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    I'm trying to be helpful here, so don't take this the wrong way. The reason we get pissed off at you is precisely because of these unwarranted philosophical justifications for something you're doing. As far as I can tell, you haven't been called out recently for speculating or anything in this thread, so why write these long soliloquies posing yourself as some sort of reformed victim? No one has been discussing this for a while, making these thoughts wholly unwarranted. Speculating is natural, and sure, it can be repetitive, but you know, whatever floats your boat. I don't think participating in speculation will affect your reputation in any way. What will though is posting stuff like this. It's just uncalled for, and comes across as a bit pretentious. What I would do is just move on. This is a forum; people forget. Just get on with your life, and keep these thoughts to yourself. As I said before, this isn't Downton Abbey.
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    And the news I couldn't speak about is finally out! From today's CPOC meeting: "A settlement has been reached between NYCT and Bombardier with respect to liquidated damages. As a result of the settlement, an additional R179 16 cars will be provided as part of this contract, increasing the quantity of 10 car trains from 4 to 12". Source (Go to 24:39 in the video): https://youtu.be/j9zfldErD4Q?t=24m39s This may make some of the things I mentioned regarding these cars make a lot more sense now.
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    Let's come back to the real world instead of judging a person's appearance as a reflection of his/her intelligence. Prince Andrew, the head, and the head of NYCT are, by themselves, not competent enough to do jack to improve the transit system. Many years ago I had a few conversations with David Gunn who was the head of transit back then. Over a period of 3 or 4 months we conversed by the Grand Central Shuttle dispatcher's office. I remember the first time we spoke. He introduced me to a group of Asian folk he was guiding around and he called me a C/R. I politely corrected him and pointed to a C/R who was standing nearby. He then called me a T/O and his group smiled in agreement. The assistant dispatcher, who was standing there bowed his head and walked away as I shook my head. He took the shuttle to TSQ and returned about an hour later, alone. He explained to me that he was relatively new to NYCTA, especially the different divisions and departments. He was also humble enough, or maybe just being polite, to ask myself and a few other hourlies about our jobs and what he could do to improve things. We invited him into the crew room and he immediately started to sweat. The senior C/R present told him that the office/crew room lacked A/C. It was pointed out that there was no air flow in the area with the only airflow coming from a staircase leading up to Madison Avenue. The cleaner who was present explained about his difficulty getting supplies from GC Tower, the main RTO office, and the shuttle platforms. He said he would take care of what he could. Lo and behold, the next morning cinderblocks were removed from the shuttle office and a brand new A/C unit was delivered and installed. When he came by a few days later we thanked him. He pulled me to the side and whispered in my ear " you're a M/M aren't you.?" From that day forward he'd tell me that he had the title but he learned from the little people whom he spoke to. That's what most big-wigs I encountered in transit and other places fail to do in my work experience. Believe it or not after M.r Gunn had the A/C unit installed the very next morning the /Shuttle Supt. cursed out the assistant dispatcher for having it installed without his permission. When Mr. Gunn, the TA President mind you, heard what happened the Supt. was transferred to Coney Island-Stillwell that same day. I'm making this long post to point out that no one person can turn an organization this size around alone. The big Kahuna is only as good as his underlings. Luckily, when I met Mr. Gunn there were still a few Trainmasters in the system who knew the ins and outs better than the new folks who carried the superintendent title. Mr. Byford's tenure will be judged by who has his ear, IMO. I hope he succeeds in surrounding himself with the right people. Just my opinion though. Carry on.
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    My favorite part: 1) You live in Manhattan, where there’s no such thing as quiet. 2) You live by bars and the so noisy hipsters and drunks make noise all night 3) More take to Manhattan than residents take elsewhere. Kwitcherbitchin. If it wasn’t broken then it wouldn’t need extraordinary measures to fix it.
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    There was an issue found with the B3C valve (conductor’s emergency valve). It was fixed and the cars will be returning to service shortly. Not really that big of a deal honestly. And it wasn’t even Bombardier’s fault, just to make that clear.
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    Do you realize how heavily used it is?
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    Here's some recent pictures of random trains that I've taken over the past couple of weeks. 2018-01-13 07.59.14 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-13 08.32.16 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-13 04.41.59 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-13 10.57.41 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-13 04.30.02 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-05 12.06.10 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-05 04.40.43 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-06 11.08.44 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-12-27 02.48.58 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-12-10 08.39.12 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-12-12 06.22.04 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-12-12 06.40.36 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-12-09 05.08.37 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2018-01-05 04.06.36 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-12-07 06.09.43 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-11-27 11.16.11 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-11-29 05.38.35 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-11-25 07.07.13 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-11-29 04.45.52 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr 2017-11-16 04.44.03 1 by MTA Bus, on Flickr
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    Contrary to unsubstantiated rumors otherwise, the R179s have passed their 30-day test!
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    There has been a on-going debate about the new "Cuomo" scheme being full wrap, full paint, or a combination thereof. Well I'm going to lay this to rest as I had an in depth conversation with the powers that be who knows about this 1st hand... YOUR ANSWER?! IT'S DIFFERENT TO EACH ORDER!!! So with that being said, I'm going to explain to you each order and how the scheme is applied... Order 5364-5438 (XD60) - Base Paint: White with Black Paint used around the windows, Full wrap is applied over the white base paint Order 5987-6125 (XD60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint from the bottom to the top window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint above the window line and over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Order 673-810 (XN40) - Base Paint: Black Around the windows and Full Blue over the sides, roof and face with a White Back. The Yellow and striping is vinyl wrap. The Select units are full wrap below the window line, on the face and on the lower rear. Order 1016-1125 (XN60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint below and above the window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES AGAIN the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Photos... Here you can see the base SBS blue paint that is underneath the standard "Cuomo" WRAP...WRAP scheme as described above on the 5987-6125 batch of XD60s....Look at the dark blue closely, it is CLEARLY wrap You can also see CLEARLY underneath the standard Cuomo wrap is the SBS Yellow and Medium Blue vinyl stripes that lay on top of the light SBS Blue paint... Here is the 5987-6125 batch rear showing the yellow wrap with the rear select wrap over it... Here is the XN60 showing the base white rear section underneath the Cuomo Wrap... I will get more photos support the remainder of my explanation of the schemes over the course of the next week or so, but this is what it is and hopefully this lays he long argument to rest.
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    Every time this thread has a reply with no real news:
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    And this is why ridership is decreasing. You "just" have to time yourself. As if you have nothing to do in life but sit there and wait for the exact moment when you should leave the office to catch the train. What if your boss needs to talk to you for 5 minutes? What if you want to run an errand on the way back? Sure, you can "just" time it or "just" wait the extra 30 minutes, but you know what else, you can also "just" start driving or taking Uber or taxis.
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    Thanks Harry for starting this thread. It's given me a reason to stop posting my occasional history lessons, lol . Since our subway system expansion plans always stall because of financial shortcomings let me propose something way outside the box. How about The Amazon Queens Bypass The Apple SE Queens Extension The Microsoft/ Walton Third Avenue Bronx line The Berkshire Hathaway Utica Avenue line The Google SAS Bronx Connection I actually thought that if Barclays thought it's worthwhile to have naming rights why not go all in with the idea . Every other plan failed due to money problems so I figured I'd go with the biggies 😀 . Carry on.
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    I work with the delay data almost daily and have an intricate understanding of it. Delays caused by car equipment and right of way (track/signal) problems are dwarfed in magnitude by delays whose root cause is poor operating discipline, miscommunication, grade time signals, etc. It just so happens to be that delays caused by reliability problems are more readily noticed because they're associated with incident notifications and also tend to affect multiple trains in a row. Furthermore, ridership, especially peak-hour ridership, has been decreasing in the last year or so. At the same time, car equipment and right of way delays have stabilized in the last few months. But overall delays have been increasing. Guess what the biggest contributor to that increase is, and has been, for some time? It sure isn't car equipment and MOW reliability issues! The marginal delay impact of a car class's reliability on a specific line is so small that is doesn't factor into car assignment decisions.
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    So you're both concerned that too many people will try to use the service and that the stations are too far for people to actually use the service. Both statements can't be true at the same time.
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    @Via Garibaldi 8 Let's play a game where I present the problem and you bring the solution. Here we have a tunnel ravaged by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, which either damaged or destroyed critical key components in said tunnel. The only way to bring those components back to a state of good repair is to close the tunnel for a period of time in order to facilitate those repairs. Riders are presented with two options, a partial closure lasting three years or a full one that will only take half the time. With a shorter timespan, riders overwhelmingly take to the latter choice, opting to rip the Band-Aid off quickly so to speak than deal with a lot of stops and starts. Obviously, with a complete lack of train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, riders still have to get around, especially those along 14th Street who would now be without crosstown subway service. How do you do that? Do you keep 14th Street and the other nearly roads open to regular traffic and hope for the best, or do you close the streets to all non-essential vehicles to facilitate better crosstown movement? There's going to be a massive influx of buses along the street either way to make up for the lack of subway service, so that also must be taken into consideration. What do you do? For the record, I'm not against the ADA component of the suit as far too often, the MTA tries and succeeds at weaseling its way out of adding accessibility to fully rehabbed stations, but let's be real for a minute. This suit only includes the ADA concerns because the other claims all reek of blatant NIMBYism and the whole thing would be tossed. The concerns for a lack of accessible stations somewhat legitimizes an otherwise frivolous case.
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    Going, going and GONE! Corona is now 100% R188.
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    Quit while you're behind. You keep digging and you'll find yourself in China in a New York minute.
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    Nova Bus LFS Artic: (77) 5439-5515 to Michael J. Quill (MQ) Depot (15) 5516-5530 to Gun Hill (GH) Depot ___________________ New Flyer XD40: (61) 7484-7544 to Jamaica (JA) Depot (43) 7545-7587 to Michael J. Quill (MQ) Depot (39) 7588-7626 to East New York (EN) Depot (20) 7627-7646 to Fresh Pond (FP) Depot (20) 7647-7666 to Grand Avenue (GA) Depot (48) 7667-7714 to Flatbush (FA) Depot (40) 7715-7754 to Ulmer Park (UP) Depot (8) 7755-7762 to Jackie Gleason (JG) Depot FOR L-Train Shuttle Service (88) Unspecified Depot FOR L-Train Shuttle Service ___________________ New Flyer XDE40: (10) 9500-9509 to Grand Avenue (GA) Depot ___________________ New Flyer XN60: (72) 1000-1071 to West Farms (WF) Depot (38) 1072-1109 to Jackie Gleason (JG) Depot AS WITH EVERYTHING MTA, THIS INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THIS INFORMATION IS CURRENT AS OF NOW.
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    I step away for a few days and everything goes to the dogs. I originally left this thread open despite the back and forth mainly to consolidate the car assignments proposals into one thread. I see that was a mistake. Thread locked. Do not clutter any other threads with this inane chatter. Lance
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    First of all let me wish a happy holiday season to everyone. Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and birthday folks and whatever else you wish to celebrate. While exchanging greetings with my rabbi, other mentors, and fellow retirees I asked them to peruse these forums and get back to me with their thoughts. In general the replies I received were positive but, in the subway forums in particular, it seems that some basic understanding is lacking by some posters. You've got to realize that the majority of these people I correspond with had positions of influence in the RTO, Operations and Planning, and Car Equipment departments and still have contacts and wield some influence in what goes on in the subways. Management types if you will. That's one of the reasons I try to refrain from posting in some threads because much of what gets debated is personal opinion and not based in facts or history as it pertains to NYC subway procedure. The number one question that I was told to ask, in general, is does anyone beside RTO employees know why timers were installed in locations that didn't have them many years ago ? The other part of that question is how many posters realize why the equipment was modified (slowed down) in the first place? Look at the big picture and realize what event caused the to be mandated by a higher authority to make major adjustments in how they operated the subways. When my mentors and then I came aboard there was no such thing as a wheel detector. Simply put the does not install costly pieces of infrastructure unless they have to. That's the reason why the interlocking at Freeman St on the IRT wasn't replaced when the new signals were installed on that portion of the WPR line. For those who ride the express in the Fulton Street corridor and complain about the timers around Nostrand Avenue or Utica Avenue for example as soon as I heard those locations mentioned I instantly knew the reasoning behind it. One person in particular reminded me what he told his school car students years ago. Just because your daddy's car has a speedometer that goes up to 120 mph does not mean you're supposed to go that fast. That's why there are traffic signals on the streets. It all boils down to safety. School Car 101. The other two points that they brought up pertain to subway expansion and car assignments. To them subway expansion is necessary, especially in the outer boroughs, but these gentlemen ( and one lady ) all agree that even if new lines are built there has to be another line in Manhattan, especially because you really can't tie the new lines in with some existing locations because of capacity issues. Since any new subway lines must be built to B division specs you would be wasting money connecting to the QBL, for example. In their analysis all the CBTC in the world won't help by itself. Terminal capacity has to be increased and new yards must be built yet no politicians or posters mention this. Their take on this I happen to agree with. BTW if you can't maintain the existing plant ( infrastructure ) what makes anyone believe any new line is going to be well maintained ? Dream on. Point two concerns car equipment. This comes from all of my mentors, encompassing all three departments I mentioned earlier. These folks have been in NYCT since the mid 1960's, supervisory folks since the early 1980's, and one who is my best friend and was a CED supervisor in Coney Island Yard. I've only known him for 57 years and I trust his opinion and sources. As they point out to me a politician may come up with an idea and pass it on to the chair and board. Operations and Planning will try to come up with a service plan. Meanwhile the fleet manufacturer and CED spec it out. CED does the testing w/ the builder. Assuming everything passes the testing CED accepts the fleet and determines where it's based. RTO has little or no say in the matter. We are taught and operate whatever equipment we are given. One of my mentors said that he saw a post where people were going to be re-trained on the R46. That's incorrect according to him unless the R46 has undergone some type of modification. He can operate an R46 today he said and he was originally an IRT motor instructor before he went to school car and learned 44's and 46's. I've tried to get two of them to sign up for accounts to no avail.Some of them happen to think that some posters are focusing too much on rumors and speculation and overlooking the track record of NYCT which almost never deviates from the norm. From my mentors and I though we want all of you to keep up the posting. It's not always informative but it's always entertaining. There is one poster out here who my mentors think is " way out there" with his routing proposals that they think are amusing but totally unrealistic. He shall remain nameless, lol. Carry on.
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    From what I heard, Bombarider has 70 cars upstate and the factory is starting to get full, so they're lowkey delivering the cars to us.
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    No offence, but you have a weird sense of humor.
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