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  1. The kind of people who watch UFC usually don't watch broadcast television. In a UFC related note, Rampage Jackson is accusing Jon Jones camp of spying on him. That will be the biggest UFC of the year.
  2. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2011/08/31/20-hurt-in-mexican-commuter-rail-accident/
  3. Interesting video. I'm glad to see my hold hometown of Ridgewood going unscathed by Irene. The video starts on Grandview and Harman just one block from where I grew up.
  4. Won't you guys get the same or better in terms of raise percentages?
  5. Offering a zero to Transit workers is an insult. Even without recent incidents such as this one involving a token booth clerk or the bus driver who was brutally attacked, these cases should not be exploited to make a case for a raise.
  6. It's a frustrating system because of all the maintenance. Good luck nights and weekends. One thing about NYCT is it motivates one to own a car.
  7. Thanks. I've been reading the posts here for the longest time. I couldn't resist a comment about braking. I remember a TSS saying, "brake hard at the conductors board" at most stations. Not sure they'd teach that today.
  8. usually, you stop taking power before entering a station and start braking just before being 1/2 way in the station.
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