Bro , one guy had basketball shorts and nike flip flops. Everyone else was well dressed. Be there at the exact time of your appointment, if you go earlier you will waste your time .
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    No injuries reported thankfully
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    I'm fairly certain those trains are running light above ground where possible, but they absolutely wont be carrying passengers.
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    When I did the drug test on Monday the women who checked the documents told me to expect the medical at the end of this week or beginning of next week she said as soon as the drug test cleared. She said TA was aiming to have people in the class that is starting 8/16/2020 and everything would move extremely quick. just relaying what I was told
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    I don’t consider it as failure. They are still doing work at The Brooklyn Museum Station. I drove by it over the weekend. Station will get on line once elevators are up and other logistical factors are taken place. Also, let’s be mindful that these crews are finishing the work ahead of schedule so if they miss a station or 2 we shouldn’t be fussing. Glad that Queens is being worked on and line
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    I was actually pregnant when I was originally called and declined the offer. I didn’t do it because to my understanding there is a lot of climbing and physical activity during school car that might not be healthy for you to do during that time. Also when we are pregnant we have to use the bathroom a lot and that is something that is nearly impossible to do as often as we would need to. If you are called and pregnant and decline you can put yourself back on the list when ready. I put myself back on in January and I probably didn’t get called as quickly because of covid
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    I would realign the Crosstown tracks so that the could be extended up towards Astoria via 21 St. Why not take it a step further and have it run to Jackson Heights or South Bronx? Though, I'm not too keen on having it be a light rail.
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    For what it's worth, the August '19 t/o induction had a pregnant woman. She went through most of schoolcar with child and was climbing up on trains like nothing. She took absence just before the final and during the initial covid outbreak to give birth. Not sure what her current status is. Other pregnant women have gone through schoolcar too. But only you can determine your limits when it comes to that.
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    Personally, I never had that big of a problem with the running along 4th Avenue. It did get decent ridership until the mid-1990s (when it ran there during middays), although I will admit part of the reason for that was the Manhattan Bridge being out for most of the '90s- it helped balance some of the loads off the . Once it became a rush-only service and then the Bridge fully reopened a few years after that, ridership did drop significantly. For what it's worth, at least it was a better service pattern than the route it had before 1986- Stillwell Ave via Brighton. That never made sense to me. As to 4th Avenue, I believe back in the '80s some of the Nassau <R> trains ran between Metropolitan and 95th, or at least they were scheduled to do so; have yet to find any pictures of it, though. In any case, I definitely think the needs to be changed; we've had several decades to witness that the current route is not working as well as it could. I'm also not a fan of the current - it shares trackage with the /, , , the , and runs shorter trains than the . The M+V combo was not a marriage made in heaven, not by a long shot.
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    This isn't the first time such a doomsday plan was released. Remember, in 1981, the situation was so bad that not only was a similar plan released, but actual abandonment and demolition were included. Anything is possible. Especially when you understand how America's monetary system works. Trust me when I say, we may be seeing the end of the line if things stay the way things are. And it's frustrating to me how many people (from all circles and levels) have't noticed yet.
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    All the 6500’s from LGA have been scrapped for weeks now
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    And serve a bunch of dead people? That'll be great for ridership. C’m on! Think of all the weeping widows it’d serve!
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    Yes, something like that can work. Extra trains from Bay Ridge to Chambers. The fact that no longer serves Nassau Street should make it easier to run a train like this. I think reinstituting the bankers' special is far better than having a super long from Jamaica to Bay Ridge. I think we have to realize that the in Brooklyn has certain roles. It serves as a local "shuttle" for most passengers. If they board in Bay Ridge or along the 4th Ave local, the vast majority of passengers will transfer to trains at the earliest opportunity to make the trip to most of Manhattan that much quicker. For those passengers, they want a reliable , not so much a fast and certainly not a long . Nobody will stay on the so long even if their ultimate destination is a midtown local stop or Queens. This explains why a Brooklyn only worked for so many passeengers during the Montague tunnel closure. Passengers boarding the in northern Brooklyn, are likely headed into Lower Manhattan, and the ability of serving both Church street and Nassau steet should be helpful. THe Montague tunnel serves all of the southern BMT as their connection to Lower Manhattan with their transfer to , regardless of which of the CI lines they start from. The more trains through the Montague tunnel the better, and if is limited by City Hall extra runs from Brooklyn should go to Chanmbers, not Whitehall.
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    I hope the glass breaking trend on the dies down soon and/or doesn't spread.
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    46 Street is active and Forest Hills-71 Av has the bases installed.
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    Might have something to do with the elevator work at the station and they'll add OMNY later
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    Not a great idea. KH middle gets a _lot_ of use as a short turn point for s and a location where layups can be cleared out of the way of mainline traffic.
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    808 out of JG involved in a Fire last night apparently. The fire seemed very substantial.
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    Apparently, in all the confusion, a ended up on the Fulton Street Line bound for Queens. Video by “Metro Railfan” on YT:
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