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  1. I've heard a few people have worked weekends with the 3 months in the yard. Depends on what the crew office needs. I'm sure they probably try to keep it weekdays, but summer is ripe for vacations by the senior folk.
  2. You have to have 2 years as a T/O to be eligible to take the TSS test, but not for dispatcher. I've asked this recently of TSS's, dispatchers, and superintendents. You can't be that new a T/O to go into train service supervision.
  3. The July class was 50 T/O and 30 C/R, split into groups of 10 with 2 TSS's. We got a schedule covering all of training except the three months in the yard since the crew office schedules that. We will be officially released March 2, 2014. It's going ok so far. Since I have previous knowledge of the basics it's actually been very slow and kind of boring for me. But it's only been two weeks so far. Once we get into the stuff i've never done it'll pick up. Do the assigned reading, and if you have the time read some more. Don't do too much to confuse yourself, but keep up. Study signals e
  4. I believe so. I'll know for certain on Monday. We get our schedules then, and I can ask one of the B div T/O's to see theirs
  5. They haven't ended the yard posting yet. The T/O classes that started this week are doing the 3 months in the yard in the middle of training. They are still evaluating the usefulness of this.
  6. Tomorrow's the big day for a bunch of us, see ya in the AM!
  7. I'm 110x and was appointed to start in the July 29 class. It was very busy at 180 today, was there 7 hours. At least I wasn't out in the heat.
  8. I guess that makes sense. Figured it should be an across the board thing since they test you for everything else. Full house@180 this morning!
  9. @Postal yes the medical will be for T/O. T/O and C/R don't have to take the spirometry test. But I had to as a cleaner which I found odd. I was fully expecting to take it when I did the C/R medical and was confused when they said that's not included. Didn't press the issue, lol.
  10. #110x medical scheduled for Monday! Wonder if it is for the July class...
  11. I'm in the A division, my class picked divisions on day 2 or 3. Induction class was 30 people, 20 went to the A 10 to the B. Individual classes of 10 people. You get uniforms during training.
  12. The waiting is the worst part lol. I don't know that the 1 in 3 had been used on this list, where only 1 person out of 3 has to be hired. For the A division (numbered lines) the training is about 7 weeks long including the first week of mostly HR stuff. The B division is probably a week or two longer since there is more equipment to learn and more locations to learn.
  13. No problem! I'm 986. Initial drug test in February. 2nd test mid May around the 15 or 16, final processing May 24, start date June 17. The pay is regular salary, no training rate like in the past. Schoolcar is good. I'm a train buff and I worked as a car cleaner at a terminal so I already knew a lot of the material. So personally for me lots of the early classes were boring. But all the new material and hands on experience is awesome. The TSS's are very thorough, you will learn what you need to know in the time allotted even though it seems like a lot in the beginning. Pay attention,
  14. When you get in time flies! I was in that same situation, started June 17. Our midterm and yard practical are next week! Hang tight and keep checking with Mrs Shivers
  15. CRA 2 heads to Mosholu yard tomorrow to prep a 142 for service and road simulation! Finally going to be on the move

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