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    Free money for the operator. I wouldn't be mad. Just pull the brake, call it in to console and chill. Screw it.
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    I think you are being very optimistic about the near future. Read the business section of the major newspapers, local, regional, and national, and the prospect of a return to the old economy in any form isn’t being mentioned. The new projection is for less businesses, needing less employees from what I’ve been reading. Look at the business closures already and the downsizing of employee count that’s gonna take place at the remaining companies. Online ordering and package delivery is going to be the new normal, IMO. I don’t believe that mass transit ridership is ever going to reach the recent level. Business is a bottom line first thing. I know the is a reactive agency for the most part so I think the older buses, subway, and rail cars are history no matter how you look at it. There might be a farewell trip for some of the equipment but there’s no justification for spending money to maintain older equipment, period. The , NJT, MARTA, DC Metro, Amtrak are all broke and counting on Congress for help. Mass transit and Amtrak don’t matter to most Americans in the best of times so I’m not sure running farewell trips is the smartest thing to do. Maybe a paid, private excursion would be the best way to proceed without stirring up opposition. Just my opinion. YMMV. Carry on.
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    About 3 workers, and how long it takes depends who ordered the light bulb to be fixed: Stations department: 3 hours per bulb Agency president: 2 hours per bulb Governor Cuomo: 5 minutes per bulb. Say what you want about the Governor, but once he orders an MTA department to do something, that's when they get up off their ass and actually get things done in lightning speed.
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    If you want to be nitpicky, they have changed the QM1 routing on the Fresh Meadows end. Buses used to pick up on 64th Avenue & 188th Street, and then turn onto 188th Street onto Manhattan. However, the QM1 now starts on 188th Street itself (north of 64th Ave, between HHE & 64th Ave). The QM1A/QM5 routing has remained the same I believe. So has the QM1A/QM6 routing.
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    Part of me is thinking this might push the MTA to start looking at OPTO and ATO again, even with that incident that burned a train and killed the worker. That incident can be seen two ways: 1) It's better to have personnel on board to prevent that sort of thing OR 2) with ATO or OPTO, that would have been a life saved.
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    It has to do with the way BusTime is set up. For example, when they came up with modified schedules, some lines do not have Sunday service like the QM15, so they created a "modified schedule" that was a "Sunday schedule" that never existed before on that line, so they have to load the data into BusTime. Any sort of modifications and the bus can't be tracked. They ARE however totally trackable on BusTrek unless the bus is NOT IN SERVICE, and even that will show. With BusTime, if a bus goes off route, or the driver accidentally puts in the wrong code, the bus will not show on BusTime. I have had express buses right in front of me that were not trackable on BusTime because the driver put in the wrong code. The other thing is if they suddenly add service like they did when they added an earlier BxM9 bus for us, the bus won't be trackable immediately until they update the schedule change in BusTime.
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    I would imagine that setting up an OMNY reader is a touch more involved than following IKEA instructions. There are things that legitimately take more than one person to do. But of course everyone on this forum is now a certified Internet engineer 🙄
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    If they really wanted to, one could come up with a procedure that could allow one person to do the actual install alone. Some low density, low traffic stations with only a handful on entrance turnstiles could be done slowly over, say a week. Done right... they could wire up places like Broad St and Bowery and no one would be at risk... The nearest station to my house is Forest Avenue. We have a grand total of 3 turnstiles. How long would that take?
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    Here are the words to describe this. Stupid, really really stupid.
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    Only took them 2 years to fix it 🙄
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    Interesting find today working the Charlie. It looks like they’ve been updating the R179’s. The set I had today had the same “ding” that the Lirr M7’s have when you press the PA button. I also noticed the pause between “the next stop is” announcements and transfers has been reduced. It’s still not as fluid as the R143/160, but an improvement nonetheless.
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    yeah, because a bus operator REALLY wants to ruin his/her livelihood/career by committing multiple counts of vehicular manslaughter... caught on camera. aside from ever operating a commercial vehi... never mind. whatever. 😒🙄
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    I still don’t get why this city puts trash bags on the street or easily tipped over cans instead of taking up ~3 or 4 spaces on each block to park a dumpster for neighborhood trash that’s picked up by dumpster trucks. Problem is we’re disgusting by choice.
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    I don't know that people denied this other than the people who were the problem. I love NYC but part of my love for NYC is that I keep it real when talking about it, and New Yorkers are some of the most disgusting people in a rich-world country.
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    because that's something called "Logic"... and we plebs are not allowed to use logic on our own, we must accept the logic of our God Emperor Cuomo. Same argument I had with them about what happens when a train has to be taken out of service after 1 AM, hasn't finished it's run and there's trains behind it with passengers still on. I used logic of "let them on the following trains, the didn't want to get off." They just said orders are orders, they have to leave.
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