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  1. Bus 8713 and 8804 continue to run on Coach USA Rockland Coaches.
  2. 19171 spotted at Port Authority tonight on the 197
  3. 7446 from Meadowlands to Wayne. Running on 197 right now (I know, I'm on it).
  4. Former Lakeland 8736 running on Rockland Coaches today - gate 410 at port Authority (with some of the Lakeland logo in the front near the drivers window still on it)
  5. Confirming 8713 and 8788 (shortline lettering stripped..only Coach USA logo left) are running on Rockland Coaches.
  6. Update: 7402 now operating out of Wayne garage. Ran on the 197 last Sunday.
  7. Also I believe that 8496 is a Rockland Coach USA Bus (one of two that did not receive the new paint scheme and still says "COACH USA" in large letters on the side and 8885 is a Suburban (the font on the sides is very bunched as it is in the back of the bus.
  8. Add 8724 as another Lakeland to Coach USA Rockland Coaches bus. Just pulled into Gate 410 at Port Authority
  9. I can confirm that the following buses are still running (probably all on Rockland Coaches): 8704 (I have a photo of this one - also a former Lakeland) 8788-89, 8791, 8974, 8804, 8805 (Formerly Shortline Buses which were replaced by 17024-17041) I believe (but cannot confirm) that I saw 8713 and 8755 as well. As I see additional ones, I will make a note
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