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    Not this open door express bus bit again.... Nobody ever looks at this nonsense from the perspective of the current express bus commuter... The assumption is always that current riders will willingly put up with intra-outerborough usage & the fact is, is that they wont..... Local bus riders wont flock to this type of service either... What you essentially end up with, is a service that would be even less patronized than current express bus service.... There is much of nothing to be gained by having some sort of cohesion with express bus service & local bus service.....
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    The brighter FINDs are because, despite being a similar design, the parts are 10 years newer. That's why the LCD screen is bigger. Bombardier's problem. In case any one else is curious, they're officially called: Fault Light: Lights up when the corresponding door is open Interior Guard Light: Lights up when any door on the corresponding side is open Exterior Guard Light: Lights up when any door on any side is open The reason they are bigger on the R179 is probably parts similarity. They are the same as the Interior Guard Lights on the R142s. One can hope...
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    It's more of a policy type thing than a car type thing. Theoretically R142s can stop at 145th, but there's a weird rule saying that for stations that doesn't cover the full length of the train, only the train lines that usually stops there can stop there, but other trains (like a R62A and a R142 can't stop there and like how a R142 and R62 can't stop at South Ferry loop).
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    Someone caught 3226 and another car in Fort Lee this morning...
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    Just study everything and listen to everything the TSS tells you.
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    Oh it's been happening regularly. I had it happen some weeks ago on an uptown train. We crawled crawled and crawled. Then at 175th street an inaudible, garbled announcement was made which at least half the car couldn't hear and NOT repeated. Doors were closed and then BOOM, no stops until 207th street. Myself and several other people were FURIOUS. Of course we had to take the same stupid train back to where we were getting off. All of that made me 20 minutes late!! If they're going to do it, make AUDIBLE announcements. Worst off is when they say they're going from express to local only to then go back to express when you've gotten off of the train. Just ridiculous...
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    Here's more DSC_3008 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3013 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3016 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3020 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3023 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3030 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3050 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3077 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3082 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3086 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3095 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3099 by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    The 2019 Nova buses have these lights.
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    Here's my concept of what an R262 could look like, signed up for the shuttle
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    because not only has the B41 lost passengers, runs have been cut to borderline dismal levels. in Flatbush, the "big 3" on the run boards used to be the 41, 44 & 46, all having over 100 runs. the 41 is barely in the high 80's now. at least 20 runs disappear over a decade? unacceptable.
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