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    All those blue collar LIRR workers committing overtime fraud and earning half a million bucks are the epitome of the blue collar American dream LOL
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    What would the latter signify though? So did I - then I realized it was 6 digits instead of 5.
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    Did you mean 1303 or 1300-03?
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    To answer that, it's a no. After 265, it went to 320 a long time back (C40s)
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    Yeah, I remember that tweet. To this day, I don't know why I supported it back in 2019. Trump helping finish phase 2 of SAS would be rarer than getting struck by lightning for sure, he'd have no benefit in it besides it being a political stunt (and a tiny one at that). Besides me, he fooled nearly no one with that tweet, I believe Cuomo short after tweeted he had no idea what Trump was saying in regards to SAS. Probably just laughed it off for all I care.
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    130003 is in service, not sure which line.
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    It’s not feasible, especially if trains are coming from the north. trains coming from the south can relay at Bergen Lower, but would have to go out of service at Carroll St, which would make them useless. You can have some trains coming from the south can stop at Jay St, but they can’t turn at Jay because they would be the outside tracks there. They’d have to continue to York before they can turn back south. But with Rutgers, I think you can have a split , like the split we had when Montague was being rehabbed. On weekdays, you run the to Delancey, like you proposed. Then you have a second service from York to Stillwell. Then on weekends/late nights, have one continuous service that diverts via the from West 4th to Jay (like how the weekend went over the bridge in 2013-14). It would require East Broadway to be closed full time and Delancey and 2nd Avenue to be closed on weekends and overnight hours.
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    It's not up to deBlasio, it is not up to MTA to make the decision. Cuomo will make the decision.
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    @Biggington lol his crazy a@@ sure did.
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    Software issues almost complete Echos and Mikeys Normal in 53rd street.. Foxes still in Bypass(Only during the Rutgers shutdown GO).
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    @Biggington I agree. By chance, sis you so a video yet with chocolate thunder? Lol
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    It's stupid. All that money for the announcement system retrofits and they still don't work right. How is the limited program still calling every single local stop too. 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    No ADAs is an automatic extension. I know someone a week away from clearing probation who got bagged for no ADAs. Speaking of which, if you're driving a bus with an announcement system and it is not calling the stops or not giving the right info, you still have to call out and/or correct it.
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