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  1. Thanks again, everyone. It looks like NJT & cab will work out the best for us. We might even be able to leave our bags at the USO at Port Authority for a little bit before heading to the terminal if we have time! :tup:
  2. Thanks for the help! We are actually flying in on Friday night, then heading to the port sometime Saturday morning. Since we will be traveling 10 days, I expect us to have at least three rolling bags, plus a carry-on and laptop. Is there room to travel with this much luggage on Airtran/NJT to Penn Station, or would we be better off taking the $15 bus to Port Authority. We will take a cab from either of those to the pier, and I'm also considering taking a cab from our hotel at Newark Airport to NJT instead of the courtesy shuttle back to the airport just to take Airtran. I've decided to avoid Super Shuttle, and GoAirLink says we would have to have a private van for $175 one-way! (Now, if someone could only tell me how to catch the Cash Cab...)
  3. Thanks for the info. DH called and was able to switch our flights to EWR, which will be much easier!
  4. Okay, so DH changed our flight and we are now flying into EWR rather than Islip. I've been sitting here for over an hour googling info on the best way to get from EWR to Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Does NJT go directly from EWR to Penn Station in NYC, without having to change trains? I'm reading both online. Really don't want to change trains, if at all possible.... Thanks! Jenny
  5. Hello. just joined this forum today and looking for info. We are flying into MacArthur on a Friday night (couldn't use our free tix to fly into LGA or EWR). On Saturday we need to get to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and thinking about taking the LIRR. My questions are: 1) How crowded is the train on Saturday mornings going into the city? Is there a best time (we'd like to arrive Penn Station ~10-11) 2) We will have several pieces of luggage. Is this manageable getting around the station. Is there space onboard for luggage? 3) Will we have to change trains before arriving into Penn Station? We will be returning to Ronkonkoma for our flight out on a Sunday afternoon. How is the train then? Will it be crowded going East. It would be Labor Day w/e. Thanks in advance for any and all help! Jenny
  6. We're headed back up to The City next month. Can't wait! We love visiting NYC! Hopefully someone can help me with my LIRR questions.
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