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    Word is that while the problem that caused the train separation was quickly identified and fixed, they’re doing a more comprehensive analysis to square away any other potential issues so they don’t have to keep pulling them.
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    This is to EVERYBODY, not only to you Mr. Abba. Too many of you still don't know that NYCT has their own vocabulary. "Normal" to you guys is full service as per the timetable. "Normal" to NYCT is all service running. The B and W came back. That's "Normal" to them. All services are running. But many lines are on a SUPPLEMENT SCHEDULE. That means fewer trains. They don't need all those trains because there are fewer people riding. Many businesses are STILL closed, many people are STILL working from home, there are practically NO TOURISTS. R179's being out of service or not, they don't need all those trains, DESPITE SOCIAL DISTANCING! Finally, they are short crews as the pandemic has hit the crews big time, which has been said MANY times. Got it fellas?
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    The R179s are out of service indefinitely. Indefinitely meaning not having a defined time period. We use it in place of forever but that's not what it means. The fleet has to be inspected, fixed and cleared for service. Those are the facts. You saying that the fleet may or may not returned based on those two points is your opinion. TA is not going to junk an entire fleet. An opinion is just how you feel about something. Your thoughts are yours but it cannot be passed off as a fact. I'm an admin, that's a fact. Am I a good admin? That's everyone's opinions. Now everyone continue this discussion like grown adults and children because I will be handing out punishments like we're 2. Stop it.
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    Someone didn't heed this "advice" here in the fleet swap thread, and got himself a 30-day for harassing someone in a private chat. I spend a good amount of time on Twitter and in Facebook groups arguing with trolls and racists, so I understand the emotions behind an argument via pixels. I'm not gonna be like "YOU'RE SERIOUSLY HARASSING PEOPLE OVER TRAINS AND BUSES", but be your best selves here. Everyone here - unless an employee with memos and contracts, an advocate meeting with decision-makers, or other first-hand knowledge, is mostly speculating and opining. Speculation and Opinions can and will end up being wrong. It happens. If being found to be wrong doesn't sit well with you, then research thoroughly and cite sources or don't speculate and opine. But harassing people who show you being wrong is not the way to handle it. If that's how you handle it, then we mods and admins will handle you.
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    Just putting it out there that it may not be long before the R179s are back in service. The issue was quickly identified and only present on the train involved in the pull-apart incident. Bombardier wasn’t really responsible for this. This was a result of a QA/QC failure at WABTEC, which was the supplier of the linkbar equipment.
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    You are new person on this board, correct? Or you could be a person who used to be here and left, either by your own volition or could have been terminated by a moderator and you are making a comeback under another "name". I'm not accusing or making any conclusions, just giving the genesis on how we get new posters.. I say all this because you have a small number of posts. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a retired NYCT train operator and I did that for 33+ years with my first 14 months as a conductor. I have been retired for almost 6 1/2 years. I remain friends with many in transit and speak with them often so I know what's going on in their area. Because of this, I know how the company structure works from experience. Now for everybody else here who may need this tutorial: Working for transit is akin for working in the military, except you go home every night. There is a rule book that applies to every employee in transit. For Rapid Transit Operations there are General Orders, there are Bulletins; there are Notices; there are Mandatory Compliance Directives. Each department has these (except General Orders), and there are many departments in transit. Is that military enough? When the Bulletin or Notice came out in regards to the R179's being taken out of service it was very simple. THE CARS ARE OUT OF SERVICE TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Period. No questions asked. Now you guys can ask questions as to when they're coming back, speculate all you want, hope all you want, but as far as transit is concerned, there is a different department involved and when they return, the cars go to Car Equipment Dept. who in turn gives them back to Rapid Transit Operations. That is when the cars will be back on the road. Nobody in transit knows when the cars will be back. There are a lot of executive discussions and consultants involved here. The MILITARY EQUIVALENT OF ALL THE 4 STAR GENERALS IN DISCUSSION BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. When the OK comes from them to run the cars again the various OK's come down the pipeline from department to department thru the "Captains" and "Lieutenants" of the various departments. Don't forget, MTA AND NYCT are involved here. That OK could come down tomorrow, it could come down July 1; or 15; or 30, or any day in between. Same for August, September...... Nobody knows because the cars are OUT OF SERICE TILL FURTHER NOTICE. I hope I accurately explained what further notice means.
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    NYCT and all MTA agencies operate very military like. That is there are different chains of command. Anybody who has ever worked there finds this out very quickly. Every chain has their own set of responsibilities. It all ends at the governors office. Cuomo is the real head of the MTA. The governors office has, no doubt, a big hand in the decisions about the R179's both in being removed from service and when they come back. Nobody here, even if they had a spy in the governors office, is going to say anything. The decision on when they come back rests with the highest levels of MTA management and the governors office in consultation with the highest suits with the Bombardier Corporation and the highest suits in the company or companies who supplied the failed hardware. I realize you want an answer. There isn't one. This is why to cover themselves from daily questions and not to put a limit on it, management says "FURTHER NOTICE". The answer is not as simple as the Maytag guy coming to fix a your broken washing machine. FURTHER NOTICE means they'll be back when they're back. Sorry I can't give you the answer you desire, but anybody else in MTA management will tell you the same thing. Be patient.
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    When I feel like jerking around the Nassau resident who looks down on the City residents I ask them a simple question. History books name 3 original counties on Long Island. “ How come Nassau isn’t on the list “ ? They get angry and defensive when I tell them that their precious Nassau is Queens-East. I usually smile when I tell people that the Queens County government center was at Mineola before Nassau county was created by the state when the five boroughs became New York City. They really get bent out of shape when I tell them that I learned the history when I was in the fourth grade in Brooklyn. So much for their “ better “ school systems. I just wanted to add to your spot on post. Carry on.
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    no they gonna have the conductor yell "stand clear of the closing doors" down the platform
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    You seem to be very opinionated about Car Equipment. Do you work for the CED ? Are you a C/R or a T/O in RTO ? Finally can you guarantee that the R211 fleet will be better than the R179 fleet ? Can you answer “ yes “ to any of my questions ? If you can’t your opinion has been noted and filed away. Meanwhile please stop with the excessive questions and whining. It gets rather annoying and accomplishes nothing.Thank you. Carry on.
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    New Over Night route out of Flatbush Depot starting Sunday June 28, 2020. B99 will start from Nostrand Have/Flatbush ”Junction” to Manhattan W 58th Street. ThIs route is mainly due to the train service being out of service during the COvID CLEANING over night especially the number 2 train. The bus will run like a local B44 route and turn off to Eastern pkwy heading towards Flatbush ave and straight to Manhattan Bridge. Right now operators out of Flatbush are currently doing line training. Management are considering this route to remain until further notice for a possibility for operators to pick as a new work in the future.
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    You guys are wasting thread space by doing all this off-topic arguing. Take it to the inbox now please.
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    I'm starting to think I know who you are, I wouldn't be surprised because you keep asking the same questions and now you are saying they're junk while asking about R160 8888. lots of red flags
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    Been reading this thread off and on for a while. It seems that some folks don’t know how things work in CED-RTO land. Let’s say I transferred 10 trains to another yard to supplement the receiving yards fleet . If the transferred fleet is foreign to the receiving yards equipment normally I would use 8 trains of the new fleet, maybe 9 trains in a pinch, for service . That 10th train would be a spare in case something happens to one of the 8 trains in use. Broken glass, door problem, any mechanical problem and I can use a 5 car unit to replace the problem unit as it’s repaired. If 9 trains are running my spare factor is decreased. If I use all 10 transferred trains I’m screwed if something happens and I have no spare. Try explaining that to your superiors. There is no excuse for such a rookie mistake . Ten trains may have been transferred from one yard to another but common sense says that you don’t run all of them at the same time. The real world and the railfans world are not one and the same. My take on the issue as a former transfer man. Carry on.
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    Your first mistake was assuming everything went smooth. They found a lot of problems with using an Artic along Richmond Terrace, which will have to be corrected by the DOT if they ever choose to run them on the 40/90.
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    there's a difference though, Here we have self centered a**holes who don't want to wear a mask vs those countries. that's the issue, if people here weren't so selfish then it could work and we could reduce spread.
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    For everyone here, just a reminder: This is a fan site. The fights aren't necessary. No need to quote that guy or flex on him anymore. We saw him. I posted the response. And when he's back, if he starts up again, we'll see him again. Onto other topics, please.
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    Exactly. I said all along that MTA/NYCT will find a way to make them work. These guys moaning and groaning were obviously not on this earth when the R44/46 were having all their problems. Guess what you young ones: THEY DID WHAT THEY HAD TO DO TO MAKE THEM WORK. And they succeeded! It took years, but they did it. The older 60' cars held down the fort! And they'll do exactly the same thing with the R179. Except this time, I doubt if will take nearly as long to do it.
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    So why did you say it was running on the C? The way your worded it in the first place it was in service. Obviously it did not have C signs on it, correct? All that means is the train is being transferred from one yard to another.
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    I remember breaking in on the line as a conductor. Two trips from Lenox to Flatbush where my trainer never stopped talking. When I told him that I had a bus/train pass since the 6th grade and had prior service as a RR Porter it became an extended chat about the system. Promotion to motors and my yard switching was done at Lenox. Back then it was a great family atmosphere and everyone was supportive. I was always a PM person but I knew everyone on the AM tour. When the time came for road motorman training I had known my trainer for a few years. He said 9 car stops. That's all he said. He said he did that by habit but he remembered that I was a Lenox C/R and all of us had that drummed into our heads. By the time I got to 96th St my trainer was in the middle of the car in conversation with "someone " extremely good looking. I went down to Flatbush and was headed n/b when I got to Eastern Parkway and gave his conductor a long buzz because of a train with a mechanical problem at Grand Army Plaza. Conductors didn't have radios back then so I made the appropriate announcements. My trainer came up to me and told me that I did great work and returned to another lovely customer. When we got back to Lenox I thanked the trainer and he, his conductor and I laughed about that day for years. When I trained my people on the I was a hands on type and school car would send them to me even though I was a PM person. When I broke in all training was done on the AM tour. Late in my career many people wouldn't take students for the reason you pointed out. I had a student T/O overrun the gap fillers at Union Square and it became an argument between school car and the RCC with me caught in the middle. School car and I won the argument that time because the Desk Supt. and the IRT General Supt backed us up. If I didn't know the "right " people I'd probably been written up or worse. It got so bad that some students who were assigned to AM tour jobs would still be waiting for a trainer at 2PM. I actually trained 2 students one day. Times have changed since I was in RTO and I wonder how students are trained today. My experience. Carry on.
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    This sounds like what Trump had to say when asked about his plans for his second term...
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    The union did not want them running. Period. Since the R32's are supposed to be running Wed. July 1 as per newspaper reports, I suppose the union lost their "appeal". If they went to an arbitrator IDK. Maybe the union just expressed their concerns and transit is blocking off the front of the cabs to the satisfaction of the union, IDK. But management has a lot of power. For example if the union does not like a new work program ( jobs/schedules the workers pick) they can complain all they want, but management has the final say. The union has given up a lot in RTO for recent contracts. "If you give this and that up you get your raise" . RTO gives it up and the fruits go to every TWU represented worker in the company. Train Operators and Conductors always vote "NO" on contracts. There's a lot of politics involved with unions anyway. But no matter how much the workers are disenfranchised with their union (any union) "A lousy union is better than no union". You young ones will realize this someday. My advice: never work for a company that has a lot of workers with no union. I did before transit. A bank, and the company treated us like sh**, worse than TWU would ever do. That's the problem with Amazon. All the company needs to hear or see some guy is trying to organize one, he'll get fired with some trumped up BS charges. But I'm getting too far off topic......
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    To be honest, transit doesn't really want to open up the train service from 1am to 5am. If you look at the big picture, they're saving money by cutting train service at night temporarily and the deep COVID cleaning is actually working. Since the COVID deep cleaning started on the trains and buses, NYC has seen a drastic changes with number of cases. So I truly believe the transit system was the main course of the virus spreader.
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    B99 Route: So yesterday I was trained on the route with a group of other operators. It was a nice an hour and so trip from the junction Brooklyn to Manhattan W 58th. In the city portion of the route, they started to put up the B99 bus stops signage. By this weekend more assign bus stops will be added across Brooklyn. I’m please to announce I will be one of the operators operating on the route when it first launch on my day off as over timE
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    Privatization doesn't always work- just take a look at the U.K. The government has been gradually re-nationalizing parts of the network because the private companies can't get their shit together. In fact a majority of people over there support public ownership of the railways, and the government has temporarily assumed responsibility for rail transport on account of the whole coronavirus situation: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-51298820 https://news.sky.com/story/railways-sky-poll-shows-majority-backs-renationalising-network-11860684 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/06/24/grant-shapps-set-centralise-control-britains-railways/ The issue is not that New York's subways and buses are publicly managed; it's that they are poorly managed. These are two completely different things. Public ownership can be very effective and quite efficient when managed by competent people and not bogged down by local/regional machine politics- Austria, Denmark and Sweden are good examples of this. The railways in Yugoslavia and East Germany were also fairly decent even though they had outdated infrastructure and rolling stock- they made good with what they had. The trains and buses in NY would not suck as much as they do if the politicians didn't suck. A competent government, like those that exist in other parts of the world, would have no problem managing the system, whether it be run under the umbrella of the MTA, the DOT, NASA, or whatever. But as long as a majority of the voters continue to re-elect a**holes like Cuomo and deBlasio, then the people of NY get exactly what they deserve.
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    Keep in mind door (motor) hardware is made by sub-contractors. So directly blaming Bombardier or Kawasaki for that is unfair as they put all the parts in as delivered by the sub-contractors. Naturally these parts are first tested, but it's a whole new ballgame when these parts undergo the rigors of NYCT operations: used 24/7; passengers abusing door motors by holding the doors; temperature changes, etc.
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    I can guarantee you that the average riders don’t know or care about what car classes arrive at their station. They want to get from point A to point B period. If an R179, R160, R32, R9, or BMT Standard pulls into the station the average person will board that train. I’ve had people try to board the garbage train, the money train (collector), an IRT transfer at 125 St and St. Nick on the IND. Let’s get this straight. A Rail fan, buff, aficionado, whatever you want to call them, are by definition a very small part of the riding public. The issue(s) with the R179 fleet will be corrected just like any other rail cars in the system and the press and the average riders will move on with their lives. There have been passenger injuries and deaths in the past yet John and Jane Q. Public never quit riding the subway. Rail fans might obsess over this. No one else will. Just my take. Carry on.
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    Hell, average person doesn't remotely know what a D60HF or a NovaBus LFSA even is.
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    What the hell is a "different fact?"
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    This is what I said the other day and it's getting tiring. Posters are TOO LAZY to look back a few days at their own posts and those of others. In most cases they can find out the answers to their own inquiries. Rather, they are making posts like they are the first ones to figure stuff out and they think that their head is the first head where the lightbulb goes off inside of. Guaranteed his next question will be "Why isn't the F running a normal schedule?", without researching why.
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    I've been paying attention the amount of people out here protesting without masks...... It's been the vast majority without them.... Apparently coronavirus has taken a backseat to all this protesting/rioting & shit... Whether real or perceived, people are more worried about their shit getting broken into (whether that be a local business, their car, their home, etc)..... And then there's these "phases" or w/e you wanna call them, with which things are set to start opening up in this city.... Long story short, there's a misconception that phase1 = we're clear of the coronavirus.... That's what I say's been going on. It's immaterial to me, because I've been doing more driving & staying as far the f*** away from people as I can anyway.... No, I don't wanna sign any petition... No, I don't wanna buy a BLM t-shirt.... No, I don't wanna "come join us"..... None of that goofy shit... Keep your distance - 6 feet minimum please & thank you.
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    Not sure yet. The call still hasn’t been made and there is still some internal back-and-forth right now about next steps. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, or next month. Just have to wait and see.
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    I was invited to be part of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for the upcoming 5th Avenue busway project, to be completed this summer, as 5th Avenue is a major express bus corridor. Of course I will be strongly advocating for express bus commuters. We will be having meetings very soon. I created this thread to keep everyone abreast of the developments as discussed with the Department of Transportation (DOT).
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    To be quite clear, they fought full-length OPTO enabled by CBTC, and they won that fight pretty convincingly...
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    They wouldn't have responded to such a call. A lot of cops aren't wearing masks themselves lol.
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    Yes, I almost lost it at the depot lol but the depot chairman said it would only be 4 to 6 buses only.
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    This ultimatum of "shiny shit or (semi-)functional shit" is hilariously bad. I'd take the 24-hour service any day of the week over having overnight closures for "cleaning", especially since the trains will still be rolling.
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    Yes, something of this magnitude certainly can prevent the R211s from coming in on time. But if the base order of 535 cars is already paid for, then we will get them, maybe a year or (hopefully not) two behind schedule. Why wouldn’t we if they’re already paid for? The option orders are a different story. If those aren’t yet paid for, then we’re looking at a significant number of R46s sticking around for the foreseeable future. Well, we did (at NYCTA, anyway)... When exactly were the R211s ever promised to Jamaica? They already got R160s and now every single train that runs on the Queens Blvd Line is an R160, fully capable of interfacing with CBTC. That’s exactly what they needed to do, so there’s really no reason to waste time and return the former CI R160s back to CI. Yes, they did that with the Livonia and Westchester R62As, although those cars ran on the for 15 years before being returned to the , and Corona Barn wasn’t properly equipped to handle any New Tech-generation trains. But the R62As did have A/C and, in 2002, still had many single units, so they could easily send them to Corona to run 11-car trains on the and (the railfan in me really would have liked for them to have used the purple 11 bullet on the roll signs when the R62As were there, but since they’re not there now, it doesn’t really matter). Only the base order of 535 cars was paid for in the 2015-19 Capital Plan. So we’ll get those cars, albeit a year or two later than expected. That won’t be enough to fully equip the , and lines, so some R160s will have to stay in Jamaica. Why have two significantly different car classes to contend with when you’ve currently got just one? Jamaica is fully R160s now, including the ENY trains that come to visit on weekdays when the is running there. Why change it back? Because someone at Transit “made a promise” that the R211s would be put there years ago? Someone who might not even be there now?
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    That’s what I’ve been trying to get across for over a decade. Been around a long time and I have learned that nothing is guaranteed until the final brick is laid and the power is turned on. The Capital Budgets are not etched in stone . Same thing holds for bond issues and contracts when it comes to government. Just my observation. Carry on.
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    I remember commenting on this issue on a thread at the beginning of the pandemic. It amazes me that throughout the subway threads there are proposals about new cars, CBTC and the like without the posters mentioning the financial fix all mass transit systems will face countrywide. Seems like many people are living in Fantasyland. The real world is much harsher. It’s belt tightening time folks. Elections matter. DC, state and local. My take. Carry on.
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    well Between today and friday we will know if cases in NYC rise or not. its been 14 days since the 1st or 2nd day of protests. the only state that is fully reopen that has not seen a high amount of new cases is Georgia. I do agree that alot of people are selfish idiots who disobey shit, I've seen plenty of that. As an essential worker, My point still stands. The Non essential bashing has gotten out of control. I'm not gonna go and tell someone to stay their ass home. It's none of my business, People are angry and got nothing to loose and would not give a damn if they took you out. What gets me mad is how all the essential workers were shitting on people getting unemployment because of the extra $600 they got in their check. I'm For hazard pay but that's the Government's fault for not acting on it in the first stimulus bill and being slow with the next. My Girlfriend got laid off and I have a 5 year old child, So when people talk that shit, It angers me because half of those non essentials had jobs too and right now they are struggling ( Not everyone got a stimulus check or unemployment yet). The Amount Of EGO that i have seen on Facebook and other websites is really sad because at one point they were in the same situation 10-12 years ago. I learned one thing, remember where you come from. But I do respect the ones out there doing what they have to do to keep other's safe but I have no respect for people who trash other's regardless of their situation, That's the part i get angry at. Maybe if the government did a better job taking care of the people of this country, we wouldn't be in this big mess now.
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    Why pin it ? Just READ THE THREAD 😀. They used to say that " reading is fundamental ". Nothing's changed.
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    I remember first day of school car. Instructor said " what's the difference between local and express service" ? 29 hands shot up in the room. " Express is faster" we answered. He looked around the room wiped his brow and shook his bald head. The former Marine Corp drill instructor said that he was going to teach us the " Transit" way of thinking. In Transit world "express" means train makes less stops than the "local" period. When I went to motors he was one of my instructors once again. He asked the exact same question again but none of his prior students were allowed to answer. Out of 30 former C/Rs 27 got it wrong. One person who got it wrong was asked to stand up in front of all of us and tell us where we went wrong. The instructor walked up to him and faced him and smiled. That student knew our instructor from way back because the instructor was my buddy's Drill Instructor in the USMC. My buddy explained there's the Marine Corp way so there must be a Transit way. They gave each other a mock salute and tensions eased around the room. I'm sure many of you have been on an express train that got re-routed to the local tracks but made express stops only behind the local. I've operated this way many times. It wasn't faster but it made less stops. That's the simplified version of what Bill is trying to tell you. Hope I haven't muddied the water. Carry on.
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    Not a chance that most folks taking buses to get to/from LGA will switch to this rendition of an AIRTrain.... Too significant a backtrack, among other things. - Technically? Sure..... As 1 > 0.... - Enough to justify its existence? Not even remotely. Far cheaper than erecting a people mover that'd dump people off between a baseball stadium & a string of tennis courts.... At least you get to walk on the Passerelle ped. bridge to either catch a Met game or a(nother) Federer/Nadal matchup R.I.P., your eardrums.
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    They did that during the pandemic and people couldn't comprehend that.
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    To all: There were questions posed over the weekend asking how many R32's would be on the J/Z Monday morning. You may want to know how many for Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. What will be running for the AM rush is set up by the midnight dispatchers. They have no idea on how many R32's would be running till they set up their railroad. That goes for the Parsons terminal dispatcher and ENY Yard dispatcher. In the yard, he has to see how many cars he has available of all models. The fact of the matter is that there were 7 R32 sets on the J/Z this morning. Some sent out by ENYD, some were under control of the J line dispatcher who had his laid up at 111 and/or in the back of Jamaica Center. How many will be on the line Tuesday will be determined sometime after midnight tonight. The number on Wednesday will be known after midnight Wednesday and so on.
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    There is no reason for railfans to be rushing to the J/Z in the middle of a pandemic if the R32's come back - you've had since 2013 to get in all your RFW rides and take pictures and video of the 32's on these lines. Respect the transit workers who are trying to do their jobs and stay healthy. Hopefully we can come out of this sooner rather than later and you can get your last R32 ride in during a proper farewell run.
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    you know that we are in phase 2 going into phase 3 right. lots of people are outside and going to work and etc. While i do agree with the crowding at the front but you can't tell people to stay home. we have stayed in for 3 whole months, That whole essential worker stuff is out the window since non essential jobs are back open. It's the summer and its 80+ degrees outside. no one is staying in. as long as people wear a mask and socially distance themselves, It should be fine. Railfans are gonna fan, as long as they do right by wearing a mask and socially distance themselves from others, It should be fine. Plus Beaches are opening for swimming on the 1st so you gonna have crowds regardless.
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    if the bodies of the cars are in good shape, they'll be here. will give them a heavy SMS by replacing the parts that causes the most problems and will make these reliable. they did the same with the R142's and now they're one of the most dependable Cars in the fleet.
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    Thank you for your response. I asked a simple question about the main page of the and what the agency posted and people get defensive about their personal actions. What I read on the main page of Transit’s site, in their words, not mine seemed to be very straightforward with no wiggle room. There are no if, ands, or buts, in that statement yet the rationalizations are still out there. Whether it’s the forums, social media, interviews on tv or the newspapers. Ridership is way down across the board in the NY metro area so it does appear that people are following the advice of the people in charge. I’m keeping up with the local, national and international news throughout the day taking notice of how others respond to their local restrictions. I look at places like New Zealand and the contrast between their actions and those of our actions, local and national , and wonder if there’s something in our culture that makes us feel like any restrictions don’t apply to we Americans. My friend works in a hospital and she said that people are even trying to get around the visitation restrictions. Back in the day we had a thing that 5-0 would hit us with. Failure to Comply . There seems to be a lot of that going around again. Just my observation. Carry on.
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