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    (Taken 8/18/2019) The BRT Gate Cars approaching Hewes Street in a fan trip commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of Myrtle Avenue el service to Bridge/Jay Streets (which used to go to Park Row via the Brooklyn Bridge if one goes a bit more back).

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    A special event shuttle bus arriving at a temporary bus stop in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Shot with HUAWEI P30 Pro.

    © サトシTK

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    (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6612 on the Q24 westbound on Atlantic Avenue in eastern Brooklyn heading towards Bedford-Stuyvesant (near Kosciusko Street station to be a bit specific).

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6652 on the M3 at 135th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue receiving passengers as it enters it's last months in service.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    (Taken 8/9/2019) A Broad Street-bound R160 train arriving at Bowery. This is the second stop along with the train's destination that the Jamaica line has to itself in Manhattan as the rest of the next few stops all have transfers (except for an unofficial transfer at Broad Street to the and via a passageway that is open weekdays only). It is also the oldest subway stop in Manhattan with no transfers that has an escalator.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    (Taken 5/20/2018) A Franklin Avenue-bound R68 (S)huttle train arriving at Botanic Garden.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    (Taken 11/12/2017) New Flyer Xclesior XD40 7440 on the Q100 heading northbound on 21st Street to Rikers Island.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    Line: BMT Canarsie Line Location: New Lots Avenue Route: L Car: R-30 (St. Louis, 1961) 8318 Photo by: Doug Grotjahn Date: 1987

    © Ebay - Kodachrome

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    1940 R9 #1802 at Fulton Street.

    © GojiMet86

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    1975 R46 #6160 test train at and 1975 R46 #6006 arriving at Beach 44th Street-Frank Avenue.

    © GojiMet86

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