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  1. while we' re here ....anyone able to help me...with the..Decamp and Suburban carriers..and Th eir routes... I originally requested this stuff in March 2014.. thanks...STEVE
  2. June 20..changes...routings.. if anyone needs any updates...let me know...
  3. If anyone needs BUS routings..info ..NJT OR ..njt contracted routes..let me know Steve Fdny retired
  4. I have route descriptions...current...for the NJT or njt contracted routing.s......if you need any help...don't be afraid to ask ... Steve Fdny. Retired
  5. The 347 and 348 shuttles...where do they operate...from...depot Thanks .. fdny steve
  6. I have any / all new routing changes...if anyone.needs this info...NJT ROUTES STEVE
  7. Hi.. I just want to mention....that if anyone wants any type of routing details...etc..including run on Run offs details ..and shuttle substitutions..for all nyct..mta routes...and njt routes... I have offered this to anyone requesting Steve
  8. Hi.. Can anyone advise----there Is supposed to be a shuttle.in the manhattan beach area..near the college..using west Brighton 2 and or west 1 .utilizing west brighton ave...maybe Turning around at stillwell. I have the route description for the B1 there is No shuttle on the route description..matching this.can anyone advise..thank you..
  9. Hi .. I am looking for street routings..and end of line routings...neeeded.also....also Thank you STEVE Fdny
  10. Just curious...where exactly is this island area...thank you I lived in manhattan.beach....few,years ago Off of Banner avenue
  11. B1shuttle.. What is the exact turnaround routing...at ocean pkwy
  12. Does. Anyone have the latest assignments...current to january 2015 .. thank you
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