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  1. That picture you just sent me is gigantic.

  2. I'll drink it immediately!! :P

  3. I am actually more suprised at the early success of the Mets (46-43; 27-21 road). They're still 10 games behind though...

  4. I appreciate your posts as well, and I love the colors on your profile page! i added you to my contacts, but I have a strict rule with myself that I only friend people I know in real life. Sorry if you are dissapointed.


    (S)(1) (S)U(B)(W)(A)Y

  5. The Appdows! LOL! Nice Avatar!

  6. Why did you friend-request me? Just curious...

  7. Where did you get your custom smilie? You know, the rainbow lock at the top of the screen?

  8. Thank you for closing that nyan cat thread. I was planning on going to you anyway if it got any more out of hand. I hate it when people argue...

  9. Nice words in the Medicade thread! ;)

  10. I'm sorry about what is happening in the nyancat thread... can we all just be friends? Also, happy belated birthday!

  11. Nice Smurf, dude!

  12. I'm not actually Peter Sam. That's just my profile pic.

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