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    Do not be rational. You will be punished.
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    I think this is also important. Canarsie would have been painful, but it would have showcased a different approach to transportation. On the surface level, we would have been actively and drastically restricting car access along key corridors. New Yorkers would have been able to experience efficient (albeit) crowded bus service pretty much for the first time in history, along with gains in pedestrian and bike access. Underground, NYCT was being forced away from its highly linear approach to transportation. The Canarsie shutdown plan was a study in the way our system can distribute loads through its redundancy. Instead of the usual 'lines exist in isolation' mantra, we would have seen NYCT confront the fact it operates a network. Now, they could have done more in this regard, but such is life. NYCT would have also been forced to operate the system *well*. You basically had single point failure on the WillyB and on the ; dispatchers would have had to get crafty with loads, frequency, variability, and service management. And they would have learned from all this -- to the benefit of the rest of the system and city. Today, we lost that opportunity. The engineers consulted have, as far as I can tell, zero experience with NYCT. MTA was basically not clued in on all this. I'm generally skeptical of the conclusions of remote academics and 'big thinkers' who use the word 'innovative' when talking about safety-critical maintenance, and the lack of detail, dissonance in message (is it just the benchwall or the whole track/tunnel structure) and the startling lack of NYCT personnel on the team just reinforces my skepticism. Was this a kangaroo court?
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    No. This is new. This is not closing the tunnels save for single tube closures on nights and weekends. The need for supplemental service outside those hours thus disappears, and we're left with normal weekday service. I'm extremely skeptical of this plan. Previous MTA releases indicated that the damage was not limited to the ductbanks as today's presentation indicated; it included corrosion to the concrete lining of the tunnel, the track structure, etc. Those issues don't seem to be addressed here. The ductbank solution itself seems highly suspect. This epoxy wrap thing sounds like a really fancy way of saying "we're gonna use glue and duct tape to hold this tunnel together" with the implied causative clause of "because Andy C wants to pull a press coup to help his chances in 2020." I'm not an engineer so I can't speak to the exact issues here, but it seems awfully likely that these patches will just decay over time, creating a need for a second round of work in say 10 years. Then we're stuck with an expensive/disruptive/wholly unnecessary second round without Andrew Cuomo in office to be held accountable. I'm also worried (really, terrified) about what this'll do to costs. Contracts have already been issued and mitigations designed. We're tossing that all out the window and telling all the people working on this to start afresh. That can't be cheap. On a final note, the MTA board has yet to vote on this. It's interesting to note that Cuomo believes he can suppose their support without so much as informing them as to what's going on. Maybe it's like he actually controls the MTA...
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    A knee jerk reaction by the "beloved" governor. So he wants to milk this out for years instead of a year and a half?? Who voted for this guy?
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    Yeah, that has to be a 211. The sign is not added to the window until much later; when the electrical stuff is done. This is just the bare shell now, and so the window without the sign will look like a window, but the fact that it's a window, and not a blank wall like previous NTT's, is proof that the space is reserved for the sign (and the sign on top, as stated, is for destination text).
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    Man, I just don't get this argument at all. Every other major city around the world has homeless people on metro trains; NYC isn't unique that way. Those cities have open-gangway trains. It's not a problem. If anything, it's better because it's easier to move away from the smell.
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    Oh wtf, this is beyond admiration.... Let the man's nuts breathe for f***'s sake.... This d**kriding has long gotten annoying.
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    Nailed it Lance. You have people in the DC Metro area with their own transit problems who don't care about the situation in NYC. Now imagine someone in Neckbone, Mississippi caring about Cuomo, the train, or a tunnel closure. Democrats or Republicans. 😁
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    Exactly. Can you imagine what would happen if the patchwork repairs fail because Cuomo decided to strong-arm the MTA and force the cancellation of the closure? The inevitable line shutdown that would follow would be more costly and more time-consuming than just letting the original shutdown commence as planned. Also, I'm still baffled on how a line closure here in New York translates into increased / reduced presidential viability. Voters in the boondocks barely care about what happens in NYC. What makes you think someone in middle of nowhere Ohio is going to care about a partial line closure?
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    The riders who are celebrating this should ashamed of themselves. I understand the shutdown would've been hell for those who depend on the L, but it really was the most effective solution, time and money wise. This newer "plan" will drag the repairs out for YEARS, while using unproven construction methods that could end up possibly worsening the condition of the tunnel. 4 years of resources, people leaving their homes, and businesses having to close all for NOTHING.
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    1/1/19 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! IRT A Division, North lines of NYC Subway: 240 St Yard -1983-85 Kawasaki R62 subway car: 1306-1310 and 1431-1434:1438, -1984-87 Bombardier R62A subway car: 1826-1830, 1841-1900, 2156-2220, 2226-2345, 2351-2405, 2411-2455 (350) Total trains: 36 Livonia Yard -1983-85 Kawasaki R62 : 1301 -1305, 1311-1365, 1371-1430, 1441-1625: 305 cars- 30 trains - 42 St : 1921-1922:1925, 1928-1930, 1932-1933, 1935-1937, 1939, 1941, 1945-1946, 1950-1951, 1953, 1955-1956 – (1984-87 R62A Bombardier) 20 cars total (3-4-3) : 1999-2003 Bombardier R142 Subway cars 239 St - 6301-6710: 410 cars: 41 trains E.180 St/Unionport: 6711-7115: 405 cars - 40 trains Jerome Av Yard (By the Tracey Towers) - 2002-2003 Bombardier R142 subway car: 1101-1250, 7116-7180: 215 cars- 21 trains - 1999-2004 Kawasaki R142A subway car: 7591-7810: 220 cars- 22 trains Total trains: 43 Westchester Yard - 1984-87 Bombardier R62A subway car: 1651-1825, 1831-1840, 1901-1905, 1911-1920, *1931-1927-1952-1923-1940, 1942-1938-1926-1924-1934, 1943-1944+1947-1949, 1954:1957-1960, 1961-2155, 2221-2225, 2346-2350, 2406-2410, 2456-2475 Total trains: 45 (Total cars: 450) Corona Yard - Kawasaki R188 subway cars *CBTC Flushing line (ranging from 1999-2003 and 2011-12) Converted sets: 7211-7590, C car units: 7899-7936 (38), Factory made units: 7811-7898 (8) Total 11-car trains: 46 *Withdrawn single R62As for work service w/the R134s (11-13): 1906, 1907, 1908, 1910 ----------------- B Division (BMT/IND): South lines of NYC Subway Rockaway - 207 St / Pitkin Yard - 1964 Budd R32 subway car: 3354-3355, 3360-3361, 3376-3377, 3380-3381, 3384-3385, 3388-3389, 3394-3397, 3400-3401, 3404-3405, 3410-3411, 3414-3417, 3424-3433, 3436-3443, 3446-3449, 3452-3455, 3460-3461, 3472-3473, 3484-3485, 3488-3489, 3496-3497, 3512-3515, 3518-3519, 3522-3523, 3550-3551, 3574-3575, 3578/3579, 3586-3587, 3590-3591, 3606-3607, 3610-3611, 3614-3615, 3618-3619, 3624-3625, 3646-3647, 3654-3655, 3660-3661, 3664-3665, 3670-3673, 3682-3683, 3688-3689, 3698/3699, 3706-3709, 3714-3719, 3728-3729, 3730-3733, 3736-3739, 3770-3773, 3780-3781, 3782-3783, 3792-3793, 3798-3799, 3804-3807, 3810-3811, 3818-3823, 3829-3829, 3834-3835, 3840-3841, 3864-3865, 3870-3873, 3876-3879, 3886-3889, 3896-3897, 3912/3913, 3924-3925, 3928-3929, 3932-3933 3383:3890, 3444:3777, 3445:3468, 3520:3891, 3548:3593, 3644:3621, 3658:3471, 3419:3740 (Total count: 212) - 1975-78 Pullman R46 subway car: 5846-6149, 6156-6205, 6208:6210, 6212:6214,6216:6218, 6220:6222, 6224:6226, 6228:6230, 6232:6234, 6236:6238, 6240:6242, 6244:6246, 6248:6250, 6252:6254, 6256:6258, [6152-6153:6206-6207] (Total count: 368) - 2008-09 Alstom R160A-1 (made up of 4-car sets) subway car : 8585-8592, 8613-8632, 8641-8652, 9947-9950, 9963-9974 (Total count: 56) - (NEW) 2018 Bombardier R179 Subway car: 3150-3181 (32 cars in-total = 4 8 car trains) East New York Yard - 1969-70 St. Louis R42 subway car: 4788-4817, 4820-4839 (50 cars In-total) - 2001-02 Kawasaki R143 (*CBTC 14 St-Canarsie Line) subway car: 8101-8312 - 212 cars - 2007-09 Alstom R160A-1 subway car: (CBTC: 8313-8376) ,8377-8584, 8593-8612, 8633-8640, 9943-9946, 9951-9962 : Total cars- 316 - 2017 Bombardier R179 subway car: 3050-3069, 3074-3149: 96 cars In-service *The following Budd R32 units left, status TBD: 3628/3669, 3774-3775, 3778-3779, 3856-3857, 3938-3939 Jamaica Yard - 1975-78 Pullman R46 subway car: 5482-5845 (364 cars) - 2005-08 Alstom R160A-2 subway car: 9238-9247, 9273-9442, 9483-9802 *Some R160A-2 are refurbished with the wrapped scheme (490 cars) 2006-08 Kawasaki R160B subway car: 8773-8777, 8838-8842, 9108-9112, 9123-9142, 9153-9162, 9168-9172, 9178-9182, 9188-9192, 9203-9207, 9218-9222 (refurbished units),9223-9232, 9803-9942 (210 cars) Concourse Yard - 1986-88 Westinghouse R68 subway car: 2500-2775 (276 cars) Coney Island Yard - 1986-88 Westinghouse R68 subway car: 2776-2915 (140 cars), 2916-2924- units used on the Shuttle - 1988-89 Kawasaki R68A subway car: 5001-5200 (200 cars) - 2005-08 R160 subway cars: Alstom R160A-2/R160B: 8653-8712, 9233-9237, 9248-9272, 9443-9482 (A-2), 8713-8772, 8778-8837, 9103-9107, 9113-9122, 9143-9152, 9163-9167, 9173-9177, 9183-9187, 9193-9202, 9208-9217 (320 cars) - Siemens R160B subway car: 8843-9102 (260 cars) Notes: The uses both 8 car 62 ft trains (R160A-1 or 32, R179) and 75 ft trains (R46) The is 8-car 62 ft trains on weekdays. During the weekends (to Essex St), the train is 4-cars. The Crosstown is 4 75 ft cars per train (R68) Be PREPARED! April 2019 is the train shutdown in Manhattan *Other facts: Refuse R32 units: 3494-5, 3510-1, 3552-3, 3642-3, 3694-5 - Clifton Yard 1971-74 R44 for Staten Island: (SIR- Staten Island Railway) :388-401, 403-436, 438, 440, 442, 444, 446, 448, 450, 452, 456, 458, 460, 462, 464 (62 cars total) That's all. Enjoy what 2019 brings to you all!
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    Auxiliary Wayside (legacy block with very long blocks) is primary signalling system, CBTC simply turns off block signals (green->flashing green) if a CBTC aware train tries to enter an empty legacy block, thus converting it to a CBTC block, or a CBTC aware train tries to enter a CBTC block (red->flashing green). A legacy train would get red until the last CBTC train leaves the next block, and then a legacy train may enter the block. The legacy block track circuits also need exercise sometimes. If its outside of peak, and the last CBTC train claims to have left the block, the block better not be occupied, if it is, it is a track circuit failure, but I wonder what NYCT's specs say happens if an AWS track circuit fails, CBTC trains run full speed through the block? legacy key by procedure/Form D, 1 train in the block? lock the trip cock down and stop on sight?
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    Haha. Try that shit in NY and you best believe you ain’t getting ur card back. LOL 😂 😆 😝
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    That sounds nice on paper, but let's keep it all the way real right now.... There's heroism & bravery..., and there's throwing your life away for 2 dollars & 75 cents... I don't know you personally champ, but no dollar amount is worth your life.
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    Blatant hypocrisy. You should have told yourself "in a nice way to refrain from doing so" when you hopped the back of that B1. Beat me to it. Peer pressure didn't keep me from swiping my student metro @ Brighton Beach... Separation though, give me a break.... Then again, more often than not, I rolled dolo (stayed to myself) anyway..... IDK how many times over the course of those 4 years I spent at Grady where kids used to go through the emergency exit door WITH THE POLICE STANDING RIGHT THERE after school let-out hrs.... Even when that MF-er wasn't there, I always swiped... I'm getting this card "freely", so I may as well use the thing... That was always my attitude when I was given those student passes/metrocards during the school year...
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    Saw this on Instagram so can’t vouch for credibility (I also don’t speak Japanese), but it seems the vehicle at 0:30 is a proto-R211. Video from Kobe.
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    People gonna be waiting a long time on that R-2 line.
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    Mechanics' adage comes to mind: I feel like we just got a back pocket "AHA" from the other guy from Queens with a hero complex, and that we're getting the third line instead of the first or second. The shutdown's already been vetted and contracted out. Terminating those contracts will cost - and with a perennially broke agency about to steal more of our money in 60 days, this act by that CNN Anchor's brother is a gross act of financial malfeasance. This should've been brought up 6 months ago in order to be vetted before contracts got signed and folks made job changes or turned down work to do it. And I haven't seen anything saying that the ADA work and entrance rebuilds are still going forward. So yeah, that former Kennedy-by-marriage literally pissed away God-knows how much money just to scratch an itch. Nice that folks don't have to take or the M14s, but he really pulled some BS.
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    Is nobody reading the actual article? As @RR503 said, this is not just the second, longer option. This is replacing the work strategy over 15 months with an alternative work model of a more limited scope. [Edit: I see the article has changed and nobody knew the timeline at first publication.] My question--and here I defer to the engineers--is whether this will work as effectively, and if it does work, how the MTA could have been so stupid as to miss it all.
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    Why not use this new, super-technology for the full shutdown, shortening even more, if it even works?
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    Makes no sense. At least if they did the Full Shutdown, they would've been able to get all of the work done on a single timeline and then get out. Now with the weekends/nights only shutdown it will take way longer and god knows if the structure would/could hold that long. On another serious note, he had plenty of time to do his tour of the tunnel and it bothers me that he waited until the last minute really which is really crazy. And the years of alternative planning and increased subway service on certain routes has seems to have gone into waste.
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    Here's an update on the renovations at Chambers Street (photos from Facebook and not mine)
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    Enjoy the last of this year
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    The 179 operating cabs are smaller than the 160's There is less room for the t/o to operate with the seat all the way back & down. The master controller is very uncomfortable to operate on a long run. The C/R's have a hard time with the cab window latch right up on their chins when doing their platform observation. It's even tougher for shorter c/r's to look out the window. There is absolutely no space to climb between cars on these 179's Unless you are built like a pencil. There is no way to climb up between cars or remove car barrier springs when doing yard moves. I personally never operated one but I hear all the complaints from my fellow co workers. Yes they are shiny & new but they are big lemons. They should have gotten input from operating crews on what should be improved from the 160's to the 179's but they didn't
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    I can't come to grips to hating any particular rolling stock.... Preferences are one thing, but perusing some of the posts/discussions in this section & on other forums (subchat, etc.) over the years, the absolute disdain that's exuded for a particular fleet always trips me out.... You'd have thought someone's momma was being slapped, the way some of y'all dudes go hard in the paint with that...
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