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    I'm just waiting for the day when the and are entirely R46s and R68s, so that you complain about how the stranded you in Astoria or Midtown, and everyone else can have a good laugh at the idiocy.
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    That is ridiculous. There is more important issues such as lack of elevators, terrible working environments etc and you're going to sue the agency over the car assignments? Yeah something is wrong with that.
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    https://new.mta.info/r42retirement Rest In Peace.
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    RIP to legendary train photographer and photo collector Joe Testagrose, just read the news of his death. I remember going on nycsubway.org in the late-2000s as a kid seeing his photos of long gone trains from past decades. I never get tired of looking at them to this day still. Joe's photos will live on for future generations to come. He will never be forgotten. 😞
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    Thank You. We went from the worst system to a fully functioning system that has problems, but is doing way better than the 1980s. We don't have to worry about flickering lights, Lots of violence, very filthy, and unsafe conditions anymore. But Some LCD that don't work? Come on man. 90% of riders know where the train is going. Its either going to Astoria or to Brooklyn. If the LCDs are messed up. Look at the map, or better yet their damn phones and look where its going. These new rail fans (2010 and up) don't know how to act when they see a different car type on a line. Back in the days, most subway lines had more than one car type running on the same line. But now when a swap happens, they want to sue the MTA? Get out of here. A city as tough as New York, we made through the worst of the 70s and 80s. These new generations think they should have the latest and greatest, but fail to realize that in the 80s, you'd be lucky to ride a train that was clean ON THE INSIDE, not even the outside. If TEMPORARILY moving R46s to means better service (which will help way more people). Hell yeah the swap should happen. The same with the . The R142As to the (which is one of the most busiest lines) helps the Flushing Line run better. But all these kids see is that their Automated Announcements and Blue seats go away, and complain to MTA that the R46s are falling apart and that service is terrible. Falling apart? Did you forget the rusty brown roofs on the R38s, R40M/R42s. Did you forget the Frame rotting R44s. That's falling apart. Some R46s at there worst are dirty on the exterior with broken LCDs. But falling apart? My rant is over but damn man, this why I like the older members here because they keep it real and see things from the bigger picture. While younger fans lose their cool when a swap happens and nitpick literally everything. Let's see what ridiculous comments we'll hear next.🤦‍♂️
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    High School and Junior High Schoolers: DO NOT CUT CLASS!
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    Lol, I don't know why everyone is seriously replying about that school thing. If you got time, you got time. If you're cutting school, then probably you've been cutting school anyway; school wouldn't help now.
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    Damn man, we got a punk ass society. New York had to deal with the 70s and 80s with graffiti, filthyness and neglect. Now in 2020, we got brothers raising hell over some LCD signs. You don't have to like the R46. But trust me people had Real complaints back in the day. Not nitpicking every malfunctioning LCD sign.
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    Wow, this might actually be the most stupid thing I've read all day. And that's saying a lot, considering I've been keeping up with the posts in this thread.
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    Or it’s that as Byford fixed the system, Andy’s neglect gets exposed. Look at how Safe Seconds was more effective at clearing delays than the SAP. The former was Byford doing what @RR503 advocated - managing the system effectively for service improvements, while the SAP was “years of pain for eventual relief”. When you’re an egomaniac, not getting the positive headlines makes you crazy.
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    I hear if you say "TriboroRX" three times fast in the bathroom mirror, the cost rises by $1B.
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    You're more than welcome to criticize what the MTA tends to do or whatever, just stop sounding extremely immature about it.
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    The best moment on the R42 was a special message (announced at 88 St) from Andy Byford himself. Thanking you all for riding this final run of the R42 subway car with the NY Transit Museum.
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    Good to hear from you again. I guess you have seen the posts about the R179’s and the comparisons with some older fleets. I don’t know where this misinformation begins. I remember R62 and R62a design flaws. The Vapor door key replacement program comes to mind. The R62a sealed beam problem stemming from the electric portions supposedly related to the car washes. The R142 traction and braking problems, especially in sleet-like conditions where the train struggled to make the climb from 149-3rd to Jackson Avenue, or did it’s own thing from Dyre to Morris Park when the ground was frozen. Let’s not forget about the overly sensitive door mechanism on the R142a cars on the line. Every afternoon around 3pm s/b trains would be delayed by school kids who interfered with the doors so much CED had to cut down on the sensitivity of the recycling circuit. So much for the testing program. Same thing happened down at Flatbush Avenue when ConEd did their power shedding into the subway system and the R142 cars would shutdown because they weren’t calibrated for it and sensed an overload. The cars I mentioned had already passed the testing program. Bombardier or Kawasaki may put their name on the finished car but it’s NYCT who specs, tests, and accepts the products. There’s enough blame to spread around, today and in the past. Just my observation though. Carry on.
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    I saw that too and I had to laugh. I used to stop on the express track in emergency situations. I had a TSS who would ride with me every day and he told me that it wasn’t authorized. He was always so afraid of things that I had to reassure him that I had his back. It helped to have people in authority who would back us up, active or retired. Our General Superintendent told him and the Deputy Line Superintendents that it was okay after my C/R and I took him to the station and showed him how the conductor’s board on the regular downtown local track aligned with the non-existent board on the express. Why force southbound passengers to backtrack to Dyre when those situations occur ? It never made sense to me. By rule my conductor and I weren’t supposed to do that but we had authorization from a higher authority who made the call. It’s a shame that it took this much time for this to be made official. Common sense, right? Just my take. Carry on.
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    I didn't even finish page 60 of this thread and all this bs about moving all R160s out of Jamaica because R160s can't use the CBTC on 8th av has me like:
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    imo This is just a wait and see thing. Its gonna be extremely hard running the with no spares and with the running every 15 mins if there isn't enough trains. @VIP alot of credible people on that R42 last run were talking about it, Trust Me I rather them be wrong and all of this be speculation. Even if they go with this plan, it will backfire real bad. the being mixed length trains was and will be a disaster. they're just better off making the 100% R179's and sending 50 R32's to ENY with 60 staying at 207th for the . them getting rid of the R32's will hurt they system more than helping it knowing the issues with the R179's. by the time all of those issues are resolved, the R211's will already be entering service.
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    While it is his opinion to favor a certain car type is one thing. But to habitually let trains pass to specifically avoid a car type that will make up the majority of the train fleet is childish. He paid his $2.75, so he can wait all day if he wants. But the time wasted for something so insignificant is truly mind boggling. That's like calling an Uber and then canceling the ride because the driver showed up in a Honda instead of a BMW. That's basically what he's doing.
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    Wandering back into a thread after a month, aside from the fact your post was kinda rude to him when he had a legit question, doesn’t not really make you look good. Smart thing to do is nothing.
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    New assignments effective 2/7 as follows; - 7 R32 consists during the rush; 6 R179, and assorted R46 and 1 R68 [PM only] fill out remaining trains. - 9 R179 & 9 R46 during the AM, 9 R179 & 8 R46 during the PM
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    Heavy on the makeup or not, Ali's looking like a whole snack to me right now.... Anyway, this is what happens when you amass a collective of misfits in one of the busiest parts of the entire city.... There's standing for a cause, and then there's carrying yourself like a bunch of god damn miserable, unfulfilled, knuckle dragging fu**in knuckleheads with nothing better to do than showcase their collective IQ points of any single subway line they ended up unlawfully gaining access to last night - And yes, this includes the "lettered" lines, which have a numerical value of ZERO. #freelancingdidntworkout #myhandismygirl #thefishmarketsthatway # ismokeaboutapackaday #meowmeowmeowmeow #iranoutofsnackpacks #thatcrayonstoodeep #vapeordie #roomeez4life Jackasses..... Every single person that showed their natural ass last night.
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    So now that Andy ousted Andy, the Post raises an interesting question: Why would anyone take over as long as Cuomo’s the boss? https://nypost.com/2020/01/23/why-would-anyone-take-over-after-andy-byford-fled-the-mta/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    To be honest, Andy Byford was the best choice for the MTA. When it comes to modernization, Byford had a lot of ideas to improve subways and buses, such as the Fast Forward plan. Also, when he was in charge, subway delays went down, and it was much better. However, thanks to Andrew Cuomo, I think the MTA may fail at some point, however I could be wrong. Cuomo shouldn't go after Byford just because of his spectacular job. Overall, Byford was a great choice for the MTA, and would've begun a renaissance for the system.
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    Cuomo ruining everything, as usual. Byford did an extraordinary job, and now he's gone. Ridiculous.
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    There's an R46 rn where the rollsign is set to the line on the northern end..
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    They will never have an idea of the system at that time in the 80's...Foamers today would be scared of the system back then...I mean SCARED...
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    Vision Zero is a big reason for the lights being out of sync. Either that or they plaster a street with red light cameras or speed cameras provided there's a school within a quarter-mile radius. While the point of that entire initiative was to reduce traffic deaths and traffic overall, it also causes a lot of other things to suffer. Most folks aren't going to take not driving sitting down. I would love NOT to drive my car all the time but because of where I currently live and the only method of getting anywhere is one bus that doesn't even run 24 hours, I'm assed out.
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    There is no point in arguing with him, because he is just your angry foamer that is upset that his favorite trains are being moved off his lines. His reasons don't make sense either. Back before the R160's came to the N,Q and W lines, all the trains that use to operate on those lines were R40s, R42s and R68s. The R46's in 2020 still have a much higher MDBF than the R40s and R42s did before they got replaced over 10 years ago but of course the R46s are so problematic and they cause delays. They are older now than the R40s and R42s that got retired about 10-14 years ago and the R46s still are doing alright. Then he shows that tweet about a train being taken out of service due to mechanical problems but I was on a R160 (M) very recently that had to be taken out of service because of an issue with the doors. Issues like that occur all the time on lines with NTT's so I don't really know what he is trying to prove. With some people you just can't argue with them, you just have to let them look foolish.
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    I think "I will sue the MTA" and this comment win comment of the year, and it's not even March yet 😂😂
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    46s are worse than the 68s if you know your trains properly, unlike foamers....
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    If y'all were on top of your board meetings, you would have known this swap was happening when the contract for CBTC installation on trains went out years ago and the number of R160s getting upgrades added up to the number of R160s on the + the number of R160s at both Jamaica and CIY (at the time of award)... I don't know why this is causing such a big uproar right now.
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    The group that I am a part of, ACCESS, Accessing Currently Closed Entrances to Subway Stations has made a lot of progress in the last year. First, the Dan Rivoli NY1 story, Second, the request from the Comptroller for more information from the MTA about closed entrances. Now, this! We had been hoping that the MTA would choose ADA stations with closed exits, and it is amazing that Nostrand Avenue was chosen as an additional ADA station. CB3 in Brooklyn has done an exceptional job pushing for the reopening of the entrance! It would be great to also reopen the Arlington Place entrances, but this is a great start. If anyone else is interested in joining ACCESS, which meets once a month on a Sunday, typically at the beginning of the month. If anyone has more questions about ACCESS or closed entrances respond here or PM me. I also heard this through the grapevine, but Ben Kabak made it public, so I can share it:
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    I would say look on the bright side, but the NBA is just as much of a joke as the MTA is nowadays.....
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    For a split second, I thought that was the train for tomorrow and I got all excited lol
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    Yeah, I goofed up just like they did with the redesign😅 Almost done lol.
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    I was at 2 Broadway today for a meeting; arrived just a few hours after the news went out. The number of shocked faces, of employees furtively talking in hallways, the amount of sadness in that building was remarkable. The fate of the agency's operations aside, I and many others are extremely concerned about how Byford's departure -- both in that we are losing his leadership and in that competence and creativity are being rebuked -- will affect the long term health and culture of the organization. The MTA is already risk averse and terrified of proposing change; I fear those tendencies will only get worse.
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    Im pretty sure our politicians had everything to do with this. They want to the MTA to be incompetent so they can use it for political leverage.
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    Now I'm not saying these rumors are true at all (more just playing devil's advocate) but even if we ignore his interventions on big projects like the Second Avenue Subway and the L Project, Cuomo has certainly shown a willingness to micromanage MTA affairs in the past. Like when the Queens Midtown Tunnel was renovated post-Hurricane Sandy and he ordered the MTA to replace the white tiles with blue and yellow tiles to match NY state colors (which the NY Post claims cost an extra $20-30 million). You can even see it in official MTA board materials with the vague mention of "tunnel wall tile modifications to meet New York State branding guidelines". Not to mention the light shows on several NY state bridges (including some owned by the MTA) and the blue and yellow wraps on the R160s, R211s, R262s and M9s, it's clear Cuomo/his administration is concerned with appearances is and wiling to extend that to the MTA. I honestly don't think it's outside the realm of possibility for the Cuomo admin to hear about shabby-looking subway cars that are closing in on 60 years old, with reliability slowing falling, with a new fleet of cars currently arriving to replace them, and him then ordering the MTA to get retire those old cars as soon as is feasible. If he or a high-ranking admin. member did give the order, would the MTA really be able to say no? And on what grounds? Maybe arguing that retiring the R32s now would create a car shortage, but would even that work? And putting aside the rumors/speculation from this thread, there's also Dan Ravoli saying outright in the article quoted above and on his Twitter that the R32s are being retired this Spring. Now granted, he doesn't work for the MTA and could be misinformed, made a mistake or is flat-out lying, but I would hope he know better than that being a reporter. Given how he reports heavily on transit issues and is a fixture at board and committee meetings I'd like to think he's a little more trustworthy than the typical reporter, but who knows. He doesn't have a title at the MTA, sure, but literally appoints a plurality of MTA board members, including the Chair/CEO and as of last year, the state budget director. And we know he and his administration are more than willing to interfere with MTA operations of any level, from big projects down to trivial issues, and he often gets his way. Not to mention the state legislature giving him most of what he wants when it comes to MTA things that require legislative approval (which is of course the legislators' choice, but just pointing it out). He definitely has influence.
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    amen. i don't understand the mentality behind any attempts to combine lines like the Q64 with other lines. combining the 10 & 64 won't benefit either side of the line, jewel avenue or lefferts blvd. even if it happens, they're going to have to utilize short signs to the 71 avenue/Queens Blvd westbound and kew gardens northbound. that's the only way to adequately service both sides. maybe I'm out of the loop, but is there this overwhelming demand for electchester/pomanok residents to have a one seat ride to lefferts side or to JFK? regardless, the attitude of combining lines like the Bx18, B42, B74 with other lines just so there won't be "short" lines on a map is infuriating. all those lines mentioned, including the Q64, serve a specific purpose that shouldn't be sabotaged for the sake of alleged progress. progress isn't combining 2 lines that arguably need artics into one line to cut runs & consolidate artic run pay to one depot as opposed to 2 (because that's definitely part of the underhanded f***ery they're trying to pull)
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    FB 7622 at Grand CMF being wrapped with local scheme and yes the base scheme was SBS....
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    This protest was a little too much in my opinion. I can totally get behind being upset at the targeting of minorities, but defacing property isn’t necessary. There is a clear difference between a peaceful protest and acting like savages. These people acted liked like savages and that’s why they won’t get what they want. And good luck trying to get the subways free, our system of capitalism is the real culprit. Agencies like the MTA have to fall in line with the increases in the cost of living and just about everything else. Hey I wish the fare can be $1.50 or $2.00 in 2020, but we live in a country run by capitalism where unfortunately there is a huge wealth gap and the price for things keeps increasing at a rate faster than what a lot of people make and can afford.
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    Gambler's fallacy aint working out for ya? Serves you right for placing such a foolish "proposition" bet of playing double-dutch with BrooklynBus' nuts.... But since you ask, if you really want that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there are plenty of NYC area bridges for you to hurl yourself over... Just steer clear of any watercraft though, please & thank you. 62. Barring being a glutton for punishment, my guess would be Notoriety..... The retention (or lack thereof) of figureheads of sorts, speaks for itself..... All Byford's resignation signifies to me, is that the man still has some semblance of sanity left.
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    That is the shit that pisses me off. The should not be a rule, and people on here wonder why service is the way it is. Some people on here defend the MTA in every way but refuse to bring up the flaws. MTA be like "here's for faster bus service" they do everything but change that damnn rule. Change that damnn rule and service would be better. If one driver can haul safely then they all should be able to haul safely or try to. People complain about automated trains taking people's job, well one thing it does bring is CONSISTENCY with each train. When you have humans you can have a T/O who follows the speed limit, and another T/O who feels the train shake down the train and wants to slow down to 10mph under. I like consistency, the key to life is consistency (STAYING TO SCHEDULE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE is a start).
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