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    The last thing anyone should be worrying about is the stupid train cars, which can be replaced...
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    Agreed in entirety. Unfortunately, your words seem to have gone over many people's heads- a crime worthy of federal investigation was committed, an employee died in the line of duty, but no, all they keep asking about is "OMG what happens to the R142s"... Has anyone stopped to think about what will happen to the family he left behind? Un-f**king-believable, really and truly...
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    After reading through this thread, I'm quite appalled and ashamed at the fact that there are people(particularly the younger transit fans) in this thread that are worried about a train set being repaired/returned to service, along with folks saying that the train was lit on fire because someone didn't like the R142s(which to me, was by far the the most dumbest thing I've read in the thread). Some of you guys seem to forget that trains can be replaced, human lives can not. As both a rider and an enthusiast, my heart goes out to his family and everyone who knew him and worked with him. We're already living in surreal times with this Coronavirus wreaking havoc in our city, and showing its devastating affects on the many employees of MTA Bus, Subway & Rail, this does not make things any better. I pray(and I'm not much of a praying person, admittedly) for the safety and assurance that all MTA personnel can make it through this and return home to their families and loved ones. Please be more considerate when you post, and think before you post. At a time and situation like this, subway cars are the very LAST thing you should be worried about....
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    Thank you for saying this. I was reluctant to make any comment about this incident but after reading the first page or so of comments my blood began to boil. A man lost his life and people are commenting on the condition of some pieces of metal ? Wow, just wow. Nothing more to say. Carry on.
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    Can we stop endlessly discussing the same things! This is not directed at one person.
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    Im doing just fine moving these trains thanks....
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    I've already said once to use the multi-quote feature and stop posting like you're talking on Facebook Messenger....and stop with the spread of false information. If I have to clean up posts again, I'm handing out warnings to people.
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    My random thought for the night: defying my best instincts, I've actually been reading fantasy plans on this forum the last couple days (since there really isn't anything better to do with my free time lately than screw around online). And the impression I keep getting is that many of you have absolutely no consideration for the train crews and what their job entails when they are off the train. There are certain places that can not be used as terminals. Just because you can turn a train there doesn't mean you should. Cutting back runs so that both destinations are locations that don't have crew facilities (even great men have to pee sometimes!) is cruel and inhumane. And in these times of social distancing and the city refusing to do anything about assaults against employees, how can you have an entire line worth of crews have to stand around on the platform, having no place to even sit down or eat their lunch, until they are ready to make their next trip? Even when non-terminal locations are used as temporary terminals for a GO, it will always return to a regular location and their time at that temporary terminal will be at best to drop back to the second train arriving. This is exactly why 205 on the is not a terminal and the crew change is done at Bedford Park. Likewise when the goes to 86 St (or the to Ave X for that matter), the crew change is at Kings Highway which is equipped to handle multiple crews (but NOT Kings Highway on the which I know is a miserable place for everyone involved to end at).
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    Well there's no other way around it. The MTA cannot say that they're gonna run a weekday service when they don't have the personnel to do so. If running a weekday schedule with half the service suspended equates to the reality today, then just call it what it is, an "essential" schedule. The workforce is out sick from either the virus, displaying symptoms and being told to quarantine or from being exposed to someone with either of the two and being told to quarantine. Remember the first employee death from the virus? His positive test forced 30 other employees to stay home. Supervision is not playing around. If any employee falls into any of the three scenarios above, they are staying home. This is just the COVID related scenarios. You still have much more employees out because they have to take care of their kids and those out for the regular types of absences. In the subways, it takes more than a train operator and a conductor to move a train from terminal to terminal. The same thing is happening with the buses. Flipping to a Saturday or Sunday schedule effectively puts less buses on the road but the numbers of available operators at each depot are different so it equates to the same thing. I had one of my co-workers say that she had to do a trip on a quadruple headway. (That is the 3 buses in front of their bus did not show) Flipping to a reduced schedule is the only way they can establish some sort of guideline for service, because the MTA can't keep lying to everyone saying that "we're doing our best job with on a weekday schedule." The reality is that service has to be reduced to continue to provide somewhat of a reliable service especially with employee availability tanking by the day. Remember that halving a headway means double the service, which means double the equipment, which means double the bodies. And yes, the MTA can realize that hey, let's run 15 min headways to reduce overcrowding but they can't do that without employees. I'm sure that everyone understands that workers need to get to/from work but it's not being made any better with the fact that the buses are free. I was passing by a bus stop on my home route and saw 3 kids waiting for the bus. I picked them up before, I know what stop they're going to, they're clearly not essential workers... So why are they out joyriding? The people who need to stay home aren't staying home and everyone is complaining about having service added back without realizing the whole picture. But how was everyone getting around after: -The strike in 2005 -9/11 - Hurricane Irene -Hurricane Sandy -Every last blizzard where the mayor told everyone to stay home or they were getting a ticket from the cops? Exactly my point. If the employees aren't available to work, how are you really expecting to get some place?
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    600' G trains are operating since regularly scheduled intervals are not able to be covered due to lack of crews. And who told you that 24/7 OPTO is the next plan for the G 24/7? The fact of the matter is that OPTO is only permitted with trains a maximum of 300' long. In other words, long trains on the G = NO OPTO! It's in the contract! When they did that on the L some years ago the contract was violated. Once the grievance process went thru the steps, the conductors were immediately reinstated.
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    Whom ever made up that rumor about the R32’s being down to 80 cars is a tool. The consists listed on the so called retired list are IN SERVICE as I type. I operated in them. 3894/3895 etc!
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    False. R142's can run in 4 to 6 car units. The middle car in a 5 car unit doesn't actually provide anything to another car. It's always the B car next to the A car. When the C cars were ordered for the R188s, these were lighter cars missing a number of parts for the "A-B pairing". With those cars, they actually pass through on both ends so that the A and B cars between them communicate. This is why the C car is always found between an A and B car in a unit, and once again the B car in the middle of a unit don't marry with any other cars (as to the question of why they didn't just have two C cars on the new orders, my best guess is consistency with the R142A's which were converted?)
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    The sad part is that this is not the first time he attempted to post this..... Last week(or the week prior), he tried to post this same exact thing....and it got flagged via Mod Queue. I don't know who approved it this time around, it sure as hell wasn't me, and I don't think Deucey did it..... He's fishing for attention like a motherf**ker. I've warned him more than once about this type of shit, now he's canned for 30 days.
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    I feel like the R32's are cursed and won't let anyone retire them for good. Always some reason comes up for why they have to stay longer.
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    The R32 fleet is NOT retired. For the final time, these cars are put ins. (Substitute, supplement, and spares) most are being stored and some are stripped or awaiting stripping of parts.
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    Hobbyism taken too far.... Anyway, I was reading through this thread (and other articles, other than the one copy/pasted), wanting to find out when, where, and how this fire even started, and if anyone was injured & what not (and to what extent).... Eventually came upon those pictures of those charred subway cars & subway vandalism (in this case, particularly, arson) immediately came to mind.... Unfortunately, you have the poor guy that ended up losing his life trying to save others apparently, with several others suffering serious injuries.... ...and for those that DGAF about it, I'd say there is a direct correlation of [that nonchalantness] and [the acts of disrespect & lack of human decency being directed at these front line workers]... You see people just doing their jobs (especially inside stores & what not) getting yelled at and/or cursed out, unprovoked, like it's permissible & never really understood it - not just from a buyer/seller perspective, but from a manager/managee level as well.... Always saw the whole thing as corny, to be honest.... But to sum this up, regardless of what they make salary-wise, blue collar work has long been stigmatized in society & I for one have always abhorred it....
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    The C/R is a hero for saving the lives of all the passengers, and got murdered in what appears to be deliberately set fires. This is murder! This one really really hit me. It makes me so angry that in the last few years more and more conductors have been insulted, assaulted, beaten, spat on and disrespected. Do people not realize how hard their job is? How much of a toll it takes on them? I wish condolences to the family and friends of this true hero. I don't know why these fires were started, but (from a distance) it seems that career criminals and vandals are seizing on lower subway ridership to wreak havoc. This has got to stop. One Person Dies and 16 Are Injured in a Subway Fire in Manhattan The New York Fire Department said reports about the fire, at the 110th Street Central Park North subway stop, came in at about 3:20 a.m. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/27/nyregion/subway-fire-death.html?action=click&module=Latest&pgtype=Homepage Police outside of the 110th Street Central Park North stop on Friday. By Christina Goldbaum and Maria Cramer March 27, 2020 Updated 10:42 a.m. ET A subway conductor was killed early Friday after a fire erupted inside a train car at a station along the northern edge of Central Park, officials said. The fire was reported as a No. 2 train pulled into the station and a transit employee, who was on the train as a passenger, told the conductor that there was heavy smoke and fire in the second car of the train, said Brian McGee, a deputy chief of detectives. When the train stopped at the station around 3:18 a.m., both workers for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority evacuated passengers. But when emergency workers arrived on the scene the conductor was found laying on the tracks, officials said. He was later pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital. Police were investigating the fire and believe it may be connected to two other fires in the transit system in Manhattan, one at 86th Street station and another at 96th Street station, that were also reported around 3:15 a.m. Friday. A third fire on the street level was reported later in the morning at the 116th Street station. “We are devastated by this, this is a hard moment for New York City Transit,” Sarah Feinberg, interim president of New York City Transit, said at a news conference on Friday morning. Seventeen other people, including five firefighters, were injured, according to a spokesman for the New York Fire Department. Four people were in critical condition, and another person was in serious condition but the injuries were not life-threatening. The five firefighters suffered minor injuries. More than 100 emergency personnel responded and the fire was brought under control at about 3:50 a.m., he said. At about 6:45 a.m. firefighters were still working to extinguish the flames. Video from outside the station shows plumes of black smoke pouring out of the sidewalk grates as the fire raged in the early morning. It is unclear how the fire began or whether it started inside or outside the car, said Lieutenant Thomas Antonetti, a spokesman for the New York Police Department. “That’s what they’re trying to ascertain,” he said of the fire investigators on the scene Friday morning. No arrests have been made, according to the police, who are investigating the incident as a criminal matter. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the subway, wrote on Twitter at 3:24 a.m. that it was trying to remove a train from service at the station, and then said that it had “removed power on all tracks to allow the Fire Department to extinguish a fire” there. The agency suspended some service on the No. 2 and No. 3 lines Friday morning, with delays on the No. 4 and No. 5 lines as well.
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    My ass sure isn't looking for them! Haven't stepped foot in the subway in a week, prolly the longest in my life...
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    Don’t respond to this guy, he never knows what he’s talking about. I’m surprised the moderators haven’t removed him yet...
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    Lol, it does look much better. The American flag has always looked completely stupid on there. The MTA logo, fine, but why we needed to continue the post-9/11 obsession with flags on every possible surface is beyond me. For context, remember that this is how the R143s were specced and initially delivered. It's also why the flags are below the logo on these cars, since they were haphazardly added later. Looks a lot better this way.
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    Actually I do. And I’m going to formally advise you to stop it - since during this stay-at-home order period I figured out how to use these moderator buttons.
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    Honestly it’s better to be safe than sorry. Better to send people home than risk the health and lives of others.
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    As of March 17 , 2020: "Effective immediately, all transportation picks that are being held, or are scheduled to be held, are postponed until further notice.No picking should be conducted until further notice."
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    A friend of mine got some nice pictures of the sign, which also dates the closure of the entrance. http://indsecondsystem.weebly.com/union-tpke-kew-gardens.html
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    @Coney Island Av @trainfan22 I had some time to kill, so I decided to check out the GE R32s at Floyd Bennett Field. It turns out you can see them from one of the roads, and the cars appear to be in pretty decent condition on the outside. They still have their flipdots, rollsigns, and number plates.
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    All of the NTT's work in the ABBA, ABBBA, ABBBBA unit configuration. You can also substitute a C car between an A and B.
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    Possibly, I feel the picture would not have been taken if they did know about it, and I do also feel it should be removed. Putting that aside, the T/O's response in such a tragedy must be commended, he helped out even at a time when less and less people are riding the system. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, as well as the people affected. @B35 via Church Me and my AP Physics teacher actually talked about the possibility of the system getting shut down (when talking about the coronavirus, before it closed schools), we both agreed it's basically impossible. The public would want the system shut down, without considering the people and workers it still continues to serve. People are instinctively anti-subway when tragedy hits, and it's usually not necessitated.
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    Something to be thankful for here is that the T/O got the train to 110. Tunnel fires are scary; tunnel fires in deep bored tunnels built to 1900s egress standards and with little fire protection could have been even more catastrophic. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased; he's a hero.
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    Yeah c'mon guys this is appalling. Who gives a shit about the equipment? And no, this is not because somebody didn't like the rolling stock used. I know there's a lot of mental illness in the transit community, and we don't need to yell at those people for their responses to this, but the rest of you guys gotta get it together on this. A man is dead. And this looks a whole lot like arson.
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    The responses kinda remind me of this video...
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    Frankly, the MTA spent too much time doing the opposite when they were compelling people to work when they were sick, preventing people from taking precautions to protect themselves or making employees work in areas inhabited by people that had positive results. Just because people aren't dropping like Flies doesn't mean the risk isn't serious, Italy had that same attitude in regards to not 'panicking' over 'slight' illness...and right now their country is melting before our eyes. If this is what it takes to prevent my neighbors from suffering the same fate then so be it and if a few dozen people have to take the Q112 from Rockaway Blvd then OH WELL, BOO HOO.
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    There's nothing stopping it but stubborn New York "exceptionalism". I've heard excuses about platform height or tunnel width, but they make no sense. There is always a way to design any style of door to meet any tunnel width or platform height. The outer shape of the car and/or door might change slightly, but it can be done. The other advantage of those newer, better door types is that overall wall thickness can be reduced, providing more space inside the car. It's a no-brainer of you ask me, just like open gangways. Which means maybe the MTA might wise up in another half-century, if we're lucky.
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    more than likey, it was determined by DOB that Manhattanville can afford to loose those buses in order to increase the spare factor at Hale & 100 Street, 2 depots that people forget are operating at bare minimum levels. both depots, in regards to their 40 foot fleet(s) have low spare numbers due to capacity limitations at both yards (which people conveniently forget) regardless, between 100 Street, Hale & Manhattanville, they're always swapping & loaning buses to make service at OH & OF for am/pm rush hour service... OH has been technically "short" for a decade and OF has been technically "short" since it reopened (BY DESIGN), so personally, it's not really a big deal in my eyes. Manhattanville is not a yard that'll suffer from 5 buses being reassigned, by any stretch. people really need to stop reaching
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    correct. and depending on which run you're performing, clearance may or may not come into play. that's why at UP, GA or JG (and eventually EN) they'll pick any xd60/xn60 model to train operators on. people on this forum make such a big deal out of a 61xx showing up at JG or a xn60 showing up at UP... why? because they're hoping they have the jump on an "exclusive" (and that term has been abused incessantly over the last few years) like calm down... it's about getting operators acclimated ASAP. For example, if UP were receiving 12xx LSFA's, they'd pull 54xx's from FB to train em on, if that was what's available in the division... doesn't mean that 54xx LSFA's will be assigned to UP
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    Now listen here buddy, maybe some on here have a 4th grade reading level with zero common sense but you are certainly not referring to me because I would have never lasted with NYCT as a Train Operator for over 33 years (with 34 in the company) with ZERO operating violations. Amazing you made that 4th grade reading level wisecrack to my post! Furthermore if you go back to your post of Saturday April 4th at 12:43 AM, you specifically said, and I quote "...….but as crews start dropping like leaves in the dead of autumn, the next plan is to have the G OPTO 24/7." You're the one who told us what the next plan was. Then you claim you didn't say "they're going to run 600 ft trains at OPTO. So then who told you? And why did you repeat such a ridiculous statement it you know better? You are not a rookie on this site. Under your R32 pic it reads "1,647 posts." I have said multiple times (I have 1,546 posts) that OPTO is not permitted on trains over 300' in length". So why did you even waste our time in telling us that ".....the next plan is to have the G OPTO 24/7?" As a side, on M-F on all 3 tours, there are picked conductor jobs. Therefore there will be no OPTO intervals sent out M-F even with a 300' train. At least last Friday, they were running 600' trains. If they kept 600' trains all last weekend, they would of had to find conductors, which they can't even find to staff other lines.
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    Bruh 2019 LFS 8609 is on the SIM1C!! I'm hearing they're about to start putting local buses on the express routes to avoid any contact with the drivers. Even though this is a crisis, some interesting things are happening across the city. Would love to see photos and videos but of course that's at your own risk. Edit: Governors are being disabled on the buses.
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    The , aka " the Beast" originally ran from 241st St White Plains Road to New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn. Local stops in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The present day " Beast " also makes local stops in Manhattan overnight on the way to Flatbush-Brooklyn College. It's counterpart is the overnight from 207th Street Manhattan making all local stops to Far Rockaway. Either one is a guaranteed workhorse, mainly for people with little seniority or gluttons for punishment, IMO. My opinion. Carry on.
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    Maybe the transportation providers, the manufacturers, those who set the standards, the operating folks, and even the unions, should take the time to reflect on what happened here. There are many things that I have thought about last night but I always go back to my school car instructors. The mantra was safety is number one. Take a look at the pictures of the equipment and the station! This isn’t an everyday incident but maybe it will be a wake up call for all of the people that I mentioned. I applaud the heroism of my RTO, Station, coworkers and the FDNY. To the OPTO proponents........, I have nothing to say. My take. YMMV. Carry on.
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    firstly, I've ALWAYS communicated if I'm killing lights to avoid being hot, going back to my probation year at East NY 11 years ago. secondly, taking a longer swing without being instructed is a write up (unauthorized delay of service)
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    This is a larger societal problem but people just don't give a shit about this. To some degree, public facing jobs like these have become viewed upon as slavery (see bellyaching about "essential workers" and minimum wage in this pandemic)
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    Here is some footage I took of the R42s on the (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)(J)(L)(M)(N)(R)(W)(V)(Z) and other Note footage on the and are very shaky Enjoy
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    Now it makes sense why the attached "Delays" are posted on the MTA website...I love what they say as well - "...while our employees take important precautions against COVID-19."
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    Unless you have actual documentation, or a source in the , NYS Government, or Homeland Security or the White House, you should stop posting this rumor.
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    This is a perfect example of getting what you pay for. Sometimes it's worth the extra money for a quality product.
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    Conversion would be postponed only if the whole Spring pick is delayed or canceled. Nothing to that effect has been announced (yet).
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    What does all of this have to do with the Queens re-design?
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    On a completely different subject I wonder how many people have read the article about subway performance in the Daily News ? I've been posting about the bogus running time on the line for years. For years I would leave Dyre Avenue at 3PM and was scheduled to arrive at Bowling Green at 3:55 PM daily. Old SMEE, Redbirds, R142 whatever. It didn't matter. New signal system in the Bronx? No problem. ATS system turned off at Grand Concourse? Easy sailing down the Lexington corridor. ATS turned on ? Big problemo. Now I'm arriving 8 minutes late at Bowling Green. Let's blame the train crew, right? Guess what? No evidence of improper operation with or without supervision riding with us. Still we were not allowed to blame the ATS system for our lateness even though every local supervisor down the line knew the cause. I was told by an active RTO supervisor to look at the Trip Planner. Lo and behold there was an additional 8 minutes added to the running time. No more late train, right ? This is why I have a problem with those who spout numbers and metrics when I and many others know the whole story.The folks who still ride that interval know the truth, too. Just something to ponder. Carry on.
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