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  1. And they say at-grade light rail is dangerous. The things cars get away with is astonishing. Heart goes out to the family.
  2. I don't Novabus has ANY following in the west. NABI dominates So Cal, though power has switched to Gillig it seems. New Flyer is the only manufacturer that consistantly has buses in every part of the US. Can't think of any major US City that doesn't have an LF/LFR/Xcelsior that if not part of the major agency, some muni around the major city would have 'em.
  3. I agree I was kind of hoping to see some Orion VII 3Gs rolling around LA back before Orion quit, oh well.
  4. Actually, I wanted Compos over XN40s. LACMTA stated clearly it's praises of the 45C over other buses in the fleet by a mile. We'll see about the Xcelsior. NABI's Compo is pretty impressive, I think 40Cs would have worked better here. There are of plenty of munis rocking the XN40.(Remember, here in LA, Munis play a much larger role)
  5. Here in LA, LA Metro has just switched to 100% TAP cards and we are having a tough time. I had to constantly help people when we had paper tickets. Now that infamous beeping can be heard regularly at each station.(It beeps when there is inactivity warning that it will cancel the transaction, common when people are trying to figure out what do) I've seen people miss several trains trying to figure out how the machines work.
  6. Graffiti should be zero tolerance. NO train leaves the yard unless every stitch of graffiti has been clean up and glass/panels replaced, even if it affects service. This loses the incentive of graffiti, as it won't be seen by anyone. When people start having their service affected because of graffiti, people see it more as a big deal and get more public support against graffiti. Because right now, it's just the fact that most people don't care. I don't like having my tax dollars spent on nice new multi-million dollar rail vehicles only to be stratched and marked up. This goes for everything, like highway signs, walls, etc. Graffiti is NOT a low class thing. It's a bored teenager thing. Here in LA, there is sign graffiti even in the riches part of Orange County, like Villa Park(There was one so bad you couldn't even read the sign anymore, Caltrans had to come clean it up) where the median income is like $141,000 a year.
  7. When you put the color scheme on it, it just looks that much better. Man the NYCMTA scheme looks great on this bus, especially on the front. Excellent work.
  8. 1st, the windshield on the NABI is a single-piece windshield. The LFA was the only New Flyer to have the single piece windshield, and even it was the ugliest modern bus ever. Also of Note, the NABI BRT had the single windshield design first years before the LFA, so fail. 2nd, the headlight design is completely different. I don't know how 3 seperate round headlights that have been a trade-mark NABI design since the introduction of the BRT models look like the ones on the Xcelsior. If anything the headlights resemble to the LF Restyled series.(Keep in mind here, that the first NABI 60 BRT was delivered to LACMTA in 2005 for the Orange Line busway, a full year before the LFR was even introduced) Oops you fail again. 3rdly, the Smiley face is literally the ONLY that even looks like the Xcelsior, and even smiley face styling is different in between the two. Please quit.
  9. Hopefully this 40C catches on better since its now in a normal length. Every agency that uses NABI's compo loves the bus. I wish other agencies would see the value of these buses The NABI 3G LFW front on the Compo body looks great. I hope we see this on the LACMTA's latest order of 150 extra 45C's. Edit: really, between the headlight design and the single piece windshield, this looks nothing like an xcelsior.
  10. For the staples center, yes, though I don't think our games last that late. I always see trains packed coming to and away from games. We've never had an issue of people being stranded because Metro is too much of a dick to run extra Blue Line trains through Pico station after a game. Like I said, we are trying hard to promote transit, Metro would look horrible if they left people stranded after a game. Dodger stadium is a bit different since there isn't a rail station. LA metro runs an express bus from union station to the stadium. The bus are always there for returning passengers.
  11. Here in Los Angeles, we don't have this problem. Metro has no problem running extra trains for USC football games on the Expo Line, running late night trips on Halloween on the Red line, or running full length 3-car trains on the Pasadena Gold line during the Rose Parade. There was even FREE late night service during New Years. LACMTA is has also introduced new late night rail trips until 2am on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The results have been staggering. Trains are full even at 12am. People are much more willing to ride when they don't have to worry about missing a last train. Though, our situation I guess is a bit different, since LACMTA isn't having financial troubles, and we are actually trying to promote public transit, unlike WMATA, which has had a system in place for 4 decades already.
  12. Narrow Body: 757-300 Wide Body: MD-11 I think The Airbus A330 is probably the ugliest.
  13. IIRC, there was a test that showed that just one of the 777's General Electric engines could keep a 747 in the air. Very powerful plane. Certainly one of my favorite more modern designs.
  14. The 727 is a tri-engine. Though, my favorite is the MD-11. I've always had a weakness for tri-enignes, and I love the body and wing design of the MD-11. I also liked how low the flaps could be set. It's too bad MD ruined the future of this plane.
  15. Here in LA, we use it for all levels of service. Local, Limited/Rapid, and Express(Silver Line) The bus is tough as hell, more than tough enough for NYC. LACMTA expressed in a report for 150 more 45Cs that that the original 45Cs purchased in 2004 are approaching 300,000 miles, yet require only third the downtime. It's toughest and most reliable bus in the fleet by a large margin. The only issues I see would be that it's 45 feet and has a longer wheel base that might be an issue for small NYC streets. For example, when I rode line 224, It had difficulty getting through the small back streets to get to Olive View Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley. Even the driver expressed his hatred of the wheel base.
  16. They are Ok, I guess. Certainly the best looking of all the High Floors, atleast IMO. Their ride is nothing special. Certainly allot better than the Orion VI's.
  17. I agree, the BBB livery looks awesome on those buses. Actually, I think BBB's 2011 40-LFW's are 2.5G's. Notice how the main body is 3G, but the roof mounted cover, front, and rear look like 2G's.
  18. DAMN THAT 3G IS HOT!!!!! Looks like they changed the rear design after all...the rear looks more like a 416 now. Every bus manufacturer is really stepping up the aesthetic appeal of their buses. Now if only NovaBus would quit making such ugly buses.... I change my mind about the NABI takeover in So Cal. These need to hit LA streets NOW! If only Big Blue Bus would have just waited another year before they purchased their new 40-LFW's...:mad:
  19. Oh look. NABI built one: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/f203/metro-45c-compobus-34581.html#post517328 I can't stand HFs. Capacity really is the only going for HFs....otherwise it just fails in every other category. There's a reason why NJT is only bus agency in North America still buying HFs..
  20. Cross-posted from the Bus Manufacturers forum. Silver Line Compo at Artesia Transit Center: And a local:
  21. Silver Line Compo at Artesia Transit Center: And a local:
  22. The 45C is a very well built bus. I've been impressed by them, and they have a sexy design. I am happy LACMTA brought back this bus. The 45C was discontinued in 2005 then brought back when LACMTA ordered more. My guess was the original 100 2004 45C-LFW units currently used for Rapid Service performed very well and proved themselves and they bought more in 2008. My guess the reason for the discount was to keep the 45C in production, as, sadly, LACMTA was and is the only agency that wasn't too much of a wussy to purchase a composite bus. I reallly wish more cities would by these....these are great buses.
  23. C40LFR


    CNGs don't emit the other toxins that are released from Gas/Diesel. CNGs emit CO2, but it's considerably less and it's ONLY CO2, nothing else. Notice how a CNG never emits a large ploom of grey smoke from it's exhaust.
  24. LA's NABI 60-BRTs have the best backfire: (And the one in this vid wasn't that loud as compared to how loud I've heard them.) Note: Not my vids. The DD Series 50 CNGs on the NABI 40 LFWs are just beast. Here's a vid of a Riverside Transit Agency 40 LFW: That backfire is music to my ears.
  25. Considering your avatar and sig, and based on your question, I can make a pretty good guess what your top manufacturer is....
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