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  1. Has anyone taken the mabstoa test I know the first part is suppose to be multiple choice
  2. Can anyone tell me anything about the upcoming exam
  3. I wanted to know who could tell me anything about being terminated while on probation for mta bus
  4. I just started 1/17 my union pick is this friday does any one have any opinons on any of the depots
  5. Jaycity


    alright, i know there are + and - in all im more in a rush to get to my depot and get started than anything else
  6. thanks, its good to hear and i jus cant wait to get to my depot and get started
  7. thanks Loudiam, I'll be at my depot on 2/6 I'm still not sure if i pick it or if they place me where needed
  8. Jaycity


    thanks for replying sorry i missed the messages, i tought it showed on the page when someone commented. I am going in as cleaner/ helper and it's with MTA bus so far everyone has been telling me to get over to T/A ASAP look for an upcoming exam and take it
  9. Main thing is it better in the mta, should I be looking to get into the T/A Does the mta give OT to new hires
  10. are there any cleaner/maintenance helper's or BMA's on here that are in MTA and not T/A. i started my training last week and everytime i ask someone a question they can only tell me about the T/A and say MTA is different and they dont know about how they do things
  11. Jaycity


    hey I'm just getting started with the mta, and wanted to know what are the main differences with the TA, MTA, and MABSTOA
  12. i was called in for a interview, i did not have my cdl so they didnt interview with me . How long would my name normally stay on the list
  13. I am suppose to be gettin a call for pre employment interview for cleaner/helper but my licence is only 2 1/2 years old, and they want at least 3, does anyone know what the process is?

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