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    • For those of you doing Road Ops after your second signal exam, if you get a 68A or 160 on the Brighton line, very important you practice going in hard and taking a strong brake last minute. Yes, I am telling you to slide out of the station, particularly at Ave M and Ave J.  Know what it feels like to have no control in a controlled environment.  It will help you later on when you take a train in inclement weather.
    • You forgot to mention the long waits for medical and school car lmao jk 🤪
    • Yes, you'll have to take that survey if you plan on moving on
    • Not sure which division you are in but understand that new hires are extra extra. What that means is that you fill in for jobs that other conductors call out sick / abandoned /medical leave/random drug test etc.. what this means is that today you'll be on the D starting at Bedford park. Tomorrow you can be on the A from far rock. Or you can be placed to wait at a terminal like Rockaway parkway on the L until you are assigned a job(receiving pay while you wait). One of the perks of being extra extra is that you may get weekends off. But keep in mind you only know your assignment two days in advance. Only way to get a regular scheduled job as a new employee in RTO (subways) is too win a job off of the bid sheet. Which is pretty hard to do seeing as to how the job gets awarded to the employee with the lowest seniority number (more time in RTO). I spoke to a cleaner who said she didnt take the promotion because she doesnt like that we have to call 20 days in advance for a day off and that if we do, we aren't garunteed the day off. But if you want to be apart of RTO, that's the price. 7 months and I havent taken a day but I've known others in my class who took 4 vaca days already. So good comes with the bad. Your choice. 
    • According to the rules and regulations of the City of New York, you can restore your name to the list for a maximum of three times. Therefore, since they did advise to call them again, that's what I would do before going back to DCAS to restore your name to the list. I know it's a big headache, however, as we all know, in the end, it's worth it...
    • I already decline 15th and 29th class for personal reason, how many times i can decline for the training, i know they don't hold the position... last time i spoke to them and they advise call them again when ready, but the phone number they provide is always busy..

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