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  1. nope I was suppose 2 start on mon 9/10 but they cancelled the class.I was pissed! but I didn't a call from MTA. But it does say I'm on an outstanding notification. do you have any idea what that means??
  2. when did they call you in? did you get a call? or letter?
  3. hold up I didn't get a call how they just skip me??? I'm going up there 1st thing monday morning!!
  4. @kingnaya hey girl!! I'm good! Hope everything goes good 2morro 4 u. I will see you anyways cuz im going 2 be there bright and early! lol
  5. hello every1. So 2morro is my interview/ medical examination. If what I'm reading is correct, you guys are saying I may get offered a job 2morro morning??
  6. any1 knows what an outstanding notification is? also does any1 know what number I can call to get a live person to talk to instead of the automated system? Thank you in advance
  7. Hey every1. Just keeping you guys up to date....... I received a yellow notice saying I had to tke the boss on August 1st. I went 2 livingston street to take the test. However, I did not have to take it being that I took the boss 2's in 1 year so it just transfered over. I spoke with a lady Mrs. bucanan she informed me that they will begin processing us by early fall. She also said that this list is going 2 move the fastest because it's civil service. So every1 who has not yet gotten your permit you should do so now including clearing your license if you have to. Oh and i did not receive a lis
  8. You will need as soon as they call you in. Get it ASAP! The sooner the better. Good luck!
  9. you should go LMDNYC! Get yourself in there anyway you can. you can always move up. Good Luck!
  10. lol trust me your not the only 1. but that's good no points. and you have a lawyer so your chances are 50/50. You will be fine. Just take care of it asap so you will be at ez. That way when they do call you will be 100% sure you wont have anything hanging over your head 2 disqualify you. good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  11. oh ok thank you for clearing that up. I was nervous.
  12. well "im 1165 and I havent gotten anything if their up 2 2300 for medical? I will be calling them tomorrow.
  13. It depends on what the ticket is 4. and if you have points on your license, can't have no more than 4 points. hope that helped. good luck I know you will pass. Good luck.
  14. It can be anytime from now so get your permit asap!!! The sooner the better. I 2 am waiting 4the drug screening. I got my cdl already so hopefully we will be in the same class. goodluck!
  15. I agree. But you will get back in there. I know mangers within MTA. They said plenty of people get rehired as a B/O. Take all these tests. You will get back in and so will I. Good luck 2 you.

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