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    I'm trying to be helpful here, so don't take this the wrong way. The reason we get pissed off at you is precisely because of these unwarranted philosophical justifications for something you're doing. As far as I can tell, you haven't been called out recently for speculating or anything in this thread, so why write these long soliloquies posing yourself as some sort of reformed victim? No one has been discussing this for a while, making these thoughts wholly unwarranted. Speculating is natural, and sure, it can be repetitive, but you know, whatever floats your boat. I don't think participating in speculation will affect your reputation in any way. What will though is posting stuff like this. It's just uncalled for, and comes across as a bit pretentious. What I would do is just move on. This is a forum; people forget. Just get on with your life, and keep these thoughts to yourself. As I said before, this isn't Downton Abbey.
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    And the news I couldn't speak about is finally out! From today's CPOC meeting: "A settlement has been reached between NYCT and Bombardier with respect to liquidated damages. As a result of the settlement, an additional R179 16 cars will be provided as part of this contract, increasing the quantity of 10 car trains from 4 to 12". Source (Go to 24:39 in the video): https://youtu.be/j9zfldErD4Q?t=24m39s This may make some of the things I mentioned regarding these cars make a lot more sense now.
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    __________________________________ __________________________________
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    My favorite part: 1) You live in Manhattan, where there’s no such thing as quiet. 2) You live by bars and the so noisy hipsters and drunks make noise all night 3) More take to Manhattan than residents take elsewhere. Kwitcherbitchin. If it wasn’t broken then it wouldn’t need extraordinary measures to fix it.
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    There was an issue found with the B3C valve (conductor’s emergency valve). It was fixed and the cars will be returning to service shortly. Not really that big of a deal honestly. And it wasn’t even Bombardier’s fault, just to make that clear.
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    Do you realize how heavily used it is?
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    Next time I'll DM you for your approval. /Sarcasm
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    Good morning! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. My initial update which was scheduled to begin over the weekend was changed due to some major developments. On the list for discussion this week will be the following: 1.) Total fleet review for all buses and depot operations. 2.) The New Express bus test & evaluation program and the status of Alexander Dennis DD #0022, and the confirmed in-service testing of MCI D45 CRT LE #0023. 3.) The continued operation of Manhattanville depot for the foreseeable future. 4.) The acceleration of the the 40 foot Electric order and confirmation of the XE60 electric artic program. 5.) The acceleration of the the 40 foot hybrid (XDE40) order and the status of the 10 XDE60's. 6.) The New Jamaica Depot plans to begin construction in July of 2022. 7.) The conversion of the B46+ to artic operations. 8.) Update on the status of the B82+ and confirmation that ENY depot will not begin artic operations until 2020. 9.) The confirmed closing of Casey Stengel Depot. 10.) The 5 Borough Bus Route Redesign Project. 11.) Digital information Screen contract has been awarded to the lowest bidder pending the required documentation is received by the MTA. 12.) NYCB/MTAB Operations merger update including new timeline to have new Bus Command Center completed by August of this year. Operations are set to begin with a soft launch next year with full operations expected by 2020. The brand new unified digital radio system is scheduled to be installed in all buses by January 2, 2021, with a pilot program scheduled to begin on Staten Island with 200 buses starting in August of 2019. 13.) The MTA Bus Company award for 25 standard buses now pushed back to 2021. Also note the title post on the very first page of this thread has been updated and is about 80% complete. The revised assignments for the new XD40's will be completed later on today as well.
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    You keep using that word. I don't think you know what it means.
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    This is very accurate. As I mentioned before, the marginal delay impact of MDBF differences between fleets is very small, and only becomes worth considering when the relative difference between the MDBF of two fleets is over ~150K. Besides the ability to handle crowds, there are some other factors, like electronic vs. non-electronic signage and shop familiarity with car classes that go into the decision-making process. However, the main goal is usually to maximize throughput, with all other factors being secondary, subject to cost considerations. A good example was the decision to place the R62As on the 6, rather than the 4, in order to not "contaminate" the entire Lex express service with the empirically-demonstrated increased dwell times of the R62A fleet in areas of high station crowding. I'm sure that this has been repeated before, but the term "overcrowding/insufficient capacity", while used as a delay "cause", is more accurately a definition of a symptom of a delay. Many operational factors, including the relative impacts of car assignments, can have an impact on this "bucket" of delays. I'm sure you (RR503) know that, but I think it deserves explicit clarification for others. To put it simply, overcrowding is often a symptom of other operational issues, rather than a discrete cause of delay.
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    Update of new NYMTA Bus Deliveries: 92 Nova BUS LFS Artics (5439-5530): Projected 58 buses in service by the end of April 2018 Actual 62 buses in service by the end of April, placing this order ahead of schedule 10 New Flyer Xcelsior Hybrid (XDE40) (9500-9509): Projected 5 buses in service by the end of April 2018 Actual 0 buses in service, placing this order behind schedule 110 New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Articulated (XN60) (1000-1109): Projected deliveries to start in May 2018 with 3 buses, and major deliveries to push starting in June 2018. Actual 0 buses delivered at press time. 367 New Flyer Xcelsior (XD40) (7484-7850): Projected deliveries to start in May 2018 with 22 buses. Actual 2 new buses delivered at press time, 7616 and 7617.
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    And this is why ridership is decreasing. You "just" have to time yourself. As if you have nothing to do in life but sit there and wait for the exact moment when you should leave the office to catch the train. What if your boss needs to talk to you for 5 minutes? What if you want to run an errand on the way back? Sure, you can "just" time it or "just" wait the extra 30 minutes, but you know what else, you can also "just" start driving or taking Uber or taxis.
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    Thanks Harry for starting this thread. It's given me a reason to stop posting my occasional history lessons, lol . Since our subway system expansion plans always stall because of financial shortcomings let me propose something way outside the box. How about The Amazon Queens Bypass The Apple SE Queens Extension The Microsoft/ Walton Third Avenue Bronx line The Berkshire Hathaway Utica Avenue line The Google SAS Bronx Connection I actually thought that if Barclays thought it's worthwhile to have naming rights why not go all in with the idea . Every other plan failed due to money problems so I figured I'd go with the biggies 😀 . Carry on.
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    I work with the delay data almost daily and have an intricate understanding of it. Delays caused by car equipment and right of way (track/signal) problems are dwarfed in magnitude by delays whose root cause is poor operating discipline, miscommunication, grade time signals, etc. It just so happens to be that delays caused by reliability problems are more readily noticed because they're associated with incident notifications and also tend to affect multiple trains in a row. Furthermore, ridership, especially peak-hour ridership, has been decreasing in the last year or so. At the same time, car equipment and right of way delays have stabilized in the last few months. But overall delays have been increasing. Guess what the biggest contributor to that increase is, and has been, for some time? It sure isn't car equipment and MOW reliability issues! The marginal delay impact of a car class's reliability on a specific line is so small that is doesn't factor into car assignment decisions.
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    So you're both concerned that too many people will try to use the service and that the stations are too far for people to actually use the service. Both statements can't be true at the same time.
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    @Via Garibaldi 8 Let's play a game where I present the problem and you bring the solution. Here we have a tunnel ravaged by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, which either damaged or destroyed critical key components in said tunnel. The only way to bring those components back to a state of good repair is to close the tunnel for a period of time in order to facilitate those repairs. Riders are presented with two options, a partial closure lasting three years or a full one that will only take half the time. With a shorter timespan, riders overwhelmingly take to the latter choice, opting to rip the Band-Aid off quickly so to speak than deal with a lot of stops and starts. Obviously, with a complete lack of train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, riders still have to get around, especially those along 14th Street who would now be without crosstown subway service. How do you do that? Do you keep 14th Street and the other nearly roads open to regular traffic and hope for the best, or do you close the streets to all non-essential vehicles to facilitate better crosstown movement? There's going to be a massive influx of buses along the street either way to make up for the lack of subway service, so that also must be taken into consideration. What do you do? For the record, I'm not against the ADA component of the suit as far too often, the MTA tries and succeeds at weaseling its way out of adding accessibility to fully rehabbed stations, but let's be real for a minute. This suit only includes the ADA concerns because the other claims all reek of blatant NIMBYism and the whole thing would be tossed. The concerns for a lack of accessible stations somewhat legitimizes an otherwise frivolous case.
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    Going, going and GONE! Corona is now 100% R188.
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    Quit while you're behind. You keep digging and you'll find yourself in China in a New York minute.
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    Nova Bus LFS Artic: (77) 5439-5515 to Michael J. Quill (MQ) Depot (15) 5516-5530 to Gun Hill (GH) Depot ___________________ New Flyer XD40: (61) 7484-7544 to Jamaica (JA) Depot (43) 7545-7587 to Michael J. Quill (MQ) Depot (39) 7588-7626 to East New York (EN) Depot (20) 7627-7646 to Fresh Pond (FP) Depot (20) 7647-7666 to Grand Avenue (GA) Depot (48) 7667-7714 to Flatbush (FA) Depot (40) 7715-7754 to Ulmer Park (UP) Depot (8) 7755-7762 to Jackie Gleason (JG) Depot FOR L-Train Shuttle Service (88) Unspecified Depot FOR L-Train Shuttle Service ___________________ New Flyer XDE40: (10) 9500-9509 to Grand Avenue (GA) Depot ___________________ New Flyer XN60: (72) 1000-1071 to West Farms (WF) Depot (38) 1072-1109 to Jackie Gleason (JG) Depot AS WITH EVERYTHING MTA, THIS INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THIS INFORMATION IS CURRENT AS OF NOW.
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    and who exactly made you God/Allah/Buddha/H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I to discredit my (or any current or former bus operator that worked out of East NY Depot) opinion based on my current employment, having witnessed firsthand how and in what ways people utilize the line, regardless of how many people strictly swipe to enter the system. in what way have i "made up" or fabricated anything pertaining to the B82? you know what? believe what you will, and trust transit if you must. swipes/dips of the card aren't indicative of what happens on the road, day in & day out. and for the record, I wasn't seeking your validation by stating my employment status. a common misconception,but yes, there is some form of credibility you have when you are an employee of a organization, believe it or not. I'll take the word of a bronx zoo employee that handles and cares for the animals on a day to day basis, as opposed to a frequent/daily visitor of the zoo, or so called official press releases from the zoo that can be fabricated based on any agenda. i have no agenda to prove transit right or wrong. my agenda is to my job, which i have done well for a decade, and to speak the truth as i see it.
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    Looks like we're finally making some headway in recognizing how damaging timers (and, loosely referenced here with a line about at-grade top speeds, the end of field shunting) have been to system efficiency. From the Village Voice: https://www.villagevoice.com/2018/03/13/the-trains-are-slower-because-they-slowed-the-trains-down/ Great read from the Voice. Byford seems willing to actually rethink policy--could be a good sign.
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