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    There's some talk of the XE60s being significantly better with snow traction because they have a two-axle drive system. Rather than the standard articulated tractor-trailer setup there are motors in two sets of wheels, making it a tractor-tractor/trailer situation. At the least it should reduce jackknifing.
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    It’s my opinion that the average American is too ignorant, or caught up in the Dem vs Rep game, to realize that the billion dollar corporation that pays NO taxes , and sometimes gets a federal refund, is the real American welfare queen. Carry on.
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    We're never gonna win because if it not one thing being argued it's the other thing. It's either "You must run service because we still have people working" or "You must NOT run service because we don't need people being outside in these conditions". Backwards world.
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    Bro, I remember how all you did was talk about how Italian you were. "Italy this, Italy that, I love Mussolini's architecture, my uncle's Italian".
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    Neither can you. Everytime I, MHV, checkmate, or R10 even write about this, you got no problem bringing this shit up.
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    1305, 06 and 07 assigned to CP, currently in NJ.
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    Here's to less incompetent managers in office!
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    Of course I vote progressive whenever possible.Voted for the progressive Nixon back in 2018, and for AOC and Bernie in the 2020 elections. Doesn't mean I like DBD. Then I did Obama, Clinton, and Biden, because there were no other big favorable choices. It would have been easier to vote Rep in the past, but now it's the party of the cringey dressup shamans, the pyramid schemers, and uber-religious pillow CEOs.
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    If I were to guess what the RR's thinks of their customers and their operation based on their service patterns it would be as the follows "We are designed to serve Suffolk and Nassau residents from their home station to New York Penn Station". "We are passing Queens, so lets just let our super local stop there to see if we can pick up a few passengers. They are just cream on the top, not our priority passengers" "City riders could either pay our price or take the wonderful local bus system to Jamaica for the " "Nobody would ever travel from Central Nassau to Southern Nassau or Suffolk. If they do, we still provide them a routing via Jamaica so its not a biggie" "People prefer express stations, so we should have every other local skip this station just because" "We wish we would only have one terminal and that is NYP. HPA,LIC and AT gives us scheduling headaches, because they are there, we have to run trains on them" "These politicians are complaining again, we have to do something, lets just shut them up by introducing Atlantic Ticket" "We really hope people do not use Atlantic Ticket, we are the Railroad, we don't have the capacity because again we are the RAILROAD" "How can we confuse passengers with multiple variety of ticket options so they would just select the simplest one OUR PEAK FARE" "We hate those little branches in Nassau, lets just run it all local and serve those lowly Queens riders so our premium main line and Babylon folks don't have to" "How can we replace the Greenport Scoot with buses"
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    / are skip stop trains during rush hours. trains only stop at stations and trains only stop at Stations during rush hours. It is designated on the map as such For example on the subway map 85th St-Forest Parkway is a only stop and 75th St- Elders Ln is an only stop during rush hours (J skips it during that time) . Woodhaven Blvd is an all train stop, which means during rush hours both and stops. Outside of rush hours makes all stops In short and are only designation of which stations they stop at during rush hours was moved to 6th Ave for efficiency purposes. Instead of routing trains down Bay Parkway they used the crews to route them to Forest Hills. During the same service change the was eliminated. There is a net loss in service so the saved money. The side effect of this change is that people no longer pack the at Myrtle-Wyckoff. (they still do but some elect to stay on) By cutting the , will still have to run every 7 minutes. The only way to save money is running the every 10 minutes during rush hours which is not good. There is no good reason to route the downtown other than nostalgia reasons. More people simply want Midtown, and passengers going downtown can take the or . For your last proposal, its a shame the IND Second System wasn't built. The alone is not going to cut it for Queens Blvd Local. The Queens Blvd Express is overcrowded so routing one of them local is not an option. In my opinion what needs alleviation these days is not the Lexington Av local. QBL has decent service for a reason. Trains are packed and that lines needs alleviation. BAD. Even improving the SAS won't do much to alleviate the and because passengers are coming from the Bronx 2) I doubt people take it from W'sburg and UES People don't take the the whole route. Just like people don't take the the whole route from Bay Ridge to Forest Hills. The services two markets Metro-Midtown and Midtown- 71st Ave. The two ridership is completely different The currently serves two different ridership with the same train versus the which only served one market and that is Midtown- QBL. The current set up is simply more efficient. We could reduce some of the interlining by rerouting the onto 63rd St and running the via 53rd St, but that would cause overcrowding at Lex-53rd Haha nothing will ever make the better.
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    So you're fine with the nutjobs, the white supremists, the Jewish Space-Laser theorists, and the near-massacre of lawmakers at the Capitol just because you want to save on taxes and you wanna stick it to the "status quo"? Gotcha.
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    Never voted for him, actually. Didn't have a chance back in 2013, didn't do it in 2017. BTW, how is your coup going?
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    Detail I noticed going through some old photos (@Union Tpke, you might be interested): - lower-level W4 received new Vignelli black-on-white Unimark signs as earlier as spring 1968, possibly 1967 (in time for the Chrystie changes and Grand's opening); - upper-level W4 received those signs by spring 1969 - rest of the 8th Ave probably around this time, but not all the way up; - 125-145th never received these signs, only 'halfway' signs with white modules for bullets and white-on-black otherwise by the mid-1970s. No new pillar signs on 8th Avenue until ~1981, when black-on-white enamel signs were installed (like 72nd and 135th had until recently). Exception for Chambers. And it turns out that 71st-Continental actually received Unimark Vignelli signs in 1968-1969. I had no idea any Queens stations received these signs. Looks to be a sign for the EE and GG together. Credit to the late Joe Testagrose:
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    Exactly. The only people who should be traveling in this are people that HAVE to as in essential workers. I was stranded myself years ago trying to get home from work, so I know exactly what it's like to get caught, and it is no fun. I got whatever express bus I could to Staten Island, then thought I would just get a cab the short distance home, but there were no cabs running, and the S53 for whatever reason was not running. I had to get whatever bus I could along Victory Blvd, go to the ferry and then get the S48 bus to get home. It took me several hours to get home. Stay home unless you need to be out there.
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    Everyone forgot about the snow storm from years ago where people were stuck on buses and trains for hours. It's about liability, nothing more. Better to be safe than sorry. When that happened everyone said why did they continue to run service? @NewFlyer230 snow started yesterday, so I'm not sure why you were so shocked that there was a gap in service. Some drivers don't live in NYC and can't get to work. That's another issue as well.
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    What, you think we live under a rock? We know there are racist Democrats. But the moment they don't get a pass, they complain about cancel culture. Again, you seem perfectly fine with white supremists who want to get rid of black guys like you and hispanics like me. Don't see you complaining about that, so long as you get pay less taxes.
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    Uh, you've been stereotyping, too. According to you, apparently every Progessive/Liberal/Democrat hates the working class and is secretly racist, even though the your love has actually defrauded the working class through his little GoFundMe campaigns. PS Trump is currently pretty racist. Haven't seen him once denounce the white supremicists that would love to a chance to hang minorities like you and me. And you're perfectly fine with that, as long as the green flows to you.
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    Agreed. When we gang up on them like we did for the MLK schedules, they don't have a choice. lol
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    Then we have to give them that motivation That's how we got them to post those MLK/Day After Thanksgiving schedules on a consistent basis. (We had to nag them to convince them it was necessary, then the first few cycles we had to keep nagging them, and now they just say "Heads-up, we're posting the reduced weekday schedules" for whatever the next applicable holiday is) With this new schedule format, supposedly it's automatic, so as long as we can convince them it is necessary to put in, we'll get updated ones on a regular basis (included in the regular schedule pamphlet).
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    Thank you for bringing this up; it's the main reason I've opposed the current routing from the very start- same problem as when the meandered aimlessly from Metropolitan to Bay Parkway, really. The other issues I've always had with the is the excessive interlining (line went from sharing tracks with four services to five) and capacity issues; the 480' trains do not handle rush hour on Queens Blvd as well as the 600' trains on the did, not by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Thought I had thanks to @MHV9218’s random thought of to 96th. Basically: • gets bumped to Brighton Local M-F, and more frequent service • becomes Brighton Express M-F, but slight service reduction to accommodate to 96th • gets service bump to cover both reduced service and loss of in Astoria. • becomes a shortline between Continental and Whitehall, and trips switch lines at Continental like does with in Astoria - which could make service on more reliable by virtue of the fact the new / combo means the fleet runs half the route every other trip and can make up service gaps sooner - and eliminates delays by taking away the 6th Av issue of being held waiting for slots between . Thoughts?
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    Transit Officials never claimed the shutdown would save money from the get go. Plus these "state lawmakers" know damn well who they should be asking that question to: CUOMO, who ordered the overnight closure to passengers. All MTA Chairman Foye and NYCT Interim President Sarah Feinberg did was FOLLOW ORDERS. The state lawmakers backed MTA Officials into a corner by asking that question. Plus, even a first grader can figure out the shutdown costs transit more money since buses are being ran which otherwise would not be.
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    THanks! I'll pass on the info. He gets into work pretty early, so I guess he was ahead of that first X37 today (and I don't know why he didn't take the X27, I'll ask him tomorrow)
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    Strange. The X37 was on a modified schedule so I will check to see if they are tracking tomorrow. There's also a detour Southbound because of sewer work. I'm working on them putting up new detour signage since the construction company needed more space for the project and the express buses couldn't turn. A bit of a mess right now.
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    Nope, you fixed that problem I haven't even seen those particular B/Os since then, who knows what lines they got put on after that...
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    Very good. You have any problems, let me know. I was livid after hearing what happened to you a few months ago. Have you seen that other driver that gave you a problem since? Some of the Queens guys came over to my lines. We were having issues with them letting out and picking up in the street lately and I was not happy about it. They're trying to correct that problem since and pick-up from the curb as they should, as I've been almost hit twice now by bikes in one week trying to board the express bus.
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    QM35 was great coming back...I got out just before dark, which was crucial because conditions have really gone downhill since the sun went down. I make sure to wear my hospital/work uniform so the B/O's stop for me. Very courteous guy, I was the only one on the bus so he turned off of Union Tpke right after I got off lol
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    Sure, but the last time there was supposed to be this big snowstorm some odd months ago, the MTA was talking about shutting down service.... I'm more speaking to the hysterics of the matter.... On a day like this, sure, shut it down.... However, any threat of snow (even if it ends up being traces) & there's this automatic petrifaction that every time it snows, we're going to get slammed..... Being about liability is the logical premise, but it's really about public pressure.... If Bloomberg wasn't absolutely ripped a new one (whatever year that was with that snowstorm), I bet anything that this trigger happy response to (wanting to) shut shit down in some way, shape, or form whenever that dreaded word (snow) is mentioned in the weather forecast, would not be apparent..... Yeah, that's the catch-22 & I'm just waiting for the complaints like that of the former to emanate from people.....
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    to 96th would be nice but the as the only local on queens blvd would suck. It sucks on weekends and makes me wish the would comeback (which needs to happen). The only issue is that the would be the only line serving 53rd st which would be an issue. this is why they need a 6th ave service to balance out the ridership. The carries on queens blvd during the rush. but on weekends the to 96th st should be kept. My only solution for a 2nd line on 2nd ave is have the run between 2nd ave and 9th st at a 15 min headway during the week.
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    I had to go into work today as an essential worker...QM1 was great this morning. I'm heading home in a little bit, hopefully things are still okay. Looks like buses are still running, but I may end up taking the subway depending on hos things look
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    In my experience people from UES on the usually is off the trains by 14th Street and people from Brooklyn is usually off the train by 42nd Street. Not a partyer so I don't know where people go, but I suspect people want Midtown or lower Midtown more than heading into another neighborhood outside the central core such as W'sburg or UES. Maybe its the same places Long Islanders go when they get off the LIRR all drunk and all that. Delancey can be accessed by the directly cross platform at Lex so I don't think it would be too big of an inconvenience. I don't think its justified rerouting the completely from QBL just to cover people who wants to party. But on weekends I'm not against an extension of the from Delancey. Its just that a four car train probably won't cut it lol
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    At it's core, the BL-15 suggestion is a way to restore service from points south of [northern Westchester county] to JVM.... The BL-16 serving JVM; Jefferson Valley Mall, to me, is akin to & reminiscent of when the B83 was the only route serving Gateway Mall.... Now I'm not at all implicating that JVM is as popular as Gateway Mall, but I'm speaking to the fact that it's insanely difficult to get to that mall (JVM) via public transportation...... The BL-16 is a route that solely runs laterally in the upper part of northern Westchester county.... I hate to admit it, but (although the old BL-12 to JVM is missed) the BL-12 from end to end was more wasteful than the BL-15 from end to end - and the BL-15 itself IMO is hanging on a thread, being that there's simply more demand for the BL-14 north-of-White-Plains & it (15) is used interchangeably/supplementarily with it (14)..... What Checkmate is aiming to accomplish, in essence, is even more of a balancement in usage between the BL-14 & the BL-15 overall (as in, b/w White Plains & northern Westchester county) than I am.... By extending it into Peekskill, it's his belief that you could perhaps take people off BL-14's to/from Peekskill & have them gravitate towards the (altered/suggested) BL-15 via JVM of mine instead.... I'm not saying he's flat out wrong, but my concern with running the (altered/suggested BL-15 via JVM), outside of the futility I mentioned in my last post, is simply that of runtime.... That is why I'd just have anyone needing Peekskill xferring to/from off either the BL-14 & BL-16 from/at Cortlandt Town Ctr.... That said: I'll say this... If I were to consider an extension of the altered BL-15 (via JVM) in question on into Peekskill, quite frankly, I would have it taking even more of the Taconic (as in, from Pleasantville).... You may/likely have to sacrifice serving Briarcliff Manor if a route of sorts were to continue serving Peekskill patrons (better/differently) by having it serve the more hillier portions of the city.... I think what this is boiling down to (and there's nothing wrong with either) is that I'm more looking at the route holistically & you're more focused/honed in on the northern Westchester aspect of the route.... If White Plains & that whole NY Medical College complex were more proximate to Peekskill than it currently is, I would have had the idea running into Peekskill.... That, or if there were absolutely no bus service whatsoever north of White Plains (akin to the NJT's #559 b/w Toms River & (coincidentally named) PLEASANTVILLE ).... But the difference in distance b/w Peekskill & White Plains (especially considering the BL-15 isn't as linear as the BL-14... which I believe is yet another factor as to why people gravitate to it more) looms too great IMO.... I mean, look at all we're doing, just to try to make the BL-15 more attractive.... It's too much *nothing* in that middle pocket of northern Westchester county between.... Pleasantville and Yorktown Hgts... - There was a dude named dadbo46 back on RD that was said to have some sort of affiliation with Bee-Line (whether that last part was true or not, IDRK).... I'm paraphrasing, but I remember him basically conveying that Bee-Line swiftly caved into the demands of Scarsdale when it came down to more service to/from White Plains.... So to opine on the question, I'd say if whatever they have in mind doesn't benefit Scarsdale specifically, then they wouldn't even touch the thing.... - Thanks for the compliment, but I tend to think the opposite when it comes to my proposals & the mindset and/or willingness of these transit agencies to possibly/hopefully implement them, or something close enough to them.... Then again, I may be doing some conflating of my own - that is, painting Bee-Line with the same brush of being inconsiderately cut-happy like the transit agency we have to deal with here in NYC with the MTA.... At the same time though, I have more faith in Bee-Line when it comes down to addressing demand/better catering to the riding public..... Not sure if you get anymore "draconian" than the MTA in that category
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    My apologies. I just never see anyone refer to Cuomo as Andy so that didn’t click in my head.
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    Hello. Everyone. New here. So in 2018 I was in the process for TO. It didnt work out then. Around October 2020 I emailed DCAS and put my name back on the hiring list. Jan 8th I got emailed the canvass letter. Jan 15th I had the drug test. Jan 26th I had the medical and final processing. Everything worked out fine and got appointed same day. Long day but it was worth it. I was one of the last ones if not the last one that day. Im in for the Feb 22 start date. Excited for what is to come. Looking forward to it. List 9X
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    Well, according to our own VG8 here, that is completely fine and lovely because they do a lot of "hard work". He's just spent time on another thread telling me that he doesn't vote along party lines. So while an average American may not realize it, the non-average American isn't exactly a shoe in either.
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    So we’re having it touch down where in Manhattan without destroying all that high price Westside real estate? And because of the angle needed to build it and still let cargo ships pass under, it’s not touching down until 9th-10th Av. Same with the tunnel - but now you’ve got queues of traffic like at Canal Street with the Holland Tunnel. Rich folks on the Westside won’t like that.
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    Didn't do 2013 because the polls closed, and sat out 2017. Paraphrasing George Carlin here, if you didn't vote for the guy, then you have all the rights to complain about him. How can you be complaining about AOC being a fraud when the President you voted for has literally been investigated for, and committed, actual fraud? Your dude is a literal limousine Republican who has defrauded the working class before he even became President.
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    Ain't nobody here denying that DBD has been a mess. Yet your conservatives haven't worked at all to get NYC, either. They're bowing to a bunch of QAnon nutjobs that just attempted the closest thing the US has come to a presidential coup because the man you voted for president egged them on. Your favorite Queen Nicole loved that too. She objected to the electoral certification AFTER these buffons stormed the building with their Nazi and confederate flags. Not a realistic, pragmatic way of trying to win the hearts of liberals in the city.
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    That's the nature of social conservatism in the US and Anglosphere at large - the assumption that people who use "welfare" are actually stealing and abusing so caveats and excessive eligibility requirements are needed. Meanwhile conservative-demanded bailouts and tax rebates to spur job creation and retention got used to pay shareholders dividends and C-Suite bonuses.
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    Enjoy 1/1/2021 1/5/2021 1/6/2021 1/19/2021 1/20/2021 1/21/2021 1/24/2021 Forever Photography
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    FHA Loans Medicare Medicaid COVID Unemployment extensions and supplemental money FDA drug regulation New Starts Transit grants Clean Air Acts Pell Grant To name a few... If they ended up "failing", it's only because ideologues took power and attempted to destroy them because they didn't want these things to become "entitlements" - as former House Speaker Paul Ryan said of healthcare reform.
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    Images from the camera presented to this year, 2021. Enjoy! With extras
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    Per a facebook comment, 9614 was just decommissioned
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    Wayne still has three Detroits running.... 8294, 8301 and 8304.
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    5893 is back at Meadowlands its been working the 83 and 84 route's last couple months
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    There should be a feature that has threads automatically locked after 'x' amount of years after the last post in the thread (whatever Harry determines that number to be)..... That would do away with necroposting instantly.
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