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    • The "homework" is your CPD-B, which is your Comprehensive Personnel Document. Keep in mind that, unlike MTA Bus Company and/or MaBSTOA, this is a civil service position. Therefore, this is required for all newly appointed city employees. Even those who are hired by other agencies (NYPD, FDNY, NYC DOT, etc.) have to fill out something very similar - it might be online, instead of the old-fashioned papers, but in the long run it's the same thing. In addition, the CPD-B and your pre-employment application must match. If not, you will get grilled during final processing. Trust me, you will!! By the way, in the event you mess up for whatever reason, the document can be found online by clicking here.
    • First of all, welcome @Amal to the Forums! Second, to answer your question, you already have a Class A CDL, correct? If so, according to this page, your "M" & "P" restrictions for the permit are acceptable. The "p" restriction will come off once you successfully pass your road test.
    • Drug test expires after 30 days.  Application is 90 days 
    • Thanks Imhim! Like many here, I'm planning out current job situation. Heavily relied on at work. Things will pretty much stop once I leave. Hate to do that, hate to leave then in a bad situation, but this is a once in a lifetime chance in my eyes. Thanks again everyone for all the information and answering questions, it's appreciated!!!
    • Was told to call Ms. Chestnut as she is handling this exam #. I tried calling twice that day, no answered. I was hoping since I was in the building I would have wanted to talk to her face to face but no answer and didn't know which floor/office she would be.
    • Hey everyone first time posting on this site, Am taking this exam also this Sunday I was just wondering the following I have a cdl permit with passenger and school bus endorsement however I have M P restrictions will this cause be a problem?   p.s -I know all cdl license have restrictions , just wanna make sure am ok  


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