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    New strategy for hunting R179s on the ? Just tweet @NYCTSubway, lol
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    The mockup car does have some functional components, but it is not fully functional. The purpose of the mockup is to prove as many static tests/designs as possible, so HVAC, software, doors, etc. In addition to build quality and TS compliance, the MTA also looks for maintainability of certain components. The mockup does not have propulsion equipment included (no traction motor, no inverter). Only the boxes for where the components would go are included, to ensure everything fits together and can be accessed easily. Just wanted to clear that up in case anyone thinks that car will see service, or run on its own power.
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    This weekend I got quite a few shots of the R179s and R32s on the (I mean )... This was the first time that not just the R179s, but also NTTs in general have run on one of the shuttles. The R179s actually looked good running on the shuttle for once. Anyways...
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    Above Future ENY OP's pay grade huh?? Alright, chump... Explain... and prove.... in detail.... with specificity, how you come to the benchmark & conclusion that FP "needs" exactly 219 buses & Flatbush "needs" around 250.... Go on, Mr. C.E.NO.... Clock's ticking.....
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    "The Impeachment" has a nice ring to it.
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    @RR503 https://jalopnik.com/subway-commute-disrupted-by-clogged-toilet-1834841477 Subway Commute Disrupted by Clogged Toilet Aaron Gordon This morning, some New York City subway commuters experienced an all-too-common occurrence (although less so than it used to be): delays during rush hour. The reason given by the official New York City Transit Twitter account was that nature called upon the train crew. Indeed, New York City’s trains are operated by humans, and humans sometimes poop. Normally, when a member of a train crew has to number 2, they either hold it in until they get to the terminal—where they will then have enough time to take a bathroom break between train runs—or, if they absolutely cannot wait, hold the train in the station as they go to the nearest bathroom. (Yes, the New York City subway has bathrooms in stations. Yes, you should avoid them at all costs.) But today’s rush-hour delay was not an instance of a train crew needing to run to the nearest bathroom. This delay was because of a clogged toilet. You see, it wasn’t the train crew that needed to go to the bathroom, but the tower operator that controls the switches, and they couldn’t use the one in the tower. To understand how one clogged toilet caused delays on five train lines, here’s a quick primer on how the subway works: Most of the subway lines intersect and overlap, moving between lines at particular junctions. For the lines in question (the A, C, E, F, and M lines), many of the switches, which move to send the trains on the appropriate track, are operated by humans in a control tower. And sometimes, those humans in the control tower have to poop. Normally, tower operators needing to use a toilet is not an issue; there’s a bathroom in the tower they can use. (Sometimes, if your train is unexpectedly running local for no discernible reason, it may be because the tower operator had to retire to the throne for a minute so they put the switch to local service for the time being). But, at the Port Authority tower, which controls the switches most critical to the C and E lines, has had a clogged toilet for three days, according to a source familiar with the stench, as well as screenshots from a Facebook group obtained by Jalopnik. So, in this case, the tower operator had to meander into the station itself to find relief. Without a tower operator at the helm, trains can’t run up the local track (the C and E trains) due to the particulars of how that switch works. Further, there’s no one to send the northbound E’s to Queens instead of up 8th Avenue. That’s why NYCT had to divert trains while the tower operator hit the head, instead of merely announcing “delays” on the line, which is what happens when the crews on the train have to run into the station to answer nature’s call. Maybe there was something in the water at the employee lounge though, because a train crew on the same line needed to run to the bathroom at Jay St-Metrotech in Brooklyn, according to the source and confirmed by screenshots viewed by Jalopnik. Anyways, the lesson here is that New York City Transit employees are subject to the same indignities—if not more of them—than riders are due to the inadequacies of the bureaucracy to address our species’ most basic issues. Just ask the people working in the Port Authority tower, showing up to work to make sure you get to work on time... but also have to smell clogged shit for three days and counting. The MTA did not respond to a request for comment before publication. We will update this story if we hear anything back, including on the status of the Port Authority tower toilet.
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    I think someone forgot to turn the child lock back on...
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    Yeah, you say you have nothing against me, but you apparently have something against common sense..... Now that I've had this brief dialogue w/ you, now I really see why you catch the flack that you do on here..... I know, I know.... There's no evidence that the subway system as a whole underwent changes in almost 18 years, cleanliness & aesthetics are "very irrelevant" (never mind the countdown clocks & things of that nature), and the exception swallows the rule (as if I said every station has been modernized)..... Got it. Try to take people seriously & this is the result..... The buck stops here with you... Go troll somebody else; I wasted enough keystrokes with this exchange.
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    There's an old saying that goes, seek & ye shall find.... For SOME of us transit enthusiasts on a site like this that are a little more responsible, I can understand coming upon a hidden treasure like this & keeping shit on the hush hush for our own private consumption.... With that said though, and in all honesty, regardless, the information that was provided on Bustrek should've never been easily & as readily available to the public like that in the first place.... I'm personally indifferent to the MTA's closing of the doors with Bustrek - but in general, this is what you get with impulsive, motor mouth, don't know when to STFU MF-ers.... It is shit like this why I don't share secrets with anything with a pulse, as far as I can throw them.... The general public is stupid.... Way to prove your point "Kitty Kat", Stool Pigeon... So now what? Your bus was late for whatever reason 3 days ago & as a result, there's now one less medium to track "your" bus.... Good job, joker.... Good job.
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    Actually, South Ferry was paid for in part by Sept. 11th recovery money to revitalize Lower Manhattan following the attacks. Also, the original loop station was built for the amount of service operated at the time. The IRT couldn't possibly fathom running ten-car trains back in 1905 when the station was originally built. @subwayfan1998 I'm glad you're interested and inquisitive here. A problem I'm noting however is a failure to listen to what other people are telling you. Asking the same questions over and over in a slightly different way and expecting a different response will not serve you well here. Listen to what people are telling you and think before you post.
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    He might get one last big hoorah from me this month, as I have a few words for him and the board about express bus service.
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    The R211 mock up looks like it coming along nicely
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    BusTrek offered more info than BusTime did which is the point, and it also shows ghost buses, which BusTime can’t do.
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    Lmfao he tweeted it to the official MTA account no less! I'm dead. The hell did he think was gonna happen? These foamers don't even think.
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    It was sarcasm with a touch of truth (I always take the over the since all the crazy sh*t always happens on the )
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    Imagine if they did that with that Sandy money when they were rebuilding that bridge...
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    The bigger story here is the staffing situation in the system. We have towers run by one person controlling key interlockings here and elsewhere -- Hoyt Schermerhorn, for example. They need a break? Service dies. FWIW, this is yet another reason that upgrades to our dispatching infrastructure are necessary. 42nd St North still runs with an ancient GRS Model 5 interlocking machine and controls a tiny piece of territory. Centralizing to a master tower (as they plan to do for CBTC) gives you redundancy without having to pay someone to provide coverage for the small portion of each day that the primary Tw/O is not at their station.
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    LMAOOOOOOO What's even funnier is they actually gave him an answer
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    Anything governed at 40MPH is not made for NYC.
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    I agree with you, @MysteriousBtrain because I see the same numbers being on here over & over. One time and that’s it. There should be no more questions of who gets what. If the DOB decides to put where buses are needed, that particular depot gets that type of bus. Not because “someone” is hungry for that type of model to ride around the local area. I wait to see that bus come my way whenever new buses get delivered. Prediction does not always work in that person’s favor.
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    Here are some photos between those days. 20190425_165849 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190426_203605 by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0091 by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0156 by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0160 by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0177 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190419_114406 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3727 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3732 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3739 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3744 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3756 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3767 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3779 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3782 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3785 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3789 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3798 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3803 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3805 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3809 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3811 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3818 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3834 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3840 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3843 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3848 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3860 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3868 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3872 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3879 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3881 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3884 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190430_104047 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190430_104120(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190501_221933 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190502_094402(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190504_091641 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190504_091649 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_075348 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_075439(1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_085404 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_145023 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_145953(1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_150131 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_150520 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_154910 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_185437(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_190525 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_190800 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_195843(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190507_195934 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190509_175423 by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    And we've reached the portion of Saturday afternoon where the train just gives up...
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    We do have lives to live, you know......we don't get paid for this shit. Folks, I'm gonna say this one last time before I start deleting posts. Post ONLY, and ONLY deliveries or moves/transfers! On that note, 8622-8625 assigned at Gun Hill, with 8624 physically there.
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    I noticed the 179s have similar quirks as the Bombardier 142s, on the 179s at times you can hear the trucks bumpin' and knockin' down below just like on the Bomb 142s. Its mainly noticeable in underwater tubes. Also when it comes to ride quality, the Bombardier NTT truck >>>>>>>>>> The Kawasaki NTT truck.
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    8592 8609 yukon. Grand now has the whole run from 7821-7828. I do not care enough to look through the previous pages to see exactly what has been reported, but I believe 7823-7824, 7826-7828 are the recent arrivals
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    Construction on the elevators at 59th Street has kicked into high gear this week... The 60th Street exit has been converted from HEETs to the typical low turnstiles and there's a booth being built there too. They've closed off one of the stairs from the 59th Street mezzanine to the southbound platform for "relocation" and put this sign up.
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    I run an advocacy group. For me it's interesting to see what metrics the is using for express bus service. I already had a system in place using BusTime to monitor service, so no biggie. Nevertheless, I'd like to thank the big mouths for ruining it for those of us that were using it on the down low and not taking screenshots and posting on Twitter or anywhere else. I mean how stupid are people!!??? There are some people that knew about it on the down low and kept it that way and now they can't use it, so a big thank you to those people that ruined it.
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    overshare with the general public. slippery slope. way too much info on the streets. this is how things happen to B/O's while on duty... disgruntled ex/lover, etc having that much access to your work day smh. this would be equivalent to the NYPD telling civilians the "color of the day"... glad they corrected this MISTAKE.
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    Freakin’ douchebag. Whoever he is, he ruined it for everybody...
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    i don't know why anyone hasn't actually taken the time to engage letalone explain this, but for one, personal belief has no part to play in why buses are swapped, letalone remain in sequential, delivered order (which is a literal joke these days, see the xd40/60 orders of late) the D.O.B. actually swaps buses based on MILEAGE (and to a lesser degree, maintenance records) THIS is why buses will (for the most part) NEVER remain in sequential order. certain depots have high(er) mileage than others, and depending on the depot's run/trip output is what determines what buses stay where and for how long. other departments in this city/state do mileage swaps with their vehicles for the same purpose does, and has done, since time & memorial. in closing, there's no such thing as "rightful" (or rightfully) place, for these buses... in exception of the Flatbush 42xx series NG's. Flatbush is their rightful place. anyway, hopefully this will put a lid on this incessant OCD bs about buses being in numerical order... it's tiresome, time consuming and pointless tbh.
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    New South Ferry was most likely not an effort to recover from 9/11, it was built because the SF Loop only fit 5 cars and was very rushed-seeming in nature.
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    I wouldn't say "allowed" (although most road foreman probably wouldn't say anything.) If the slack is stretched, it wouldn't be as much of a problem. The electrics (especially the venerable old HHPs) tend to slip, especially if rail conditions aren't anything but ideal. So it's a good idea to ease into it (but again, not everyone does.) The diesels are something of an enigma. Coming from idle to notch 1 or 2 while stopper will result in an instant 300 or 600 amps, respectively. "Racking" it to notch 8 causes a delay of amps for about 5 to 10 seconds and then an almighty surge, usually followed by slippage, followed by the train slamming into the back of the engine, so we usually let the amps stabilize at the lower end and THEN notch out to 8. The diesels also react differently from notch to notch. For example, going from notch 1 to 4 brings your amps up quicker than from 2 to 5, etc. Of course, these are 25 year old GE computers doing the magic, so.... And yes, we sure can dynamics. In fact, they're encouraged as a "fuel conservation" technique. I try to use dynamics as much as I can, but when one factors in the 10 second delay from power to dynamics, or vice versa.... Lots of times, its just better to stretch. The dynamics also drop out insanely early, about 25 MPH they start to fade and are virtually useless below 10. And don't even get me started on the blend...
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    There is no emojii in the world to show my facial expression right now...
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    Seems to be a combination of padding and GO congestion on southbound 4th. Stringline shows holds at Dekalb (which I'd imagine are padding related, at least in the 's case) and at Atlantic (if I had to guess, trains crawling/sitting). Schedule (padding in black): String:
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    I found myself near the Kawasaki plant in Yonkers today, and I saw quite a few M9s sitting around!
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    Im glad @Via Garibaldi 8 Cleared some things up. These RTS were only at a certain depot like Quill, Ulmer, ENY, Flatbush and Jamaica. Some of these depot filled in their replacement and even so the RTS had to go especially since the elderly passengers or passengers with disabilities use to struggle climbing up them stairs. The next batches to go will be the OG's following with The NG's when the time is right.
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    My QM5 was very slow this morning because of POTUS visit. Our B/O, who is a character announced on the PA "sorry for the delay folks, the president is eating breakfast somewhere. Oh wait, there he goes" [motorcade drives past us going into QMT]
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    Chase is jumping on the OMNY bandwagon and advertising their contactless cards in the Shuttle passage in Grand Central the website is TapToRideNYC.com and you find this rendering on that page:
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    At this point. Whatever the issue is Bustrek is no longer available to the public. No need for the back and forth plus screenshots. I was always taught this. If you don’t want stragglers in the mix you gotta protect home. Keep the noisy people out of the mix. This is how things get real messy in a New York minute.
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    For the price they're charging, you're MORE than "right" to expect a clean bus (since Peak is when the MTA counts on customer traffic). Local buses are a *bit* more excusable (not in my book, but) to have some "wear and tear" from full loads and the like throughout the day, but for the MTA to be operating Express buses almost like "Charter" service (price-wise) and not delivering on basics such as a clean environment is unacceptable. If the MTA/NYC got tons of complaints about such conditions on Academy buses, they'd be the first to go after Academy and threaten to take their contract away. (Same if you actually did charter a bus and had to deal with poor maintenance or cleanliness -- you'd complain over your money's-worth as well as never use that company again.) Just another way the MTA chases its own customers away, then blames them for clogging the streets in other modes of transportation.
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    I'm not gonna lie @Flatbush SBS Duece, you can even click on a bus and it shows that persons entire paddle for the whole day. I agree it's too much for the public to see. Imagine someone walking up to you on the bus like "you just was on break for 2 hrs, why are you 20mins late on your first trip back out LMAOO".
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    It could have been 3 possible reasons why you were seeing more XD40 on that day instead of OG. Bus operator preference Some of the OG are temporary OOS Or on that specific day, they needed some of xD on a specific route for long distance driving for Maintenance purpose.
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    Can we please stop asking why depots keep getting certain buses? Because DOB decides, not us.
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