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  1. This aircraft is a Continental order prior the merger (Continental orders 787 before than United). But it was released with customer code 22, United.
  2. Is impossible to get off the aircraft noise, and it's difficult to reduce them in the busiest airport in USA. Do AA MD80's have husking kits?. It's necessary to consider JT8D-200 engines are low-bypass turbofan engines, louder than modern aircraft engines. (JT8D earlier series are louder).
  3. I was investigating about European buses and I found something that it's unusual in USA. Four years ago, MTA brought an articulated MB Citaro for testing purposes on New York City streets. Why this testing program failed? Too expensive acquisition cost or maintenance? or another reason? I'm reading documents on Internet but I don't find more information about that. And , any rigid MB Citaro was tested also? Greetings from chile Source dated April 2008 http://cityroom.blog...is-only-a-test/
  4. This isn't the real scheme for 1st Lufthansa 747-8. The 1st LH 747-8 (YA) was painted with the normal scheme. This was 747-8I test aircraft painted in this special livery. And TA tail number is a 74E (converted to 744 standard) which is soon to be retired from active service. D-ABVA and VB were retired and will go to be scrapped. Greetings.
  5. Very great pics... Some of them are latin american bus style, first : Irizar PB 3.90, chassis Scania K420 and, second and third : Caio Mondego L, chassis Volvo B7R Low Entry. Greetings from Chile.
  6. G-YMMM was the written off aircraft. (Trent 895). GE powered 777-200ER (GE90-85B) have lower MTOW and lower thrust than RR powered 777-200ER, so GE 77E are used on shorter flights than RR 77E. Personally , I dislike all RR Trent series engines.
  7. BA only ordered 12 A380-800 powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 970. But 744 fleet are more than 50 aircraft, and I think this 12 aircraft will cover only the replacement for 744 with tail numbers G-BNL* exceptions: G-BNLA , D and H were withdrawn from service and stored G-BNLB and C were scrapped in Cardiff. BA Cargo Division (World Cargo) have 747-8F leased. If Rolls-Royce power is available to determinate aircraft, BA choose Rolls-Royce. The exception was 777-200 non-ER and earlier 777-200ER, BA instead Trent 800, chose GE90. Years later, BA did new 777-200ER orders, but they came back to prefer the main engine provider : Rolls-Royce. Greetings from Chile.
  8. I saw this brazilian video presentation for Volvo B12 model (a chassis used on long distance routes in '90s), but something attracted my attention in seconds 0:46 to 0:52. It was shown a Marcopolo Torino built in chassis Volvo B58 (both made in Brazil), where in the itinerary zone was written : "Lower Manhattan", and in 2-3 seconds later it was shown a map of Lower Manhattan (I distinguish WTC site). The video isn't in English, is in Portuguese, due it was a Volvo release for brazilian market. Does anyone know of this? I think about it was only a test purpouse (I saw in this video an American bus in 0:50). Here is the video link : pd: Was Volvo do Brasil try ....? is correct , I'm improving my English skill yet..
  9. Great pics I have some doubts why neither Mercedes-Benz nor Scania nor Volvo (excluding Prevost) export bus chassis (with engines) to USA from main factories (Germany and Sweden respectively).
  10. Nice picts... and excellent videos :tup: , specially the last. I liked the engine sound on idle.
  11. I'm not expect an earthquake in East coast due its nature isn't a seismic zone. I live in Chile, a very seismic zone, also I lived the last year , in February 27, one of the worst earthquake disaster in the world, an 8.8 Richter Magnitude earthquake. The big problem isn't the earthquake (unless a building collapse in the moment), the big problem is after earthquake when main services (communications, power network, gas, water) aren't working, and the people becoming to exasperate. Then, losing the calm may be transform in collective psychosis. (and the consequences were known not only Chile, in Haiti too; looting and decreeing curfews on conflictive zones) After a building is evacuated, do not stay in building area due risks of possible collapse, specially if the earthquake magnitude is 7.0 Richter or more In my case, 27F was my 1st earthquake who I lived, in the same day and tomorrow I'm very nervous but after one week I felt quieter than first days after the disaster. God bless America. Don't lose your control in these situations. Greetings from Chile.
  12. Playing in the tracks is strictly prohibited. People do not pass the yellow line unless the train is in the station and it's stopped. Inside the tracks are hazardous and it may contains electricity in some sectors. Are there pneumatic trains or rail trains or depends of the Line in MTA Subway System? I think that it's only a fault of more security guards in the stations. In Metro de Santiago (Chile), always there's/'re 1 , 2 , 3 or 4 security guards in the stations. The quantity of security guards depends only the traffic in a determined station. (The time is also a variable). Exists people who don't like to obey all security instructions in any transportation media. Greetings from Chile.
  13. It's partially correct. Remember also A300B1 (built only 2 aircraft) and A300B2 (it's older than A300B4). The exception in Airbus A300B4 family are A300B4-600, those aircraft don't require a flight engineer. In the Boeing case, 767 is a newer model, but there were 767 with flight engineer panel. Ansett Australia was the only carrier to order some 767 with 3 cabin crew member. Well, I will answer the second trivia, because anyone didn't answer. - JT9D-7R4D 48000 lbf 767-200, 767-200ER and 767-300 - JT9D-7R4D1 48000 lbf Airbus A310-221 - JT9D-7R4E 50000 lbf 767-200, 767-200ER and 767-300 - JT9D-7R4E4 50000 lbf 767-200, 767-200ER and 767-300 - JT9D-7R4E1 50000 lbf Airbus A310-222 - JT9D-7R4G2 54750 lbf Some Boeing 747-200 and Boeing 747-300 - JT9D-7R4H1 56000 lbf Airbus A300B4-620 Greetings
  14. 1. That's right. 3. A flight engineer isn't required on any 777 aircraft. Wrong answer. Clue : The first ETOPS restriction was 60 minutes.
  15. Is the air conditioning inside the grill (over number 2767)?
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