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    Yeah thank you i seen this map when i was a kid awesome man!
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    Once again, thanks for uploading all these maps Harry. It's very much appreciated.
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    Thanks Harry! Been looking for this since forever! By any chance is the reverse side available?
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    Excellent! Zach had these and let me take a gander awhile back but I lost them with an external HD crash. Glad to know they're back! Thanks Harry!
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    It's a really nice map; I never knew that 148 St on the is called 149 St-7 Av on interlocking boards. Thanks Harry
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    My thanks to Harry for uploading these for me as a set. I think I added a few more "fun" ones such as theoretical "Yankee and Mets" subway series shuttles, but I'm not sure if the MTA has enough brains for that.
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    I was too afraid of damaging mines so thanks for scanning it, the quality is wonderful, great job Harry! Rating: 4.5/5.0.
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    Harry you are the man. I can't wait until we get the 70s smileys back so I can match my signature.
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