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  1. all the nothern terminals atleast in the A division have yards you can park in and no one will bother you, the only yard i heard about being tight with parking is lenox so there you would need to park on the street
  2. i tend to see those on the weekend now runnin on the n
  3. Is that why theres a 142 in corona yard today
  4. 3 years before i was born........interesting:tup:
  5. get paid bi weekly, and when i started i believe it was a pay week so the following pay week everyone got paid for one week
  6. today was my official last day in school car and its been a good experience so far, hope being out on the road doesn't change that
  7. i was also in the 140s on the list but my process seems to have moved fast cause i start training next week so make sure you check your voicemails
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