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    I hope the MTA has learned two very important lessons from this. Lesson 1 NEVER under any circumstances order from Bombardier ever again. Lesson 2 if mta orders from bombardier again 🤦🏿‍♂️ NEVER retire any fleet bombardier is replacing
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    The R179's were supposed to replace all remaining R32s and R42s. That is why they were retired. The MTA is not just going to keep hundreds of ancient retired cars from the 60's maintained and ready for service for if another fleet fails. I'm not sure their retirement has anything to do with Cuomo either. They had enough cars to run all service without them.
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    2 R160's from ENY are on the I don't know if any R32's were sent to ENY yet.
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    It depends. The overnight closures plus lower ridership may result in quicker inspections. If this was an isolated case and no issues are found in the rest of the r179's, then those trains would be back in service some time next week, (best case scenario Monday).
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    They'll still do phase I of reopening, Some stores will still open
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    Thats understandable, but having enough cars is priority. Keeping 110 until the R211s would make sure of that. In the end, old and functioning cars are better than new cars that constantly break down and in some cases are dangerous for riders.
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    Remember, It's hot out, Making the 100% R32's would be a very bad idea knowing the the HVAC issues of the past
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    I don't think making the half R32's is a good idea, the needs to have a more reliable fleet. if 198-200 R32's are available, they will need to have atleast 70 cars in service if the fleet were to be split. remember the lost 50 R42's so its surplus was lowered by 6 trains. now with the R179's OOS. they will need something to cover for that and the R143's aren't enough. When they first took the R179's OOS and brought back the R42's, the was crush loaded and the had to be cut that day. this time it'll be different since the ridership is lowred but they'll still need some cars to help out It's Documented that 110 R32's were to remain until Q3 2021 with the remaining going in Q1 2022, The Cars were needed to keep a healthy spare factor until Albany requested the to retire both the R32's and R42's early due to their age. TA spent a good chunk of money fixing up those 110 cars to keep em going until 2021-22. Half the R32/ all of the R42 fleet were always planned to be replaced by the R179's. when the R42's retired, ENY lost 6 train surplus out of 11, so now they have or now had a 4 train surplus of cars. 70 out of 110 R32's were supposed to be used for or service until retirement so the R46's spare factor wouldn't be lowered. If anything by them doing this, the got screwed because between 2016-present day it has lost over 5 trainsets to CI yard to keep their spare factor healthy. when the Jamaica - CI swap took place, CI took a hit due to fleet age, now you got R46's running on 4 24/7 routes instead of 1 full 24/7 route. Since the R46's run alot more now, they would need a higher spare factor. By putting R46's on the the Spare factor dropped to 5 trains which isn't enough for both the / combined. ALSO all 222 R32's aren't coming back, a small portion were already stripped for parts. So I would say 180-200 cars at best.
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    It did raise questions when the MTA suddenly decided to move their retirement up 2 years. They will be needed on Monday if the MTA wants any chance at social distance on the trains.
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    I agree with this entire post. With Covid and protest's and riots going on, I'm sure the last thing on Cuomo's mind is some old subway cars. I honestly think this whole "Cuomo hates the R32s and wants them gone" is just some imaginary railfan tales. Nobody ever posts an article or source of Cuomo saying such things.
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    It certainly had to do with Albany. 100 R32s were set to remain in service until the R211s arrived to provide a decent spare fleet. Albany didnt like the age of the cars and wanted them all sidelined despite the fact they were needed. I could see another R179 issue from a mile away, thats why rushing to retire cars wasnt a good idea. They honestly need to be returned at this point and replaced with an option for extra R211s.
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    Actually, 5439 just got painted in the local livery.
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    5439 now has the Cuomo wrap placed where the Select Bus Service paint is at.
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    R179s are sidelined again while the MTA looks into this incident. More R46s and some more R143s on the and respectively. There are already rumors going around saying the R32s returned to revenue service. This is not even close to confirmed at all and at this time no R32s are leaving retirement.
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