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    Your account has been placed into moderation.
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    Cool, so it saves me having to figure out how to ban you from a mobile device for dupe accounts.
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    Trying to give a new poster a chance to abandon Reddit and Twitter “Forever Alone” tendencies and become a contributing member before the banhammer gets swung.
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    It’s the “anymore”... using that admits you trolled in the past, which can be grounds enough to kick you... then again management retains the right refuse service at any time...
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    Take your own advice.... You aint "just talking" either..... Nobody's moved by your obtuse act; you know wtf you're doing & you know there's more than one way to troll on a forum... Mods need to be more heavy handed when it comes to this BS.... Why you're still allowed to post on here is beyond me.
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    Nine people injured in a bus accident involving a 50 ft vertical drop from a bridge headfirst onto a freeway and the status of the destination sign is what you felt compelled to comment on? It might help your reputation here - and possibly prevent being booted from the site - if you didn’t comment on the forums for a while and/or until you had something useful and pertinent to say. Because right now you’re giving off every indication that you’re a multiple account troll.
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    I'm not one to jump or attack anyone here. BUT YOU ARE BECOMING A NUISANCE AND IT'S NOT COOL AT ALL. If I were you I'd take the advice of everyone here. This is a professional forum and there is no time for kid games. Honestly, and truthfully your continuing the same mess as your "brother" so please chill.
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    Images from the camera presented to this year, 2021. Enjoy! With extras
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    This. See below. ...and they're giving him more credit than he deserves by doing so.... @Future ENY OP is spot on here. Can't expect much coherency from a dude that can't muster the correct spelling of a subway station he chose for a forum handle....
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    Those XN60 buses are pretty solidly built. I actually prefer them over the 40-footers we have at Gleason.
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    Which is trolling. It's a d*ck move to comment on the guy's forum sig', in the middle of a discussion involving a bus crash..... But of course, you knew that.
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    Sure. Send $500 cash upfront for a premium sub to 7/11's admin duties. Times rough out here.
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    You make yourself obvious doing stupid bs like this just saying.
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    So, trying to turn a (bad) troll into a contributing member.... Got it. Couple others have tried before you & quite frankly, failed.... Look at the nature of dude's responses in this thread after having been asked similar questions.... Tells you all you need to know.... Dude aint here for the discussion.
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    Random thoughts go here. Cleanup on aisle three!
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    @lormier st, you’ve already received a warning for spamming, and guidance on where to post topics already being discussed. Please do not spam this board further otherwise we mods and admins will have to “push buttons” on your profile to limit your posting abilities. There are already-pinned topics here that you can participate in; new topics are meant for uniquely new news or ideas. Please review what’s already pinned to see what “goes where”, and post accordingly. Also, please don’t resurrect topics that have gone months or years with no replies or new posts unless you have new information on that topic. Welcome to NYCTF.
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    So will your spelling of Lorimer....
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    All those buses have been retired for more than two weeks.
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    Thank you for your counsel, Father Time. We're allowed to look at what happened and wonder. It's a pretty crazy scene. Nobody is running to the press or claiming anything as fact.
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    Maybe you should just stop "contributing" to forums. None of your posts are relevant in any way and everyone is getting annoyed with your insights. If I were you, I'd abandon your account, just like your "brother."
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    Yet the link wasn’t so hard for you this morning - after your brother’s “let me speak” posts weren’t approved by us... @SevenEleven, might wanna figure out how to ban via mobile. @B35 via Church you were right.
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    I'm honestly surprised the mods didn't ban your account(s) at this point. Anyways, let's not give you any more attention than we already gave you.
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    Listen, all this back and forth is uncalled for especially for a professional public forum like this. There are people who are watching this forum and I strongly think it is wise enough for you to excuse your self from this forum at once. Your becoming the bigger troll in this situation...
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    ......... Perfect.... So you admit to doing it. Congratulations, you played yourself....
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    The custom here is everyone with a random thought or proposal/idea has a rationale behind it and either explains it in the post or when questioned on it. The problem is that you didn’t do that here. The solution I, @Cait Sith, and everyone else on the mod and admin team are telling you is to explain the rationale behind your ideas and random thoughts. Yours is a very simple problem to solve.
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    What they're asking you is. 1. Why? 2. Who would benefit from this? 3. Where would it go? No one is starting a fight with you.
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    Does anyone else have a headache from trying to understand this dude or is it just me?
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    I’d ignore that. Looks like it’s someone trolling on the page and not contributing.
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    Zero issue with the B83 serving Spring Creek (the mall or the neighborhood)..... Should have been serving the mall in-particular.
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    If there are unplanned services changes because of signal malfunctions, or City infrastructure failure (like water main breaks), FDNY or NYPD activity, or medical emergency, post them here: If there’s something major like a derailment, then post a new thread (with a link to the relevant news article).
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    You can make a better contribution to this board, can't you? You're a new poster, right? The V has been dead for, what, 11-12 years, and after all that time you're RIPing it now? IMO, this is a wasted thread and I hope an administrator locks it up!
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    It's not up to deBlasio, it is not up to MTA to make the decision. Cuomo will make the decision.
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    Software issues almost complete Echos and Mikeys Normal in 53rd street.. Foxes still in Bypass(Only during the Rutgers shutdown GO).
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    If he wants to dig his own grave and bury himself, cool. We working smart, not hard out here.
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    Refusing to take the MTA-mandated test may result in quicker dismissal. (That's just basic logic.)
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    The fact that this bus fell off an overpass with the CNG tanks holding up and that they pulled that bus out in one piece. Holy crap, New Flyer made a damn tank. The way this bus model was manufactured may have saved lives. And the fact that it has an event recorder (bus equivalent of a plane's black box) and probably cameras on board means the investigation will likely reveal a lot.
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    That's exactly what's gonna happen. That bus will likely be on a flatbed back to West Farms. Which is exactly why we don't give those people any attention. 1020 was on the Bx35 when that happened. There's speculation that the bus experienced brake failure, which may have caused this.
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  39. 3 points
    he was my brother. he told me about it. it wasnt me. and dont think im lying please. im not. also nice destination sign.
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    move out of the way, boys, let’s try giving this a woman’s touch... Look, the thing about message boards is they don’t work like Facebook or Reddit. You don’t just post whatever you want. You follow the rules of the community. yeah, you had a rather random thought, but I admit the title to this thread can be misleading. you asked about the B15 to Bensonhurst... you asked us what we thought about it, but didn’t provide sufficient details to allow those of us who are trying to understand you to figure out your question. why the B15? Why not another route? Why not a new route? why take bus service AWAY from a not only a major transportation hub, but a major source of jobs? who benefits from it? these are the questions we all ask each other all the time anyone comes up with an idea... unless that person is Wallyhorse, then we just yell at him and move on with our day. if the others seem a bit brash about it... it’s because you’re not the first person like you to pass this way... nor shall you be the last... it’s just... well... to paraphrase another, more well known quote “the day you joined this site and made you comments was an important day in your life... but to us... it was Tuesday.” We see this sort of behavior all the time. Hell, I dare say you’re at least civil, some people come in here reeking of attitude. so, do yourself a favor. Calm down, ask questions, interact, but don’t worry. They’re not picking a fight with you. This is just how we talk to each other.
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    Can this be locked? No neighborhood is too big for any route.
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    Why would you propose an idea if you don’t have an answer for ‘why it’s an idea you had’? If you look at all the proposals and random thoughts posts of “ideas”, there’s always some motivation beyond “I was sitting on the toilet and it popped in my head” - that’s what’s being sought here. If you need an in-depth example of this, look for @LaGuardia Link N Tra’s RBB reactivation post in the Subway forum.
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    @lormier st What he 👆 said.
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    It was actually out on the Bx46 five hours ago.
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    Don't know why a whole thread was needed for this.
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    All those blue collar LIRR workers committing overtime fraud and earning half a million bucks are the epitome of the blue collar American dream LOL
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    ....Except you're "bothering" those of us on this forum that are trying to have healthy discussions.... We're not the problem, don't try to flip this on us..... Again, it was an a**hole move to comment on a guy's subway destination sign forum signature in the Bus - Random Thoughts thread.
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    #4426 is back at FP Depot from being loaned to ENY Depot Earlier today.
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    To the bus drivers... For the love of God, please pull your damn bus to the curb! Unreal what is going on. Stop after stop, drivers picking up passengers in the street, often times from the bus lane, leaving the entire right side WIDE OPEN, allowing e-bikes to come from behind the bus as the driver is picking up passengers. A number of passengers have been complaining about almost being hit as a result. Passengers CANNOT see the bikes coming from the behind the bus, especially if they are going at high speed, and vice versa. I'm speaking with the about this because they need to make some changes. Twice this week, I was almost hit with another passenger. Just reckless to drive in service like that, making every stop from the street when the curb is completely open.
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    My proposal is based on the current schedule due to COVID, since that will likely be the schedule for a while.
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