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  1. Well the test I took consisted mostly of safety questions. It was very easy. You are asked to read paragraphs of rules and regulations and then questioned about it. I did not have to even use a calculator as there were hardly any questions concerning ohms law and formulas. Hope that helps. I hope I still get called when the lost is established.
  2. Hi guys. I recently took the transit electrical helper test 4606 on Saturday August 23 2014. Sometime in January they sent me a letter in the mail that I was being considered for temporary transit electrical helper. I was hesitant about the "temporary" part. So I decided to check the box at the bottom of the form and decline temporary work at the present time. Just wondering if someone knows what will happen now? Will I not be considered for employment or do I just have to wait until they establish a list? I know I passed the test that's why they sent me that temporary position offer. I just hope I did not mess things up by declining temporary position.
  3. Wow congrats man that's awesome. Unfortunately for me according to my record sheet and their proposed answer key I got 38 out of 60 right. Something like 63%. A little short of the required 70%. Oh well guess it wasn't in the cards
  4. I think I did pretty well. I hope I got at least the required 70 percent to pass. The electrical questions were easy (most of em however some of the other questions were kind of tricky. Got my fingers crossed though.
  5. I also will be taking the test on the 21st. Was hoping someone had a heads uP on what the exam will be like. I know it will be multiple choice. Hopefully it's electrical related.
  6. Yeah i am aware that it's a practical. Just thought there might be something to help prep for it. Maybe even a forum where people who have taken that test in the past, can provide tips and pointers.
  7. I am interested in taking the upcoming Signal Maintainer exam #2600. Filing is September 7-27. I wanted to prepare myself for the exam ahead of time in the event that I do get called to take the test. Does anyone how to prepare for this exam? Is there a study guide or book that you could prepare from? A couple of years ago I took a test for a electrical helper position. While waiting on line on the test day, I saw a lot of people reading a book that was preparing them for the exact same test we were about to take. If anyone knows where I can get something like this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks from before.

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