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  1. Very very random but, does anyone know where I can find photos or even a video of the LIRR concourse at Penn station before the 1993-1994 renovations? I would to see what it look like back in the day!
  2. Is there a LIRR electric substation in Woodbury? where Sunnyside BLVD meets the Sunnyside Extension I always see a LIRR truck working there? anyone know about this?
  3. People who like me who use Atlantic Terminal specifically at off peak times are being screwed as it is right now. I use Atlantic terminal for every Nets game and the LIRR doesn't get it. You can't put two trains into one it doesn't work. The big 3 trains (Huntington, Rokonkoma and Babylon) at Jamaica get crush loaded after we board trains and a lot of times our tickets never get collected. Im ok with the Shuttle service with all times except during events at Barclays. On nights when MSG and Barclays both have events its hell going home.
  4. theres 4 of them I was in the one in Boca Raton this is one of 2 that are in Palm Beach county, 1 in Broward, 1 in Dade.
  5. I rode the buses there yesterday is anyone familiar with this bus service im interested in how it works.
  6. When i was coming back to work from lunch I saw 2 training buses for the n78 both making lefts on E. Bethpage road at around 12 45.
  7. The one before it is supposed to come at 5 50 i dont know if within that 5 mins a train comes and a lot of people take the N79 then.
  8. Geez I was on the N74 today and it was empty I took the 5 53 from Wantagh LIRR to Hicksville EMPTY 13 passengers including myself for the whole trip. The N79 I went on after had even less with 7 people at 6 45.
  9. does the Technology include putting a full shield for driver?
  10. I ride the LIRR after every Nets game there is No need for the Jamaica shuttles to stop at Nostrand and ENY. I never see anyone get off or on.
  11. there was a big article on newsday.com how could NICE miss that?
  12. Yesterday the 79 80 81 all had detours due to a parade on Broadway and ended next to a fair on East Barclay street. Why wasn't this listed on the website? Plainview road was closed at Park ave and so was Old country road. Northbound side of Broadway was closed with only one lane squeezing by southbound.
  13. nope because its a turnoff for riders who barley ride a bus that comes once an hour that could use more riders.
  14. Every morning I see a 79 on Manetto Hill road with standees there needs to be more service.
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