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    20th Annual BusFest At Atlantic Antic on Boerum Place between State Street and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Bring your "Bus Fest BFF" to Brooklyn's biggest and bus-iest event of the year! We close the street to make room for the beloved New York City buses of yesteryear. Explore the fleet on the street, and the Museum down underground: party it up at Brooklyn's largest street fair, shop for bus-related gifts and memorabilia, and celebrate the rides we share with friends with arts-and-crafts activities and the new #BusFestBFF Photo Hunt! Bring the whole family – admission to the Museum is only $1 per person all day long!
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    Wed, May 21, 6:30pm – Tickets New York Transit Museum What makes a design iconic? Can something functional also be a work of art and an emblem of great design? This year marks the 20th anniversary of a design creation over 7 million people carry around in their pockets every day: the MetroCard. In this special program, members from the original design team, contemporary artists, and the MTA come together for one night to consider questions of the MetroCard's aesthetics, function, inspiration and ownership.
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