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    The only has two tracks and does perfectly fine. The key is to realize that new stations should have multiple exits, which effectively increases the catchment area of each stop. You see this on SAS where 72, 86, and 96 St stations all have exits on 69, 83, and 94 Streets. Similarly, an entirely local Northern Blvd line will work because of wider stop spacing. Between Manhattan and Flushing, it should only be stopping at Vernon Blvd / 11 St Court Sq Northern Blvd / Broadway 74 St 82 St Junction Blvd 108 St which is the same number of stops that the has. The Northern Blvd line would be a straight shot into Midtown, and I expect most of the passengers to switch over actually.
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    5991, 5993 returned to Casey Stengel for Q44-SBS service after doing its summer run on the Q53-SBS
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    The trend around the world has been for wider stop spacing on only two tracks. Three tracks doesn't provide any additional capacity benefit; in fact it cuts frequency at local stations. And Northern Blvd lacks obvious "express" station placements.
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    Someone mentioned yesterday that the unit was on the M116. Seems 6734 was just a loan to MHV. The post also mentioned that 3815, 3932, & 3940 were on MHV routes yesterday. All three are back at their assigned depots.
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    no worries. i read someone else's response regarding a Brighton line-newkirk overlap. i can dig it. i respect your opinion. i offered mine from the perspective of having operated on lines like the M101, B6, B82 (local & LTD, pre sbs) among other long lines that have headways/runs that benefit certain areas of a line, yet are over saturated in others. i don't work in Road Ops, so maybe my opinion is a bit jaded, I'll submit. however, i refuse to believe the current B6, end to end, pre covid-19 equally serves the entire line adequately, which is what I believe the goal should be, not a blanket headway covering corridors that have different needs . imo, lines like the B6 do not require the same headway on bay parkway, cozine & flatlands/avenue H/glenwood/avenue J. that's not adequate to me when a line like this suffers and has suffered from consistent bunching. ditto the M101. lines like the 101/2/3, B6 and others benefit operators immensely,by way of run pay. i made some money by way of late slips (i didn't get rich, trust me) but I'm speaking more to the customer experience, and getting buses where they're needed, not running empty or bunched, or not being properly dispatched by SLD's or BCC (bus time) when there's another way to do business, especially with talks of a network redesign. when i broach the subject of breaking up a line, I'm not speaking from a mindset of 2 or 3 equal parts running the exact same headway as the former line they originated from. I'm speaking of actually doing homework to get it right.. not a repeat of the M5/M55 f**k'ry. which NEEDED to happen, regardless of how incorrectly they executed the process. it was unnecessary to run the M5 from South ferry to the heights, and in my humble opinion, the B6 is unnecessary as is, so is the 82 local, B8 and the M101. i don't sip transit's jim jones kool aid, where what they have to offer is the best they have to offer. regardless, they don't get money from the feds = shit's getting cut anyway, so I'm not saying that I have the cure-all or that my opinion is flawless. it definitely gets people thinking. i was just considering getting buses turned around heading westbound asap (which is what my whole philosophy has been re: breaking up some of these drawn out runs) could've done that at rock station, however my thinking was to have an overlap in that area, and to keep rock station from being cluttered... i realize i may have contradicted myself, with sending buses down to the flatbush junction quagmire, however my thought was to give b/o's access to the junction swing room and to be supervised by the junction SLD. anyway, overall point taken.
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    Will have to kindly disagree here. Many people need the connection to the brighton line (including myself ).
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    I don't feel that strongly about splitting either of those two routes, to be quite honest... The route I would split before the B6 & the B8, is the B82. I don't the see the point behind having that second split ending at the Breukelen houses; may as well have that split (starting at CI av) running to New Lots .... Nah.... Even though it's a subway station, having the western portion end at Newkirk Plaza would be a stub.... You'd need that overlap.
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    Splitting the at the Junction would tag the 11 as the local to CIA. Run times for the 11 and 6 lcl are about the same weekdays, increasing on the weekends. During the semester 6 & 11 will be swamped by the students from both schools to and from Ave J Brighton with less service (no 6 lcl). Cutting the 6 over a mile back to Flatush might save a few bucks...is it worth it? The B8 on 18th Ave is busy. Your plan would turn half the buses back to serve the lighter portion of the route. Is it assumed that the short turn is running down Nostrand Ave (and the full run keeping its current route) from Ave D to the Junction? If so, it's like squeezing an elephant into a full stable of stallions: Short 6, short 8, 44 lcl, 44 SBS, dollar cabs, double parked deliveries...David Copperfield might be able to pull it off. And no layovers at the VA Hosp; straight through to 9 & 4th. This is too much to take in with a sleepy brain! Laying up the 6 & 8 on the n/e side of Flatbush by the subway exit might look good on paper...could be a nightmare in actuality. IMO I think your idea for the 6, 8 & 82 is a lot of juggling with no real benefit and costing more.
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    Yeah, the whole Vision Zero thing is a bad joke. It's a revenue collection initiative disguised as a safety program.
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    yeah just when you get into a station stand up and point and open the doors, don't do this while sitting down, and if you see a TSS put the seat up, they know we sit just don't sit and chill while they're evaluating you.
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    Hahaa! I ordered the cats but wide width lol thank you once again @Schecter & @EAS you got that email about the zoom orientation for Tuesday? Lol gonna be in a dress shirt with lounge shorts from 8-4 in my dining room 😂🤣
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    It is but you want toe room, you can always return them if they're too tight, but you don't want your feet killing your for 8 hours or more in them unless you want bum feet 🤣
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    230 on the Q25, still has the MTA "New York City" Bus decals sides to back.
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    Yea, this isn't my first career. I'm leaving a 14yr career in higher education. I think I'll be ok tho. What's TSS mean?
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    We're starting to see buses earmarked for Big Tree. 20828-20834 inspected so far. 20826-20827 may be going there as well.
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    You’ll be fine, just go over the blue book study and take notes. schoolcar is your foundation they want you to know the right way to do things. Because when you are out on ur own you will not if have to write a G-2 at some point in your career. A G-2 is a incident report they just wanna know what happen and you gotta make sure your on point. They will teach about them interior and exterior guard lights in the first week you are with ur assigned TSS and class. it’s simple stuff. They will drill everything in you. I was nervous too this job was my first major career job. so I was hard on myself. probation was much more stressful than SchoolCar for me. Cause any incident even small with transit can get you jammed up and get ur probation extended or get you fired. They petty, just be on time that’s their major gripe. Don’t be late ur only excuse will be if the train u took to work caused u to be late. In that case u write down the car number. But it will only get you out of trouble if that train was suppose to arrive before u was suppose to be at work.
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    Nah the conductor board this one:
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    The problem is that such a train would be so indirect that passengers would almost always opt to take even crowded direct trains. A U is the least direct shape to get across the river.
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    You will get terminated, you won't be demoted to anything else nor would you reassigned to something else. Just get an 80 or above on your midterm and final test and pass your two practicals one in the yard and final one on the road which is the easiest one aka the road one, the yard one is also easy now looking back at it, even though I forgot the procedures already 🤣
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    I plan to run it as the line (in a pink bullet) between 162nd Street and Northern Boulevard (near the LIRR Broadway station) and the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station (at a lower level below the existing platform). It would not share any trackage with other subway lines except for a non-revenue connection to the main QBL at the 36th Street interlocking. The side platforms at the 36th Street station would be converted to island platforms to allow it to be served by Northern Boulevard trains (a map would be uploaded soon).
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    Welcome to the underground my friend where you get free samples of steel dust, lead paint chipping away in stations, and pizza 🐀.
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    Looks like they're keeping 9000-9499 open, possibly for future electric orders (if we ever do get this capital program off the ground)
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    I'd rather a local sales tax on hot food and all beverages, and to restructure the whole to be an independent commission run by a "Byford at TfL" GM with Boro prez's and county executives as board members. Feds under Donnie are just as stupid as Cuomo's board members - so senior government oversight isn't a fix. But tying aid to reforms in legal personality, spending and procurement - at the least - should be done.
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    Yes, if you have a scanner, scan your documents to your computer, and rememebr where you saved the files. Or yeah you can take pictures of them, just make sure they are clear and readable.
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    Congrats!!!!! 🥳🥳🎊🎊🥳🥳🎉 if you have any questions in school car feel free to ask me anything, I'll be more than greatful to help!!!
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    I vaguely remember the 2005 reroute- it was nice seeing R38s run on lines other than the for a change.
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    Speaking of numbers again, current order numbers and the option diesel order is looking like this: *9510-9619 *9620-9784 *7851-7989 *8755-8963 The 210 option order of hybrids have 9785-9994 available. Most likely the options will be 9785-9910 (LFS HEV) and 9911-9994 (XDE40) but this part is unconfirmed.
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    Thus why it has to be a clean sweep in November. Both Democratic chambers to be in effect.
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    People go to Midtown to get to their jobs, no one in Queens is really working in Harlem like that.
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    Not necessarily, they have a decent spare factor.
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    Filthy cars on the are an ancient tradition LOL:
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    Since I had to hide a reply, and then use other moderator buttons, let's get back to discussing the subway arson instead of: · Hurling personal attacks · Family Planning laws and personal stances on whether they should be legal · Bringing up nonsense rationales for a previous governor not being re-elected · Discussing the baseball strike in relation to the previous bullet (with the caveat that should the person who originally introduced it do so again, I'll use other moderator buttons). We good everyone?
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    Once again, stop assuming. We don't know 100% where those LFS HEVs or XDE40s are going, even if it's obvious. It can get as random as seeing some of them in SI, or in WF, you never know. So just like everyone else, please be patient until we have someone that has the sources and connections to confirm where stuff is going.
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    A division - pros: less equipment to learn, less lines and lineups to learn, if u live uptown or in the bronx u wont be traveling to brooklyn so much. cons: smaller stations means more station overruns, less time between trains, ATS means you are watched more closely B division - pros: schoolcar is longer so when u are out on your own, your probation is almost over and unless u go crazy with incidents u are more likely to finish probation, stations are a lot longer so it's harder to overrun although because of the different car lengths u will have some improper station stops (stopping at the 10 car marker with a 8 car train), if u live in brooklyn or queens u will travel less to the bronx cons: more equipment to learn, more lineups and more chance to take wrong lineups because of that, there is a shit ton of terminals and yards so u will be all over the place when u xx. Personally I live in the bronx near the 1 and 4 lines. For the most part I havrnt seen Brooklyn much thank god. Only utica/new lots a couple of times and flatbush like once maybe. So if u uptown, A division is it for you.
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    Speaking of which, the ’s R62A’s are STILL FILTHY at the bonnets. It’s gotten so bad that the pantograph gates are BLACKENED. 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    I got one final week on the B15 😪. I had a bus without the plastic divider this past Saturday. I approached bus stops and opened the front door right in front of the passengers and they still flocked to the back. I told them,”let’s practice for Monday!”
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    Exactly. Imagine if you were getting on at Flushing - Main St or Howard Beach lol. I miss Byford even more now since he would've probably asked for the station with the defective machines or apologized and talked about how they're trying to push through with OMNY to reassure riders
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    Greetings, these are all images captured through the title time frame. Enjoy!
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