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  1. Do you think that the mta was involved with the reeks of burzum metalhead influence?
  3. Yeah the W needs to come back,really.Every N or Q I've been on is crowded as hell on rush hour as well as the R,sometimes.The V was actually not helpful but the W was.We need the W back.
  4. They need more service on the G on weekends and the M needs ten cars on rush hour.
  5. The A is the most needed and the Grand Central Shuttle is the least needed.
  6. The Stupidest thing is taking your phone out at 2AM while getting off a 3 train at Junius.
  7. 23 street to 34 Street on the (F and M)!
  8. One of my ideas were making a connection to Hoyt Street (2,3) Lines from Jay Street-Metrotech(A,C,F,R) Lines.This way Brooklyn A,C and F train riders can get a straight transfer.Write your thoughts.Thanks.
  9. I am get mad at schol being hard.

  10. LOL like you haven't met me already haha

  11. My Favorite as of now are R32s.My favorite in the before time were R40 Slants or Redbirds
  12. Nice to meet u sir.This is ELY C

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