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  1. Could you please elaborate on "Improper Zone?"
  2. Don't be discouraged. I received the same letter a few years ago. I was eventually called for the position originally hired. I believe that for the position of cleaner, which is labor class, the requirements for hiring is different than hiring for conductor which is civil service.
  3. The number of Station Agents is not an indicator of downsizing. There are a set number of booths and jobs. These jobs must be filled. The disparity is due to people leaving for other positions or retiring faster than the MTA can fill the position. Since I have started in 2013 the senority list has never been at 2600. When there is a low number of Station agents that means there is a lot of OT available. The MTA is still calling off the 2008 Station Agent List. Does the MTA plan on eliminating jobs when they implement the new fare media system. probably not but no one knows what their needs are as of yet.
  4. It depends on your approach. It's extremely insensitive to try to get an agents attention when they are dealing with customers. I never seen someone get rejected if they are step up and say " May I have a courtesy?". What I see frequently are inpatient gestures, banging on the booth window to get your attention and the show my id and with blank stare. Just be patient if the agent is dealing with someone wait. If you want a courtesy, act courteous. A guy from MTA Bus is in the background while I'm struggling to deal with a tourist whose English is limited. Flailing arms, waiving his ID, pointing towards the door. I said to him "I can only deal with one person at a time", His response, " I never did this before my first time asking." My response " That's the problem you did not ask, If you ask I'll accommodate you" LIRR and MNR are worse cause they come when it's insanely busy to a very busy station and have no patience
  5. The agent that took over the booth is responsible for the money on the report you printed out. You don't have to drop a bag for that money. The person that bumped you will drop one bag and the amount should be equal to your amount and the amount they accumulated during their tour. Don't worry.
  6. I just worked with two of your classmates. They seem to be able to handle themselves. Best Wishes!!!
  7. I had the exact same experience and feeling after my booth observation. You will get it.
  8. orientation and training for S/A is done during the day. Usually 7am-3pm.
  9. That means they will do all your HR paper work, take your pic for your pass/Id card, fingerprint you and give you a date to report for class. There is no physical for station agent. Congratulations!
  10. That's good news for the two of you. Medical for S/A is just the drug test. There is no physical. Congratulations!
  11. You have to wait until they call you. If you don't hear from them in two weeks call. I know of two people who went through that process, where they had to wait. Let me re phrase when I said " If they have an issue with your criminal history they will not let you take the drug test." Their policy is to review all criminal convictions on a case by case basis. NOT if they have an issue with it, they won't let you take the drug test. Someone reviews it and says "yay or nay". It's really true that it's not an automatic bar to employment.
  12. They ask you to bring any dispositions the first time you go to 180 Livingston. If they have an issue with your criminal history they do not let you take the drug test. "Bring any dispositions" is listed on the paper that tells you what to bring when you are asked to come the first time to 180 Livingston. They don't wait until final processing to see your disposition papers.
  13. This is true, you get sworn in after you're hired. Your start date for orientation/class/school car is usually a later date.
  14. Wow,that is exactly the composition of our class, you have proven to be a legit source of accurate info. We finish next Wed. and 8/8 we are on our own.
  15. It won't be much longer. You will definitely be in the next class. Says 318
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