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    • Ok really looking forward to this...praying all goes welll...thanks so much !
    • You will have weekends off during training, observations and all that are M-F. On the first day they give you a calendar and you know exactly when you'll be observing, taking over, and released to the road. (You won't know where and what hours for observation and takeover til closer to that time) You'll probably be sent to the road on AM tour on a Friday, have Saturday off and then start on whatever tour/RDO set you pick in class on Sunday.
    • O wow thanks so much for that fast response. I start training soon and I just wanted to plan my free weekends now before I start having to work them. Just needed an idea when my schedule would official change 
    • One observation day is before you start AFC training...I think it's week 3. Then you do the AFC stuff and then you go do your two booth takeover days.
    • I apologize if you have already answered this... but during the training process how long are you doing classroom training before they send you to observe in the booth ?
    • day 6 of 15, started switching at bedford park and then brought a train into concourse yard. Had my lunch, chilled until a put in towards my clear time. My trainer was Mr. Grey, taught me some cool tricks of the trade and got me comfortable operating the R68s. I don't fear the SMEEs anymore!


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