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  1. Haven't been on these forums since July of last year.. wow :o Its good to be back I must say

  2. Lol , naw its cool!

  3. you said you was going to make a open bve of the r142, on the (1) if possible, send me the link id love to subscribe & see the video!

  4. Sup, I went to your ttmg gallery & its awesome! :tup: but i want to know what is the font you put in the bottom right corner [ where it has the copyright, & your name ibelieve. ) ? please and thanks!

  5. Why thanks, And Yes I do have a request.

  6. You did a request to "ohjaieex" with the Bx9 and it is FABULOUS, and I politly ask if I can please put it as my signature? I asked "ohjaieex" for permission he said it is ok with him but just to double check and ask you, please and thanks!

  7. do you think you know how to make it picture profile size?

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