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    I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming support from here and throughout social media. In light of that, and by popular demand I have decided to come out of my ever so brief retirement. I didn’t realize how many people actually still wanted me around. That being said, I have a MAJOR post coming soon that’s going to knock all your socks off!!!!! Stay Tuned! East New York is about to light it like I once did! Y’all are NOT gonna be ready for this one!!! 😁🔥
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    You have to be one dumb person to believe anything that the Idiot-in-chief says about anything, period. Does anyone inhale the crap he spews? He's going to help Prince Andrew like I'm going to have a threesome with Alicia Keys and Rihanna tonight. I know kittens and puppies that have higher IQs than the clown in DC. He's still trying to con the public. Carry on.
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    If Byford goes, that's really the end. Already, most competent folks at MTA are/are thinking about running away. His departure would, IMO, forever shatter the wall between the political and the managerial, and would send a signal to the world that New York doesn't want powerful, independent visionaries. I have my fair share of qualms with what Byford does, but its undeniable that he has done more to shake up NYCT than anyone in a long time. It's just a shame he's come to an agency which has in fact lost so much credibility that a governor can interfere with political cover. NYC is facing a critical period. We have a housing shortage, a transit crisis, an equity issue, a reactive political climate, and the ever present threat of climate change bearing down upon us at approximately the same time. And when I look around, I don't see anyone in power who seems to have a true vision and passion for solving these things. That's scary.
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    Do not be rational. You will be punished.
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    That shows how little some folks know about the M35 and the areas it serves. 1. So we are just going to forget that the line also uses 40ft buses too? The only reason artics tend to be out on the line often is because that's what's often available at the depots for pullout. There's a higher spare factor of artics, so they can spare 4 of those or 4 40ft buses for the line. The artics also do not run 7 days a week on the line. You'll often see a mix of both fleets on the line, it's a matter of what they pull out for the line. 2. Where do we begin...... (A): Randalls Island & Wards Island are a lot more occupied than most people think, people actually live and work out there for starters. (B): Homeless shelters, hospitals, a wastewater treatment plant, over 50 athletic fields for training/events, police & fire academy training facilities and much more are out there. Lots of people go to those areas for work and other things. (C): Let's not also forget about the Electric Zoo and the other festivals that occur out there. Yeah, the X80 goes out there for those, but people also use the M35 for that too.... Some of you fans need to stop looking at maps and explore outside of your comfort zone to understand WHY things are the way they are.....most of you fans only come up with these ideas by looking at route and system maps....and that has to stop, quite honestly. That suggestion is basically emulating what the MTA did with the M5....and look at how that turned out. Could you imagine how some of these routes would look if they were all extend based on looking at how short one route is and merging it with another, longer route and by looking at maps? That would be torturous to a degree!
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    Where do i begin.... Thats not how car assignments go. First, whatever trains are used go to any terminal its interval is scheduled for. They do NOT do car assignments based on destination. So 32s, 46s and 179s will go to Ozone, Mott and 116. And I cant stress this part enough: There are no more power issues in rockaway anymore! Theres a power station in broad channel that was added that solved this!!!! Can that "power issues in Rockaway" die already???
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    I'm trying to be helpful here, so don't take this the wrong way. The reason we get pissed off at you is precisely because of these unwarranted philosophical justifications for something you're doing. As far as I can tell, you haven't been called out recently for speculating or anything in this thread, so why write these long soliloquies posing yourself as some sort of reformed victim? No one has been discussing this for a while, making these thoughts wholly unwarranted. Speculating is natural, and sure, it can be repetitive, but you know, whatever floats your boat. I don't think participating in speculation will affect your reputation in any way. What will though is posting stuff like this. It's just uncalled for, and comes across as a bit pretentious. What I would do is just move on. This is a forum; people forget. Just get on with your life, and keep these thoughts to yourself. As I said before, this isn't Downton Abbey.
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    And the news I couldn't speak about is finally out! From today's CPOC meeting: "A settlement has been reached between NYCT and Bombardier with respect to liquidated damages. As a result of the settlement, an additional R179 16 cars will be provided as part of this contract, increasing the quantity of 10 car trains from 4 to 12". Source (Go to 24:39 in the video): https://youtu.be/j9zfldErD4Q?t=24m39s This may make some of the things I mentioned regarding these cars make a lot more sense now.
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    This is quite unfortunate to hear about. Gov Cuomo has a reputation of usurping the very people he has hired to improve the MTA and then 'gives additional powers' to yes men and women on his crony-filled board. Perhaps this form letter can be used when communicating with the various elected (and perhaps appointed) officials who might be able to influence or keep in check the very unilateral moves of Gov Cuomo: Dear Honorable ((name of rep here)): It has come to my attention through an interview of Governor Cuomo by Brian Lerher on WNYC radio that the Governor is seeking to reduce the decision-making and management capacity of NYC Transit Chairman Andy Byford. Mr. Byford has taken many steps to improve the quality of service of the NYC Transit system. He has generally received positive reviews from commuters and MTA employees, alike. Mr. Byford's past work with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has been quite laudable. As a lifelong New Yorker, I'd like to see Mr. Byford continue to make improvements in the NYC Transit infrastructure (in the same way Mr. Byford helped to improve the TTC) without any interference or negative character influence from Gov. Cuomo or his board members. As a constituent in your district, I hope you can help in allowing Mr. Byford to continue his work, while also taking steps to monitor and control any negative activities the Governor or some of the MTA board members might take. I am genuinely concerned about the underlying plans which may come about from outside consultants like Alix Partners in undoing the achievements of Mr. Byford, while also bringing about the possibility of staff reductions and service reductions within the NYC Transit system. It is at this time that I ask you, ((name of rep here)), to monitor, influence and speak up about this matter so the achievements obtained thus far are not lost to the one-sided actions of Gov. Cuomo and his board. Please feel free to reach out to me at ((insert email here)) or at ((insert phone number here)) regarding any additional information you may need from me. I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding this urgent matter. Thank you and kind regards, ((insert your name here))
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    It's simple really
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    Legally: Wait for a late night train GO where the trains are being rerouted to Wall Street on the Lex and reverse direction to BG and use the loop to go on 7th Avenue (or vice versa.) Illegally: Get two friends to the new South Ferry and push two shopping carts, one in each pocket track, while you wait at Cortlandt Street for a downtown train. When they start rerouting the trains, pray they don't kick you off at Rector. Also, make sure you have enough cash on hand to bail your 2 friends out of jail.
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    From the FB Group "Transit Photos and Vidoes" via Mr. Edwards. Originally from Kawasaki: Looks like they'll occupy the 4000s.
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    Do you realize how heavily used it is?
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    Sooooooooooooooooo......... I'm currently looking into this, but, we have a 9510 in the system....XDE40. Surely this cannot be the start of the new hybrid order, I'll post more information when I can. -EDIT- So it appears that the RFP was due today(or yesterday), so I think it's obvious that New Flyer got the contract.
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    5249 was spotted heading to Quill about an hour ago and it looks great!
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    I saw this in a Facebook group and I thought it was cool "R142 Designers Masamichi Udagawa & Sigi Moeslinger (Antenna Design) With the 1st production 142A model at Kawasaki." I've always loved the design of the front of the R142A (its what first got me interested in the design of subway cars), so its cool to see that there was some sort of photoshoot with the designers and the finished product.
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    I think this is also important. Canarsie would have been painful, but it would have showcased a different approach to transportation. On the surface level, we would have been actively and drastically restricting car access along key corridors. New Yorkers would have been able to experience efficient (albeit) crowded bus service pretty much for the first time in history, along with gains in pedestrian and bike access. Underground, NYCT was being forced away from its highly linear approach to transportation. The Canarsie shutdown plan was a study in the way our system can distribute loads through its redundancy. Instead of the usual 'lines exist in isolation' mantra, we would have seen NYCT confront the fact it operates a network. Now, they could have done more in this regard, but such is life. NYCT would have also been forced to operate the system *well*. You basically had single point failure on the WillyB and on the ; dispatchers would have had to get crafty with loads, frequency, variability, and service management. And they would have learned from all this -- to the benefit of the rest of the system and city. Today, we lost that opportunity. The engineers consulted have, as far as I can tell, zero experience with NYCT. MTA was basically not clued in on all this. I'm generally skeptical of the conclusions of remote academics and 'big thinkers' who use the word 'innovative' when talking about safety-critical maintenance, and the lack of detail, dissonance in message (is it just the benchwall or the whole track/tunnel structure) and the startling lack of NYCT personnel on the team just reinforces my skepticism. Was this a kangaroo court?
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    Jesus Christ guys, leave it with the bullshit about Ephraim. I see you all on the FB group too making a scene like a bunch of middle-schoolers. You heard him say it: the dude is autistic, that means not everything that seems exactly normal to us will be to him and vice versa. Expect better from this site, absolutely embarrassing watching everybody pile on. Know when to drop it. Miss me with that.
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    There has been a on-going debate about the new "Cuomo" scheme being full wrap, full paint, or a combination thereof. Well I'm going to lay this to rest as I had an in depth conversation with the powers that be who knows about this 1st hand... YOUR ANSWER?! IT'S DIFFERENT TO EACH ORDER!!! So with that being said, I'm going to explain to you each order and how the scheme is applied... Order 5364-5438 (XD60) - Base Paint: White with Black Paint used around the windows, Full wrap is applied over the white base paint Order 5987-6125 (XD60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint from the bottom to the top window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint above the window line and over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Order 673-810 (XN40) - Base Paint: Black Around the windows and Full Blue over the sides, roof and face with a White Back. The Yellow and striping is vinyl wrap. The Select units are full wrap below the window line, on the face and on the lower rear. Order 1016-1125 (XN60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint below and above the window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES AGAIN the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Photos... Here you can see the base SBS blue paint that is underneath the standard "Cuomo" WRAP...WRAP scheme as described above on the 5987-6125 batch of XD60s....Look at the dark blue closely, it is CLEARLY wrap You can also see CLEARLY underneath the standard Cuomo wrap is the SBS Yellow and Medium Blue vinyl stripes that lay on top of the light SBS Blue paint... Here is the 5987-6125 batch rear showing the yellow wrap with the rear select wrap over it... Here is the XN60 showing the base white rear section underneath the Cuomo Wrap... I will get more photos support the remainder of my explanation of the schemes over the course of the next week or so, but this is what it is and hopefully this lays he long argument to rest.
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    Every time this thread has a reply with no real news:
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    Good afternoon fellas! After a long hard decision, I have decided to retire from NYCTF for multiple reasons. I’ve been extremely busy lately, and have a business to tend to. I will try to comment here and there and help out with information when and if I can. It’s been a great 11 years, and I want to thank everyone who helped and contributed to making this place what it is today. I did say long ago that I would retire when the RTS did. I guess that time has finally come!
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    At this point I couldn’t care less. Yeah it’s a somber moment but they are 20 and 21 years old. I have one of my own anyway so I’m content. It was a good era. Just means it’s almost time for me to retire. Nothing will ever beat The Master of The Snow. It will definitely go down in history as the most durable bus ever made. Other than the fact that 90% of that article is inaccurate, it is what it is. FYI, Hybrids actually break down at a higher rate than the RTS.... That’s clearly why they are still here..... If it was up to MTA and the engineering department a small reserve fleet would have been here for a while.
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    To clarify, the Nova LFS buses are going to replace the first of the hybrids. They will later be replaced by hybrid and electric buses in the future. I would also like to remind you that if you want to have any discussion about the fleet, depots, and/or details, please do so in the Fleet & Depots thread. This many be a hobby for all of us, but for some of us this is actually our job. The top contributors are either transit personnel or transit consultants like myself. I am the one who fed everyone this information because I know what is happening. They were simply telling you that it was only 10 buses on the first hybrid order. I greatly appreciate when NYCTF members/users actually take initiative and engage in conversation as well. This way, some of the rest of us can do our jobs. So if people in here can read you should have already known that the first of the OG's weren't going anywhere other than MTA Bus at the moment.......... 🤔🙄Pot calling the kettle black a bit? You are the one who got all sensitive when addressed. So I'm a bit confused... Where was your humility? First off, you sir need to calm down and relax a bit. You are the one who actually came in here all "hype" as you say. For a new member that's not really a good look because they were only trying to fill you in on what is going on. Many of us here are quite aggressive with our language, and if that's too much for you, this may not be the forum for you. So before you tell someone to watch your mouth, please check yours first. Im arguably one of the most aggressive people here, so if I noticed that about you, it's something you may want to take a look at. This isn't an attack on you, but I am letting you know how things work here. I am The Senior Moderator and Community Manager of this forum as a whole. I am also not part of the new generation either, so please watch YOUR mouth, and practice what you preach and we will all get along just fine. Even if and when we don't agree. That's what humble is my guy. Feel free to DM me if you would like to continue this discussion. Furthermore, this discussion does not belong here as I said and will be moved as soon as I get the chance. Carry on.
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    Subway trains below the ocean. Now that's a new one...
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    Next time I'll DM you for your approval. /Sarcasm
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    Update of new NYMTA Bus Deliveries: 92 Nova BUS LFS Artics (5439-5530): Projected 58 buses in service by the end of April 2018 Actual 62 buses in service by the end of April, placing this order ahead of schedule 10 New Flyer Xcelsior Hybrid (XDE40) (9500-9509): Projected 5 buses in service by the end of April 2018 Actual 0 buses in service, placing this order behind schedule 110 New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Articulated (XN60) (1000-1109): Projected deliveries to start in May 2018 with 3 buses, and major deliveries to push starting in June 2018. Actual 0 buses delivered at press time. 367 New Flyer Xcelsior (XD40) (7484-7850): Projected deliveries to start in May 2018 with 22 buses. Actual 2 new buses delivered at press time, 7616 and 7617.
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    Thanks Harry for starting this thread. It's given me a reason to stop posting my occasional history lessons, lol . Since our subway system expansion plans always stall because of financial shortcomings let me propose something way outside the box. How about The Amazon Queens Bypass The Apple SE Queens Extension The Microsoft/ Walton Third Avenue Bronx line The Berkshire Hathaway Utica Avenue line The Google SAS Bronx Connection I actually thought that if Barclays thought it's worthwhile to have naming rights why not go all in with the idea . Every other plan failed due to money problems so I figured I'd go with the biggies 😀 . Carry on.
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    I work with the delay data almost daily and have an intricate understanding of it. Delays caused by car equipment and right of way (track/signal) problems are dwarfed in magnitude by delays whose root cause is poor operating discipline, miscommunication, grade time signals, etc. It just so happens to be that delays caused by reliability problems are more readily noticed because they're associated with incident notifications and also tend to affect multiple trains in a row. Furthermore, ridership, especially peak-hour ridership, has been decreasing in the last year or so. At the same time, car equipment and right of way delays have stabilized in the last few months. But overall delays have been increasing. Guess what the biggest contributor to that increase is, and has been, for some time? It sure isn't car equipment and MOW reliability issues! The marginal delay impact of a car class's reliability on a specific line is so small that is doesn't factor into car assignment decisions.
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    So you're both concerned that too many people will try to use the service and that the stations are too far for people to actually use the service. Both statements can't be true at the same time.
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    @Via Garibaldi 8 Let's play a game where I present the problem and you bring the solution. Here we have a tunnel ravaged by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, which either damaged or destroyed critical key components in said tunnel. The only way to bring those components back to a state of good repair is to close the tunnel for a period of time in order to facilitate those repairs. Riders are presented with two options, a partial closure lasting three years or a full one that will only take half the time. With a shorter timespan, riders overwhelmingly take to the latter choice, opting to rip the Band-Aid off quickly so to speak than deal with a lot of stops and starts. Obviously, with a complete lack of train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, riders still have to get around, especially those along 14th Street who would now be without crosstown subway service. How do you do that? Do you keep 14th Street and the other nearly roads open to regular traffic and hope for the best, or do you close the streets to all non-essential vehicles to facilitate better crosstown movement? There's going to be a massive influx of buses along the street either way to make up for the lack of subway service, so that also must be taken into consideration. What do you do? For the record, I'm not against the ADA component of the suit as far too often, the MTA tries and succeeds at weaseling its way out of adding accessibility to fully rehabbed stations, but let's be real for a minute. This suit only includes the ADA concerns because the other claims all reek of blatant NIMBYism and the whole thing would be tossed. The concerns for a lack of accessible stations somewhat legitimizes an otherwise frivolous case.
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    Going, going and GONE! Corona is now 100% R188.
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    Nova Bus LFS Artic: (77) 5439-5515 to Michael J. Quill (MQ) Depot (15) 5516-5530 to Gun Hill (GH) Depot ___________________ New Flyer XD40: (61) 7484-7544 to Jamaica (JA) Depot (43) 7545-7587 to Michael J. Quill (MQ) Depot (39) 7588-7626 to East New York (EN) Depot (20) 7627-7646 to Fresh Pond (FP) Depot (20) 7647-7666 to Grand Avenue (GA) Depot (48) 7667-7714 to Flatbush (FA) Depot (40) 7715-7754 to Ulmer Park (UP) Depot (8) 7755-7762 to Jackie Gleason (JG) Depot FOR L-Train Shuttle Service (88) Unspecified Depot FOR L-Train Shuttle Service ___________________ New Flyer XDE40: (10) 9500-9509 to Grand Avenue (GA) Depot ___________________ New Flyer XN60: (72) 1000-1071 to West Farms (WF) Depot (38) 1072-1109 to Jackie Gleason (JG) Depot AS WITH EVERYTHING MTA, THIS INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THIS INFORMATION IS CURRENT AS OF NOW.
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    I step away for a few days and everything goes to the dogs. I originally left this thread open despite the back and forth mainly to consolidate the car assignments proposals into one thread. I see that was a mistake. Thread locked. Do not clutter any other threads with this inane chatter. Lance
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    First of all let me wish a happy holiday season to everyone. Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and birthday folks and whatever else you wish to celebrate. While exchanging greetings with my rabbi, other mentors, and fellow retirees I asked them to peruse these forums and get back to me with their thoughts. In general the replies I received were positive but, in the subway forums in particular, it seems that some basic understanding is lacking by some posters. You've got to realize that the majority of these people I correspond with had positions of influence in the RTO, Operations and Planning, and Car Equipment departments and still have contacts and wield some influence in what goes on in the subways. Management types if you will. That's one of the reasons I try to refrain from posting in some threads because much of what gets debated is personal opinion and not based in facts or history as it pertains to NYC subway procedure. The number one question that I was told to ask, in general, is does anyone beside RTO employees know why timers were installed in locations that didn't have them many years ago ? The other part of that question is how many posters realize why the equipment was modified (slowed down) in the first place? Look at the big picture and realize what event caused the to be mandated by a higher authority to make major adjustments in how they operated the subways. When my mentors and then I came aboard there was no such thing as a wheel detector. Simply put the does not install costly pieces of infrastructure unless they have to. That's the reason why the interlocking at Freeman St on the IRT wasn't replaced when the new signals were installed on that portion of the WPR line. For those who ride the express in the Fulton Street corridor and complain about the timers around Nostrand Avenue or Utica Avenue for example as soon as I heard those locations mentioned I instantly knew the reasoning behind it. One person in particular reminded me what he told his school car students years ago. Just because your daddy's car has a speedometer that goes up to 120 mph does not mean you're supposed to go that fast. That's why there are traffic signals on the streets. It all boils down to safety. School Car 101. The other two points that they brought up pertain to subway expansion and car assignments. To them subway expansion is necessary, especially in the outer boroughs, but these gentlemen ( and one lady ) all agree that even if new lines are built there has to be another line in Manhattan, especially because you really can't tie the new lines in with some existing locations because of capacity issues. Since any new subway lines must be built to B division specs you would be wasting money connecting to the QBL, for example. In their analysis all the CBTC in the world won't help by itself. Terminal capacity has to be increased and new yards must be built yet no politicians or posters mention this. Their take on this I happen to agree with. BTW if you can't maintain the existing plant ( infrastructure ) what makes anyone believe any new line is going to be well maintained ? Dream on. Point two concerns car equipment. This comes from all of my mentors, encompassing all three departments I mentioned earlier. These folks have been in NYCT since the mid 1960's, supervisory folks since the early 1980's, and one who is my best friend and was a CED supervisor in Coney Island Yard. I've only known him for 57 years and I trust his opinion and sources. As they point out to me a politician may come up with an idea and pass it on to the chair and board. Operations and Planning will try to come up with a service plan. Meanwhile the fleet manufacturer and CED spec it out. CED does the testing w/ the builder. Assuming everything passes the testing CED accepts the fleet and determines where it's based. RTO has little or no say in the matter. We are taught and operate whatever equipment we are given. One of my mentors said that he saw a post where people were going to be re-trained on the R46. That's incorrect according to him unless the R46 has undergone some type of modification. He can operate an R46 today he said and he was originally an IRT motor instructor before he went to school car and learned 44's and 46's. I've tried to get two of them to sign up for accounts to no avail.Some of them happen to think that some posters are focusing too much on rumors and speculation and overlooking the track record of NYCT which almost never deviates from the norm. From my mentors and I though we want all of you to keep up the posting. It's not always informative but it's always entertaining. There is one poster out here who my mentors think is " way out there" with his routing proposals that they think are amusing but totally unrealistic. He shall remain nameless, lol. Carry on.
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    From what I heard, Bombarider has 70 cars upstate and the factory is starting to get full, so they're lowkey delivering the cars to us.
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    No offence, but you have a weird sense of humor.
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    This is actually the non-operational mockup, similar to the very first photos of the R179s that were leaked in 2014. So this particular car won't see service, it's just used to confirm maintainability, build quality, spec compliance, etc. Also, this is the first of three similar but functionally different mockups (this one is for the R211A, and there will be one for the S and T, since there are functional differences between the three classes). Mock-up review for the R211A is underway and continuing through next week. After that comes climate room testing in May. So far so good!
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    Yeah I hear you. Look what they left on my bus a week or two ago lol
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    Folks.....ya'll gotta realize that the R179s aren't the ONLY TRAINS that have had issues when they were brand new..... R142s had similar problems when they were being delivered...it took them years(almost 10 years to be precise) to work out the problems, and now they are the most reliable NTTs in the IRT. R62As(or R62s, I forgot which ones) also had problems when they were brand new. Same for the R46s and some of the other subway cars in the fleet. Everything has their own issues when they are brand new out of the game......the R142s did, the R143s did, and the R160s did, and a bunch of other subway car fleets did. The R179s are not exempt from that.
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    2018-19 Nova LFS (40-Foot) Preliminary Assignments: Castleton - 15 Buses Charleston - 15 Buses Gun Hill - 50 Buses Kingsbridge - 60 Buses Yukon - 47 Buses Queens Village - 64 Buses Buses are expected to be delivered in this order: Queens Village, Yukon, Castleton, Gun Hill, Kingsbridge As with everything MTA, this information is subject to change
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    and who exactly made you God/Allah/Buddha/H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I to discredit my (or any current or former bus operator that worked out of East NY Depot) opinion based on my current employment, having witnessed firsthand how and in what ways people utilize the line, regardless of how many people strictly swipe to enter the system. in what way have i "made up" or fabricated anything pertaining to the B82? you know what? believe what you will, and trust transit if you must. swipes/dips of the card aren't indicative of what happens on the road, day in & day out. and for the record, I wasn't seeking your validation by stating my employment status. a common misconception,but yes, there is some form of credibility you have when you are an employee of a organization, believe it or not. I'll take the word of a bronx zoo employee that handles and cares for the animals on a day to day basis, as opposed to a frequent/daily visitor of the zoo, or so called official press releases from the zoo that can be fabricated based on any agenda. i have no agenda to prove transit right or wrong. my agenda is to my job, which i have done well for a decade, and to speak the truth as i see it.
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    So let me get this straight: you want the comforts of commuter rail to be reserved for you and your friends? I honestly don't care what something is supposed to be. If it can be used in more than one way, let it be so used. I think that the MTA doing a better job at providing transportation in NYC is a good thing.
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    I beg to differ. More than half of the people who live in the areas surrounding those and their relitives have historically been black and Hispanic. They were there before all those depots were built. And for the record upper Manhattan had 6 depots operating all Diesel buses pre-emissions requirements. That's more depots per square mile than any other person on the planet.... Upper Manhattan historically has had the most minority residents with Asthma as well. Black History 101 - They were there first. Period. Harlem Nights, The Black Rennesance... 1920's and 30's. Etc MTA History 101 - There were more depots uptown Manhattan and still are (in a concentrated area) than anywhere on Earth. Let alone the country. Look at the locations of LACMTA depots? CTA depots? There is usually a pattern with few exceptions. New York City History 101 - Hale and Tuskegee are named in honor of famous minorities for a reason. Fact. The oldest depots in the system are East New York (even though it was a car barn first) and Jamaica. So who moved into what neighborhoods??? 🙄 Bus depots have historically been placed in lower income and minority neighborhood. And the other ones are now LEED standard. IE. Manhattanville being all hybrid, Gleason and College Point being all CNG.... Look at the neighborhoods they are in. Non-minority neighborhoods have historically not allowed depots in their neighborhoods and if the stay or a new one gets built, then best believe clean energy buses are running out of it..... Do we need a timeline of 6 uptown MTA depots (all North of 100 Street) plus storage lots and then and a timeline of Black and Hispanic people who shouldn't have moved into the neighborhoods?? And the ones already there?? Or maybe when 126th Street Depot was so disrespectfully built right on top of God knows how many Black men, women and childrens graves???
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    All this pointless bickering and debating aside, 3096 & 3097 are being delivered tonight.
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