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    To me honestly.. The 35 should of went to 100th or MCH instead of Quill.. DOB preference & Politics.. PS: 126th closed a long while ago. I wonder what they is going to do with that building.. Manhattan Division is already crowded. The division definitely needs another depot. Possibly re-activate Amsterdam. However, things are a bit complex in regards to Amsterdam. Soon enough the Brooklyn Division will be crowded or if not already..
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    That's an odd choice of wording. But still looking forward to it! But how would this "all door boarding" work? What's stopping someone from bypassing the reader in the rear two doors?
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    the only time a SLD would pull a run from a line is if that line has a headway high enough that the run in question "won't be missed" (won't cause a noticeable gap in service) there's no way runs would be pulled from the Q55 with a 20 minute headway to in turn create a 40 minute headway. there must be an inefficient exta list to cover the open run(s) or lateness from an interlined run with a second half Q55... or someone consistently takes a personal, making that "missing" run constantly late.
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    i must interject. 100 street has the 14a/d because they lost approx. 4 runs (or more) when they lost their piece of the m79 when it went sbs. 100 street needs those 4 plus runs on their run board for the attached RDO's. if/when they lose the 14, those runs/RDO's must be replaced. IMO, this is where the M35 to 100 street rumor comes in. don't know how true it is, but it's been swirling around ever since two-six closed.
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    What I personally don’t like about the Q55 is how on the weekends reliable tends to tank as well. There has been plenty of weekends where I’d take or try to take it and there’s a bus missing. It’s bad enough it’s headways are every 20 but to have a bus missing increases the wait time to 40 mins. I don’t know if the Q55 is one of those routes where they will pull a bus off to full a gap elsewhere but I swear that route tends to suffer from gaps a lot. I also would agree to extend the Q55 to Jamaica Van Vyck, I always felt like it just dead end stops at Jamaica Ave and 117th and should at least have a connection to the
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    Speaking of crowded lines, they really need to increase service on the 107 on Sundays. I took it going home yesterday and it was PACKED beyond belief. 60 minute intervals are unacceptable.
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