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    I’m glad to see that you and T to Dyre Avenue understand the manufacturing and the supply chain aspects of railcar construction. Judging by some previous postings it’s obvious that many people don’t have a clue about the process. Unless there’s an exclusive consortium set up for specific car type most final assemblers use whatever is on the market at the time. It boils down to price and (probably) timely availability for the final assemblers to fulfill the contract. Someone mentioned to me that the PATH cars are basically R142 units in another thread. One can look at the US auto industry and the same thing applies. Same thing in South Korea or Japan. I know that if Bombardier would leave the rail car business today Kawasaki, Alstom, a Chinese unknown company, or whomever took it’s place would still be limited to the same group of suppliers. The R211 will face the same limitations. Hopefully the next combination of parts fares better. The sky ain’t falling. Just my observation. Carry on.
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    Speaking of old trains perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the incident on the line years ago where the T/O pulled into Utica Avenue heading northbound ? Where the doors failed to open after he stopped. Because the rear four cars of the R46 consist, including the C/R, had uncoupled and were left back at Rockaway Avenue on the express tracks. That train was in passenger service which I know because my mom was on the section left behind. The investigation included a person who knew about a train that uncoupled at 145th and Lenox. That train was not in passenger service . It was a yard move and I know firsthand because I was on the end that got left behind. Be careful when you make these statements that sound definitive to others because some of us know better. Carry on.
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    This is my sentiment for pretty much anything made nowadays..... Apparently, Instant gratification (as in, immediate consumption) > Shelf life.
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    Here's an interesting idea: a two-track, more aggressively spaced stop spacing Jamaica Line (think IND or SAS style stop spacing:)
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    I can assure you that the R32's have indeed have door or doors open enroute at one time or another over their 55+ year lifetime, even since GOH! You did use the word "never".
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    Stop quoting me to respond with nonsense gibberish that nobody can understand. Sensible opinions are always welcome but nobody can understand anything you say.
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    How do you know the R211 will be a reliable train out the gate? Or even a good train in general? R142A, M9 are a few Kawasaki products that had issues when new. And we do need the R179, R32 and R42 are 50+ years old. Their MDBF was much lower than every other car class on the fleet. Despite the issues the R179 still had a much higher MDBF than the R32/R42. 179s offer improved passenger amenities, smoother rides and FIND, etc. R32 was a good train in 1975 and the R42 in the 90s and early 2000s but their time has come. 32s are have chronic door and A/C problems, they need to go.
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    If you think it's just "playing politics", you have no idea how bad it is. People forget, the MTA (much like the nation at large) was already on its way to where it is now. All COVID did was speed up the process. This agency came into existence with no money (the system had been losing money since December 1941 iirc and as of 1966, was well on its way towards bringing the City to ruin) and under false pretenses (to preserve the 20 cent fare even though it's impossible to have high quality service with artificially low fares and terrible subsidy) so it should not be a shocker that it is where it is now. And to those who are aware of the situation, it should not be a shock when I say to start putting together exit strategies. Just in case. Imagine what you think is the worst outcome of this pandemic (financially), then multiply it by 10. That is very real. Whether or not the Feds step up. Because whatever "help" they provide will be a "loan". And not only would it be a "loan", but the money for that "loan" will literally come from nowhere. And while it's good short-term, it's disastrous long-term. I really feel like this community does nowhere near the amount of reading it probably should. To truly understand the MTAs issue, you have to also study how money works in this country. I'm dead serious. If you did, you'd be as worried as I am. Because in truth? There really are no good options.
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    Yes, something like that can work. Extra trains from Bay Ridge to Chambers. The fact that no longer serves Nassau Street should make it easier to run a train like this. I think reinstituting the bankers' special is far better than having a super long from Jamaica to Bay Ridge. I think we have to realize that the in Brooklyn has certain roles. It serves as a local "shuttle" for most passengers. If they board in Bay Ridge or along the 4th Ave local, the vast majority of passengers will transfer to trains at the earliest opportunity to make the trip to most of Manhattan that much quicker. For those passengers, they want a reliable , not so much a fast and certainly not a long . Nobody will stay on the so long even if their ultimate destination is a midtown local stop or Queens. This explains why a Brooklyn only worked for so many passeengers during the Montague tunnel closure. Passengers boarding the in northern Brooklyn, are likely headed into Lower Manhattan, and the ability of serving both Church street and Nassau steet should be helpful. THe Montague tunnel serves all of the southern BMT as their connection to Lower Manhattan with their transfer to , regardless of which of the CI lines they start from. The more trains through the Montague tunnel the better, and if is limited by City Hall extra runs from Brooklyn should go to Chanmbers, not Whitehall.
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    If you center Union Av station on the street proper then there is no need for either Hewes or Lorimer to remain.
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    Don't think I've posted subway photos in five or six years, but so be it. Thought I would get some of the 32 action while they're out there – could be the last month or so – and I didn't feel like going into the subway system. Three of the action.
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    2209. Still in the city as we speak. Definitely a tow job. They’ll fix it unless it’s something major wrong with it. CP has been keeping those Detroit’s in tip top shape. A lot of them had engine work redone
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    Speaking of 86th Street, the elevators went into service this afternoon:
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    Yes, no need to rush the R179s back into service. Best to make sure they don’t have yet another big mechanical problem when they go back in service. The R32s will hold down the fort on the and .
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    4796, 4798 Gun Hill to Ulmer Park. Spotted at 25/Harway Avs. No more XD-60s at Gun Hill
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    2020 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6277 on the Q70 SBS at Woodside Avenue & 61st Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2020 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6284 on the Q70 SBS at Broadway & Roosevelt Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2018 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XN60 1038 on the Bx39 at White Plains Road & Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road South by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2003 MCI D4500 1931 on the SIM24 (Academy Bus) at East 34th Street & Madison Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2019 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XE60 on the M34A at East 34th Street & 5th Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2018 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XN60 1038 on the Bx39 at White Plains Road & Westchester Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2020 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6282 on the Q70 SBS at Woodside Avenue & 61st Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2020 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6275 on the Q70 SBS at 75th Street & Roosevelt Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2006 Orion VII Hybrid 6749 on the Bx19 at Riverbank State Park by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2018 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XN60 1038 on the Bx39 at White Plains Road & Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road South by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 2013 MCI D4500CT 2303 on the SIM22 at East 42nd Street & Madison Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr Thanks for viewing, and enjoy!
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    I remember talking to a man from the GM Tarrytown plant years ago. He said that if GM made the perfect auto you would never need to buy another one.
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    Ask and ye shall receive. Some photos of mine. I meant 4911, not 4907. Some of these are really old shots come to think of it. And today:
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    Obviously there’s a difference between discussing ways to solve an issue and saying that said resolution should be a priority, but I would rank a terminal swap pretty low among potential investments. You’d be *marginally* benefitting two stations (Stillwell has the , and you could potentially make a <D>) at huge infrastructure cost. If you want to increase terminal cap at Brighton Beach, just reconfigure the switches so trains off of A1 track can relay south of the station and come back on A2 — or essentially what Armandito proposed up thread
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    Neither. 6502, 6607 & 6627 are at Eastchester, either storage, scrap or those buses are being used for DMV license training. 7103 and 7540 are also at Eastchester, likely for the DMV license training.
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    You're out in Queens. I don't think you have any idea what the neighborhoods in the Bronx are like taking buses to subways. You are basically saying screw you to the people that simply cannot reach the subway because of disabilities. Case in point. For some 40,000 residents, there is ONE subway station at Broadway and 231st that has a working elevator, and everyone that needs to access the subway goes to that one station. That station serves ALL of Riverdale, which is a natural retirement community, Kingsbridge, ALL of the nearby hospitals, and all of the other surrounding neighborhoods. The next nearby ADA station is in Manhattan. When they renovated 242nd street, the REFUSED to make the station accessible, despite pleas from the community, so I'm sure your attitude is cut the express buses and add more local bus and subway service. The problem is people in my community have been asking for more subway and local bus service to address overcrowding. has REFUSED to add more local bus service and it is needed. You can easily wait 20-30 minutes to get a bus from 231st and Broadway to get up the hills. What you're proposing is putting more people on buses and subways that can't handle them with NO alternative. If you want to argue that some people can take Metro-North, some people don't because of the high fares, not to mention that Metro-North pre pandemic was bursting at the seams with riders, so again, there are capacity issues, and the when asked to run more Metro-North trains has REFUSED. Then there is the commute. Without the express buses, some commuters face a substantial increase in travel time. The more you have to transfer, the longer the commute can be. On a good day, if I take a bus and three trains, I am lucky to be in the office in an hour and 30 minutes. Any delays and that commute can be two hours. The point of the express buses is to make the commutes faster and more direct, eliminating numerous transfers. I'm all for cutting down on waste, but at the same time, we cannot simply leave communities with nothing. You may say OH they can build subways. The reality is that the outerboroughs have seen ZERO subway expansion. ZERO. We're not getting more subway service or bus service in return, and that's one problem I have with this. Additionally, the service prior to the advocacy groups starting for express buses had been very poor. LOTS of missing buses and poor service while increasing the fares. If you want more people to ride, LOWER the fares, PROVIDE the service, ADVERTISE the service and find ways to make it more efficient. These are the heated discussions my advocacy group has had with the since we started. We think these are VERY reasonable requests for neighborhoods that have not seen any subway expansion and likely never will. Meanwhile, Manhattan has seen the Second Avenue subway built. What have the outerboroughs received in terms of transit improvements? Nothing!! For people with some of the longest commutes not only in NYC, but in the nation, we should be getting something as well, so the measley express bus service that exists on some lines like the QM4 which is hourly off-peak, there needs to be network coverage. The QM5 can't do it alone. I would re-route the QM4 to Fresh Meadows and keep the QM5 and QM6. The QM6 can stay as is down Union Turnpike and the QM5 can perhaps skip Fresh Meadows. It does far too much off-peak. Your comments on the Bronx are inaccurate. BxM4 is for Woodlawn and the Concourse. The Concourse line runs along Central Park West and 6th Av in Manhattan, not along 5th and Madison as the BxM4 does, so it not duplicative of the subway. Residents in both areas spoke out and are VEHEMENTLY opposed to what the proposed. We've spoken at length about that line on conference calls and in person with the agency, and my group got people out to call their elected officials and provide TONS of feedback. That is why the BxM4 would still serve the Concourse under the revised plan. We have many disabled people who cannot all go to 149th Street for subway access, and the hilly topography off of the Concourse makes commutes more difficult. BxM6 and BxM10 we don't agree with. We see overcrowding as a problem. The BxM10 is one of the most heavily used Bronx express bus routes on weekends because it serves Montefiore and Albert Einstein, two of the biggest employers in the Morris Park area and in the Bronx for that matter, not to mention the lack of subway service on weekends in Morris Park. The BxM6 is only hourly, but two out of the three stops serve the large Parkchester complex, which is over 40,000 residents. You would likely need more service, so it would make sense to keep it as is. BxM11 could be faster not running under White Plains Road, but it leaves the residents that are farthest away from Manhattan and from the subway with NO express bus service. Many people that live in Wakefield use the bus at the City border that would lose access. The BxM3 is along Broadway, and goes into Yonkers, and serves other hilly areas away from the subway. The BxM1 and BxM2 would only serve a small amount of BxM3 riders and would leave many without a bus, so we're opposed to that cut. We support and requested the Super Express BxM8 trips that skip stops to provide faster service for City Island, which wants more direct service. Many people drive to Pelham Bay for the express bus, so congestion along City Island Av could be improved. We don't support any stop elimination on the BxM9. BxM9 riders in our advocacy group are opposed, as they are heavily used stops, and not much time would be saved. As for the BxM18, we have questions. We're not sold on it being faster given the traffic along the West Side Highway, and we're not sold on it being heavily used at Hudson Yards enough to justify 5th and Madison Av riders losing their service. The can't project ridership numbers, nor how long the commute would be and didn't even have any plans for an HOV lane on the West Side Highway until we suggested it. It could be worse going that way given the traffic back-ups that often occur. The Queens proposals. Most are absurd and we don't support them. Too many buses going to Hudson Yards, with 6th Av riders losing service. The question is how many riders would there be at Hudson Yards to justify riders along 6th Av and elsewhere losing their service? The should be able to provide ridership projections and not just say "trust us". Many people have purchased their homes based on transportation options, so these changes are extremely important and should be looked at carefully. Some of these proposed changes in Queens make absolutely no sense and would make the commutes worse, not to mention the cuts to frequencies.
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    In a rather interesting twist, 7585 is at Hale(both physically and in the system). I shot it on the M1.
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    5493 was a loan. It’s back at MJQ and currently running on the M34A SBS.
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    Greetings, these are all images captured through the title time frame. Enjoy!
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    And serve a bunch of dead people? That'll be great for ridership. C’m on! Think of all the weeping widows it’d serve!
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    Jamaica Avenue is only one to three blocks from Fulton Street so nothing is lost there. Another alternative is the Q24 bus on Atlantic Avenue as well so folks have an option to either walk to Jamaica Avenue for the new subway or take the existing Q24 bus on Atlantic to catch the train at Broadway Junction.
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    And serve a bunch of dead people? That'll be great for ridership. Only way to do it. MTA was on the right path with FasTrack. New Yorkers need to get less allergic to shorter but more painful construction works, because at the current rate our system will never be in a state of good repair.
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    I also like your plan for the Jamaica el. Consistent service without skip stop. Well spaced lines. More frequency and fewer stops and thus better overall reliability. Better transfers with stops at Williamsburg Bridge bus plaza and Union Ave for The line is so old they might as well make these types of changes in a full rebuild. It can work.
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    Source on the Chicago study (they ended up going with just redoing the four tracks) One thing to consider with two vs three tracks is that a two track el takes up less space than three, and a two-track station is significantly simpler than a two-platform three track one. Think about it this way; when 1/9 skip-stop was eliminated, former skipped stations got their train frequency doubled overnight. Similarly, if you look at the schedule local stations actually get more service in the reverse peak than the peak direction, because all the trains are using the local track. I swung it over to 75th partially because of the walkshed, and partially because 75th/Rockaway/91st is a massive six way intersection that doesn't have anything on the corners of the triangle formed by the streets, so you could build a much wider curve than the one that currently exists. (The north end of the jog would still be a problem though.)
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    Man, reading that thread now is a trip... lol
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    The stop spacing improves further if you move Marcy to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza.
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    WABTEC supplies a *ton* of parts to practically every railroad system though. In a way they're 'too big to fail,' whereas Bombardier has other companies that do exactly the same work (ie, Kawasaki). I wouldn't count out the whole WABTEC company because of a specific part problem. Westinghouse has been supplying the NYC subway for most of the last 100 years.
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    As far as Manhattan crosstowns go, 34 St is actually a pretty poor choice. East of 5th 34th St doesn't have a whole lot going on, a good chunk of land around 34th St is taken up by the approaches to the QMT to the west and the Lincoln Tunnel to the east, and on top of that you have to deal with the LIRR which basically takes up 34th to 32nd Sts. Crosstown routes in Manhattan are important, but based on density and existing bus routes, the best candidates are probably 50 St; all major trunks have local stops and close to the office core 57 St; all express stops and also close to the office core 86 St; busiest cross-Central Park bus route 125 St
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    Not with the B99 (which is out of Flatbush), with the M42.
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    I am making an exception since I hate speculating since you never know what MTA/NYCT will do when to comes to bus assignments.. But I'll make an exception in this case. I say all of them to Manhattanville, with appropriate transfers to retire the remaining first group of OG's at ENY, FP and JFK.
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    #4220 & #4221 FB to Eny Depot currently #4220 is on the B25 & #4221 is on the B83.
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    THIS. These two sentences should be pinned to the top of the thread.
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    The other ones are full transfers too and will get the decals. And I said stayed over night because usually when there is loans buses tend to stay one extra day then from there they go back to it's actual depot.
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    The Northern Blvd / Midtown crosstown line, which I'll tentatively call the (8), is probably the second most-important trunk line that should be built, after lower SAS. It would divert not only riders with better stop spacing under Northern Blvd itself, but also QBL local riders who currently transfer to the at Jackson Heights. Specifically, the line could take an express route under Sunnyside Yards such that it would only stop at Vernon Blvd and Court Square between Lexington / 3rd Aves and Broadway / Northern to minimize station construction costs. The (8) would naturally be deinterlined from other lines and could be "future-proofed" with improvements such as open gangways and full automation. As for 34 St, it is a great corridor for subway service but I think 50 St is better because the latter's walkshed covers most of the Midtown CBD and could divert a lot of the normal to riders.
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    Because you gotta make sure it's an R179 that way you can be able to yell Bombardier sucks cry all night and make sure to grab your lawyer to sue a company that will transfer it's rail division to someone else. /s
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    On a side note, I'm surprised we have a yellow RR bullet here on the site, but we don't have the brown R diamond...
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    Is there a reason for contradicting yourself? Also, there are areas that aren't served by either of the trunks mentioned, not to mention that simply closing most CBD stations is a great way to tank a trunk.
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    Saying that multiple bus routes are orphaned, is like a monogamous couple saying that they're lonely together.... Stupid premise. Even if I take his bastardized version of the term, the B8 & the B63 (a route that, of course, runs Downtown... oops ) still run to/from Bay Ridge... Hence, faulty premise (I prefer to call it a blatant lie). Yup. the fact that the S53 connects to the SIM1 is the ultimate point to be made here.... Considering the situation w/ the subway during the overnight hours, he's conveniently posing this SI-Downtown Brooklyn shit as if SI has zero connection to Manhattan.... This is something he believes should happen, regardless of juncture.... I just don't care for the disingenuousness behind it.
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    I’ve drawn proposals for 3 different methods before (which I won’t repost as I cannot find them): flyover structures swapping the inner and outer tracks between Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach or Neck Road and Brighton Beach additional level above current Ocean Parkway platforms with storage tracks reconfigured to ramp up to the new level rebuild of the lower level tracks leading from Ocean Parkway to West 8 Street, but with both tracks veering south off the structure combining into a single track along the southern edge of the lower level platform The methods all have different advantages and trade-offs, but the commonality is that they all effectively swap the local () and express (). no additional advantages/disadvantages extends local and express service to Ocean Parkway; storage track way possibly not wide enough for a ramp going up, and 6 tracks at Ocean Parkway likely way more tracks than necessary extends local and express service to Ocean Parkway; property taking required for 1 additional track way hugging the southern side of the existing West 8 Street station and reduced turning capacity Since they all involve some comparable levels of new construction, it’s not easy to determine the cost advantages of any over the others. But from a perspective of how much sense each proposal makes, #1 is probably the best choice.
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    Damn all that stuff about adding stops & walking to stops..... He just sat there & blatantly lied about the S53, S79, and B1 being orphaned..... So another route is supposed to be created to transport SI riders from Bay Ridge to Downtown Brooklyn, just so that they can catch another bus to Manhattan? Talk about opportunism; this is nothing more than a sly way of revisiting the supposed need for a SI - Downtown Brooklyn route.
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    It's not a loan, the B25 is one of the routes with enhanced service. FP has some of the extra runs.
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    Heading back from Brooklyn, I spotted the R42s used on the R42 retirement run on a garbage pickup along 6th Avenue, so I hopped off the train with my friends to catch it at Bryant Park. Enjoy!
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    Taken on the first day of July: IMG_5606 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5608 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5611 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5612 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5614 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5616 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5617 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5619 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5624 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5627 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5630 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5634 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_5636 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
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